Ethics of Female Sexual Identity: Make the Player Wait, Reward the Good Man


Ethics of Female Sexual Identity: Make the Player Wait, Reward the Good Man

I recently wrote two myTakes:

- Why Men are Sometimes Justified in Avoiding Monogamy

- Niceness Might Not be Sufficient but it is Necessary

In short, I concluded that there are many machiavellian dating strategies that women employ, e.g. 'make him wait' only serves to sexually reward players in the short-term and trap the good men into relationships long-term. What's more, women are using the excuse that 'nice guys' are (a) manipulative and (b) not attractive in other regards not to sleep with them but these are plainly false and generalisations. This is why I refer to such men as 'good men' (i.e. men with GENUINELY positive personality traits that can be attractive in other regards) rather than 'nice guys' because the latter has all kinds of ideological baggage that feminists have attached to the word. Good men are ONLY benevolent because they value the benevolency in and of itself. Furthermore, they would not expect a woman to date based on their benevolence alone AND they typically date with and sleep with girls that are in their own league of attractiveness. In spite of these cold truths, realistically it is men with sociopathic tendencies that are preferred simply because mose women are emotionally unstable.

Essentially the way things are are as I explained in the comment section of a previous myTake:

There are good-men into their thirties who maintained their integrity throughout their twenties and did not act like assholes just to get romantic and sexual experience with women. In spite of making an active effort to respectfully meet and attract women that were roughly the same age, the same attractiveness and shared many of the same commonalities, they were unsuccessful. Now that they are in their thirties, they do NOT want to nose dive into a long-term committed relationship with a manipulative, scheming woman that has been around the block a few times and with whom they share very little emotional or physical chemistry with. This is especially not the case if they are going to wind up 10, or 15 years down the road with two kids, a mortgage and the emotional baggage of insecurities arising from their own sexual inadequacy.

This raises the question - how can a woman go about her dating life ethically and find a good man that actually respects her in a western dating world that is not innocent where most people lose their virginities at young ages? The short answer is, 'make the player wait, reward the good man' - which is actually the REVERSE of most female dating logic. But it actually makes the most sense for everyone: the woman, because she will not feel 'used and abused' by the player; the good man - because more sexual experience will put him on an even playing field when he DOES decide to settle down with a woman (or differences in sexual experience may not bother him. Finally, even the player benefits in the long run (if not the short run) because the player WILL lose his sexual market value (as a man, typically this is when you hit forty) which is why he needs to learn how to commit at some point. Some of you may be thinking that women should be free to do as they please. I agree, but men are also free to pass judgement, there. Men are also free to explain how this dating game really is a lose lose situation. In this light, I assert that there IS such a thing as ethical mating strategy, even if such a view is controversial (especially among women).

A woman only has two ethical options when it comes to standards:

- NON-hypergamous promiscuity

This means she can sleep around but within her own league. No cherry picking attractive, high status men with rolexes and nice cars. Eventually this woman will settle down later in life, and will probably choose more meaningful factors into consideration for her monogamous partner.

- Demisexuality

This means she does not sleep around, ever, and prefers to develop an emotional connection within a long-term relationship before she has sex with her partner. In her lifetime she will typically only have one or two sexual partners. personality and an emotional connection are ALWAYS more important factors in her romantic decision-making than looks, money, status or raw sex appeal.

The worst type of woman is hypergamous, promiscuous and uses her sexual advantage to manipulate men. Worse still, she sleeps around neither for sexual gratification, or even for the validation of being accompanied by a high status man. She is essentially just a gold-digger and wants money and what other privileges she can get from sex.

Somewhere in the middle of the ethical and non-ethical extremes would be:

- The girl dates above her league like you described in the text but she genuinely enjoys the sexual gratification and being absorbing the awesome chill nature of attractive laid-back men. Eventually she will settle down for a relationship although she may be a lot more sexually experienced than the male she partners, even though they are roughly belonging to the same league. He may feel inadequate as a result and over time, he may feel a little inwardly resentful about the short-straw the harsh reality of polygynous dating has delivered. However, this girl also has a super-cool fun personality, is awesome in bed and makes up for the sexual inadequacies the man has about himself and the girl's past history.

- The girl has incredibly prudish ideas about sexuality. she rarely, if ever dates or has sex with men, because she has over-estimated her league and clings on to very conservative ideas regarding sex. she is sexually inexperienced and after years of being single, she eventually settles down, begrudgingly for a man that is actually in the same league as her. This man will probably have a similar level of sexual experience so will not feel bitter in this regard but he may find it difficult to relate to this woman who is emotionally closed off and dislikes sex.

Overall: women are free to do what they want, but other people are free to pass judgement and show the toxic effects of female mating strategy with sound reasoning and logical arguments.

Ethics of Female Sexual Identity: Make the Player Wait, Reward the Good Man
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Bandit74
    Dude, you will never get girls to empathize with your point of view. You're fighting a fruitless battle here.

    Really you can't force a girl to want to sleep with you right away just because she did with other guys. However she can't force you to stick around and wait. So if you thinks she's the type of girl who has had sex right away with other guys and is making you wait then just dump her and move on. She clearly isn't as attracted to you as she was to the other men and you can't force he to desire you like she did the other guys. she's either excited to have sex with you or she isn't and if she isn't then break up and move on.
    Is this still revelant?
    • the_rake

      'move on.'

      Problem is, what are you moving on to exactly? I ask this because it seems most women are the same way nowadays.

    • Bandit74

      Try to portray yourself as the type of guy that they would want to hookup with.

    • the_rake

      Sure, but it's not *just* hook ups every man like me wants.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    Jeez.. People put a lot into dating these days. No wonder everybody is always so angry and shit. It should be fun, fuck all these labels and rules.
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    • the_rake

      Well, sure - women don't see the need for practicing dating ethically because it doesn't suit them personally. So they get to be as machiavellian or amoral as they want.

    • Anonymous

      I have a ton of brothers, all my cousins are male apart from 2, and all of my friends were boys til I was about 15/16... Literally none of them have this trouble and have to play these games and do all this shit.
      It's honestly down to the type of guys, not dating itself.
      Some girls do actually do all sorts of shit, abide by made up rules and play stupid games too. And just like the guys that do it, they're generally less happy in relationships and find shitty partners.
      Just relax a little dude, you won't have to do all this if you do. Trust me.

    • the_rake

      Thing is, not speaking for your brothers personally, but I know a lot of these successful guys DO make a lot of concessions. e. g. dating down, buying drinks, paying for dates, waiting for sex, etc.

      Is your family black /carribean? I ask purely from interest.

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  • BuchitaBuchys
    I actually kinda agree. But I just don't like how all this blame and burden is always set on women. Like come on, it takes 2 to tango.

    But, I will say this. I can understand why they will fuck and chuck a guy who's only hot or for status. I mean, guys would do the same if it were as easy. And if you think not, you're mistaken.
    Anyways, if you just want him for sex, why would you care about his personality? It'd make more sense if you didn't really like it because if you get attached and he doesn't, which apparently more men have an easier time separating sex from emotions, then you'd be left hurt. So if he's just hot enough to get you turned on, but not really good enough for a relationship, then it'd help you separate emotions or any hopes of him.

    Also, lots of guys here and irl, have said how they immediately either lose interest or respect for a woman who gives it up to them easily. So if we are interested in something serious with a guy, why would we jeapordize any chances by giving in too soon?

    Another point. I'm not sure what's wrong with many people here, because I know lots and I mean a surprising amount of ugly guys and girls who are goofy as well, or awkward and they score hot men and women. So it's not like being ugly will automatically mean you won't get sex. I wish I could post pics of them, but there's one guy I went to high school with. He literally looked like a monkey, and even his nickname was "feo aka ugly" and monkey. And he had casual sex with ridiculously hot and popular girls. He didn't need manipulation or tricks, he was upfront about his intentions. And he even said himself that he'd never fuck an ugly girl, and based on the girls he pulled, indeed he did not.
    No. He didn't have money. He didn't even have a car.
    And he wasn't the only guy.
    So I'm not sure why so many guys, especially on here who are like wayyyyyy better looking than him, can't even get a date.

    I personally prefer sex in a relationship. I admit I did have a friends with benefits. I know, this taints me. But I really wanted to forget my ex. Did not work. And I wanted to see if I actually could have sex when not in a relationship. I didn't like it and I don't ever want to again. You live and you learn. He wasn't bad, but it didn't compare at all to the sex you get from someone who loves you.
    • I did not read your whole opinion, so if you've already answered my my comment just ignore me.

      It takes two to tango, definitely right. But, it's the female side who chooses 99% of the time. Women are the ones who make the choice about "which man" and "what to do with this man". Men don't choose, they are allowed by the woman. So, the burden is definitely heavier on female side.

    • the_rake

      'guys would do the same if it were as easy'

      Right. But men are not empowered to make the same decisions, therefore I focus on the party that does. You wanna blame players in their 30s and 40s for ditching the wedding ring be my guest, although we can probably concede that in a lot of cases it's due to the way they were treated as young men.

    • Bandit74

      I just want to say, I don't think guys really care if you are easy for THEN, they only care how easy you were for other guys. For example if a girl sleeps with Bob on the first date he assumes "she slept with me on the first date, that must mean SHE SLEEPS WITH LOTS OF OTHER GUYS ON THE FIRST DATE". So it's no the action of you sleeping with him on the first date, it's what he assumes.

      So I guess indirectly guys do lose interest.

      But I believe that most guys wouldn't be turned off if a girl who only had like 3 partners before him slept with him on the first date.

      But obviously guys don't know a girls past so they foolishly think "easy for me =easy for everyone else" 😕

  • SomeOtherGuy
    You're right about demisexual patterns. However demisexuality itself isn't a choice. It can be emulated, but that emulation isn't genuine. A demisexual can choose to sleep around and have one nighters, but it will feel mechanical and disatisfying every time. They only do it to succumb to social pressure or standards.
    I would know. I am one. I have tried to be like a typical guy. I don't operate that way. So I tell guys who like sex and girls who like sex do you, so long as you do it responsibly and maintain your well being. Don't make yourself miserable.
    On that note sex is not a reward for me in a relationship. Get to experience intimacy and love is.
    And that isn't true of everyone. Don't fake it.

    One issue is that a high portion of women identify as demisexual and a low portion of guys identify as demisexual. This means women use sex and men use intimacy, love and wealth as bartering tools. As you can imagine this results in a chaotic, disatisfying dating world where no one is getting what they want.

    Even then this is only one facet of the dating world. I fear your Takes over generalize, are accusatory, and overlook the very essence of our humanity. The women I date don't date for resources or wealth or to reward or not reward, they date because the guy stirs their emotions, makes her feel attractive, and can provide something that woman is looking for, be it adventure, understanding, love, or freedom.

    Being a good guy is something I just do and encourage others to do. I don't do it to earn sex, and while I want it to exist in a partner, I know that I only value it up to a certain level. Once that point is reached other things become drastically more important, like her sense of romance and her wit.

    Let me illustrate that for you. I don't want to be with someone who treats animals poorly, is rude to people in the service industry, or who physically or verbal abuses others when they get inebriated or for that matter when they're sober. Those are deal breakers and I think everyone should have them.
    But once that criteria is met I start valuing other things. Like her level of affection, her openness, her energy, her optimism, her sense of art and humor and her wit.
    And most women are the same way.

    Problem is this doesn't go in line with what you keep going on about. So I have a hard time swallowing it.
    • the_rake

      @lumos is full of rubbish - I never said such a thing. I have the comments picture framed to disprove her. (she's blocked me from replying to her on the other comment so I'm replying here).

      otherwise, I will address your points later.

    • the_rake


    • the_rake

      typical machiavellian debating strategies that women employ.

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  • RachelBrigs
    " the female mating strategy" lol I don't know something tells me you've never experienced the "female mating strategy" first hand, you've just read Nice Guy propaganda online
    • the_rake

      Lol tell yourself whatever it is that makes you feel better about your gender's manipulative dating strategies.

    • I don't have to make myself feel better because a) most girls don't have "manipulative" strategies and b) I'm no more responsible for what other girls do than you are for what other guys do

    • the_rake

      Well I've already explained in this take and others (which you read) why the strategies are manipulative, so I'll ignore that point. As for number two, you're attempting to justify indicates you employ said strategies yourself.

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  • idkwtftoputhere
    "Overall: women are free to do what they want, but other people are free to pass judgement and show the toxic effects of female mating strategy with sound reasoning and logical arguments."

    Finally, something you and I can agree on.
    • the_rake

      Yea, the whole thing is pretty toxic

    • I more so agree with you on the "women are free to do what they want, but other people are free to pass judgment" but whatever, this take is decent.

  • lumos
    Oh my god. When will you people STOP being so fucking OBSESSED over sex. This is ridiculous.
    • Squall17

      It is but it's like saying to women when will you stop being obsessed over monetary value and status. Sure this guy is talking ahead before even trying. But that is the situation these days. Ugly girls won't go out and try and same with nice guys because that is the message out there, sure some asshole use women but they are the ones women seek out whilst possibly using men themselves.

    • Squall17

      I just read through what I said earlier. I apologise, I think I'm full of shit, just ignore it.

    • lumos

      @Squall17 at least you can admit it lol. Thanks for taking back what you said. I'm tired of getting stereotyped as some money hungry status obsessed bitch, when in reality I don't give a shit.

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  • DivaPrincess
    I make them all wait cause player or not men want pussy and once they get it they leave and jet like a 747 #truestory #iwillstickwithmyvibrator #fuckmennotliterallybutintheinsultingway
  • ThisDudeHere
    A decent idea but involves compromises from women. And as we all know, compromises suck when you don't really have to make them and when they're inconvenient to you but would be helpful to others.
    And also if women were to make the player wait, he wouldn't really be a player anymore. The whole thing about the player is that he plays with women's feelings and gets what he wants - if that doesn't happen, then he doesn't have his player card.
    • the_rake

      'involves compromises from women.'

      men in tune with these dating theories are also more likely to adopt successful strategies.

      ' if that doesn't happen, then he doesn't have his player card. '

      which is good.

  • udolipixie
    In my opinion the only matter of ethics when it comes to concerning sex is consent. As well as sex is not a reward. I find it amusing how often guys try this sex as a reward bs all while whining about sex being used to punish them or sex being used as a weapon. In my opinion if a guy is touting this sex as a reward for his behavior then it is ill suited when a gal starts rewarding him with sex if he does X, Y, Z (buy her a car, spend $1000 on her).

    To each their own.
    • the_rake

      'it is ill suited when a gal starts rewarding him with sex if he does X, Y, Z'

      true, because this is essentially prostitution

    • udolipixie

      Using that logic what you proposed is essentially prostitution as well as the X, Y, Z in your case is being nice.

      It seems you're only okay with prostitution when it's done on your terms but when the gal is making the terms for having sex then it's 'bad'. Ie it's not prostitution but ethical to tell gals to reward a guy with sex for being nice to her but it is prostitution for gals to reward a guy with sex for other behaviors/actions she stipulates.

    • the_rake

      Well, uh I read doing x, y z as financial favours since you mentioned spending money on her, for which the man is sexually rewarded. I didn't realise being a genuinely good person meant looking for sexual favours as opposed to fake niceness. This is why I distinguished between 'nice guys' and good men in the take - because of the misconceptions people have about being 'nice' (e. g. 'oh he's just being nice to get into her panties', 'oh when he says nice, he means boring - he doesn't have any other attractive qualities). Both assumptions are false because you can both be genuinely nice AND have attractive qualities. I think one of the reasons women avoid genuinely nice men - good men - is because they believe these common misperceptions are true. That's why I recommend against applying typical ' make him wait' dating advice with these types of men, or assuming that it is necessarily good advice. It can also be unethical treating men like this.

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  • cipher42
    Oh boy, how fun. Nothing screams "I'm a raging misogynist" louder than a take trying to tell women how to live their lives and talking about how evil women are for having the fucking audacity to exercise personal choice in their dating lives. Jesus christ dude, get a life, and maybe work on unlearning some of that sexism you've obviously got built up there.
    • the_rake

      I'm not a sexist. There's plenty of good women out there, and in a way, even the women who make toxic decisions are not to blame because they are just a acting the way they have been socially conditioned. Society gives women more dating power (e. g. men must court, pay for dates, wait for sex while the woman typically waits to see if she is interested). but women are still responsible for their choices and they have no-one to blame but themselves when they are uncontent with their romantic or sex lives (especially when they are attractive enough to have more options on the whole). when they choose men with sociopathic tendencies, it's not just that they miss out on the men they really desire. It's that they contribute to all kinds of social ills -abusive relationships, children brought up in chaotic households, more overall crime as a result. On the whole, it's time women started exercising more social responsibility and looking for the right kind of men. Anything else is their fault.

    • cipher42

      Yes you are. Your take makes that plenty clear. Women have personal freedom, and your take is literally criticizing them for making their own damn decisions. That's it. You are ranting and raving about how fucking terrible women are because they DARE to act in a way which you personally don't agree with. That's absolutely idiotic.

    • the_rake

      'Women have personal freedom, and your take is literally criticizing them for making their own damn decisions'

      Ok, so at this point you're just ignoring anything I have to say, making all kinds of assumptions about positions that I have not explicitly stated, restating the same points that you have already made and refusing to acknowledge any of the points that I made. You're essentially blocking any form of rational dialogue, therefore making it both impossible and unworthy of my time to continue discussion. In that case, I will simply have to acknowledge your personal sentiment on the matter and beg to differ.

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  • Frost_Byt3
    Dude although i completely agree with your point of view, you're making this wayyyyy more complicated than it needs to to be.

    You don't wanna get stuck with a whore that put out for guys in the past but won't put out for you?

    Then just date virgins exclusively. Problem solved. She might make you wait, but at least you know that she hasn't put out for anyone else either.
    • the_rake

      Dude, how easy do you think it is to 'just date virgins'? Lol.


      You ever been to the middle east. Plenty of virgins.

    • the_rake

      @KENKONG and if you prefer western girls, you just gotta suck it up?

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  • VampireEmpress
    people still wait for sex these days? where I am, sex is expected in the first couple of weeks or a month or 2. that's totally normal right?

    and I think if a guy acts the same way (trying to or already fucking hot mean girls and bitches) then he can't complain. if he hasn't, then he should find a woman who's like him.
    • the_rake

      A month is fair since you gotta get tested, etc.

      Keep in mind I'm not talking about only fucking the 9s and 10s. I'm talking about sticking to your league - everyone has standards when it comes to emotional and physical chemistry. But women by and large date UP.

    • jjmarvin

      I think a month is normal, but I've known a lot of people who have waited a few and even more who waited much less

  • jjmarvin
    Sex is a reward if you're as emotionally developed as a dog. Relationships are a trap if you're only in them for sex like a sociopath.

    Be a man and take some personal responsibility.
    • the_rake

      weren't you just complaining that girls ' use meanness algorithms that take into account muscle mass, bank account balance before mating rituals in order to give guys booboos on their feels '

    • I think he was saying that sarcastically to try to emulate you. Kinda a dick form of rhetoric. It went a bit over your head I guess.

      I will say, thank you for pointing out how silly it sounds that women are using sex as a reward system in relationships that have either just begun or haven't even started yet.
      Like shit. Sex isn't a god damn commodity being traded like spice. Its a mutually engaged method of pleasure for two or more consenting adults. If you're rewarding someone with sex you're doing something wrong. And if you think sex is a reward for something you've done you're kind of a crummy person.

      Have sex because you both want to have sex with each other. Not because you feel you've earned it or you feel your partner has earned it. Shit, man.

    • Interesting how a short opinion from a 17 year old pointed out the biggest flaw with @the_rakes myTakes so far. I somehow missed it in there.
      Now I just want to rant about how stupid thinking sex is a reward system of oppression comes off.

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  • Humping_Tornadoes
    I agree to almost everything you said. And you came across very objective and respectful, yet it seems most girls will take offense at this and will backlash with some random unjustified remark.

    With that said, I wouldn't call it an strategy. Because girls do these things almost entirely without thinking or rationalizing it, they can't afford to care tbh. So, even though I know exactly where you are coming from, any girl who reads any of this is reading at a blank page. Most know subconsciously most of this is true, but will fail to admit it and won't have any desire to think about it either. So obviously they'll just read the title and make it like you are an insulting, woman hating bastard. I think any girl who is well aware she doesn't do any of this has no reason to be offended whatsoever.

    Just saying man, good take regardless,
    • the_rake

      Yea, women are likely to disregard the ethics because it's counter-intuitive. Still, if MEN read this, they are empowered by their understanding of manipulative female dating strategies. If I helped them, THAT'S an accomplishment.

  • Scrambledagain
    That pic sums up that dating game. Incredible. Love it.
    • the_rake

      Thanks man. I'm just glad some people *get* the way things really are.

  • brocha
    This is GOLD, pure gold.

    Very very true. I just don't get the paradoxical act of rewarding someone who is indifferent, cold and not caring versus the nice, makes you feel special, charming guy?

    It defeats the object doesn't it?

    Not to mention it leads to what you say above. Well put!!
  • Aud_Queen
    Women are taught that being easy is bad. I think this is also a huge part of why we tend to make the good guy wait.

    Women don't care if the attactive one night stand thinks we are easy. But when it comes to guys we actually want long term we do and don't want to ruin anything. And so we try not it make it easy and take things slower.
    • the_rake

      sure, but the good man is going to see through the act so to speak - so it is not the greatest strategy for winning his approval!

  • Elena_the_Star
    Men screaming " we want attention!" and then spend 24/7 in analyzing everything about women and mostly criticizing it. " Why Women Want Bad Boys" " Why Nice Guys Are Fucked" " Why Women Take So Much Time In Getting Dressed" and now this. I will do what I want thank you.
    If there's an average looking man with average personality traits who I don't find attractive, he's not going to get me. Simple. You be nice or rude idgaf.
    If there's a rude asshole or a nice HOT man who i just want to fuck, he's going to get me. For a one night stand I mean.
    You are not going to tell me who to find attractive or who to sleep with, is this understood?
    • the_rake

      'If there's an average looking man with average personality traits who I don't find attractive, he's not going to get me.
      If there's a rude asshole or a nice HOT man who i just want to fuck, he's going to get me. For a one night stand I mean.'

      You evidently didn't understand the take, lol.

    • Well the opening lines implied nice guys are entitled to sex and women should not make men wait. That was all I needed to read apparently.
      But do tell, in a summary. Can't read everything.

    • the_rake

      It was more about how manipulative personality traits tend to be rewarded regardless of attractiveness. so men with genuinely positive personality traits would be disregarded irrespective of their attractiveness not because women don't want them, but because they don't blip on her radar. the 'ethics' is just referring to what is the best decision making - for the woman and for society at large, since as a society we could do without men with sociopathic traits breeding more offspring. typically, this means that while the good guys (I hate the term 'nice guy' now because of what people think it means) are sexually rewarded, it's not unreasonable for a woman to date in her own league.

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  • Universehateme
    Yeah that why I see promiscuous girls go degrade themselves into bdsm later lol they know what they worth lol They will love being called slut, pig, suck feet, drink pee, cum dump, worthless who**
  • Fugue
    *ethical* mating strategy? There's nothing ethical about mating. It's instinctive.
    • the_rake

      I'm aware that this is true instinctively but then lots of our urges are primeval and amoral. t we find a way to either suppress these urges or release them in a way conducive to social cohesiveness / harmony. To take a more extreme example, we don't resort to cannibalism just because we're feeling hungry.

    • Fugue

      Yes, they are amoral, not immoral. You can judge someone for being immoral, but if it's not illegal, there's nothing you could or should be able to do about it. Cannibalism is illegal, for reasons that should be obvious. Are we going to make it the law that women must have sex with men they're not attracted to?

    • the_rake

      ' Are we going to make it the law that women must have sex with men they're not attracted to? '

      basically, I addressed argument in the take when talking about judgement:

      ' Some of you may be thinking that women should be free to do as they please. I agree, but men are also free to pass judgement, there. Men are also free to explain how this dating game really is a lose lose situation. In this light, I assert that there IS such a thing as ethical mating strategy, even if such a view is controversial '

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  • sp33d
    Women want sex just as much if not more, can you just get together and be done with it? Tomorrow's work, time is money.
    • sp33d

      Gotta give you ten points for coming up with such a hilarious subtitle, though. Ethical mating strategy :D It's instinctive, honestly, but that made my day so far.

    • the_rake

      I addressed the mating is instinctive argument in my interaction with fugue:

      'I'm aware that [dating is instinctive] but then lots of our urges are primeval and amoral. t we find a way to either suppress these urges or release them in a way conducive to social cohesiveness / harmony. To take a more extreme example, we don't resort to cannibalism just because we're feeling hungry.'

    • Uh, no. Women do not want sex nearly as much as men do, otherwise they wouldn't be the selectors and we wouldn't be the competitors.

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  • Dandeus
    TLDR: I can't bang models like other guys, and I'm gonna tell you how mad I am about it.
  • Bluemax
    Hmm... more to say later.
    • the_rake

      I look forwards to any (valuable) contributions you have to make.

    • Bluemax

      Two upvotes and I haven't said anything?

      I fear I might be a decided letdown.

      Forgive me, but I don't think women are nearly as Machiavelian as you think. Machiavellian implies a conscious effort to manipulate, which isn't evident in the women I know. I don't think most women are strategizing. Or using strategery ;)

      Strategizing and being Machiavellian implies intent, which I don't think women sit and plot and strategize any more than men do. They date who they, so it seems to me, without any thought about engineering the behavior of men.

    • the_rake

      true: a lot of the time they don't realise their own games. but the games are there.

      the down vote wasn't mine by the way.

  • Entity
    I don't think you know (or care) what ethics actually is.
    • the_rake

      ethics is a social construct designed to create social cohesion and do justice to people's (subjective) symbolic notions of right and wrong. that's why I focussed on the social cohesiveness arguments and the symbolism of female sexual identity in this mytake. thanks for showing your concern that I might not understand that ethics are subjective.

    • Entity

      ... I think you mean "morals". You're describing morals.

    • the_rake

      well there is little difference since both are essentially irrational concepts. however, ethics is more of a social construct referring to pre-established codes of conducts. since I discuss the social consequences of female mating strategy, I don't think that 'ethics' is a wholly inaccurate term.

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  • BackInGame
    promiscuous women = repulsive as fuck.
    • the_rake

      especially when it is hypergamous / polygynous promiscuity.

    • BackInGame


    • the_rake

      hypergamous and polygyny are closely linked - there isn't much of a difference.

    Why you trying to fuck things up for me?
    • the_rake

      haha sorry bud but there's four other guys you know and not enough ladies

  • Anonymous
    None of this is true. You are not getting laid because you lack skill with women that you should have. That they need you to have to want to be with you, let alone marry you.

    Your society emasculated you and it's a sick society, both you, and sluts you can now never marry because thought of them grosses you out, should blame your feminist society for this. Other men in your society who are just as inept as you are also virgins for the same reason.

    Your women are sluts, not because they are planners you dream them up to be. There is no "female mating strategy" in female youth, all these bullshit theories about hypergamy, or whatever crap divisions you made here. No one cares, it doesn't matter, they do nothing but make you feel a little better about being a loser. Face reality.

    In youth, your women, convinced their emotional needs and biological clock don't exist, just follow what they like and try to live the lifestyle your Hollywood told them they should live. They are not forced to settle for emasculated guys to survive. And then they won't seek out you and guys like you because, once again, you are emasculated. Not attractive, defective as men. Eww. I don't know how much more simple I can put it.

    Only a small number of men in any society can resist emasculation, by pure chance of high IQ to figure it out, or by luck to have a good father figure. This has nothing to do with their "evilness", or their "alphaness", or whatever bullshit you concocted in your head to feel better. They just have skill you don't that makes them desirable and you repulsive. You should have this skill too, in a healthy society you would and you simply don't. Logic you claim to present can't protect you from the truth: This is your failing to oppose feminism, not the failure of women.

    Here is a video that explains how in why in a more entertaining way.
    • the_rake

      Seriously, is this a dude posing as a woman?

      In any case, if you're going to tell me to stop being a little bitch and man the fuck up (you don't know me at all), then I would advise you do better than post a video where the narrator sounds like he's had his balls chopped off.

    • the_rake

      'This has nothing to do with their "evilness", or their "alphaness", or whatever bullshit you concocted in your head to feel better. They just have skill you don't that makes them desirable This has nothing to do with their "evilness", or their "alphaness", or whatever bullshit you concocted in your head to feel better. They just have skill you don't that makes them desirable '

      Not all high status men are bad, no. Don't believe I ever inferred this.

    • Anonymous

      The fact that to defend your ego you attack the narrator's voice alteration like a catty girl, as opposed to attacking his points like any reasonable man would, shows how emotional, i. e. emasculated, you are.

      You should watch the video again.

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  • Anonymous
    Women don't have a dating "strategy" this is some weird fantasy you have created.

    Also, I have never picked a man to sleep with based on how many material possessions he owns.

    I am generally attracted to guys who are intelligent and funny. I couldn't give a flying **** about how much he earns. Looks don't really matter either. I'll always find an average looking guy who I have loads in common with way more attractive than a guy who is dull and nice to look at.

    Women do not classify men as sleep with him now and he's got to wait. What happens is in our early 20s we make the mistake of sleeping with 1 or 2 men who we really like early on, but then find out the guy only wanted sex.

    From that point onwards we're less likely to have sex with ANY guy at an early stage because we have learned that there is an extremely high risk of getting used.

    There's nothing machiavellian about a woman who doesn't want casual sex that leads nowhere realising that in future she'd should wait until she can be confident that she trusts the guy.
    • the_rake

      1or 2 guys? Please the girl picks all the assholes then tells the good man they were mistakes (read: she received multiple orgasms) and that he's the special someone she wants to settle down with. It reeks of hypocrisy.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn't date a man who felt the need to make me apologise for having seen a dick before his. So I wouldn't lower myself to talking of "mistakes".

      Any question about my sexually history is a big red flag that the guy is insecure so I'd lose interest in him from the moment he asked.

      There are enough men who are secure enough in their own sexually abilities not to give a shit about who a woman has been with before them, and insecurity is a hugely unattractive quality in a man.

    • Anonymous

      *sexual abilities -- android auto correct

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  • Anonymous
    Women love a bastard!
  • Anonymous
    In the dating "game", women start with their smv (sexual market value) high, getting gifts, trips, going with this guy and that guy. But when they are around 30 they become desperate to settle down. Guys start with their smv low and can't even get the time of day from girls their own age. Once they hit around 30 their value keeps increasing if it hasn't already. Then they get all these girls left and right. If your a guy who wants to get laid just set "rules" in place and things you will or will not tolerate. If you want to get laid and she is not putting out them leave her ass and try to find someone who will.
    • The SMV shit is stupid to hear. But some men are more successful when they're older and everything else is pretty true.

  • Anonymous
    You've got some interesting points in here. I do think women fall victim to players and yeah if they really don't want to reward the player they shouldn't. However, how many of these very women are ignorant in that they don't know the difference between the nice guy and the "nice guy"? You even admitted that the term has been distorted. I won't say it's solely feminism's fault. Some of that is the fault of every guy claiming to be a nice guy. The players and the "good men".

    So while I do see what you're saying and it's a valid way of looking at things I just think people should do as they please. Women are still going to fall for wolves because wolves always cloak themselves among the flock. I think what happens is that "players" are like Jordan Belforts. They buy at a low price and then sell at a high price. In other words women think they're getting more than what they are getting. They get caught in the facade.
    • the_rake

      Agreed people should be free to do what they want -see the parts about moral judgement. Otherwise, great post.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I saw.

    • I don't agree that they fall victims to players. They CHOOSE the player and then they say "stick it in me baby". Victims? So they were raped?

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  • Anonymous
    I don't care if women are wanting to sleep with the player. My only complaints are that it is insulting to the good man to be told he has to wait, when the players didn't as this is a way of telling him he isn't as valuable to the woman as the player was, and when women want to complain that good men don't want a relationship with a woman that has a history of having sex with players.
    • the_rake

      Yep, also you can't expect the good men to be happy ir not have feelings of inadequacy in a committed relationship where the girl is experienced and he's not.