Mia Rose Uncut and Uncensored: The Ex Pornstar Talks Life, Love and... Size

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Mia Rose Uncut and Uncensored: The Ex Pornstar Talks Life, Love and... Size

Life is divided into the horrible and the miserable.” – Woody Allen

Nobody would blame former pornstar Mia Rose if she embraced this cynical statement after the year she suffered through. Oh, think you had a rough year? Let’s compare notes, shall we?

In 2015, Mia’s home was robbed and her car was stolen, she suffered through a botched abortion, watched her fiancé walk out the door as she sat bleeding and crying in the tub, lost a devoted canine friend by the name of Alexander, and was the victim of identity theft. As the rotten cherry on this depressing parfait, don’t forget that Mia was also homeless at one point in her life.

Mia Rose Uncut and Uncensored: The Ex Pornstar Talks Life, Love and... Size

However, at some point during my two-hour talk with Miss Mia Rose, I started to realize something vital: Life can be unforgiving and brutal but despite it all, smiles and laughter are in there…somewhere. Her brutal honesty and openness was not only refreshing, but it was bound to eradicate assumptions and pre-conceived notions concerning former pornstars. Amid her hard-hitting words and occasional tears, one spots a deep-rooted desire to survive; a hardness sheltering a vulnerable core that we all have.

A great human interest story can only be found when there's conflict and abundant emotion. It ain't no goddamn fairytale; it's life in all its despair and, ultimately, hope.

GaG: So, wow…tough year, huh?

Mia: “Actually, last year started out being the happiest of my life. I got engaged to my boyfriend, who I'd known for 10 years before we started dating, and everything was going great. I even got a $10,000 donation on my stream. But then just everything went to shit— My BMW got stolen, my house was broken into, and my fiancé left after he found out I was pregnant. Then my identity got stolen and my dog died and…it was just awful. It just turned into the worst fucking year and I was like, ‘Is this real life? It just can’t be, right?’”

Mia Rose Uncut and Uncensored: The Ex Pornstar Talks Life, Love and... Size

GaG: Your fiancé left when he found out you were pregnant?

Mia: “Yeah, well, I got pregnant and got an abortion but something went wrong. I just remember seeing all this blood running out of me; they said there’d be some blood but I was thinking, ‘there shouldn’t be this much blood.’ I don’t know what went wrong but it was really bad. And then one night I was literally in the tub with all this blood pouring from me and then my fiancé…he just left. Walked right out. And I really loved this guy, you know? I’d known him for a long time and we were living together for a while and everything. But after he left I think things just got worse. As if they could possibly get any fucking worse.”

GaG: With all this going on, what have you been doing to keep your mind off the bad things? What do you like to do these days?

Mia: “Oh, I’ve just been playing a lot of games and streaming, though I find it hard to stream these days. I was really into WoW (World of Warcraft) but I burned myself out on that; now I’m into Rainbow Six Siege and I’ve been playing the shit out of it. I also loved The Division beta and that’s going to be my favorite game, I just know it. So yeah, I’ve been playing a lot and I think video games have been keeping me going, because I’m trying so hard not think about all the bad shit. I don’t think I’ve been handling it all quite as well as I have been, but my new dog has helped a lot, too. His name is Ben and I just hope he stays okay.

I’ve also spent a lot of time with my friend Emily. She’s a 13-year-old with leukemia and she’s always in the hospital and doesn’t have any family. We talk every day on Skype and I swear, what this girl has given me over the past year or so…it’s amazing. She’s just incredible. She even did this video for me and it makes me cry every time I see it:”

GaG: Moving on to happier things, what’s your take on the current dating scene? Is it easier for Millennials to meet people these days?

Mia: “You know, it’s just getting way too easy…which actually makes it harder, if that makes any sense. Now you have so many ways to weed out the people you don’t want, so many ways to try to find the perfect person that’s the exact right fit for you. But how the fuck do you even know that’s what you really want? I mean, I went on Match and those ended up being some of the most miserable dates of my life. I tried telling them about what I’d done [porn] and I tried not telling them; doesn’t matter, didn’t work either way. It just sucked. We don’t seem to have any idea what we really want, even though we’ve got all these ways to communicate with each other now.

Like with our phones. I know I’m addicted to my phone and it sucks. I remember growing up in Alaska in a town of like 300 people and then, yeah, you had to just walk over to a friend’s house and if nobody was there, that’s it; you’re shit out of luck. That’s when people talked to each other and did things together, you know? I just…I don’t know. I wish it was easier. I actually get really nervous with phone calls; I mean I actually get social anxiety sometimes and it’s just so stupid.

We’re all so lonely. We all just want to find someone who makes us happy, that’s all.”

Mia Rose Uncut and Uncensored: The Ex Pornstar Talks Life, Love and... Size

GaG: How do you feel about marriage? The GaG community is pretty split on the issue…

Mia: “Oh, I would love to get married. It’s just so sad now, though, you know? I actually think the way marriage was in the ‘50s was great. That’s because then you had to work things out; you didn’t really have a choice. You had to actually try and make it work because not everyone got divorced all the time. I actually proposed to my boyfriend and he said yes (even though it ended badly). I just love the thought of marriage; I think it’d be amazing to have someone who’s your best friend, who will always be there to support you. But because it’s so easy to get divorced, people aren’t taking this shit seriously anymore. They’re not taking it seriously and nobody seems to be trying too hard, either.

Yes, I’d like to be a housewife. I really would.”

GaG: And feminism…?

Mia: “Such bullshit. These feminists don’t even know what feminism is. They think they know so much about the topic but they have no fucking idea what the actual dictionary term is. It’s just so disgusting…fuck them. I’m a feminist but that’s because I actually know what that word means.”

GaG: If you were to give any sex advice to young inexperienced girls, what would it be?

Mia: “Oh my gosh, I could say so much about this. I actually have a little segment on my stream called Love Line; if you’re young and you want to ask me a question, please ask the question. Let me just say this: If I knew then what I know now, I’d be a lot better off. For example, sex for the first time isn’t going to feel good. Not one girl I’ve ever spoken to has said their first time is good; the second and third time it gets better but the first time is just shit. I’m actually torn on the topic of who should be your first…on the one hand, I think you should do it with a friend or someone you love, but then I think you should just do it with a stranger to get it out of the way, because it’s going to suck anyway. You’ll probably end up hating their guts. ‘laughs’

I still remember doing it for the first time and coming home and telling my mom I’d lost my virginity. I just remember being in so much pain and then my mom started crying with me. It wasn’t easy.”

Mia Rose Uncut and Uncensored: The Ex Pornstar Talks Life, Love and... Size

GaG: And how about porn? Do people learn things they shouldn’t?

Mia: “Yeah, you know, it’s not anywhere near as good as it looks in the porn movies. It’s not glamorous and weird shit happens. People don’t know it but you’re going to be introduced to some weird smells and noises. If you’re doing anal, for example, yeah, you don’t even want to know some of the shit you’ll hear and smell. Now, I just can’t watch pro porn anymore; I’m like, ‘oh god, these girls are overdoing it.’ All I have to say is, don’t watch porn. It’s not going to help. It’ll probably just screw you up.”

GaG: And how’s about the always thorny “size” issue? Do you have the definitive answer?

Mia: “Yeah, it’s another reason not to watch porn. Guys get this fucked up idea of size. Look, they have to understand that the guys who do porn grew up next to some factory where there was some chemical spill or some shit. Girls, please remember that’s not the way dicks are. And yeah, I’m okay with normal-sized dicks; 6-7 inches is perfect to me and that’s it. Let’s just admit that ladies parts are ugly and boy parts can be small or big but it’s no big deal. I actually kinda like them when they’re soft, believe it or not!”

End Interview

Mia Rose Uncut and Uncensored: The Ex Pornstar Talks Life, Love and... Size

We’d like to thank Mia for her time and we appreciate the opportunity to deliver something with a little flavor. How many bland, boring Q&As exist? Reading them is kinda like eating dairy-free, fat-free vanilla ice cream without a single solitary sprinkle. This, however…well, this was something else entirely, was it not?

For more, follow her on Twitter and feel free to check her popular streaming activities on Twitch. Speaking of which, tune in tonight at 8 p.m. PST / 11 p.m. EST, when Mia and myself will be chatting about GirlsAskGuys (and other topics, I imagine). And don't forget to check out our most recent interview with lifestyle coach Cheyenne Bostock and stay tuned for more great chats in the very near future!

Mia Rose Uncut and Uncensored: The Ex Pornstar Talks Life, Love and... Size
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Anonymous
    Yes, many of us have had a much more difficult year. Mia made the choices that led her to the botched engagement and abortion; I'm not making a religious comment, just noting that clearly she chose the wrong person. Many of us in the same position come out of it without praise and interviews, actually rejected by society.

    Except for the porn, I can say that I've been there, and have counseled many men and women who have had almost identical issues spanning years of suffering. I wonder why this one person was selected and put on such a pedestal. Must be the porn.
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  • BellePepper
    I was so ready to be into this! What a strong and determined woman to get through so many things and still be working so hard to create her own life! But like... I wish she would have thought a little more about some of her answers :c

    This is a good direction though, GaG. Good work.
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Fathoms77
    FYI, Mia asked me to share the following pictures with all of you; they're of Alexander, the dog she lost last year, and her father, whom she also lost.
    mia's fatherMia and her dog

    And thanks all for the feedback! If you missed it, feel free to check out my chat with Mia on Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/missmiarose/v/42629702 (I come in at around the 12:30 mark).

    Lastly, to the poster above who was surprised that we interviewed Mia, and that GaG isn't "as obscure" as they thought, stay tuned... lots more to come. ;)

    Is this still revelant?
    • curious, why aren't all administrators listed on the site? from what I've seen so far, I've only ever seen 3-4 admins listed publicly.

    • @BertMacklinFBI I have also wondered this.

    • @missmiarose it is very.. unorthodox lol, to me at least.

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  • RationalMale
    A shame about her car being stolen and her house being invaded. Rotten criminals.

    Pregnancy and botched abortion... what sort of guy do you think would be okay with dating a prostitute? Water finds its own level. And when she got pregnant, there could probably be 10 guys the kid might belong to.
    Is this still revelant?
    • When I see editor next to your name, does this mean you work for the site?

    • @missmiarose ha, nope. Just means I've written enough promoted articles they gave me a title. All anonymously, of course.

    • I see. Well, I am new here. So, thank you for the warm welcome. ; )

      Let me just try to explain, so you can be on the same page as me. The topic at hand is very sensitive to me. And I understand with " pornstar" in the title. You assume all sorts of bad things right from the start..

      I have been retired from that industry for YEARS. I was exclusive to my fiance'. So, it was his.

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  • Loligirl
    I should feel sorry for her, but I don't. She chose that life, she chose to be exploited, she chose to be reduced to a mere fuck toy and she now reaps what she sowed. I have no sympathy.
    • Woah. what? Where are you from to think I was reduced to " a mere fucktoy" I haven't even done porn in like 6 years. And for you to say " oh, well she deserves this" makes me feel so sorry for you.

    • @missmiarose She hates White people. Ignore her.

    • @ShayanMortazavi1 lol

  • ClassicRocker
    Based on the way this whole thing is written as a sob story I'm betting that the child didn't belong to her fiance. That being said, you take her to the hospital before you break up with her. Leaving her in the bathtub was a dick move.
    • She was only have sex w/ him, so guess again.

    • It was definitely a dick move but we only have one side of the story and maybe he wanted the baby.

    • @Spermdumster666 They agreed to not have it, he brought her to the clinic, I don't think he wanted it.

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  • PT1911
    I feel that the flooding of porn has diluted people's perception of relationships. Not to mention that the first sign of hardship, people leave right away. Marriage is hard work and working through the bad, not just the good.

    I'm trying not to be disrespectful, but I'm catholic, so my stance on abortion is prety clear, but I won't pry any further as I saw you mention it is a sensitive/private matter on another thread. I have my morals and ethics but I recognize a lot of things in life aren't black and white so to speak.

    I've always emphasized a person's past is important, but honesty is so much more important. And really, today's dating scene sucks, again, probably due to being flooded every day with false perceptions of love/relationships (porn for one amongst other things). Not to mention I hate the hookup culture. It devalues (as with other things) a wonderful and beautiful act of nature.

    And what the hell, I'll say it. I had a problem with porn but it's no longer an issue. Focusing on bettering myself kicked it to the curb.

    Take care, God bless, your experiences I hope have a new found perspective.

  • Yshomatsu
    I've gotten to know Mia slowly over the past few years, which started simply because she responded when most don't. Just like here she responds, even to those that are negative and believe their opinions are gospel. We live in a country with freedom of religion, the right to practice whatever religion one chooses.. Yet people still tell me I'm going to hell simply because I don't believe the Exact same thing that they do... As for saying once a porn star, always a porn star. Employers drug test people. How would you like it if you smoked a joint ONCE in your life and Forever afterwards that showed up on your drug test, preventing you from getting a job?

    The person I got to know over the years is an amazing human being, and I am blessed to know her. My only regret is that the year I get to know her best is one of the worst years she has ever had and there's little to nothing I can do about it beyond a comforting message or support for her career with Twitch. The fact that she carries on with her head held high is the reason I respect her most of all. It makes me sad and angry to see so many people disrespect her simply because of a past job title... A janitor cleans up sh*t, do you treat them like sh*t? A stay at home mother/father doesn't earn an income but raises their kids. Do you treat them like worthless meat-sacks to society because they don't contribute to your life?

    When I graduated college and couldn't find a job in my degree, so I looked elsewhere. I was told I was over qualified and passed over many times. Did my bills care? No they still needed paid, so I worked a job I didn't want to pay them. Does that make me a failure? No, quite the opposite, I paid my bills and am working towards my dream regardless of the unforeseen setback.

    I look forward to playing the Division with you Mia. Thank you for being a great friend and I'm sorry you put up with so much negativity everyday.
    • dudeman

      Once a porn star always a porn star. He'll she still uses the porn name

    • Yshomatsu

      @dudeman I still use a gamer tag I made up as a kid, doesn't mean I've played Tekken in years. Liked the name, got used to the name, kept using the name... It's unique, no one was uses it... Just because she still goes by the name that 90% of people know her by, doesn't mean she's still a porn star. Grow up and act your age dude?

    • dudeman

      she's a porn star because i can look up her movies. grow up dude and act your age.

    • Show All
  • SilenRose
    So awesome a Q&A was done with an ex-porn star! I've always had an interest in the life of porn-stars and how being in the porn industry affects their life upon leaving. I've seen so many depressing stories so it's nice that @missmiarose life is picking up after a series of horrible events. <3
  • coolbreeze
    Good interview. I was sorry to hear about her bad luck and struggles. I am glad to see she is doing and feeling better. That is cool that she is a gamer to.
  • MackToday
    Hardly seems like much of a roll model for young people. She's probably suffering from mental illness, she's doing pornography winding up in shit neighborhoods where her car is being stolen and her house broken into. She wants a 50's marriage but she can't have it because she's screwed her life up acting in porn. Why not pick someone who has succeed rather than failed at life?
  • Phoenix98
    Well I had a read of this and it was interesting, while I can never agree with the porn industry or anything like that I find it wrong. I can relate to how life can be pretty awful sometimes and I am sorry you had to go through all that, especially the pregnancy that is something that no one should ever have to do alone.

    It sounds like you got out of that industry for the better and hopefully your doing something you find more meaningful with your life, wish you luck.
  • ATLienJ
    I am sorry you had to go through all that and a lot of cliche things can be said but all pain sucks, it can't be measured. I wanted to say I did read the whole article and your relationship with Emily is amazing and no matter how hard things have been for you this young girl thinks you're a rock star. I am sure you still are dealing with a lot of hard things as they don't just go away but I would imagine the connection you two have really can help brighten even the darkest of times, even if it is a slight relief by coming up for a breath encased in these murky waters, something helps push you forward. I also find it really awesome you have Ben, I have always thought of losing a pet like a family member and never take it well but in the end Alexander would want you to be happy so I hope Ben brings that to you. Keep pushing yourself forward, some days are going to shit but as long as you don't give up you will overcome all of it. I do have one question, I am not sure if you have ever been depressed but you're going through a rough time regardless, besides doing things like you enjoy in terms of streaming what else have you done to deal with everything? If you don't want to talk about medication or things you have done I understand, I am just asking since every day a ton of people are struggling and they may not be as strong as you and some guidance may help someone else by hearing your answer.
  • detlef
    @missmiarose Just out of curiosity, how did you and Emily meet? What do you tell her (if anything) about your work background?

    Thanks for sharing so much about your experience. I hope things go well for you.
    • We met through a retired military friend of mine I played warcraft with. I was doing rated battle grounds. And she was brought into the Skype call. Haven't stopped speaking with her since.

    • Girl_Scout

      of all the things on the article it seems most are focusing on the fact she said the average dick is 6-7".

      I'd say the average dick on GaG is 25-29 .

    • detlef

      @Girl_Scout I'm glad you pointed that out, given that I'm substantially above average.

    • Show All
  • Bandit74
    "And yeah, I’m okay with normal-sized dicks; 6-7 inches is perfect to me and that’s it."

    Statistically 6-7 inches is still above average.
    • Bluemax

      I caught that, too.

    • Bandit74

      yeah it kinda defeats the purpose of what she was trying to do

    • tyber1

      I think it's just because women can't really tell that well how many inches is what size. They tend to overestimate the number of inches because they put their face next to it and it looks bigger.

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  • madhatters4
    cool read. sadly it seems like a lot of p-no stars end up with lame guys but i'm sure it's hard to find good guys when you work in the industry
    • I am not sure who those girls end up with. It think that should be a general statement. As anyone can end up with anyone. My ex, was also a retired pornstar. It's how we met. 10 years ago. Shot the World of Warcraft porn spoof. He was the director. He moved on from porn, as did I. But we remained friends.

    • @missmiarose I think a lot of guys would be reluctant to get with a pornstar like in a relationship.

    • @missmiarose it was a general statement and also not an all inclusive one. i said "sadly it seems like a lot" ... certainly not all.

  • Miristheiss
    I couldn't care less.

    Sorry to hear any man wants to marry that,
    If anyone in this world deserves to be alone it is sex workers.

    Marry an ex sex worker? The most idiotic thing I can think of.
    • Sorry to hear about Emily and the dog dying.
      I wish Emily the best.
      I hope no guy ever wants to be with someone who did porn.

    • Lol, this is over a year old, why is it coming up in the feed.

  • ManOnFire
    I have nothing against her, but I'm not particularly impressed or inspired by her, no. Her story is different yet still the same as some other ex-porn stars. Nothing particularly special about it for me.
  • El_Heffe
    Wow I did not think anyone else could have gone through much the same as I have. Tommie waking on my first real home since losing everything I had in life to a March 12 event. I was then homeless in a wheelchair while it's still winter in Montreal. Robbed twice, and my youngest daughter of 4 died.

    I did come out of this head held high and much happier on the past months.

    I feel a MyTake coming on.
  • pr3ttybr0wn
    Honestly she should try to disassociate herself from the porn thing. She has a likable down to earth personality but no matter what she does she will be the ex pornstar.
  • BertMacklinFBI
    i had no fucking idea she plays Heroes of the Storm
    • lmao thats what you got out of the take, get her User Name.

    • @OrdinaryGentleman nah I'm chillin. It's just pleasant to some faces in the gaming community. i also heard that Henry Cavil plays World of Warcraft. who knew lol, if its true.

    • LoL is far better.

    • Show All
  • Under_The_Sun
    Yeah, sometimes life can be a bitch. When we don't expect, it invites us to laugh or cry. Anyways, nice interview :)

    On a personal note, I must admiti I came here especially to read the bitter and resentfull comments... I must be getting more and more sadistic with time.
  • Browneye57
    Well gee, some common sense after all. I was expecting a self-victimized bimbo.
    And check out that 'size' answer - what I've been saying for years here. DON'T WATCH PORN - it's all fake. Soon you'll be believing all that depravity.
  • Inkeddom78
    I couldn't agree more with how it's too simple these days, people don't try, and they don't take it seriously... I'd love to go back to a simpler time, I'm sorry to see how rough it's been
  • lightbulb27
    "Now, I just can’t watch pro porn anymore; I’m like, ‘oh god, these girls are overdoing it.’ All I have to say is, don’t watch porn. It’s not going to help. It’ll probably just screw you up.”"
  • Kingfrosty
    People play video games 2 escape reality , This make sense why porn-stars play Video games. Just like people with no lifes, people that hate there lifes, Its a way of coping with there life. Just like how a girl after a break up, bangs a hole bunch of guys.
  • pewdiepie_
    @missmiarose The video was heart touching:( by the way I love porn and I love pornstars too. I respect women and girls. For me they are everything. I am Mia Rose and Ava Rose's fan. I like both of them. I can't see those who doesn't respect women or girls. Not even I like women being slapped in porn too.
  • -No0ne-
    Your past career choice seems like an unwise one to me, yet given the chance to see you naked I would look - so who am I to judge?

    It seems so many have spoken so "loudly" here regarding what a horrible decision it was to do porn. They stoop to thinking you are "only" a porn star or a prostitute now.

    If we applied their own reasoning to the things they have done in their own lives I wonder what we would have to call them?

    I hope you will stay tough, in spite of what most of the men here have said, and will provide sagely advice when you can as well. Do not simply lurk. Your life has provided you with some unique insights, to refuse to utilize it in the best of all possible ways would be a true travesty.

    I wish only the best for you in what this life has to offer.
    • I can't thank you enough for this response.

  • YourFutureEx
    Life is unfair and people are so mean. Gaming solves everything.
  • Mybeachlife88
    Someone find a video clip of her Cumming on a huge dick... lol she's fine with 6-7 and that's it? I smell a little bs. It makes her more likeable to sat she enjoys it smaller, and no bigger than 7. Lol. YES I KNOW IT DEPENDS ON HOW THE GUY USES IT... So shut up about that... but she's a porn star, and she's used to bigger, I guarantee you she enjoys 6-10 all day long.
  • godfatherfan
    so she is strange.
    and girl parts are beyond amazing.
    a penis is just a ugly piece of skin gross...
    • She's is on point. I find u strange.

    • Probably on a bed nicely tucked in.

      Why? Because this is what this sites for.

      Hope you didn't get your feelings hurt. Kinda overboard using profanity. How will u sleep?

  • justanothergirl612
    so what about this?
    youtube. com/watch? v=WkNGvL5Wk7I

    Fucking 90+ men before starting porn and fucking each other's boyfriends?

    This girl was fucking other guys even before her bloody bath tub
    • By the way. YES I read the whole article and I have no intention to be rude. Just simply stating the fact that she has betrayed her fiance before the bloody bath tub event.

    • You are linking a video of me on Howard stern.. I was 18 years old there. I am 29 now. I had a very promiscuous past. I didn't " betray" my fiancee' not once.

    • @missmiarose I'm amused. Tell me you did not have sexual intercourse with another individual before the night that blood were pouring out of you.

    • Show All
  • dudeman
    no such thing as an ex porn star. i dont think many decent men would be willing to marry a women like that. date sure, sex sure but marry not so much.
  • longfellow420
    I've experienced a very similar life. Life is fuckin brutal and its awesome she can still smile. Its difficult for myself anymore. Anyone going through a tough life. I hope you keep fighting
  • JuicyBrain
    I'll be honest, when I saw pornstar in the title, I rolled my eyes and though "well, that ought to be interesting". Like pornstars knew shit about love that other people don't. Fortunately, I ran out of other interesting questions to read so I read your take. You now look to me like a nice down to earth gal. You are not acting like you know more or that you have special status or anything. You are flawed like the rest of us even if I don't own a BMW. Though, now that I think of it, you don't either anymore lol.
    Anyway, you seem like a nice gal. Better luck for 2016 !
    • I will be honest, if I saw the title I would have rolled my eyes too. Its not that I don't like like pornstars, cause yes, I was one, its just these fronts they have to put on for interviews. Its role playing. So I just avoid it. No harm no foul.

      Also, I never wanted a BMW. I could give a shit about status. My ex worked for BMW. And got the employee discount. Since my moms car broke down, I thought why the hell not. I gave her my car and got the BMW. to have it stolen a month later.

    • JuicyBrain

      @missmiarose I have absolutely no problems with pornstars. To me they are actors doing their job. I do not judge them for a single second. I just don't think that being a pornstar (or a hollywood star really) gives you super powers or makes you all knowing. I always laugh when they ask hollywood stars their opinions on some shit like they were a reference on everything. I don't judge you or your past, I rolled my eyes cause I thought the article was about teaching us stuff about love. It was not. It was you being humble and human and I loved that. It was refreshing.

  • SexyStudent
    This poor girl sounds like she's just plain stupid. She needs guidance. Probably from a guy who won't take advantage of her sexually. But if she can't find that and she needs a girl to monitor her life and tell her what to do because every decision she is made has turned out to be wrong incorrect and just further depreciated her life. I don't feel sorry for the I think she stupid. And if she continues to think that she's not she will continue to make stupid mistakes. I'm not putting her down as a human being. I'm certain she salvageable but the decision she has made are all dumb.
    • I did porn. And I understand you don't agree with it. And that's fine. You are entitled to have your opinion.
      But may I ask why you think I am so dumb? What decisions did I make that were poor? To fall in love with someone I knew for ten years? Or to get an abortion? I knew I would not be able to care for that child properly. It was a hard decision. But one I live with everyday.

    • @missmiarose where can I begin. Start with addiction to video games. People want to get ahead people who have intelligence are not videogame addicted. How you get involved with a guy who leaves you during a botched abortion. And you were with him for 10 years? I don't call that a good judge of character. In fact all those things that happen to you demonstrate somebody who really doesn't have it together. And at the end you're an advertisement in for a listening audience.. You want a radio show or a TV show because of your bad experiences. That does not make you smart that doesn't make you wise. Everything that you advocate is common sense. I hope your life turns around. I hope everyone listens to your podcast or whatever your advertising. You obviously need the money. But I am not going to to your on saying you are the wisest female who knows it all because she's been through it all because it's not so

    • And I want to add something because you need to know a little bit about me. I'm not a goody two shoes. I've done nude photography, I danced at the Cheetah Lounge in Atlanta when I was in college, and in graduate school now I dance occasionally at the Crazy Horse in San Francisco. I've prostituted myself in the VIP rooms so I know where it's at. I never did porn videos because I knew the line and I never crossed it because I knew it would get me in deep shit. It's like that song I Forget Who Sings That the Gambler – you've got to know when to hold them know when to fold them know when to walk away know when to run. And you don't hang around with dirt balls. And any guy who was with you for 10 years and leaves you when you get pregnant this something wrong with him and whatever it was you didn't pick it up. It sounds like he sponged off the you and you allowed it. I also ask what is your drug/alcohol history?

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  • fiego
    @missmiarose Thanks for sharing your story, I had no clue you were such a big gamer... very cool.
  • Chief16
    She's a gamer. All sins would be forgiven if I were a god. But mostly because of her view on feminism.
    • I like how they didn't ask for ANY clarification/specifics, there. What? LOL

      Like, we have no idea (1) what her definition is, OR (2) what definition (s) she's railing against.

      I mean, I can guess, but then I'd be... well... guessing.

    • Chief16

      @redeyemindtricks the perfect opinion no? She's avoiding any negative biasing by being so 'perfect'. Its like this interview was tailored to portray her in a benevolent manner.

    • TBF, that's just as likely (more likely, in fact) to be the editor's discretion.

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  • Anno_Domini
    6-7" is above average, so her claim that "normal" penises are adequate is laughable.
    • @missmiarose how many "normal" (actually average) guys have you even been with?

      With all respect, as someone who is below average (4”), your advice that it's no big deal kind of rings hollow after saying that a 7" penis is normal.

    • Stop pulling on it & it will grow, I promise

    • @Needles_Kane hey why insult this guy who worries about his size thats just low

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  • Yoralexisap
    It is very easy to judge that understand. She deserves respect regardless of him work today or in the past. I hope it never happens again. My support for you, a hug Mia.
  • Lemia
    Was on an episode of Catfish where she confront her troll that would make comments about the amount of Cleavage she showed during streams.
  • normalice
    dafuq? Gag interviewed Mia Rose? This site is less obscure than I thought!

    She seems fun, though, in a rascally somewhat geeky way. Though it's a bit presumptuous to draw such conclusions from an interview. We could form a HotS party if she wasn't a porn star - not that I have a problem with porn actresses or anything: I would simply be too 'star struck,' I think. The pressure to perform would render me unable to perform at all. I'd act like a noob despite having been a gamer for over a decade. The buttons would all seem confusing. I'd push them too late or too early. Timing would be off in general. Maybe if I played a specialist, since they are more effective at doing their own thing. Anyway, wild speculation that has become a little too suggestive.. Neat interview :-D
    • "The pressure to perform would render me unable to perform at all."

      What if you just didn't know who she was?

      Bc I'm sure you'd have no idea who she was, if you randomly met her at random at some random party.

    • normalice

      @redeyemindtricks well, I generally don't accept party invites from people I don't know. There are exceptions, but it's very random.

  • citizenzero
    Any format of person - human, cat, etc can win even in tough conditions. If they can share their experiences and be authentically happy, then they're a person worth knowing.
  • mrsingle
    Interesting article! Some people are really down to Earth and she is! 🙂
    • mrsingle

      I knew a girl before she got into porn and she was into DBZ and Pokemon and I'm not joking either, porn stars are gamers!

  • apple24
    That made my morning interesting. I feel ya girl! All the way (:!
  • Scrambledagain
    This post infuriates me and I don't know why. Am I the only one who reads between the lines here. Not attacking this girl, but another general post that pisses me off. Firstly: First world problems: cute. But I will give that to you because everyone has problems. but in the context of gag, this illustrates again how ludicrously easy it is for a woman to choose her sexual path. She could have a boyfriend, be a porn star, then stop, believe in marrage and then say porn is bad because she tried it. What's worse is that she is a gamer. Fuckin gamer men are invisible to most women. This highlights exactly how reality works. Most men can NeVer get this. Yet alone gamer dudes. Why😭😭😭?
    • Mia doesn't think porn is bad, it just doesn't look good on the resume.

    • I never once said porn was bad as a whole. I meant, porn is a bad way for people who do not know anything about sex to learn.

    • @missmiarose and @Needles_Kane i don't really care whether porn is bad, or what she thinks of it or what pieces of porn are good or not. My issue is of CHOICE. This highlights it again (again and again and again) sex and their sexual path for women is so easy. They can choose whatever sex path they want and still have a normal life. Men can't. That's what infuriates me. I would love to be a gamer nerd/porn star. But women don't fuck gamers, they don't fuck introverts, not on the level of porn anyway. I'm doing my best to be my own porn star but it's coming at a severe price. My hobbies and everything is going down the shithole... I don't even have the time to get a dog lol. Women don't have this problem. This post highlights this to the nth degree.

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  • Eternallylucky
    Interesting life choices but not right or wrong... You are gutsy
  • SomeoneImportant
    You forgot to ask her where that chemical spill takes place, and if she's selling samples.
  • Octavius
    Is that the dog that died in that photo? (S) He's so cute. Poor dog.
    • No that is Ben in the picture, I was going to link a picture of ALex for oyu, but I'm not on a high enough lvl or some shit.

  • FakeName123
    Gonna play devils advocate here, but this greatly sounds like it is only half of the story:

    “Yeah, well, I got pregnant and got an abortion but something went wrong. I just remember seeing all this blood running out of me; they said there’d be some blood but I was thinking, ‘there shouldn’t be this much blood.’ I don’t know what went wrong but it was really bad. And then one night I was literally in the tub with all this blood pouring from me and then my fiancé…he just left. Walked right out. And I really loved this guy, you know? I’d known him for a long time and we were living together for a while and everything. But after he left I think things just got worse. As if they could possibly get any fucking worse.”
    • I know exactly what happened. Just wasn't sure I really wanted to get into it? I knew him for ten years. He lived with me for one. Its was in Sept that I found out I was pregnant. 9 weeks 4 days. I can't exactly go into detail on the abortion, due to a lawsuit. I'm sorry

    • ctillis

      @missmiarose It's cool, Mia! I am praying and rooting for you! You are a gorgeous and very sweet young lady. I also play WoW. I hope we run into each other in game some time.

    • @ctillis Well what server you on? My battle tag is full. But if you are horde. I'll make some room for you

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  • jmmmfi2
    She's a sex worker she deserves all that bad stuff to happen to her.
    • Actually, I am a gamer. I used to do sex work. But, your comment makes worry about your upbringing... do you really have no respect and think they "deserve" bad things? No one deserves this. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy.

    • jmmmfi2

      So, I would

  • ShayanMortazavi1
    She's a porn star, she is disgusting and a waste of oxygen. I have no sympathy for her at all.
    • Was a porn star*** just to clarify. And May I ask what you do for a living?

    • @missmiarose Wtf? Is that you?

    • @missmiarose I'm a student

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  • RandomPerson1324
    She's not even hot...

    Let alone impressive in any way...
  • VikingWarLord
    "Men in porn grew up near a chemical spill...'