A Promiscuous Girl's Story


Fictional story inspired on true events to spread awareness.

A Promiscuous Girl's Story

The Destruction

Love and happiness is the feeling that I chase.
A soul of emptiness is filled by allowing a man,
I barely know to enter into my body.
This man yearns for me.
He holds me tight.
He pulls me closer.
He kisses my lips.
He gives me a feeling that I've never felt in my entire life.
This moment feels so good.
I don't want it to end.
But it does.
We gather our things, and return back to our separate lives.
He doesn't know it, but a piece of my soul is with him.
I want him to return, so he can bring me back a fraction of myself.
I want to experience the affection and emotions,
we shared that night; once again.
As I speak with this man over the phone, he tells me he won't be available until next week.
What seems like a short while for most, feels like a life time,
to someone who is empty, and chases a feeling that makes them "feel complete".
I meet a new guy a few days after me and the previous man's sexual encounter, it isn't long before me and him are enjoying our intimate time together.
I grip the sheets below me.
I bite my lower lip.
He stares intensely into my eyes.
I stare back into his.
"Oh, this feels so good", I mumble under my breath.
I don't ever want it to end.
But like every other encounter, it does.
We gather our things, and return back to our separate lives.
Again, I am left alone with my bare empty soul.
This is the harshness of my dark and cold reality.
Time continues to proceed, as my lonely soul stands still.
I've now racked up an outstanding amount of sex partners, which is triple my age in comparison.
If only I weren't verbally abused my entire life.
If only I weren't badly beaten and taunted throughout my early years of life.
If only I had someone that actually showed that they gave a care in the world about me.
Maybe things would be different....
Maybe I'd be "that girl" society holds up to a high value.
Maybe I wouldn't be so screwed up......
I entered this life as an innocent child,
who did not fail to see the ugly that surrounded her.
I didn't know how to deal with it, and it put me at a disadvantage.
Is there any coming back from this?

This planet is so crowded,
but why do I feel like I am the only person existing on it?
In a room filled with people, I scream at the top of my lungs, but no one hears me.
Time just keeps moving forward.

The Aftermath

A Promiscuous Girl's Story

It looks like my past has caught up with me.
There's no more hiding from this truth.
It took me to fall hard before realizing, that all I've done my entire life was add to the damage that already existed in it.
When I reached out for help, all I got was criticism and judgment.
Shouldn't I just kill myself now?
Why not? because it would only match how I've felt internally for years.

A Promiscuous Girl's Story

There's Light After Darkness

No, I must find the will to go on.
It's far too easy to stay down in life and that's what I have been doing since day one.
I am a fighter and will get through this.
Perhaps, my happiness can lie through educating others to make decisions, that help them excel in life.
This doesn't have to be everyone's story!
If you're a lost and broken soul, sleeping with others will only add to the destruction you feel inside.
You really aren't helping yourself, with each person you sleep with, you are further damaging who you are as an individual.

A Promiscuous Girl's Story

You are chasing what is a fragment of your imagination.
None of it is really love....
For years, I ran after this drug (that feeling) hoping to sustain my high.
Yes, that's what sex made me feel.
But what added to my destruction was the feeling of hopelessness after that high was gone.
My mistake was not dealing with what my life was at the time, instead all I did was try to escape from it.

No one is to blame for my decisions but myself.

I thought an incurable disease couldn't happen to me, but it did.
I've heard so many people say that they are "too careful" for that to happen to them.
Don't they understand that millions of people have said those very same words, yet that does not change their diagnosis?
Can you tell me when did you ever hear of an std discriminating against age, race, religion, or gender?
Is anyone really invisible?
Lets care about ourselves enough to not play russian roulettte with our lives.
When you're lying in your death bed with full blown aids that you didn't even know you contracted, would a few moments of pleasure seemed worth your entire life?

A Promiscuous Girl's Story

There's so many people walking around that are asymptomatic. They have a disease but show no symptoms. They use no precautions against disease spread because they don't even know they are infected.They sleep with multiple people, you go and you sleep with others, those people you slept with sleep with others as well. This disease has now multiplied in such a short time frame.

Get tested together with someone before you engage in sexual encounters with them. Use a condom (it helps against std spread, although not 100 percent effective). Do not rely on a test that is shown to you, claiming to be clean (if it were taken months prior). Results can change. Kindly request that they get retested and you do the same (if you decide to not do so together). Be open and honest with your lover.

A Promiscuous Girl's Story

People often paint those who sleep around in a negative light. Although the behavior this person displays is unappealing to some, you cannot judge someone elses shoes if you cannot even walk in your own. In other words, a lot of people judge others for the way they deal with their issues, when all reality they are someone who cannot even handle their own plate. It's always easier to be the advisor than it is to take your own advice.

This person's "reasons" behind sleeping around does not justify their actions. All I am saying is that, for all you know they could be a good person who is lost and hurt on the inside. Sometimes people are in search for help, they show signs by exhibiting extreme behaviors, but because everyone disagrees it, they shun them. They are looked at as bad, and society turns their cheek, and looks the other way. This person further self destructs.

Everyone's story is different.

For those who sleep around for pure enjoyment, just be smart and use protection.
I want you to understand, that there's nothing that is 100 percent effective, you're always taking a risk (even with as little as one person).

All you can do is use pretentive measures against contracting a disease (as mentioned previously).

A Promiscuous Girl's Story
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Mustachekitteh
    While reading this I had this song playing. Which kind of fits the mood of the story.

    I can relate to this mytake. Though it's more to do with being in a lot of different relationships. I've dated about 12 guys so far in my life. That's not including my current boyfriend. If I did that would make it 13. Anyways after getting the right help for my mental disorder. I've noticed that with those 12 guys I never truly loved them when I dated them. I ended up just dating them thinking I did but in reality I just didn't want to be alone. I felt alone anyways thanks to my mental disorder and how hard it was to make friends and keep them. So when I started to have a lot of guys give me attention. I guess I just went with it. Ignoring how I truly felt. Though I wasn't ignoring it on purpose at the time. Out of those 12 dudes I only had sex with about 9 of them. I now know the reasons I had sex with majority of those dudes. Wasn't due to truly loving them or anything. It ended up as that's what i thought you were supposed to do in a relationship. So i convinced myself that's what I wanted. Though it's not what I truly wanted which is clear to me now. Though being with my current boyfriend helps me to also understands what it truly means to love someone truly and feel 100% happy with them. Though now I feel like I lied and deceived all those guys I dated.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Chief16
    Oh, I know that she's disgusted,
    cause she's feeling so abused.
    She gets tired of the lust,
    but it's so hard to refuse.

    Great Take,
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    • Stacyzee

      Thanks , nice photo :)

    • Chief16

      Awww thanks, I can't find a default I like.

    • Stacyzee

      Congrats on becoming an editor. I don't think i have noticed that badge under your name before.

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  • hazoplmeught
    I think this take should be deleted cause it basically it unintentionally "slut shames" (a word i think is thrown around too much) tf of promiscuous women. Mentioning killing yourself is not something you do just like that, that is a huge trigger. That really did hit me hard. Were you promiscuous, if not than you cannot assume this is HOW BAD they feel. This may cause a woman to get depressed since you just said things like destruction of self and "there is light." This is cut me deep into my soul, like this is definitely a bad trigger for women who live this lifestyle.
    • id rather have you make a mytake on STDS and their causes (i like the part about that)

    • Stacyzee

      Pay close attention to the title: "A" Promiscuous Girl's Story. This means I am giving a single person's experience.
      Throughout all of the articles I have written, I've noticed it's fairly easy to people to fly completely over the point and throw out accusations of their own. This is ONE person's story and does not account to everyone's situation.
      If you read the final paragraph I clearly stated that some people are promiscuous because they are broken while others do it for pure enjoyment.
      "Mentioning killing yourself is not something you do just like that, that is a huge trigger. That really did hit me hard. Were you promiscuous, if not than you cannot assume this is HOW BAD they feel."
      I like to write from an objective view so I will not disclose anything personal. All, I will say is that is I know much more about this subject than you are assuming.

    • im saying this is seems like a trigger for depression or make someone think badly about themself. I did not say you story is not realistic. Imagine if you were promiscuous and you read this perception (i know you are not saying they are all thinking like this) of people like that. This even made me feel bad.
      ex. "You are chasing what is a fragment of your imagination."
      "what added to my destruction"
      It was well written but heart breaking and just ruined my day. And a trigger for promiscuous to feel horrible whether previously or not.
      p. s. I dnt support promiscuity just to get that out the way

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  • FilthyPervert
    This story is more depressing than Jacob being friendzoned by Bella.