Why I Left Feminism


Why I left Feminism.

I left feminism because I got sick of being lied to, sick of being taken advantage of and I've grown tired of harboring the hateful ideologies that many feminist "leaders" and college professors espouse.

I've moved on from feminism and now I identify myself as an egalitarian. I grew tired of being alone, and I got sick of being attacked everytime I tried to think for myself. So if you don't want social politics to dominate your life and your every iteraction with the opposite sex, then stay away from feminism.

When I went college I jumped into the movement with a passion for social justice and a desire to belong to something bigger than the sum of it's parts. Yes, I became a manhater, a ballbuster and to me, back then, it felt good on my ego to "cut men back down to size".

However, I had very few friends outside of the movement as a result of me wearing my feminism on my sleeve, even other women wanted nothing to do with me, so I immersed myself further into my beliefs and managed to grow my social circle by hanging out with some of the older women who also self-identified as feminists and hung around on campus despite not being employed there OR being involved in academia. They were hangers on, many of them in the age 45-75 bracket who wanted to relive their glory days and a few were friends with the Gender Studies professor.

I allowed them to corrupt me. I was only 19 at the time and these were much older women, seasoned activists who could talk a good talk and win arguments against even the most hardened misogynists, they were my idols so I naturally set out to emulate them.

I would love to go into more detail about what caused me to change my mind about feminism, but I don't want to dwell on those memories but I began to be cast out of the movement like a leper when my beliefs began to evolve, I began to praising moderates like Christina Hoff Summers while respectfully disagreeing with the likes of Gloria Steinham and Andrea Dworkin and I began having positive interactions with male students who were the complete opposite of what the professors and career feminists tell you. That's why many feminist leaders want women involved in feminism to go "Sep", their religion comes into question when the real world comes into play.

My new beliefs irked many of the hardliners and the dark side of the movement began to unfold before my very eyes when a "friend" from my gender studies class actually tried to pay a male student to rape me, luckily he declined the $2000 offer and went straight to the police with a witness instead. She was prosecuted and this was during my senior year.

It wasn't until I left campus life and joined the real world that feminism's fallacy became apparent.

It's not a movement after all, it's an ideology built on misandry, lies, intimidation of other women and a belief that all women are more perfect on their worst day than men on their best. Most sane people want others to be treated fairly, which feminists claim they're all about. Yet they don't practice what they preach.

Why I Left Feminism
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  • evenlift
    I don't think society will ever recover from the huge amount of damage that feminism has done to male/female relations. Almost every man is now terrified of his own shadow. If a man can now even approach a woman at all, he is abnormally confident. And there are the hordes of single women who will never find love. And there's the regulatory-welfare state hurtling towards bankruptcy, soon without which the unemployable and unloveable feminist woman will be left destitute.
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  • damnwinter
    Congratulations for this take! And for not letting yourself be brainwashed. You were very smart. And it must have been tough on you.
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  • Kiwedin
    I used to fully identify as a feminist as well, but now I'm more egalitarian. This doesn't mean I oppose feminism, I think it's a great movement, but I just don't think it's very necessary anymore. Men and women have all the same rights and I would even go so far as to say that the law tends to favour women in terms of divorce and custody battles.
    Many would argue that the amount of rapists that walk free is a reason why we need feminism, but they're not factoring in that rape is extremely hard to prove and just like any other legal accusation, you have to have proof in order to successfully incarcerate someone. Rape itself is very hard to get proof of because it's almost always a case of her word against his, unless you get a rape kit done or filmed the entire thing.
    The wage gap myth really grinds my gears too lol.
    Anyways, I could go on forever, but egalitarianism is the direction we should be going in. Feminism has it's merits, but I think that now that we've achieved legal equality, egalitarianism would be more helpful in bringing the two genders together rather than driving them apart.
    • Also on the rape thing there are SO MANY false rape claims that get men in jail. Someone in my area got arrested for rape because she called rape when her mom saw her with a man in bed. This happens too much.

    • by the way i dont disagree with you

    • Berethor

      @Kiwedin feminists are useless, they love to talk about the folse rape culture in the west, while most of them are not saying nothing about the real rape culture that muslim are bringing to the west.

      Feminists are leftists so they don't dare to speak against foreign threats and immigrants, even though their violence against women and violence in general are in hundreds percent worse then almost anything in the west. Rape in rape is a relationship is extremely hard to prove, for obvious reasons, but an rapes of hundreds of western women by muslim horde, is not something that is hard to prove, people needs to be blind or stupid to not see and/or understand something like that.




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  • Rawrzz
    YAAAAAAAAAAY! Welcome to the dark side. I mean light side. Shit.

    I was a feminist most of my life, too. It was also stemming from both a desire to fit in with the typical loud liberals who espouse their ultimate, unquestionable morality and intelligence; and, it was also out of a desire for social justice. Only thing is, when you have that kind of a passion, and you hear these things everywhere, then you start to believe them. Hell. Even the President has stated some incorrect things, proven incorrect by the Bureau of Justice stats, just to identify with the mob.

    And yeah. Feminist or gender studies college courses are basically Indoctrination 101. And it's coming from a professor, so you're much likely to believe them.

    There's this one woman who goes around to speak at college campuses. She has a youtube channel called Factual Feminism. She really isn't feminist, in my opinion. But if feminists were like her, I wouldn't mind them. I forget exactly what it was, but something like when she goes to a campus, they actually coddle the students somehow. As if they couldn't handle some of her claims and would have panic attacks over her saying "1 in 5 women aren't actually raped on campus" or "the wage gap doesn't' exist."

    And yeah. You're totally right, in my opinion. The true irony is that feminism is built on not only misandry, but also misogyny. The foundation of feminism is that women were the *only* group to be oppressed for thousands of years without a peep, that men had all of the power and that women had none, that. Not until a virtual eyeblink ago. Unlike all other groups of oppressed peoples, in a history littered with the broken ruins of overturned oppressive civilizations and spattered with the blood of dictators--women alone, were consistently unable to fight oppression. Is there any better argument for the innate inferiority of women? That feminism's foundation actually claims that women are inferior, stupid, and weak is tremendously ironic to me. And it's something I never saw until Karen Straughan, just a couple of years ago.

    The feminist claim is both that women are independent and intelligent and can do anything a man can do, but they're not responsible for their own actions--'cause any negative thing a woman does, she was made to do by a man. And they're super weak and stupid, so we have to protect them from animalistic men and their own stupidity. The undertone is that women are weak, inferior, and stupid. The contradictory irony of feminism.
  • Berethor
    Now you have see the feminism for what it's truly is, an corrupt and hateful organization.

    • This right here is called the anti-feminist people. They are the opposite of a feminist but just as annoying. They just attack woman who talks about any rights and attack women in general. Observe how you say you are not feminist and he has already gave you his anti-feminist material. #donotbeanantifeminist p. s. i am not a feminist.

    • Berethor

      No, we simply love to counter the feminists bullshit, which mainly comes from the feminists themselves, but some times it might come from women who get brandished and/or deceived by some false feminist beliefs. The ex-feminist writer had already shown signs of anti-feminism, just look at the picture that she choose to for her story. There is no much point in complaining about rights, while women are having them already, for many years, even rich feminists are complaining, only to try and get even more money and attention.


  • M_A_X
    Groups that don't have extremists. Hindus, Buddhists, Shintos. This is because their ideologies aren't extreme. They believe in balance and equality, and the like. You're never going to hear about a Buddhist causing trouble, or a Hindu suicide bomber
    • AidaRoma

      This is so true! To me there is nothing worse than extremist POVs. Nothing every gets solved with this way of thinking. Balance and shades of gray. And if one disagrees with someone else... why is this a bad thing? Let's respect each other.

    • M_A_X

      @AidaRoma I don't think there's anything wrong with disagreeing with someone else. I'm just making the point that people who don't have biased beliefs for one side or the other to begin with don't become extremists lol

    • AidaRoma

      Oh, you misunderstood my point. The disagreeing part was part of my statement about harmony and balance. It wasn't directed at you. I totally agree with your point. :)

  • Dulcedulcexoxo
    How can you hate feminism? You should hate feminist extremist, like their are LGBT extremist, religious extremist. progressive extremist. You hate something that literally made it so you can be comfortable now. You hate feminist? lets go back 60 to 70 years , trust me you would have wanted feminist on your side.
    • Things change, and feminism change. Democrats supported slavery back in the day, now they are the ones that support minorities the most. Republicans wanted to abolish slavery (Lincoln was a Republican), but now it seems that they wanna make things harder for minorities.
      Things change, and even though they did good once, doesn't mean they're still good today.
      If today's feminism was like the one in the 60's-70's, I would supported, but it's not like that anymore.

    • @AleDeEurope things change , yea. Doesn't mean what a group stood for has changed. To say that is ridiculous like I said their are extremist in all groups if you don't understand that then I'm sorry, Democrats in their own right still stands for slavery, they are " progressive" yet support using social structures to identify people likerace religion, gender. all of theses things where used to hold people back , still do if your progressive you would stop using a social structure

    • M_A_X

      That's like saying "Only some KKK members are bad people. Just because some of them think black people should hang doesn't mean all of them do"

      Do yourself a favor and get yourself away from a hurtful label.

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  • DanHart
    Finally someone who has experienced what feminism actually is !
    Wise decision to leave this hate movement !
    You've outlined everything that needs to be said about feminism and why it's a retarded ideology that spreads lies and causes societal troubles in every day life, like spreading malevolent prejudices towards men !

    I hate the entire feminism movement to the core -
  • thorthorley
    Im glad you changed your perspective. I admit that i haven't done much research in the area but from what i did see of feminism. It wasn't really about making equality but instead male bashing.

    Claims that all men would rape if it were legal is just ridiculous and i couldnt even imagine myself doing such a cruel act.

    I think these radical feminists are just hiding behind a false banner of equality when in fact it isn't.
  • Cusco_Othriyas
    It was born in a time when women had to push for their rights. This aggression is obsolete and even detrimental now. Feminism failed to adapt to modern society, That's it's biggest failure. It went from a cause that was legitimate and respectable to one that comes down hard on the pettiest of things. It is a movement. Just one that has fallen and devolved into nothing but a group of mindless idiots who fail to question and seek reason for everything they are pushing for.
    • Many true feminists have moved on and formed this second movement which you are part of now. It's a good thing that there are still ladies that can process rationality.

    • Jager66

      It's only partially true that Feminism was ever legitimate, a major part of it has always been the radical mess out on display now thanks to the internet. There are people digging up old news paper articles and books from long in the past and it's becoming very clear Feminism has always been toxic.

      Do not underestimate the degree to which Feminism has spun it's lies.

    • @Jager66 I did say that it failed to adapt. The stuff on the papers may be toxic now but at the time strong language and assertions were needed to get the point across. It could have laxed abit after it achieved its goals but noooo, they just had to keep pushing.

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  • martyfellow
    Hooray for you. Sorry you feeel you have to be anonymous to avoid the male fembots and other trolls who attack any opinion like yours.
  • Anpu23
    I tell people all the time that feminism is a hate movement crouched in language of acceptance. That the dictionary definition is pure rhetoric, and the actions of the people in the movement shows the hypocrisy. Good my take.
  • CasaNorba
    Amen sister, kick ass article!

    glad to see that more people are finally waking up to all these madness. I just sure wish that more people especially modern day women can read your article and learn from your experience. but wow they actually tried to pay someone to rape you? wtf are these people coming too? I always knew that feminism was not a movement but more like a cult, and the more I read into these things the more convincing they get
  • Elena_the_Star
    You done?
    Congrats. Nobody cares
    Just because you met a few radical ones does not give you the right to brand the whole movement as lies and misandry. And if you were scared of what people were going to say and criticise you why did you join it? It isn't for the weak minded. If you thought people were going to treat you very nicely then sorry welcome to REALITY. Feminism has many valid arguments and just because you want to get through life without any criticism ( which is impossible kid) does not mean you will say any BS.
    • benthurber

      Feminism is lies and misandry, kid.

      Isn't for the weak-minded? It certainly is for the stubborn and closed-minded. Most aren't. I can usually talk the majority of them off the ledge and into more centrist positions.

      Also, your last sentence-esque thing you wrote literally does not make sense. I think you meant two separate ideas: 1) "Feminism has many valid arguments." and 2) "Just because you want to get through life without and criticism does not mean you [won't] say any BS."

      I agree that the reality is that not everyone will treat you nicely. However, when people
      you trust turn on you, it's not unreasonable to no longer trust them.

    • Excuse me Grandpa if you want to be in your Middle Ages. By law everyone has a right to dissent and as J. S Mill said any society that completely suppresses ideas runs the risk of losing what might turn out to be very important information. Do you think when Elizabeth Stanton and Lucretia and other feminist leaders demanded the right to vote they were considered very honourable? They were cast out of polite society and thought of as retards. But if it weren't for them most of women would be making sandwiches and popping babies, that's it.
      So try being open minded instead of its all "lies and misandry" hahahah you haven't see the misogyny on GAG. One guy here said his wife can only go to the gynaecologist under his supervision like wtf? And many women haters like him are very much active here
      I get daily hate from online Men Against Feminism groups and I do not give two flying fucks if anything it makes me more determined.
      And I believe in equal rights and if I see any girl making BS

    • And giving feminists a bad name I immediately call her out. I support both men and women and just because a few berserk women have taken center stage doesn't mean we all are like that!
      Are all muslims terrorists even though almost all terrorists are muslim?
      Yes sire it means just because she's scared of being criticised for being a feminist doesn't mean she will just say BS about us. Got it?

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  • abzence
    Here is what I find another good explanation of feminism for those interested.
  • Jager66
    Great post, it's always nice to hear people making positive change in their life! It's especially hard to change religious beliefs like this so congratulations and welcome to reality :)
  • Byakuyarko
    Feminism is like National Socialism or Communism... Looks excellent on paper... But the people attracted to these types of concepts tend to be monsters and emotionally damaged brutes... I'd rather traditionalist conservative who agrees with some of socialist and feminist ideas... Rather than a full blown fanatic
  • ASOdeath
    I think that you just have the wrong idea of what feminism was and that you were giving up because you had no friends so sad you gave up because you felt lonely grow up without feminism where would we be today housewives still all of us ♀ you should be ashamed of yourself to be honest you don't want to be considered equal or have the same rights instead you want a man to stop all of you good job
    • ASOdeath

      Congratulations you played yourself

    • Wait are you serious or are you trolling? Its really hard to tell.

    • That's not what she meant...

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  • CoolSky01
    I think feminisim is a good tool to weed out the bad girlfriend material girls, if she claims to be one you know to avoid her and jump to the next girl so all in all i would say crazy girls are weeding themselves out for us.
  • ArchDruidMordred
    Tsk tsk. This MyTake had so much potential. If you're going to call a movement out on something, you should at least bring up some stories and examples to back it up. You refused to even do that. Pure statement without any substance is still just pure statement, regardless of how much I hate feminism.
    • 0112358

      The part where someone tried to bribe someone to rape her wasn't specific enough?

    • @0112358 No because that doesn't scream "feminism" to me.

  • actually most gender studies 101 courses do teach the obsolescence of feminism in western civilizations nowadays. most feminists are stuck in the 1930s, when women really were kind of suppressed by a sexist patriarchy.
  • xan1488
    Oh dear, i so want to hug u for ur precious years of life u lost in shitty feminism, and yes! welcome to your very own normal and healthy world where everyone is equal and obliged to love and care for each other. :)
  • buttheadkakakak
    Paid to rape... that's only the most disgusting thing I've ever heard
    I find the best thing to be is nothing. Not a feminist, not a masculinist, not an egalitarian, nothing. Just don't get involved at all
  • TadCurious
    Excellent myTake. You went through the process of seeing first hand what radical, angry feminism is all about and came out the other side. I admire you very much for writing this.
  • FatherJack
    You are correct , the " leaders " of feminism today are nothing but hardboiled man haters !! Girls from a young age are influenced by the " media " to view men as nothing more than stupid morons that think only with their genitalia !!
  • Testinodele
    It is interesting that hard core feminists are the exact embodiment of the type of men they hate most.
    • It's called psychologica projection. Quite an interesting concept. They pretty much create a satire and persiflage of how they perceive masculinity. The reality though is that they are insecure and scared of the potential negative outlet of it (most likely due to a lack of proper male role-models and/or the presence of negative ones).

      They are literally scared of masculinity and men at their core. Toxic-Masculinity is the phrase describing it best. Masculinity isn't toxic, but it's toxic when valved incorrectly.

      The irony behind it is by attacking masculinity they cause more and more men to valve that energy in negative ways instead of having a constructive, positive outlet for that.

  • TheFlak36
    Congratulations. You made your first step into a larger world.
  • Socialrealist
    The Bible itself states that men are better equipped, for it is us who protect you women. Let's be real here, who's physically stronger and more intelligent? Adam was created first for a reason, not Eve.
    • The Bible fuck hahaha Bible is a book of lies written by a group of crooks. I can't believe people believe in a thousand year old book.
      And its literally impossible to create a woman out of anybody's ribs so take my advice dump the Bible and get a science book.

    • @Elena_the_Star Just curious? What does the Bibles age have to do with its credibility? You also have no concept of symbolism so you're not as smart as you think you are.

    • @SandorClegane1998 Obviously a thousand year book cannot be used for governing lives in the 21st century. Why are you using modern technology if you want to live in the Middle Ages? Why do you follow the present legal system if something like the Bible is the Ultimate for you?
      You are the reason dumb people still exist in the world

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  • genuinlysensitive
    Welcome back to reality :) the only thing is the feminists have lots of people in key positions in government, media, and academia, as you found out. We need more people like you especially to cast light on what feminism really is, and what it is doing to society. I find it sickening that a feminist tried to hire someone to rape you, and she thought that the guy would be willing to do it. It shows you how they really feel about rape and what they really think of us men.

    Keep it up. The word must get out. I wish you werent anon so I could follow you. Just know you have sane people in the world who thank you, amd my personal thanks :)
  • Azara
    well I'm against essentialism anyhow, but it sounds like someones been feeding you crap on both sides. 'guy'. :)
  • Bards
    Baby come back
    You can blame it on the Patriarchy
  • madhatters4
    i totally hear you're point and i'm glad you decided that you didn't want to or didn't in belief associate with the radical feminist movement. but feminism isn't about man hate, or female superiority it's about a desire for equal treatment of women to men. basically it is just genders being treated as equals

    so i'm that kind of feminist.

    what scares me is that if people held similar beliefs about the civil rights movement as we so many do about feminism where would we be? there was a radical violent arm of the American civil rights movement in the 60s and 70s. but it didn't mean that civil rights didn't have it's merit. i think the same should be (needs to be) said for feminism
    • I hate to break it to you, but the nature of feminism IS the man-hating dynamo that radiates from academia and top positions of government power.

      People like you who believe that feminism is just about equality -- you are just the "useful idiots," as Karl Marx put it with respect to his version of the social theories. You are there to give legitimacy to the "academics" and activists.

      But feminism is academically fraudulent and dishonest from the jump. What you believe about relationships in the past are historical fiction, concocted by feminists, to drive a wedge between men and women. And you'll be tempted to think it's to make women hate men, but it's really to make men hate women in the long-term.

    • @Transigence
      "What you believe about relationships in the past are historical fiction, concocted by feminists, to drive a wedge between men and women"

      how do you know what i believe? feminism is an ideology. the man hating "dynamo" is a radical sect of the larger movement. like civil rights there was a violent radical arm that contrasted MLK's peaceful approach.

      i'm not going to argue with someone who calls me an idiot. so that will be the end of what i say. please respect me as I have respected you and do not post more inflammatory b. s. based on your singularly subjective opinion. I very clearly outlined my belief of what feminism is FOR ME and since that's what feminism is for me that's WHAT IT IS. what you think it is, is your reality... back the hell off bro

  • guynextodoor
    i have said it earlier in some comments and i will say it again.
    when you were a man hater you were not a feminist, you were a man hater. whatever the world says, hating a man doesn't make you a feminist, as feminism is about loving women and i don't think people who hate men will automatically start loving women, i don't know what you think, but hating men and loving women have no common relationship whatsoever. their are many fake feminists who have ruined the names of those people who have really worked their blood off to build a positive relationship between men and women. the picture u posted above, that is not what a feminist looks like, that is what a feminazi looks like and they are NOT THE SAME.
  • PinceNez
    Some interesting thoughts in there, but I can't help thinking you're a guy!
  • Dandeus
    Don't forget to change back to your normal blue account when you're done trolling.
  • idkwtftoputhere
    Ah yes, this is exactly what GAG needs... more mytakes regarding feminism. Kewl
    • damnwinter

      only that this one is worth reading :D

    • SilenRose

      Lol, I know right? People keep seeking validation on being anti-feminism.

  • AmericanPoet
    Based on my experiences I am somewhat in agreement with only 10, 18 and 21. Girls who are promiscuous hang with other girls who are. I can point them out because somehow how they act looks like they have penis swirling their heads like those cartoon chirping birds. Also women who’s constant claim to fame is who she knows, specifically bouncers and DJs, usually means she’s hooked up with them. Lastly, Daddy issues, this is a given. If they have issues with Pops you are sure they have been trying to resolve it with as many dicks as possible.
    The rest of the list is garbage in my opinion.
    • Wrong take?

    • @Transigence haha yeah... how did that happen? oh well =)

    • It happened because you have 3 browser containers each with 25 tabs open. Get dominion over your shit, brother :)

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  • Lynx122
    I'm glad that you kept your ability to think for yourself and didn't become brainwashed. Many people get sucked into movements like this and never get out. It is also interesting to me to get a first hand account of someone on the inside of feminism. I have watched some of Christina Hoff Summers speeches and youtube videos. I am very sceptical of the AEI whe it comes to other things but what she said about gender issues seemed reasonable and factual to me. I hope you can use this as a growing experience and be happy and successful good luck :).
  • WeeGeeTheSecond
    I love when people realize how feminism is so screwed up!
  • Jerrod_Lynwood
    I didn't leave feminism it left me. I just to like it, but it has become to hateful.
  • SmallShavedSmooth
    I was a single parent for years, and was treated horribly by the courts because I am not a woman. Feminists claim to suffer from abuses in many forms, but the most obvious and common abuses in this day and age are aimed at men, and it's nothing but revenge when it happens. It's not to say that corrections aren't in order to level the playing field of opportunity for women, but whenever leveling the playing fields amounts to revenge... it's not equal anything, it is exactly what it is... revenge. The question women should ask themselves is "What do you want?" Equality ro revenge. If equality is your choice, you won't find it running with feminists.
  • f_ckmeup
    Honestly, feminism can be interpreted many ways. There are some groups more radical than others and other groups that focus on various aspects apart from others. The actions of a few should not reflect on the group as a whole.

    The same could be said about any belief system. We see Christian and Muslim extremists all the time but that isn't a reason to assume every christian and muslim is a nut.

    I apologize if that was your experience but no one asked you to "join" feminism.

    I suggest reading and looking up unbiased articles and many forms of the history of women. Not all of us are Gloria Steinham and not all of us fit the same mold.
  • Kester135
    Preach it I've been there, I was in a group of SJWs and feminists for a while, accidentally. They always made me feel like I was in the wrong when I voiced an opinion especially towards the end when I really started calling feminism out on it's bullshit, oddly there were a few in the group that thought the same as I but just sat under the radar, but as usual the one who shouts loudest is heard the most and I was pretty much an outcast towards the end of the year due to some people not really happy when I proved there was no rape culture in the UK and that the wage gap and the survey it was based off is bias and utter bullshit which I know because I learned about selective, bias and fair surveys in maths 2 years before, 3 of the fuckwits were in my class when we did it and 1 even worked with me on it.
  • WombRaider
    I applaud you.

    Lauren Southern did the same, you should check out her YouTube channel when you've got the time :)
  • CafèMachiatto
    The problem with feminism is this distorted reality of women in general. The whole point of "feminism" is to ideally speak up for women's rights, but we often forget that men and women ARE NOT EQUAL IN THE WAYS WE THINK THEY ARE. "Equal but seperate" (inb4 white activates thinks I'm supporting the Jim Crow Laws LOL).

    With men, there's no winning. I'm not a man, but I've witnessed guys who simply just couldn't win against a woman, especially with accusations of rape. If you support a man, then it's considered "victim-blaming" when there are women OUT THERE WHO DO LIE. But besides that, a lot of feminists try to justify immoral behavior (slut-shaming) as some sort of equalizer against both genders, but the reality is that any logical, well-rounded person (regardless of gender) WILL NOT RESPECT ANYBODY WHO JUST CASUALLY SLEEPS AROUND. Feminism isn't about being the best "woman" you can be, it's merely about emasculating men, whilst receiving special benefits, which disgusts me.
  • Maxemeister
    The fact that this was your life... Damn. I'm so sorry.
  • ShayanMortazavi1
    Wow, that's interesting. Well welcome the the egalitarian movement!
  • ArtDent
    Someone offered someone $2000 to rape you? Why? Were you a movement leader?
  • fiodor99
    glad you admit its a hateful wave and also controlled by higher powers.
  • anymours23
    I am also a very strong believer in egalitarian. I never was a feminist and also I don't like feminism because the way that they attack the male gender for their misbeliefs and jealousy to the rights that they don't have. I want everyone to be treated equal, I want every single person have the equal responsibility and I want everyone to live at peace. I am very proud to say that I strongly believe in equal rights male or female. Feminism are a selfish group of women who tries to be equal to men but pushes even harder for their right to the throne. Thank you for making that decision.
  • Deft_maiden
    I didn't realize feminism is a club😂
  • Bandit74
    WTF! They actually paid soneone to rape you 😦