What Most Females Actually Hate In Most Males


What's the point of battling the other gender? I know why I hate women, and so do other men, but telling them why we hate them isn't going to make them change.

I'm going to explain why women hate men and justify the points from a man's point of view.

You think you're 'the man'? Well I guess you're not getting with 'the woman'. >;)

They think they hate: Our arrogance in general.

What most females actually hate in most males.

What they really hate: Arrogance over 'manliness' and past achievement as opposed to specialized arrogance over current skills

What Most Females Actually Hate In Most Males

What they think they prefer: Humble guys.
What they really prefer: Guys who are arrogant about a skill they actually have a lot of talent in and who admit when they lack in others. In other word arrogance without stepping on the toes of other's egos who have different skills

What Most Females Actually Hate In Most Males

What Most Females Actually Hate In Most Males

Guy's perspective: Beta/humble males simply agree with women when they say this because they genuinely envy and dislike arrogant guys unless they are gay bottoms. Average guys tend to agree with women too but what you find is they happily befriend egotistical guys because it's 'cool to be his friend'. Guys who are actually what women really prefer know that women like them and are proud to be alpha. Genuine narcissists are delusional and simply cannot fathom the thought that women actually dislike them but they assume the woman is so shocked at how irresistible the guys' arrogance is that she tries to hide it by feigning anger/hatred. I know I can't be discriminatory to narcissists or betaphobic, but really I hope all guys become arrogant in their niche without thinking that makes them more than people who are great at other niches.

Filthy in habit + Male = Filthy in personality (Apparently)

They think they hate: Bad hygiene and laziness with chores.

What they really hate: Depending on their innate need for cleanliness, (ranging from filthy bitch to OCD Queen Bee) they generally have particular hatred to how guys either deny that it's their duty to do the chores pointed out or even guilt trip women to do it for them saying it's the females' fault (this is both in 1 on 1 spouse households and roomie arrangements). Women who are lazy tend to at least admit what they don't do when called out on it.

What they think they prefer: A clean machine who does everything for them and allows them to only do the amount of chores they feel is their duty to do. (high levlel women on the OCD scale will actually prefer this)

What they really prefer: A guy who would let them fart, burp and be a slob just as much and who would be open to negotiate ta genuine share of chores without pressuring the female to fele like she's nagging him.

Guy's perspective: For guys who like things clean most women will actually seem lazy, I advise them to openly discuss this with the female whom they share space with as women tend to be negotiable but if she's a particularly angry woman, I suggest holding your ground and showing her that you are just as ready to be dominant as she is, even angry women respect dominance but no one likes abuse. Do not verbally lash out at her, show her you can remain calm and when she gives up belittling you keep talking ot her. If she tries the ignoring you tactic, do something that pisses her off (angry women are easy to piss off) and she will understand how dirt makes you feel. For average guys, try and accommodate for the clean female when she whines at you, women will like seeing you try even if you are bad at cleaning it just puts their mind at rest so if you really want to get away with being lazy, specifically clean when she is around. For genuine slobs who want the woman to do all the work, you must fix your personality. Even if you are the sole breadwinner of the house, consider that your woman is someone you see as worthy of spending all your income on. She is not just a maid with fringe benefits and if this is how you see her what you have is not love.

OMG, you emotionally stunted sack of rotting testosterone!

They think they hate: Insensitive, unemotional guys who either are so calm no one can get to them or such unnegotiable assholes that no one can tame them

What they really hate: They are spot on.

What they think they prefer: Guys who are deep, pensive and emotional enough to comprehend the depth of constant emotional turmoil in women.

What Most Females Actually Hate In Most Males

What Most Females Actually Hate In Most Males

What they really prefer: Men who are relatively insensitive and emotionally numb but not so severely numb that they cannot be there for their female friend/spouse when they are in a needy mood or the opposite (happy mood and want the guy to share the experience).

What Most Females Actually Hate In Most Males

What Most Females Actually Hate In Most Males

Guy's perspective: Don't be a pussy but don't be so masculine that you cannot accept that most women are pussies. Women are sexists deep down and like guys who are strong 'rocks' or 'walls' for them to emotionally lean on but not such a doormat that they are merely a tool or an emotional punching bag that's only good for being talked at. You need to learn the art of being a semi-psychopath, it's the best skill on Earth. Be emotional enough to be 'real' but emotionless enough to be 'manly' and you will unlock the secret to keeping the females in your life attracted to you both as a friend and an alpha male. Let them remain happier than you when enjoying themselves and sadder than you when they are crying, never show empathy always show sympathy. Women don't want an understanding man, they have their female friends to cry with and binge on chocolate watching the Notebook with, your role in their life whether as a friend or spouse is to be their 'rock' the constant anchor they can emotionally rely on to always be okay and always center their mood swings and let them let loose without risking you getting hurt along with them.

What Most Females Actually Hate In Most Males

Tell me I'm a goddess and paint my toes you talking penis!

They think they hate: Guys who don't show them respect and who expect the girl to constantly compliment him but accept them doing it to her.

What they really hate: When he's both like that and also unintelligent, unfit and financially struggling.

What they think they prefer: A guy who showers them with compliments and makes them feel like Rihanna.

What they really prefer: They like two types of guy:

1) The genuine doormat who is happy to allow the woman to feel like a queen with him but wishes to only remain as friends and who will never be seen as competent for anything more than that.

2) The genuine macho man who can tease them but will also let them tease him just as viciously if not more so and laugh along with it. The punching bag who can genuinely swing back without being butthurt.

If number 2 is their romantic partner, they don't mind him needing empathy from time to time and saying they went too far with the teasing but they do mind if he ever goes too far so that will always be a condition.

Guy's perspective: Only ever tease in retaliation and only ever hit back less hard than they hit you. girls are fragile and they like a guy who makes them feel fragile yet can take the emotional hits from them. Do not admire her for her talents or looks, do not tease them either. Talk about things she has been involve din and things RLATED TO her talents and looks such as a particular event she partook or feature of her looks and keep the teasing solitary, women are all innately self-deprecating and can only handle isolated teasing which makes them feel it was an exception as opposed to the rule. If you truly can't stand something she is proud of such as her ass or her singing voice, never blame the ass or the voice, blame your taste in asses or singers. If she begins teasing you or watches other people tease you, either be a doormat and expect her to only like you as a friend or show you are the fucking man in the room by giving back as good as you get. Women won't admit it but they get wet as fuck over the idea of their man being a bully to anyone except for them and those close to them, the only catch is that bullies can't "turn off" their urge to hurt others so you need to work on how you go about doing this. It's complicated to be this balance between mean guy and nice guy but if you master it, you will be impossible for women to dislike.

OMG, with your friends you are like this but with me you are so different? Are you fake? Are you a liar? Who even are you?!

They think they hate: Guys who act super macho with friends and super sensitive with only her and in front of friends if she shows up is scared to show the usual side of him he lets her see. Alternatively, guys who act super dominant with her but like total goody goodies in public.

What they really hate: She actually doesn't mind a guy being fake but they want to be 100% certain that who you are with her is the undeniable real you. On top of this, girls don't like pushovers who will let the world make them act some type of way as soon as she's not around.

What they think they prefer: Guys who are the same with her and others regardless.

What they really prefer: Guys who know exactly when to be fake and when to stop letting people push them around, who are artificially kind/mean with people close to her while being the dick or nice guy they really are with most others and having no shame in who they are.

Guy's perspective: My fellow testosterone fuelled human, we are not meant to be totally real, the world shuns people with no tact and politeness but we are also not meant to be so scared that we genuinely hold all of the real us in all the time and overdo the 'real us' with the girl creating such a vast difference that she ends up concluding we are the fake us with her, not others. Most women are assumptive creatures, it's why they make shit detectives and are vastly lacking in fields that require rational thought and conclusion and I don't care how rude or chauvinistic that is to say but expecting her to put 2 and 2 together and conclude that you are being fake with others is not how she will react, it won't even cross her mind, she will slowly build up a loathing towards you for being artificial with her and leave you asap even as a friend. She most likely won't even explain it that well to you as she fears you being fake enough to win her back and she doesn't want to be won back. You must not allow women to conclude things like that about you, be a balance of real and fake with everyone and only super real with a girl who shows she can handle the real you. Make it clear that that's the real you but how passionate you are with her and how open you are with the things you tell her.

That's about it really. Enjoy your advice from the filthiest pervert to ever grace this site.

What Most Females Actually Hate In Most Males
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