A Sensual Symphony

A Sensual Symphony

The silence of the night is faded out,

By the passion we both feel

The raw intense feeling of our bodies

As we make love im the.night.

I push you against the wall kissing you all over.

Your neck,your lips,your breasts as we grind up against each other removing our clothes

Your fingers move all over my body

Digging into my.back as we kiss and gyrate.

You push me on the bed as you take control

You pin my wrists above my head as you go in for rhe kill like a lioness with her prey

You kiss and lick my body slowly as you are on top,

Our moans and whispers of pleasure break the evening silence like a symphony orchestra starting off their piece

Going slow to start and then going faster and faster as we make love hardervas you feel me unside you I get on top and take control.

I thrust hard and harder as the sensual symohony hits its crescendo and we gasp as i climax and we get the oleasure of our symphony our bodies conducted.

Weve created a masterpiece One Thst noone can copy or recreate As we lay in the moonlight cuddling as our love. Abides

A Sensual Symphony
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  • justbanANNAz
    nice images Stephen.
    watch out for your typos though! =]