My theory on why North Korea is the bad guy of choice in recent FPS video games


For starters, unless you're Dennis Rodman, it seems that nobody likes North Korea. There simply is nothing to love about North Korea. But why were they the villains in Ghost Recon 2? Why are they the villains in Homefront: The Revolution, which is much-more-recent???

This is something that has been bothering the DeviantArt community, as a contest of fanart for this game was recently posted in the site's announcements.


I have a theory on why Koreans are the new choice of American video game makers as the epitome of acceptable villains for FPS games:

1. It's almost illegal now to criticize actual domestic threats

Picture if the game were about some hostile takeover of America by its ideological enemies. They infiltrate Hollywood, the White House, the music industry, the halls of science, the classroom, the 2-party system...your grandmother's church...etc.

They are diabolical and stubborn, and even murderous. They are hedonistic, obsessed with sex and drugs. They are contemptuous. Yet, they have infiltrated. They have taken advantage of the weak and lazy, and used their weaknesses and laziness as launchpads. They blind children to truth, and indoctrinate freely. They turn around and use all this power they have stolen as they have seized it by the carotid artery, and they seek to systematically undermine and dismantle all that is good all across the universe - but starting with the USA.

Oh wait...that sounds just too much like real life, right? And since it's really happened, they of course have far too many of their plants in control of far too many courtrooms in the country.

Therefore, if you made a video game with them as the villains, they could simply sue the game dev team out of existence. Or, if they're in a particularly fascist mood, they could go a step further and outright prosecute.

It wouldn't be long before the Reids, McConnels, Obamas, Clintons, McCains, et. al., found some way to charge the dev team with sedition and come down on them harder than the FBI came down on LaVoy Finnicum.

Even after the company was dissolved, the devs would have to learn how to sleep without pillows, for fear of being Scalia'd!

The following groups are such sacred cows to the government now, that a video game depicting them as the bad guys in literally any context, but especially an FPS glorifying rebel guerilla fighters, could be real-life suicide for the dev team:

1. Any sect of Muslims (including ISIS.) B. Hussein himself has stated: "The future does not belong to those who speak ill of Muhammad..." Making an entire video game out of it, unless the words "South" and "Park" are in the title, is asking for an Oval Office fatwah.

2. Any shade of sexual degenerates (including the ones that mail anthrax to Mormons or threaten to burn down cake bakeries.)

As crazy as the FreeKaters were, an FPS game where you have to shoot them like zombies to save your (in-game) children from rape and murder would...just not go over well. At all. That studio would be gone faster than a photography studio in New Mexico that got extorted out of existence.

St. John's 8th and Vilet of Milwaukee: Taking Back the Church might make for a great idea for a dramatic film fictionalizing real events of the gay cabal that broke in and used corrupt city connections to throw out an entire congregation from their own building in 2012. But if you make a video game out of that...the entire city of Milwaukee just might come down on the devs. (Particularly, the "bear" subculture.)

My prediction: that game will never see the light of day. (Who would even buy that game anyway? Unless they add werewolves to it. Lots of werewolves.)

3. Any alphabet soup bureaucracy. Doesn't matter the acronym. Demonize any of them in a video game where it's okay to shoot them, and you're possibly going to jail in real life. Because as much as you may hate the IRS or ATF, shooting them in a video game makes you Timothy McVeigh, apparently.

4. Anyone else Secret Service protects in real life. Unless you make them zombies. But even that could lead to a Homeland Security crackdown!

5. Power figures with explicitly humanistic goals. Particularly if they are advocating politically-correct causes. (E.g., Common Core.) What measure is a domestic terrorist???

6. Planned Parenthood. Then again, how lame would that be as a video game???

I suppose it'd be possible to make a game about life as an Abolitionist, handing out flyers and getting beat up by enraged promiscuous PP customers that just want to murder babies in peace so Moloch can make empty promises to them of a future six-figure salary.

But it'd be an awfully one-sided game. You get beat up and your camera destroyed, and your signs and flyers destroyed. And your eye socket smashed in, and glass from a wine bottle lodged in your cheeks. And you can't even love tap the attacker without getting charged with assault!

And heck, you just might go to jail anyway, because the judge in town is a pro-PP a-hole receiving kickbacks from them! And don't expect any charges to stick on your attackers, because you're just so offensive by even existing!!! Hopefully, they're still decent enough to give you medical treatment. You do still have an 8th Amendment right, right? Right???

"Abolish Human Abortion: The Video Game. Coming to a GameStop near you in.."

[Speaker gets shot before being able to finish the announcement.]

Oh wait...if you're gonna be that masochistic, why not just do the real thing??? So again, that is a video game that will never get made!

To be safe, and avoid hypocrisy, a lot of these game devs aren't gonna go after anyone on the SPLC's character assassination hit list either.

So if Americans can't demonize anti-Americans living on American soil, and Americans questioning each other is risky too, then a humongous slew of relevant topics is off limits. You simply are not allowed to have those guys be the bad guys. The liabilities are too great.

2. Zombies are boring now.

Zombies have been done to (un)death. It's simply hard to take a game seriously anymore that revolves around a zombie apocalypse. It's that completely unoriginal.

Aliens, super-Nazis, Hollywood-style demonic infestations and evil ghosts, snakes, scorpions, sharks...these are all over-done to death as well.

3. There are only so many other nations you can demonize without serious backlash.

Have you seen the film Agent Abbey? No? Well, here's the gist of it: it doesn't make China look good.

Yet, China makes most of America's stuff. About 70% of it, anyway. For a major developer firm, demonizing the nation whose red regime rules oppressively over your suppliers is almost as much economic suicide as stepping on the American political sacred cows I mentioned above would be political suicide (if not actual suicide.)

So who can American game devs still demonize in an FPS shooter game, without resorting to demons, aliens, ghosts, Bigfoot, etc.?

Options are significantly limited. Cold War I was decades ago. Offending Putin during Cold War II (Obama's legacy) seems unwise. So making Russians the bad guys is a way to make yourself not be taken seriously anymore. WWII has been done to death, and FPS players get a little bored with shooting up Nazis. Heck, half of them today unknowingly subscribe to a lot of the Nazi party's views, without even realizing where those views came from! (Thanks, public education!)

Without Russia and Germany, whom do you demonize? Antarctica? Mutant penguins...yeah.... Morocco? Nope. Muslims would be offended. We can't have that when the US president drapes the WH Press Room with a Muslim prayer rug! Not gonna happen! South Africa? Only if the game devs want to be accused of "racism" somehow, and have Panthers blowing up their cars or threatening to shoot up the hospital in their town. Just not gonna work.

The Old South??? Nobody is gonna take you seriously anymore. Cambodia? Nope. Iraq? NOPE! Muslims would be offended! So no Afghanistan either. Nothing real-world relevant, it seems.

Mexico??? Uh...not with La Raza invading US soil! Way too many toes would get stepped on!

Who's left???

Without getting busted by the PC police, or resorting to (complete) silliness, North Korea, it seems, is the only rogue nation left on the face of this planet that American game devs can still freely demonize without serious backlash.

Therefore, it will not surprise me at all to see North Korea done to death in a matter of three years, as game developers are quickly running out of non-supernatural and non-insectoid villains they can safely put in their games.

My theory on why North Korea is the bad guy of choice in recent FPS video games
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  • WalterRadio
    How about something simple: The real leader of North Korea is a murderous psychopath that threatens world civilization with its nuclear weapons.

    You can't make up stuff any worse than that.
    • Anonymous

      Actually, worse things already have existed. But like I've said: very few outside of Dennis Rodman are still gonna place much stock in defending a nation as indefensible as North Korea.

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