Guys, Quit Feeding Women's Egos


Guys, Quit Feeding Women's Egos

I'm just gonna be straight and to-the-point here: when we guys are being upset and start talking on and on about how we think it's so much easier for chicks to get a date, get sex, how they're more attractive, "have more options," etc., we're really just feeding their egos. We strategically think pouting about it will make females apologize for these advantages we think they have, when in reality they're really just eating it up when we're letting it bother us. We foolishly entertain it and validate it for them.

Women know that a lot of guys think they're struggling and "have to work" to appeal to women, and women are getting off on it. And especially when guys today want the girl to approach them first and all that stuff, they don't realize it but they're entertaining girls' egos, because these guys are basically crossing their arms and pouting: "Fine. Nothing I do works, so I'll just let her pick me instead." Females enjoy how these guys are upset at being rejected or unable to get a date, and we keep entertaining it by crying about it. It just tells them that they have the power.

Also, when a bunch of guys are all after one woman, that definitely lights up her ego - more than one woman has outright said they do love being desired by multiple men. So when there are "desperate" guys out there trying to get the girl, it really just entertains her ego and encourages her to "play hard to get" more and more, and gives her a power to "choose." Just think about it: if 10 guys are all openly and anxiously after the same woman, that gives her a sense of control over the situation, and she's really just having a ball with it. Those guys are giving her the power to pick which one and hide it from the other. And this is blowing her head up like crazy. And when you're disappointed that she didn't pick you she's getting off on that too.

So when we're crying and talking about all these options they have, how much better looking women are, getting rejected, and yada yada, we only entertain them. Guys are saying, "It's hard to get a girl/It's hard to get laid," and females are basically going, "Yep, that's right, it is hard to win us over. Keep believing it, and here's what you need to do/understand to win us over....." They take our complaints of struggling in attracting women or getting a date, and build on it, wanting guys to work harder and harder to appeal to them. Basically the way they see it is: guys feel lost or like they have to give an arm and a leg to get a girl, so they can capitalize on that by trying to have all the power, by making guys think: "If you want me, this is what you have to do."

Guys, Quit Feeding Women's Egos

Women and the media have built up gawdy and pretentious images of their character with the "standards" philosophy, all the talk of how "complex" and "mysterious" women are, and how "picky" they are, so it's got guys feeling like they have to climb mile-high ladders to appeal to women and feeling hopeless about getting the girl. In turn, women are seeing this and enjoying how torn up guys are about it. And all those gawdy pretentious images about their character just encourage them to have more "high expectations" that men "need to understand" in order to get the girl. It's a joke that guys are letting themselves be played at.

And honestly? All women's talk of standards and high expectations is bullshit. A woman will date a guy of low-value character if money is involved, or even if he uses his penis really well. And if they really had that many standards they wouldn't keep getting into so many bad relationships, and instead of looking at any lack in their own character and emotional development they'd rather just blame guys. But the media sides with them and tells them what they want to hear instead, that the problem is with guys, not girls.

So what can guys do about all this?

Stop going on and on about women have more options this, it's so hard to get a date that, girls can do this and guys can't, guys get rejected, etc. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and giving yourself over to their egos. Do you notice how females don't show guys attention like guys can show them? This is because females don't want to ever give up any attention on them just to give it, and they see it as weakness to show open interest or attraction to guys. And in the same way by us talking about how we have to work to appeal to women and be more attractive, we give a different kind of attention that they enjoy.

So if you stop making it as if women have all these advantages in the "playing field," they might begin to humble themselves, and you might start having more confidence.

Guys, Quit Feeding Women's Egos

Guys, Quit Feeding Women's Egos
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  • ConsultantIsBack
    So basically don't be a whiteknight pussy low testosterone kid. Yup, totally agree good take
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    • Jon_Gre_g

      So be an alpha?

    • @Jon_Gre_g yes, and repeat that lovely word on gag like a million times, they love it! Especially the female uber mod users. They all dream about being with alphas lol

    • Jon_Gre_g

      Yeah I've noticed. Anybody who claims they dislike alphas are just fronting. They know it.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • SunsetRose
    You make a lot of good points. We're not that complex or mysterious.
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    • ManOnFire

      Yeah, I've never believed women to be more complex or mysterious. I think women just like thinking they are as if being such would imply that it makes them deeper creatures with significant value. That in itself is an ego issue.

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  • far2gud4u
    I think there are the majority of women who do get arrogant over this stuff however I always felt guilty it was easier fr me than my male friends to get a date or attract when i went out on the town. I also don't fall for money or a good penis, I have more substance and want a man I could love... lots of money is nice but unless you can spend it with the right person, its a bit boring!!
    • ManOnFire

      Going out on the town is different from attracting people in regular every day situations. So what was you're success like with that? That tells more about your ability to get a date or attract than hanging around town at night.

    • far2gud4u

      Erm well my job it's easy as I am in a male oriented industry... But I get asked out often. I was once walking through an airport and attracted a guy who hired a private detective knowing my first name and last initial when they scanned my boarding pass and he was a premier league football player so I'm not too bad!!

    • ManOnFire

      I guess it depends on where you are. I looked at your picture and you're really just pretty average to me, no offense. If you're working a job where you the only woman or one of few among many guys, I guess those guys would be asking you out. But I'd want to see how different it could be in other settings.

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  • Satisfyd
    Women for the most part are narcissistic it's about control and power. Go to a concert or sporting event and watch the girls looking to get backstage to bang a star. Women try to show they have high morals but in the right situation they are just cheap slots. Yet they complain how men will bang anything. Really.
    • ManOnFire

      Yes! Exactly! I would SOOOO give you best opinion if I could!

  • Remonster
  • Fugue
    That's never gonna happen in this country. New guys will be born and continue making the same mistakes, esp. when gynocentrism pushes the sort of mentality that questioning it is taboo. Young men are basically wrangled through their sexual urges, and that will not stop, to any significant degree.
    • ManOnFire

      If we as a society start teaching guys everything I just said, yeah, eventually it will stop.

    • Fugue

      We won't. There is no societal incentive to get something like that going. There are incentives to keep things the same. Go talk to the average social activist, even the most "progressive" ones, and they will respond in a joking manner to this topic, at best, but often with hostility and derision.

    • ManOnFire

      Oh, that part is definitely true. Groups feel less inclined to help or show men the truth about anything, especially if it's about women, they'll just view it as "misogynist." However, I still wouldn't have such a dismissive attitude, seeing as we've taught women the truth about certain things and taught them to think differently. So in the same way, it can happen vice versa. But there is that dismissive issue in people to work past first.

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  • cth96190
    My young friends, women do hold most of the cards until they turn 30. About that time, their sexual market value begins to decline. This is known as 'hitting the wall'.
    By 35 the positions have reversed and males hold most of the power.
    As you can see by the numbers beside my name, I am somewhat older than most of the people who visit this place.
    When I was a teenager and then a 20-something, I could almost not get a date (let alone get laid) because I was not a player, or some version of the sociopathic bad boy. That is what most young females are attracted to. Decent young men need not apply.
    About age 30 this begins to change. By age 35 women are throwing themselves at the type of men who they would have rejected when they were 18.
    I have gone from being a sad and sexless young man to a silver fox who has plenty of options. The difference for me is that I am no longer interested.
    Why? Because I have observed enough of female nature in action and what happens to the 50 per cent of married men who are dragged through divorce court to come to the conclusion that any form of relationship with a female is a lose/lose deal for the man.
    Even casual sex is unwise, because of the potential for false rape allegations and/or being trapped by a lifetime of child-support payments. A single female in the 35 to 45 age band, who is kept awake by the sound of her ovaries counting down to zero, is an extremely dangerous creature.
    Just yesterday, when I attended a professional-development seminar, two of the female attendees hit on me in ways that were as subtle as a brick through a window.
    These were women who were more than slightly attractive, but due to age had lost their tickets to ride the bad-boy cock carousel.
    When they were 20, they would not have given me the time of day.
    There were looks of genuine frustration and bewilderment when I failed to show interest in what was being offered to me on a plate.
    So, for what it is worth, young men who spend nights alone and watch girls throw themselves at dirtbags get to have the last laugh when they are the females are older. . . if they are still interested.
    Contemplating the 50 per cent risk of being destroyed by a divorce court and enslaved for life via a state-enforced child-support order is sufficient to cause more than a few older males to walk away.
    • Remonster

      Red pill is best pill my wise man.

  • Calex
    Hmm.. it's not just the guys who feed women's egos but it's the women themselves who feed each other's egos too. You'll never see women complimenting men for example, but showers other women with compliments all the time.
    • ManOnFire

      God, I wish I could give Take opinions Best Opinion. I would give it to you.

    • Calex

      Oh I thought that was already possible? Oh well. Thanks!

  • pavlove
    guys will do whatever they think will get them laid even if its only 5% of the time and the reality is there are some girls so desperate for validation/ego boost that they will sleep with a guy who uses cheesy compliments yet because almost every guy is doing this its simply not an effective dating/mating strategy.

    guys need to stop thinking about sex and i guarantee it will come.
    • ManOnFire

      Let me try to break this down about the whole guys-doing-what-they-can-to-get-laid thing: although that is true for some guys, we have to stop pretending this is a blanket case for guys in general. In truth, sex is a lot easier for men to get than most people - especially most women - will really acknowledge or admit. In fact it's far easier for a guy to get laid nowadays than it ever has been, and this is because women make it a lot easier than they pretend they don't. Men have many more options to get free sex. Once upon a time pretty much the only way was to pay a hooker. Not so much now.

      I don't doubt that there are guys out there struggling, but if it was really that hard for a guy to get laid, then a guy would never ever try, but they do because they know how possible it is. Actions and intentions are motivated by some kind of evidence that men can see. So whether or not he uses cheesy compliments, many women will still sleep with him.

    • pavlove

      yes it can work and you can live your life on it but you won't get that rockstar level of sleeping with tons of gorgeous women constantly by doing that. maybe I set the bar pretty high but anything lower than that is not effective in my book. true the idea of the guy who never gets laid is mostly a myth but the landscape is still such where a few guys get laid tons and most guys get it moderate to not that much

    • ManOnFire

      No, there are still many, many men getting a lot of the sex they want from a lot of women. That's why there are guys who are married or have gfs but still have women "on the side." Guys are even fucking their female co-workers, sometimes on the job. Again, I'm aware of guys who struggle, but I'm also aware that a lot more men are getting laid a lot more than we choose to notice or think.

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  • FilthyPervert
    I'm confused if you're whining, advising or asking what we think.

    This is quite simply crap.
    • ManOnFire

      *facepalm* It's none of the above. It's telling you what's going on, and how we need to think and act differently.

  • babu_001
    I have no money. So no girl comes near me.

    I do not have a choice of feeding their ego or not.
    • ManOnFire

      True, a woman will still have a big ego whether we feed it or not, but when we EXPRESS how bad we think we have it in the dating world, it just makes it worse.

  • cmale123
    I think you are wrong about this. Yes she might have 10 guy want to date her. Does a girl really have that much time date 10 guy. Second if guy do not wait on a girl so does girl. If a guy ask a girl, got rejected or the girl trying keep option open, guy move on. Problem girl don't know how choose the right guy and end up making mistake that the right guy find it as turn off. Example keeping your option open, girl love to do that, having more choice sound good but the option don't always stay open. That why sometime hot fail to find nice guy
  • f_ckmeup
    Sometimes we honestly just want to chill and eat pizza.
  • Rawrzz
    Pretty sure males on a global scale would be incapable of doing this, even if they could coordinate. People do what they need to do to get laid. Then they bitch when they can't. Nothing stops that.

    A woman's standards are based on how desirable she is. Sure, she'll fuck a low-value male if he has even one desirable quality. But only if she has no other options. And that'll rarely happen if she's any degree of attractive. And there are really a host of complicated checklists they have. They could certainly choose a seemingly sub-par male, only because they see potential in him. They do have high standards. Higher standards than men. It just varies from female to female, of course. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any so-called "sluts". Some are promiscuous, but on a general scale, they have fairly high standards. It's just a convoluted and personalized list of qualities they seek.
  • bluenose1872
    Men are all whiny pussies these days and girls are all divas. Even the wee fat, ugly ones think they're delilah. You've all got too much information on tap. Knowledge doesn't liberate people it constrains them. An ignorant fool will get twice as much done as a genius. Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. Men are supposed to chase women. Women are supposed to love mens attention. Women are supposed to pick who they like best. Men are supposed to be confident and full of good patter to impress women with. If you step outside the programming, that's nature's programming not societies, you're going to feel depressed and isolated. Why don't you all stop doing what the tv tells you, throw away your smartphones and tablets and start living instead of reading about living. Screw each others brains out. It's great.
    • Fugue

      Fools rush in and create an utter disaster. I'll stick to the angels.

    • @Fugue knowledge is confining. Take an example. I offer you 10 grand to walk across a field. Would you do it?

  • FatherJack
    Women actually DO have more options , especially the younger ages groups as there are more men than women , due to a lot more boys being born than girls. Even with an excess of women , the Joe Averages will find it much harder than the female equivalent , this is Bateman's Principle at work , as the female ( in most species ) has the much greater reproductive role , she is generally the chooser , this is why men are less " in demand " than women. However , you are correct , men need to have self control & self respect & stop inflating already large ego's !!
    • ManOnFire

      Not gonna work. It's about pursuit. If women were the ones doing all the pursuing and guys just sat back and waited, then men would be the ones in demand. It isn't about more of who or who's more reproductive. It's about the system of pursuit. It wouldn't be any different if it were vice versa.

  • skeptic007
    punch them in the face
    don't worry there ego will drop
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    That will not happen for a long time... too fuckin bad
  • lacorine197
    How do I follow this post? I want to just follow to read the replies, that is all.
  • ThisDudeHere
    I agree with this. Upvote 4 u.
  • orphan
    omega problems
  • pewdiepie_
    Let me feed some Girls :)
  • iFarted
    They feed mine, I'll return the favor
  • IceEverest
    Follow me I want to PM you
    • IceEverest

      I never said negative I just want to tell my opinions in private... so you dont want to?

    • ManOnFire

      I didn't even see this. Sure, go ahead.

    • IceEverest

      Okay sending you my opinion

  • ChadThundercawk
    I beat and speak on women. They like it.
  • Anonymous
    That's nice and all but there are plenty of other men you'll just be replaced with who will put the woman on a pedestal. If you deviate from the norm you'll just be forgotten about.
  • Anonymous
    it doesn't feed my ego though, you just look kinda whiny :)) that's all.
    • Another anonymous trollette, slinging character insults and ducking the content of the message.

      That's all.

    • Anonymous

      @Transigence I'm not trolling. It is whiny.

    • ManOnFire

      Go away, BellePepper -__-

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  • Anonymous
    In summary, stop being a whiney neurotic. You're only sabotaging yourself.