The rise of the heterosexual male diva.


As gender lines continue to blur into each other and traditional roles and responsibilities start to look more and more unappealing to the ultra hip and trendy folks of the world, The more straight guys get bitchy and over-entitled like a woman with a princess complex.

So now you get the HMD.

The rise of the heterosexual male diva.

A man who is emotionally demanding, manipulating, creates unnecessary drama, overly fussy about his looks while always trying to put others down for theirs, And always has to be the center of attention. Yeah, A straight up man-bitch on the 24/7 man rag.

The rise of the heterosexual male diva.

These guys don't get jealous that their girlfriends get male attention, They get jealous if their girlfriends get more attention then them.

The rise of the heterosexual male diva.

So no matter how pretty these pee holes can make themselves, It's pretty damn embarrassing for the male race.

The rise of the heterosexual male diva.

If this goofy ass trend continues then women will no longer get boyfriends, They will get to walk around with a spare vagina.

The rise of the heterosexual male diva.

The rise of the heterosexual male diva.
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  • ThisDudeHere
    "If this trend continues..."

    So.. what? Are we to assume that every guy will eventually become like that?
    That's the same kind of thinking the homophobes have - "if we allow gays to have rights and to do stuff, soon after everyone will be gay!"

    -No. Every one will not be gay. Gays will simply carry on with their gay stuff, except just not bothered by anyone

    The same way these manginas will be just a minority to the the rest of the male gender that prefers to either act masculine or at the very least not care.
    Is this still revelant?
    • I meant to put the women that choose to date these guys, I in no way meant to suggest all males would be like this.
      That was more about their evolution into walking minge then the male genders

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  • bluenose1872
    They're not straight. They're as bent as they come. Doesn't matter what's socially acceptable. Certain behaviours and beliefs will have dire consequences to any man. Why do you think vanity and pride and all the others carry public health warnings? They're self destructive. Are people that dense they think they just have to say somethings acceptable and it becomes harmless? People are so fucking stupid these days. They all want to stand out and usually for the wrong reasons.
  • SunsetRose
    All I could think about when reading this was Kanye...
    • That's really f*cking weird lol
      That was the main guy i was thinking about while writing it.

  • xXiTacoXx
    That's not new. Flash heterosexual men have been around for thousands of years.
    • I have no problem with flash or flair, But the attitudes and values are all wrong :|

    • xXiTacoXx

      Still not new.

    • Yeah, Well it's a good a thing to write about as any. Trying to knock 3 mytakes out quick lol

  • LateNightss
    Don't you know I'm a diva
    like zena
    you say he seniorita
    nice ta meet chya
    now bend over like a doggy
    here comes the loggy
    we can do it like a monkey
    or a froggy
  • Joc4Position
    Seems like you're describing metrosexuals. I don't have any issue with those guys. I don't like that the media sometimes pushes the gay agenda in everybody's faces, but I don't mind metrosexuals.
    • Metrosexuals have the fussy about their looks like a woman thing down, But they are not the who pitiful package.

    • Whole*

    • I thought many of them get upset that their girlfriend gets more attention?

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  • Dulcedulcexoxo
    Fuckboys generally what we call them.
  • fauchelevent
    This has been around for a hell of a long time :P
    • Sissies, Wimps and goobs have always been around but never as prominent or sorta celebrated as now :P

  • Noxifer626
    Fascinating. Now, why should I care?
    • This is just my opinion piece. You are not obligated to care, agree or even read it.

  • Blackcat89
    this is fucking hilarious
  • IceEverest
    Funny... lol