Being 16 And Being Harassed Online Or At Places?


Being 16 and also a girl can be hard at times even when it comes to harassment and I know it too because I am also 16 and have experienced harassment online. We girls always love it when a boy likes us but what about the no part, we don't like saying no to a guy do we? No, we don't. So to get to the point I am getting at I am going to explain how I experienced from harassment online and it might sound a bit gross but you know what its harassment.

I was on facebook one day when I started to chat with a friend on mine from my high school. My friend was my age and he started to get into a converstation with me about wanting to see the front top of my body, I was totally shocked because I never knew he was that type of a person. I told him no because I was a christian and I didn't like the way I felt about it. When I told him no I he started pushing me to say yes. He told me that if he sent me a pic of him would I send me the pic of me and of course I said no, he still didn't like that answer so for a long time he kept on asking over and over again and the answer was always no. It got to the point that he was going crazy and started to tell me online that I would pay for it. Thats when I had to get the parents involved, the parents handled it and when they did I never talked with him again.

Harassment is scary and very dangerous. We girls need to say no to a guy that wants something from you if you didn't want to do that something from you. If you say no and they keep on bugging you you need to see a parent or someone so you can feel safe. Being safe is the best way to have an easier life. So girls remember if you are being harrassed then here are some tips to stop this...

1. Delete the guy from facebook or from any of your accounts. Then you should go to a parent and tell them that you were harrassed.

2. If the guy bugs you after you have deleted him and he does it at school than go to the principle and the boy will be sent home and disiplined from his parents.

3. If the guy threatens you, don't be scared to keep it from others, tell someone.

4. If you want you can go to your gym teacher and you can ask her to teach you self-defence so you can defend yourself from the guy. If the guy is bigger and stronger than you than call 911

5. Always and do it quickly call 911 if you are alone.

I hope these tips will help you ladies and that you will learn to keep yourself safe. Before I forget I want to say "Never ever let your guard down and never let anyone use you." "You are your own self you are the only person that controls you."

Be safe and never be afraid of others or yourself.

Being 16 And Being Harassed Online Or At Places?
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  • SakuraChii
    What if you're being touched in the hallwsy or lunch line? I've been touched in the hallway multiple times, and in middle school it happebd when I was at the locker. I feel like you can't get ahold of the person once you find a staff (they run away) and a lot of times they are strangers so you can't go by name.
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    • If you are being touched by people or a certain person and you don't like it just say don't touch me I don't like it. Lol I broke a guys pinky for touching me to many times. If the staff always run away then try talking to someone you are close to and that will help you. Try not to go to strangers it is not a good idea.

    • SakuraChii

      The stranger that is being a pervert runs away not the stafc

    • SakuraChii


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  • Spirit_Is_Free
    Good take - I don't think anyone should ever be afraid to go to parents or authorities about alleged harassment - Everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable.
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    • Thanks. I believe you. :) Everyone should be like you said safe and comfortable.

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  • lolatyou
    Nice take. I'm really glad that you're this smart and careful at 16.
    • Thank you. I try to protect myself from harms way, I hope you do too :)

  • SugaryLips
    what to do if a person (unknown) asks or texts me on a social networking site - "Do you like sex?" , What to do , i didn't told my parents and just ignored that.
    • If someone asks you that and you don't know the person never ever do answer them they are strangers. Always talk to someone you know online.

    • SugaryLips

      thanks for helping , I was quite stressed about it.

    • Your Welcome. Now you don't have to stress out anymore! :)

  • abundantlyrich
    You can trust too much on a guy uou dont know well
    • You are right about this. I know this guy but thanks you also taught me that I should be aware. :)

    • Sorry I am so sorry I was talking to a different person.

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