Only Virgin Girls Allowed


A week ago I ended up the relationship of more than three years we had with my girlfriend. It was hard to do that. I tried many things before deciding that and it took me a lot to come to terms with that. She is totally sad, and is hurt because the reason is I can't get over her past sexual life. I won't go into details here because I found out that writing about this subject helps me. But going into details is too hurtful now. I prefer talking more in general (I worte a question about this if you are courious). The point is frmo now on only virgins allowed.

Only virgin girls allowed

I started having thoughts about her past more than a year and a half ago. A year ago I started looking for help in many ways. Nothing helped me to fully solve this. Some things were better than others. By then I started reading a lot about this problem sometimes called retroactive jealousy. And I've seen some really false statements there like the one I'd like to mention now: "You have to accept your girlfriend just like she is".

No, you don't.

Don't let the twist your mind or otherwise torture you with false commandments. I've read hundred of times people telling a guy that he have to accept the fact that his girlfriend has been with others. Where that comes from? I understand that sometimes the guy knew the girl wasn't a virgin when he met her. And then he can't complain about this because he was warned. But yet, he is in his right to choose the girl he wants. No one else is entitled to tell him which characteristics of this girl are those he can use to choos her or not.

I co-worker girl I know told me once "I'd never date a guy who hates smokes". And I found it totally rational because she smoked a lot. I heard a guy on the TV years ago saying he would never date a girl who didn't want to have sex in the first date. Weird as it could sound I guess we can say what is our criteria. It has to work for us, not for every one else. If I decided to only date virgins from now one. Who is going to stop me?

Yes, you can say I'll have a hard time finding a virgin girl. That's true but I have to try, right? Maybe it won't be a virgin really. I don't know for sure. It could be a girl with a conservative past which is willing to never tell me anything about it. Maybe it will be easier for me to accept her past now that I also have a past. But this is not only about me but about all those guys out there who a repeatedly told they have to accept their girlfriends even when the can't get over their past. You can try. But also you can drop it and get out from there. And go for something different.

Only Virgin Girls Allowed
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  • Stacyzee
    I find it odd you place so much value into who someone has slept with, when from this article I can infer that you are not a virgin.
    It'd be funny if virgin girls found themselves unable to get over your sexual past.
    I find your method of approach of someone who is highly insecure and hypocritical in tactics.
    Your logic would only work if you were a virgin yourself , then I'd say your preference is understandable.
    How would you like someone judging you based on the people you slept with before you ever even knew of their existence?
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    • kap_nss

      Not, it won't work ONLY if I am a virgin.
      I don't have any issues about some girl dating me or not, based on my sexual past.

    • Stacyzee

      What I mean by work, is the understanding of that I get where you're coming from with this view. But since you have a fair amount of sexual experience, and you're solely seeking virgins, this only leads me to believe that you are extremely insecure.
      Good luck finding virgins because the only ones i see are piled up on GAG.
      In every day life, even teen girls aren't virgins.
      I remember feeling like the last girl in highschool to lose my virginity.

    • Stacyzee

      I'm even shocked to hear someone 20-21 say they are a virgin. This is what the norm as become. I really think you need to dig deeper and face your insecurities, what are you so afraid of?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Noxifer626
    Woah. Woah. Woah.
    So you just dumped her for not being a virgin after THREE YEARS?
    Dude. That's just plain stupid.
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    • No, he found out that she was a whore.

    • Noxifer626

      @TwentySomething Unless she charged those men, she wasn't a whore.

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  • GingerBear
    My biggest problem with this is that it took you three years to decide you cared that much about her past. That's a dick move.
    I don't give a flying fuck about whether you only want to date virgins. It's incredibly hypocritical, but hey, that's between you and those girls.
    • kap_nss

      It's interesting how many girls freaked out about this article. I guess that's a sign of immaturity when you can't disagree without insulting. And you can't explain why you disagree.
      Not a single freaked out girl here did answer to this question so far: "Have you dated every single guy who asked you out or was interested in you?" Not answering that is hypocritical.

  • xXiTacoXx
    You commented on @Queen66's post and said you had sex with her. So why should a girl who is a virgin waste her time with a hypocrite like yourself who isn't one? I don't think you have the right to judge sexual past and go virgin hunting when you yourself aren't a virgin and you also have a past. Boy gtfo with that shit.
    • kap_nss

      I wrote this take because of people like you, who think they can tell other what they have to do. But you said something interesting: "I don't think you have the right to judge sexual past and go virgin hunting when you yourself aren't a virgin and you also have a past". This means my girlfriend never had the right to take my virginity because she had a past.

      BTW: I have the right to choose the girl I like. Just like she has the right to choose me. I'd never lie to her.

    • xXiTacoXx

      And she has the right to stay away from hypocrites which I hope she does.

    • kap_nss

      But what about my ex-girlfriend and what you said? Was she a virgin hunter with me?

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  • milightman
    Less competition for me. I'm starting to like how things are turning out in the dating scene. More self-proclaimed nice guys coming out, you got MGTOW, fuckbois, and more of this. I don't have any kids going on 24 either, and the future is looking pretty good too, so my competition is definitely dwindling up to this point.

    But being an asshole aside. I'm going to say this. Yes you have every right to date any preference you have in mind. I even noticed how weren't referring to her as a slut. But you're going to see that a woman's lack of a sexual past isn't going to make her a better woman. You'll probably end up hurt by this virgin girl you envision. But since you want to be about a persons past, you're also going to run into this problem. A girl that is a virgin you may deem fit for you, won't find you fit for her. Because for you to treasure a woman's sexuality as a means to break up three years later in a relationship. Shows how dedicated you are to someone. And a woman who's holding out as long as she is, would only want that, and examples of that, which you don't have. Not to mention, she won't like the fact that her virginity is one of the top of the list reasons you're dating her. Because you're focusing on her sexuality no matter how you twist it or not.

    It's not that you're insecure. But limiting beliefs refuse to see the bigger picture here. Especially the fact that someone's past isn't doing any direct harm to you, nor shows any consequence or behavior.
    • kap_nss

      This take was all about our right to have our own preferences without being insulted. As you can see it is hard to get people to accept this even when it is non of their business. And they are hypocritical too, because they turn down other people for silly and superfluous reasons. But they want to tell others which reasons are not allowed.

    • milightman

      Yeah, I get that. You have every right to have a preference. But you're comparing apples and oranges here on the subject. But we're talking about someone's sexual activity here, not whether or not they have bad habits that's a deal breaker, or no common interests or beliefs that would hold show compatibility. Like take a good look at yourself. What would make you such a prize to a girl who's waiting for someone special. To them their sexuality isn't something of priority. But you insist on making it that way.

    • kap_nss

      I've seen people turned down because of their skin color, looks, habits, and specially because of their past. Would you date a girl who's been sleeping around? I guess you would. Would you if she has been a prostitute (but she is not anymore)? Well, maybe you think this one twice because of STDs, but let's say you do. Would you date a girl who cheated on every one of her ten previous boyfriends? Would you date a girl who's been in jail for armed robbery?

      Am I hypocritical?

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  • itsallover
    This take just screams insecurity. Are you that unhappy with yourself that you just HAVE to be with a virgin girl to compensate? And nothing else even remotely matters other than the fact she has an unpenetrated vagina?
    • It's not about insecurity. I know plenty of dudes who are far from insecure who care about how many guys a girl has been with. No sane average guy has ever said, "I wish my wife had slept with more guys". Guys don't care about the number of guys a friends with benefits or a one night stand has had. Guys do consider how many guys a girl has been with if they're considering a long term relationship. It's not insecurity, it's just the way we think. Deal with it. A lot of girls of this generation are going to end up surrounded by cats or being married to a loser they cheat on. Decent guys with options don't want to marry hos. The chickens will come home to roost and you're not going to enjoy it.

    • itsallover

      @TwentySomething Sir, a guy that dumps a woman he was dating for THREE WHOLE YEARS because of her sexual past, is insecure. Sorry.

    • Lol when girls hear something they don't like they automatically say "it's because he's insecure!". Stop being pathetic. Some guys won't date whores. Deal with it.

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  • lumos
    I'm so glad I'm not a virgin anymore so that I'll be able to tell when people are genuinely into me and not into me just because I haven't had sex yet.
    • desidoll

      I wish I could give you more than one upvote lol

    • sweettckae

      @desidoll I did it for you 😌

    • kap_nss

      Is choosing a girl to date the same as judging her? I guess that's kind of a philosophical question. Did I write in my take any qualification about virgin and non-virgin girls? Did I say non-virgins are less valuable than virgins? No, I didn't. I just said what the girl I want to date is like. I even said "Maybe it won't be a virgin really" but from the quality of some comments I guess some of you didn't even read the hole text before freaking out.

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  • BuchitaBuchys
    You have every right to have your standards. But we have every right to tell you how unreasonable they are.
    Let me give you hints why people, especially women, are bothered by this:
    A. People, especially on this site, see it as "hypocritical standards" - you demanding certain characteristics of your partner that you do not have. In this case, and far too many, you demanding a virgin woman, when you in fact are not.
    If a woman was promiscuous, but demanded a virgin to settle down with, most men would freak out. Hell, even if he had a few partners, him in the single digits but her well into the double digits, they'd consider that unreasonable standards for her.
    But that's rare. Let me give an example more applicable to men. Women aren't as bothered by sexual psst as men are. Let's say she was poor. She was unemployed and had no car. But she demanded her boyfriend to have a job and a car. People, especially the men on here, would freak out, calling her every name in the book.
    B. Me, personally, I think you're gonna end up alone and bitter for a while because you're gonna have a hard time finding a virgin in your age group. The ones you DO manage to find, would most likely prefer fellow virgin men because virgins prefer virgins. You are severely limiting yourself. And let's face it, men have enough of a challenge getting dates as is.

    As long as you're upfront about it and don't insult the women who don't meet your standards, then I say good luck to you, you're gonna need it lol
    • But, what's more bothersome is that you waited 3yrs to dump her over this? Wow. Smh. At least you did it now, she deserves so much better.

      Are you sure you're 30? Aren't you a bit too old to be this insecure? I can get how you don't want her to have her body count in the hundreds, but to demand virgins? That's a bit unreasonable.

      I'm so glad I'm not a virgin anymore so men who actually are interested in me, not just my "purity", can be the only ones after me. Those who like me for me.

    • Vesuvius87

      Well explained. You saved me a lot from explaining all that.

      Another thing to consider, many of those young virgin girls in their early 20's (esp if they are traditional) have friends and family members that greatly want the best for her. I doubt they are going to be all welcoming to a 30+ year-old, experienced man that's seeking for only virgins.

    • Vesuvius87

      I agree, he's going to have a hard time.

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  • Joc4Position
    You're right. You don't have to accept anything. If something is a deal breaker for you then it's a deal breaker. You don't HAVE to do shit.

    That said of course it's also logical for people to disagree with you and express that. They have every right to do that too. I don't understand the whole "virgin girls only" thing, and think it's ridiculous but that's just my opinion. You do what you want to do, and I'll do what I want to do.
    • kap_nss

      I know it's ok if others disagree with me. But I wrote this just to tell that I find it wrong when people say "You HAVE to accept...". Specially because I've read that so many times.

    • Well that's why I said the first part.

  • Minxxie
    This is why I'd be scared to be in the dating world as a virgin, you never know if the guy actually likes you of if he just has some gross little fetish for virgins. I bet you gave up a great girl just because of your fetish. Your loss buddy!
    • kap_nss

      Guys never know if the girl they date are telling the truth about their sexual past, including virginity. For the rest just another offensive comment lacking arguments.

    • Echelon333

      Lmao If you're not sure everytime if your girlfriend is telling the truth then you shouldn't even be in a relationship with her, you're the problem, not her dude.. and I bet if some girl still tells you the truth you will still doubt that and question her honesty.. Because you know #insecurities

    • Minxxie

      @Echelon333 Exactly and there is no medical or scientific way to tell 100% if someone has ever had sex or not anyway. Virginity is an outdated myth and the parameters of what counts as sex and what doesn't are super undefined. Are lesbians and gay men "virgins"forever because they can't have vaginal penetrative sex? If a girl has sucked 100 dicks is she still a virgin? If she's received oral a bunch of times? It's childish and I don't get why people obsess over such an arbitrary little made up thing. There is absolutely no way to know for sure AND once this "virginity" fetishist has sex with a girl he's dating she won't fit his weird little fantasy anymore and he will leave her too!

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  • StewieRH
    I am a virgin and Christian so don't believe in sex before marriage (although I do sometimes wonder if I should twist the rules a bit and just wait until I've found someone I really trust, love and have known for a while) but I don't think my boyfriend is a virgin as he had a girlfriend before me, says he used to be a player (though won't really talk about it as he regrets it and just wants to forget about it) and once asked me if I ever wonder what it feels like. Another thing he once asked is why some bra's have patterns on them which makes me think he's obviously seen a few bra's and then when I ask myself "How?" the answer that comes to mind is "Probably while having sex unless he's seen his Mum's or sisters hung up on the line".

    Ngl, I do feel jealous when I think that he's had sex with other girls even though it's before he met me, plus he is younger than me (17). I can't say I know for sure he's had sex as I haven't actually asked him but I don't think I want to know as if he has, I know it will make me jealous and I hate that feeling and besides, I think it's pretty obvious he probably has.

    I just try and remind myself that those girls probs meant nothing to him as he doesn't seem to like talking about it and never mentions them. The only other girl he really mentions is his ex but that's another story and he's seemed to have stopped that now. I just remind myself that those other girls probs meant absolutely nothing to him and that he is with me now and that he loves me and doesn't want to lose me and seems fine with the fact I say I don't believe in sex before marriage as he knew this before we were going out so I know he see's me as more than just a sex object.

    • Astro1222

      Whoo! Another Christian, Bending the rules can be dangerous and I know that is tempting, But any road can be a slippery one, I had a friend who tried it.. yeah 15 and pregnant. So yeah be very very careful.

    • StewieRH

      @Astro1222 I am 19 so wouldn't be so bad but I would have to wait for my boyfriend to turn 18 if I do with him as he is only 17 atm

    • DeValdini

      I'm virgin vegan atheist gay

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  • Dulcedulcexoxo
    I gotta say , the fact that your fetishsizing it will turn virgins off and have them running. they want you to like them not the fact they are virgins. Just like a non virgin wants you to like them not the fact that they will put out. And how can you wakeup one day after 3 years of banging her and be like yep you know what i can't handle your past i think i want a virgin. Im sorry, but virgins have high standards and i dont think you will meet them.
    • kap_nss

      Blah, blah, offenses but not arguments.

    • dudeman

      women seriously can't read. just because he wants a virgin doesn't mean that he only likes her for that.

    • @dudeman Lol, nice generalizing
      But he is illogical, and completely delusional if he thinks a virgin would want him. fyi women also care about your sexual past as and of she is a virgin than she will have standards

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  • hazoplmeught
    • kap_nss


    • Waste of Time? I like this one! The truth hurts you huge ass hypocrite.

  • dipta
    What's ridiculous in this story is that you dated this girls for THREE long years, before deciding to pull the plug for something she was from the start. That's called taking advantage of people, and that was you taking advantage of her.

    Why would someone who dated someone else for three years be only interested in virgin girls feom now one? Not saying you won't find one, but it sounds twisted.
    • kap_nss

      I guess you didn't read my original question where I gave details about that.

  • takumii
    So , you are okay with the whole sex after marriage thing?
    If not then you are hypocrite. in the sense you want a virgin but wouldn't want then to be a virgin just because they are in relationship with you. That would be pretty selfish.
    • kap_nss

      No, I'm not. Actually the opposite. I realize having waited like I did was a huge mistake. I know that is my fault. But I couldn't change that.

  • ShaeNielson
    If I were a virgin I'd never date a terrible person like you who values a girl for nothing more than her genitals.
    • kap_nss

      Am I a terrible person? I assume you dated every single guy who asked you out or was in any other way interested on you. Otherwise you are a terrible person too. Lol.

    • Yea, cause that is the same as dumping a girl because you find her inferior due to the state of her vagina.

    • You do not get it do you guy. You are treating women, girls, the female sex of ourselves, as property, as objects, as "Things". That is why they are offended by your statements. I agree with you that you can go afte whoever you want, but do not expect to be counted as obsolutely right for why you are doing it by the People. You will always be brought down, not just by Women, by Men as well.

  • QuestionMan
    Why does it matter if a girl is a virgin or not?
    If she's been with other guys it means she's experienced and you could have a lot more fun. With a virgin you have to worry about her becoming really clingy and not hurting her since it's her first time. She would also be a lot more insecure than an experienced girl.
    • That's not true. Experience doesn't mean better, and being a virgin doesn't mean you'll be clingy.

      Also, just because she's a virgin doesn't mean you'd hurt her but with any female you should make sure you aren't hurting them... unless they are into that kind of thing.

    • kap_nss

      I totally agree with Joc4Position in what he told you.

      It matters because you decide what matters about your girlfriend. Is it ok to choose a girl based on her hair color but not her sexual life?

    • Are you really that insecure about your own performance?

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  • davidpossey
    why do you really want to date virgins? is it cuz you feel insecure sexually? you dont think you are as good as those guys she had sex with? in the end its your choice to date virgins if you want but dont let it come from a place of insecurity
    • kap_nss

      Yes, all that and more.

    • what if you meet an amazing girl you really like but she is not a virgin are you gonna let your insecurity stop you from being with her?

    • kap_nss

      Did you actually read my take? I just did it. Not that I'm happy with that but thoughts about her past would never leave me alone and were driving me crazy.

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  • fauchelevent
    Meh, if you only want a non-virgin girl, that's up to you. Everyone else is just entitled to call you an asshole for that if they want to.
    • Why are they entitled to call him an asshat? Because you don't agree?

    • @TwentySomething No, because that's the way things work? You're entitled to have your opinion, make it public and follow through with it but other people are entitled to disagree with you and say how they feel too.

    • You make it sound as if everyone should call him an asshat. I share his view. I'll never start a serious relationship with a promiscuous girl.

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  • Kiwedin
    Do whatever you want to do with your life, but I just have a really hard time understanding why anyone even cares about virginity. As long as they're free of STD's, why should anyone give a fuck? Why do you care so much?
    • As a guy, I care about it for many reasons... here are some:

      I don't want to touch and kiss you where another man has already touched and kissed you.. I dont wan't to put my d*ck in a hole another man has put his into.. it's gross to say the least.. even if I didn't know any of my girls ex partners, to think that this girl, my lover, who is supposed to be mine, was used before me by many others is very disheartening.

      Not to mention the psychological and emotional damage caused by multiple romantic&sexual relationships.. the more heartbreaks a girl suffers, the more baggage, the lesser her capacity to love, etc. etc.

      This doesn't mean I'd never date a non-virgin.. I would, but only in one scenario. If she truly regrets her past and vows to never repeat her mistakes.. she'd be as good as a virgin in my eyes, and I would pursue her if everything else between us was great.

    • Kiwedin

      @The_Terminator Yeah, I still don't get it lol. You think it's gross that she's been with other men, yet there's this thing called a shower and it does a really great job at cleaning one's body and removing germs that may or may not been left behind by someone she had sex with lmao. I feel like your issue less to do with germs and more to do with the fact that you may be insecure and the idea of this girl being pleasured by another man makes you feel inadequate or that she's maybe comparing you to them, which is just silly. Again, really not understand your reasoning here. If you had complete confidence in yourself and your sexual ability then maybe you wouldn't be so obsessed with her past partners...
      To say that a woman who's had more partners has more "baggage" is a complete generalization. Even if she had been hurt previously, why is that such an issue for you? If you truly care about someone, you want to help them and you want them to be happy, not completely write them off.

    • kap_nss

      If you don't understand after reading this text and the question I referred there, there is nothing else I can do :)

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  • SarahsSummer
    I think it is a ridiculous reason to end a relationship and in no way is akin to your other examples ( smoker 1st date sex)
    You are 30 years old. If you only want virgins, troll the high school yards but good luck with the law. Or better yet, become a suicide bomber and get 72 virgins after accidentally blowing up while alone somewhere. But I digress, I truly think you just need more time in therapy.
    • kap_nss

      It scares to see how many people went about that perverse idea of going to look for highschool girls. How f*cked up.

    • No more f*cked than proclaiming you only want to defile virgins.

    • kap_nss


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  • Berethor
    Yes pure and first hand girls are the best, but it's hard to find them, so some guys are compromising on used goods. You right, a guy don't have to accept an girl that had many other dicks on her.
    • kap_nss

      I didn't say that. I said a guy doesn't have to accept a girl he doesn't like for any reason.

    • Vesuvius87

      So having one boyfriend in her whole life and whom the relationship has been long over and she doesn't want to get back with him is used goods too? So basically, she's now condemned to be used goods forever even if it was within a relationship?

    • Berethor

      It's almost the same principle as having an children from other guy, I might understand why the girl did it in some cases, but it don't change the fact that she is having much less value for most other guys now. It's isn't our fault that the non-virgin girl give up her purity to other guy, if she break up then it's most likely that she choice the wrong guy, and their is an consequences for bad decisions. If the girl was living by the most true monogamous principle of being together until death do them apart, then she was not having this problem right now. If she had one boyfriend in long relationship then I would not say that she is an slut, but she is still an used goods for the new guy, and yes it's for the rest of her life.

  • SunsetRose
    It's fine for you to want to date a virgin but don't get upset if she says she only wants to date a virgin too
  • ksoma
    You were with her for 3 years, and you left her, and ended those three years of commitment, because of her sexual history. Before you. She wasn't cheating, she wasn't being disloyal, she simple had sex with someone, before you.
    And you knew this. This wasn't something she just dropped on you. You KNEW this. You said you knew about this a year and a half ago.

    Now, to be fair, you have not said what her history was. For all we know, she had gangbang parties regularly, and went through more guys on a weekend than most girls will in their lives.
    But to be fair? YOU HAVE NOT SAID WHAT HE HISTORY WAS, and for all we know, she had sex with one other guy, who she was in a committed relationship with, before she met you.

    And you, you dirty hypocrite. You are no virgin. What right do you have to condemn a woman for having any sex of any kind in the past, and insisting that no woman who has ever been touched could possibly be good enough for you, when you are not offering them the same in return?

    I get, totally, completely, 100%, not wanting a slut. No guy wants to be the man that, after 12 years of jumping dick to dick, she settles for. No guy wants to get into a committed relationship with a woman who doesn't even know how many people she has slept with, what half of their names were, or if they were even clean. The only guys who want sluts are the guys looking for a cheap fuck.

    But sex? Sex happens. Maybe it was a one time hook up and a mistake. Maybe she was in a serious relationship. But people have sex. That is part of life. You do not have to accept, forgive, and move past her sexual history if it involved blowing an entire football team on a dare, but if she has had a boyfriend or two before you, and fucked 'em, before she ended up with you? That's fucking life. So unless you have model looks, a six figure income, and a 14 inch cock made of pure gold that can make a woman orgasm just by looking at it, maybe you need to get off your moral high horse, recognize that people are people, and that by leaving her after so long together because of things YOU KNEW ABOUT that happened LONG BEFORE YOU SHOWED UP, that makes you the asshole!

    I have no problem with someone preferring a virgin, but if you are not one? And you entered into a relationship knowing she was not one? Deciding later that she isn't pure enough for you is nothing but a dick move. She's better off without you. At some level, you do accept people for their past, even their mistakes.
  • Elena_the_Star
    As a virgin, I think I am qualified to give you my opinion, hm?
    You can date a girl who matches your values- which is virginity in this case, ( only if you are one yourself, otherwise you are just a shameless hypocrite)
    but if you come to love a girl and THEN come to know she's not a virgin, do you really want to loose everything special you have with her over her past? Sometimes you should think if this virginity is really a good indicator of someone's worth. Maybe they did it only because they were pressured by their families, religion or society and given the chance otherwise they would have lost it, much earlier. So now do you think being with someone who's a virgin who will treat sex as a prize and most likely be a prude about it, worth losing someone who really connects with you otherwise? Think about it.
    I am a virgin and though I would like my guy to be virgin too for my first time so its special to both even if he isn't it won't matter at the end, if I love him and he loves me. I know its useless posting here since my ex was the same and it was the same putting value on what lies between a woman's legs charade. Thanks for reading.
    • You are not qualified to provide an opinion to his decision, he has every right to choose who he wants in life, and who does not want in life. If that person says she is a virgin, and then lied about it with bad intentions, then he has every right to choose to be with her, or dump her. It is better to break up what is not real, than live a lie just to satisfy your philosophy. If that woman is willing to lie to him about who she is, or her past, then how will their marriage or partnership survive on a foundation of lies. They must always be truthful even in the beginning.

    • @COMMODOREII I have every right to post my opinion and if you don't like it, scroll down. That is a very superficial thing to do but I didn't say he has no right to do so, I said he should think it over if it really matters. Learn the difference.

  • Echelon333
    Lmfao.. My current girlfriend has been with 2 guys sexually in her past, was it hard at the beginning? Yes, I even had some hard time sleeping moments over it, but that was only like the first 5-6 months, now I don't even fucking care, cause you know.. she's with me NOW and we love eachother and I'd never leave her over some childish stupid sh*t like this one lol Dw I know how it feels, she even had a rough time when she was 14-16 (regarding sex) I hate smoking too, and she smokes lol But I wouldn't leave her over that! I feel bad for your ex, she didn't do anything wrong to you personally, she just lived her life and doing normal things that everyone does (yes, your girlfriend is allowed to live her life before she meets you lmao), and you just left her, and for what.. ? For your own (stupid) insecurities.. Grow up "man". And you're such a hypocrite lel, "From now on I will only look for virgins" And you're not a virgin yourself, and you also have a sexual past. Just a tip.. If you find one of those conservative non-virgins who won't tell you anything about their sex lifes before you, you will end up asking them that same question lol Yeah sure, at the beginning you won't but on the long run, you eventually will.. But hey, you can leave her/them too after 6-7-8 years again when you find out about their past lel Again, your poor ex loved you a lot (still does) and you've spent 3 years together, and you left her... But it's your life right? You can do anything you want blah blah Good luck with your virgin hunt bruh, hope you catch some of them virgins, then lock them in your castle and be happy forever.
  • aliceinwonderland69
    You are biological programmed to avoid promiscuous women due to fear of being duped into raising another man's offspring. You are right you cannot choose what you are attracted to. You have the right to be with or not be with whoever you want. Don't give in to the feminist shame you will most likely have heaped on you.
  • Vesuvius87
    Good luck finding a family who will accept a 30+ year-old guy making the ''only virgin girls but I'm not'' rule dating their virgin daughter who is most likely either just got out of HS or in her early 20's.

    If you find a virgin woman your age, more than likely she is going to be religious. You're going to have a super hard time.

    If you think even having one boyfriend is still too much for a girl (esp one that's close to your age), then you got serious issues.

    • Hey not all women lose their virginity at an early age, nor do many men. You think that everyone lives by your standards? We are all different. When I was growing up, I had a friend, a woman who was 36, and she was a virgin, and i was 19. It was great when she finally found someone she could feel comfortable with and get married, it was the best day of their lives. I never judged her, or him for that matter. They were happy, and they finally found each other, and i thinkthats great. So dont put down someone, who decides to be a virgin, and call them "religious", how the hell do you know what their beliefs are, you are only insighting more hatred, than logic.

  • lolatyou
    I can see where you're coming from. I don't want a guy who has a lot of sexual experience and I think I have that right because I hold myself to the same standard as well. There's no way in the world I would get involved in a serious relationship with a man who has had sex with anything that has a hole.

    Everyone has different preferences. Some people like people who are experienced and they have that right just as much as you have yours.

    At least you tried getting over it but now that you're honest and you can't anymore, it's better that you know what you're looking for so you don't waste anyone else's or your time anymore.

    The only issue I have is when men specifically think women should be a virgin and they themselves have had multiple partners in that case you're a hypocrite.
    • kap_nss

      I'm glad you perfectly understood this and you made an civilized comment. If I could change the past I would have lost my virginity at 16 like she did. And then we would be more even. The problem is with me, no with her virginity. But just a few of those who commented here took the time to read what this was about. Thank you!

    • Echelon333

      "... with a man who has had sex with anything that has a hole" But... what if he has a flashlight or one of those artificial with real looking vagina inside and out dolls? Is it still a problem lmao Or then he goes into pervert category? I'm not one of those, just curious for the answer lol :D

    • lolatyou

      lol ok I mean an actual human being with a hole. He can have an orgy with fleshlights if he wants haha

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  • PrincessTashaaaa
    I feel this way about my husbands porn use. He has since stopped watching it around me, and this was three years ago. But I still have huge insecurities because of it. Funny, I don't care about girls he's slept with before me, but I care about his porn use? It's all personal criteria like you said, I guess.
  • sweettckae
    This article is bullshit...

    Your opinion is limited only to yourself.. not others.
    Leave others out of it, your girlfriend was a douche just like you.
    And you can't judge others because of some chick you dated.

    Sorry... you're incorrect.
    • kap_nss

      I guess you never turned down a guy who asked you out, right?

    • sweettckae

      Yeah I did, what does that have to do with your article?

    • kap_nss

      That fact that you don't understand that is a sign I shouldn't have taken you opinion too seriously. :)

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  • doodlecake
    So you're not a virgin, but you want a virgin... WHHHAAATTT? That makes no sense.
    • kap_nss

      You say only virgins can claim virgins? Sure that makes a lot of sense, lol.

    • doodlecake

      It's a double standerd. You want her not to have had sex. But you've had tons.. Why do you care?

  • AleDeEurope
    Though I'm not a virgin-chaser, and I don't care if a girl is a virgin or not, I get and agree with what you're saying.
    We choose a partner for ourselves, so we need them to have what we want. Sure, no one is gonna have everything, but the most important things should be a must have.

    There's no girl out there that doesn't judge a man for his past. I've been judged for everything I've done, and I accept it when a girl tells me she doesn't want me because of something I did, or something I don't have. I can't force someone to be with me and to accept every aspect of my life.

    Most of these girls in GAG are too **** to accept that they're not the center of the world. Don't expect them to understand that they also have flaws, and that guys don't have to deal with all of their bullshit.
    • kap_nss

      Man, thanks. I was about to think no one here read the articles they criticized. You are right "There's no girl out there that doesn't judge a man for his past" and I'd add "There's no guy out there that doesn't judge a girl for his past".

    • Yeah, it applies to guy's too. I just mentioned girls because these girls on this Take don't seem to want to be judged, but they're the first ones to judge you and say no because of your past.
      The past made you who you are today, you can't just ignore it and accept everything a person has done.
      Many of these girls would say NO if asked if they would date a guy that had previously cheated on a girlfriend, cause apparently women can change, but guys will always stay the same... GAG logic.

    • kap_nss

      You are totally right. And even more, many of these girls and guys freaking out about my take would turn down people for the most superfluous reasons you may think of. And worst, you can bet many of the cheat or cheated on their partners. But then I'm the evil because I'm honest.

  • idkwtftoputhere
    If you wanna date only virgin girls then you do you lol but it's gonna be hard to differentiate between who's a virgin and who's not, people lie about their notch count all the time. lmao
    • kap_nss

      Yeah, sure. Maybe your boyfriend is lying about having a STD. Who knows. If she lies and holds that lie for ever, I'm OK with that.

    • 1. Don't have a boyfriend
      2. Condoms are your friend
      Also, if you're okay with her lying about being a virgin then wouldn't that completely defeat the purpose of finding a virgin girl?

    • kap_nss

      "wouldn't that completely defeat the purpose of finding a virgin girl?"

      I think you're confusing the message from this text with my own story. If you read my first question I made here at GAG you'll probably understand my take and my story better.

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  • wrightontime
    Fact: Another guy took her virginity. But, You took 3 years of her life SHE will never get BACK. How would like to go to a place that stole 3 years of your life. YOU stole 3 years of her life. You stole 3 years of her prime. YOU took more from her than the other guy did. YOU WIN.

    I'm not going to tell you what to do, but I've been through this a few times and will tell you the facts that I experienced.

    You are the longest boyfriend she had ever had. YOU WIN. She has had sex with you more times than any other guy. YOU WIN. She chooses to pleasure you more than any other guy. YOU WIN. She only initiates sex with you every time she is horny. YOU WIN.

    She will never choose to have sex with other guys ever again. YOU WIN. She will never go back to her exes, she will move onto someone better. YOU WIN. She chooses to be permanenty linked to you for life by marrying you and having your kids. YOU WIN!

    The Guy is chooses for her longest relationship really is the winner. YOU CANNOT HANDLE WINNING. Therefore, nobody will ever be good enough for you. Sure, The ex-boyfriend had sex with her. But, she gave you 3 YEARS of her life SHE WILL NEVER GET BACK. She could have been fucking another guy who is better than you for those 3 years instead of being lead on by you.

    Repeat this again, YOU stole 3 years of her life she will never get back.

    This is real life. Girls will never have sex again with their exes. Those relationships will never happen again. Girls break up with you and choose someone better than you for their next boyfriend.

    I became a bitter monster and turned into the devil. I fucking crushed a few non virgins and now my lonely heart is paying for it. I was a raging asshole and demon to them because they weren't virgins. Now I just want a second chance.

    These non virgin girls were honest and upfront about their past and didn't try to hide when I asked. I never gave them credit for that. They did what it took to make me happy and i still exploded fucking hell on them.

    • dudeman

      he didn't steal anything from her. they both gave three years of their lives. you fucked vigins for fun, you stole something from those women. this asker seems nothing like you.

    • @dudeman Wrong. I fucked NON virgins for fun. I've never been with a virgin. That's why I was the devil towards my NON virgin girlfriends.

      I'm saying he stole her time because he basically tricked her that he was really in love with her. Guys who are with girls when they don't love them, lead them on, go through motions, and have a Bad (but quiet) attitude towards the person are wasting a girls time. Tricking and wasting are stealing. Girls told me that to my face.

    • dudeman

      well maybe its time to step up your game and get a women you want.

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  • LaurenGrace
    Looks like you want a unicorn at at end of a rainbow farting gold coins into a pot... but you can't get past the fact that the unicorn is owned by a lepricon.

    Dude get over the fact she has a past.. you have too past too you are not perfect and she lovesyou that is why she is a brokenhearted girl right now.. and frankly you dont deserve her but go make it up to her and stop being a dickhead
  • Remonster
    It's a preference that restricts you quite a bit (in this hypersexual society), but it's a preference like any other nonetheless and I can certainly understand why someone would choose to after. Don't let anyone shame you into thinking otherwise just because your criteria hurts their precious little feelings and/or world views.

    Shaming tactics are growing increasingly rampant among males too. It's ass.
  • Darkone1
    Its your life if you don't like it then on't do it and HI ! don't listen to chicks cuz this non-virgin stupidity is only common is US even Europe is better than our US and if you go further its all about virginity and 98% of chicks were virgin when they marry and the result is 98% were happily married to their first husband and their divorce ratio is less than us and Hi chicks are not gona like it cuz if they promote this Who gona marry them so continue your hunt you may find one.
  • TheDevilInside
    It's sexist creeps like you I hate the most. The guy can be non-virgin but the girl has to? Once a girl is no longer a Virgin she loses value to you? What if she was raped? Also, if you put so much value to someone having been fucked in the past, how do you feel about your own past? Logically, you would also See yourself as having no value since you're no longer "pure" as well. If you accept your own past but can't accept here, not only you're a hypocrite, but you're also one of the douchiest Kind of assholes out there. People come with a past and a baggage in all sorts of manners. If you can't accept this, fuck your loyal Hand the Rest or your life because really, you don't deserve an actual human being (you don't want an actual human being anyway, since they all come with a past and a baggage). Or get one of those real rolls. They're Brand New and custom-made to your liking. No personality, no past. Perfect, right?
    • If she was raped then she is still a virgin morally.

    • Not to peopl like him, I'm sure. Things tend to be black and white for his Kind @mishsheaven

    • He never said if she is raped then she is a slut. SO lets not make assumptions

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  • WalterRadio
    The morality of virginity was established thousands of years ago, when women were property, very similar to one's slaves. Women were often married at 13, 14, 15; sometimes 12. The chances were high they would die in childbirth. The men would often die in wars and injuries too. Life was short.

    Fast forward to today and the average of of marriage for a woman is 27 plus. There are about 2% of women who are virgins when they marry, but the average age of a virgin bride is 19. The divorce rate for women who marry at 21 and under is astronomical compared to the rate for women who marry at 27 and older.

    Therefore, if you wish to be true to a virgin, then marry her when she is 13, and make sure you are dead before you turn 35.
    • kap_nss

      Fake statistics to make a point which has nothing to do with this take. You fail to explain why a guy can't choose to date a virgin.

    • If you don't like my numbers, go look up your own.

      The roughly 2% and 19 came from a study of human sexuality of a few years ago. It was a comprehensive study conducted by professors and grad students and published. It was several hundred pages, and well documented.

      I didn't say one couldn't prefer a virgin. I am saying that it is irrational to keep one characteristic of a bygone era, while throwing out the associated characteristics of that era.

    • kap_nss

      It could be hard, that's true. But winning lottery is even harder and I see millions of people trying every day :D

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  • DeadShot619
    Ya accepting her past isn't the only option. If u can't accept her past then u can leave. There's always more than 1 option
  • CupcakeKiller
    Lulz you're fucking 30. Grow up.
    • kap_nss

      Just another freaked out girl making an irrational comment.

    • Yep. I was just about to ask you out and you ruined it for me.

    • kap_nss

      Forget it. Lol.

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  • BertMacklinFBI
    damn daniel.. back in the white vans!

    thats my tone lol
  • singlebee
    The ell this is why you should follow the "don't ask and don't tell" policy..
    What's post if post it can not be changed... And you should keep it in the past..

    But you do have a right to have a partner who is near your number of sex partners...
    Or if you are a virgin then date a virgin

    Or just get over get past or just don't ask and don't tell..

    Do whatever your want...
  • Bandit74
    Go for whatever you think will make you happy. Girls will turn guys based on the number of dollars in their bank account or the number of inches they stand of the ground so I think its fine if you use number of sexual partners as a filter for who you want to date.

    Only problem would be if you make a point to insult girls who dont meet your criteria by calling them sluts or if you lie by telling a girl you're a virgin when you're really not. So if your honest about your past and respectful when turning down girls who dont fit your criteria then I dont think there's anything wrong with your preference. Well other than the fact they are rare and you are significantly limiting your dating pool, but its your right to be as picky as you want.

    Last thing is youd be better off if you dont specifically tell them you're looking for a virgin.
    • kap_nss

      Insulting a girl when turning her down? That mindless.

      I know I can't start the first date by asking whether she's a virgin. But I can manage to know that soon enough I guess. People go on some dates and then they quit. That's normal, isn't it?

  • cth96190
    kap_nss you have probably done your former girlfriend a huge favour.
    You have a twisted view of morality and little understanding of life.
    Are you Western, or from a Third World culture such as Islam?
  • BambooforPanda
    Even though I'm not a fan of your choice to exclude non-virgin girls, I can respect the rationale you have about it, in particular that you have isolated it as being your issue or your preference rather than there being something inherently wrong with non-virgin girls (or even men, which is the argument I'm used to seeing on this site). You're totally right. If you can't come to terms with someones sexual history then the only answer is to end the relationship and find partners who suit you better.

    You are likely always going to have opposition to your views on this because for so long female viginity was considered like a kind of property which could only be taken by her husband, while young men were free to be promscuous. As well unmarried women without virginity were regarded as useless, and worse... None of which is true or justifiable.

    It's actually very mature to understand what your own psyche that well.
  • bloodmountain1990
    Why limit yourself like that?

    Besides, you said you have a past too. What if a girl held your past against you?

    Only thing that would matter to me is if the girl has an STD or kid, when considering sexual partners or relationships.
  • Queen66
    you knew from the start that she was not a virgin, but you went with her anyways, the thing of the matter is that, you thought that you could look past the fact that she was not a virgin, because you liked her right, but the thing with some guys is that when it comes to having sex with their girl they would like to be their first, which in most cases you would not be, so its on you... in any case you have the right to break up with her but you should not have kind of wasted her time if you kind of knew that you have those feeling.
    • kap_nss

      At first I didn't knew if she was or not a virgin. Before we had sex for the first time I knew she wasn't. But at that time I couldn't know what was going to happen to me a year and a half later. :/

    • Queen66

      oh ok... in other words, for next time do you want your girl to be a virgin or not

    • kap_nss

      I think I explained that at the end of my take.

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  • jessyrose101
    Im a virgin and if i dated a guy that had a huge list of exs i could see where u r coming from but if he had a short one it wouldn't bother me.
  • nalaa
    You have to accept your girlfriend just like she is".
    No, you don't.

    What people mean is that you shouldn't choose to be with someone that has flaws that you can't live with. However if you do choose to be with them, you should not expect them to change. Obviously

    If I decided to only date virgins from now one. Who is going to stop me? -- well possibly the lack of virgins that are interested in you

    but I have to try, right? -- no you don't. You can choose to try but don't make it sound like some kind obligation
    • That is first piece of logic I have seen so far.

  • dudeman
    yes it is your right to seek whatever type of relationship you want. i just dont even listen to women about this subject they just want to keep men used to the status que.