How To Take Better Naked Selfies



Many of you have send naked selfies in the past I think and gthe internet is full of such pictures. But look at them and you realize that many don't really think about it and as a result the pictures aren't not as good as could be.

These simple tips below can hopefully help you a bit to make better naked pictures of yourself so you can imprress your love or crush with picture of your naked body.

Good use of light

If you know something about photography then you know that a good use of light is always important. For pictures of nudity it’s maybe even more important because it’s about your body and you want you body to look good on the picture. Two important things for pictures of nudity use if possible daylight and avoid overhead light. Light of lamps and overhead light can both give terrible shadows on places of your body you don;t like. Another reason to go for daylight is that your body will look more natural.

Get your angles right

Another very important thing for photography is chosing the right angle. High-angle, low-angle or no angle at all? With the angle you can manipulate the viewer of the picture. For example a low-angle makes you look strong and for the men you will look bigger ;-)


A good background can make a picture so much more intresting but it can also be disatract from the subject of the picture. So when you make a naked selfie you go for a neutral background because you want the focus on your body.

Stand up straight

Probably the best thing you can do is to stand straight up because most people will have unwanted flab or rolls when they sit.

Get creative

Being creative makes it more fun to make a naked selfie but it also gives a sign to the one you send it too, he or she will see you have put effort in the picture. You aren’t a professional (at least most of you) so no reason to be too creative.

Vertical is always better

Vertical is called portrait style for a reason.

Use a timer

The main camera is often much better then the front one, so set the timer and use this one.


There’s nothing wrong with using apps/programs to make the picture just that little better, but don't over-edit.

How To Take Better Naked Selfies
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  • jacquesvol
    If you want to show your sexy parts, take care that your face (or very unique tattoo ) isn't on the same photo.
    • Anonymous

      but that would make it personal to see that too

    • jacquesvol

      it's about being identified by other persons, of course: a tattoo and a face can be recognized, naughty bits can't.

    • Anonymous

      If I recieve a naughty picture i want to see her face too

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