What Guys Love To Hear In Bed


"Faster...Harder...Deeper..." What Guys Love To Hear In Bed

Posted by GirlsAskGuys on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Forget about positions, sometimes the best part of sex is the communication that takes place while you’re going at it. Whether it’s steamy, dirty talk or simple one liners to validate he’s getting you off, guy’s reveal the best things girls have ever said to them during sex. Whether you’re the romantic lover or the closet kink, these confessions were revealed to revv up any guy! Check out the video and link above for more, and read more about what guys love to hear in bed!

Guys Say They Love To Hear:

“I love you”

What Guys Love To Hear In Bed

“It’s in the moaning - best things are left unsaid”

What Guys Love To Hear In Bed

“You feel so good”

What Guys Love To Hear In Bed

“You’re so big!”

What Guys Love To Hear In Bed

“Harder / Faster / Deeper"

What Guys Love To Hear In Bed

“You’re so deep”

What Guys Love To Hear In Bed

“You make me so wet”

What Guys Love To Hear In Bed

“I love how you feel inside me”

What Guys Love To Hear In Bed

“Want to try anal?”

What Guys Love To Hear In Bed

“Don’t stop”
What Guys Love To Hear In Bed

“I’m coming”

What Guys Love To Hear In Bed

“That was the best I’ve ever had”

What Guys Love To Hear In Bed

"Let's do it again"

What Guys Love To Hear In Bed

What Guys Love To Hear In Bed
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Most Helpful Guy

  • OlderAndWiser
    I love hearing my woman say "I love you" but the very first time she says it, I hope that we are not having sex. I would like to know that she said because of her deep feelings of affection for me and not just because she is sexually aroused.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    I don't think I'd call a guy huge if he wasn't above average or say the sex was the best ever when it clearly was mediocre. They aren't dummies and overcompensating will make him feel worse.
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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Oh ___________ <---------------Insert your name HERE.
  • ManOnFire
    I actually prefer more challenging things to rev me up like, "Is that all you got, big boy?"

    But really though? I think chicks just like to think they know what we wanna hear most, and use insincere stuff like, "You're so big." It's just porny and fake. If you know your man well you'll know what HE wants/likes to hear in bed, not a cliche set of lines you think will work best just because he's a guy.
    • Stacyzee

      Is that all u got? Oh, I love it !

    • ManOnFire

      @Stacyzee Ha. Glad you do.

    • Agreed. At that point, I'd imagine it's such a turn off to have someone clearly just doing it for your sake. Why do that? Instead of focusing on how she's feeling, she's too busy worried if she sounds sexy enough. It's one thing if all of those things authentically roll off her tongue but another if she's more worried about your ego boost than genuinely enjoying herself.

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  • FrostyFlame
    I feel like if you're trying too hard to turn him on, he's gonna notice you're not being genuine. If all of those things genuinely roll off your tongue, that's one thing. But I think guys just like to see us being authentic and enjoying ourselves. If you're trying too hard to turn him on, you may very well be counter productive by distracting yourself from your own pleasure. I think they notice and I think it's a turn off to any guy who genuinely cares about you and how you're feeling.
  • Chief16
  • Battooot
    Unless you mean what you said. Don't say "you're so big" nor "that's the best i ever had"

    The rest of the stuff yes those are a huge turn On !! ( by the way don't say you make me so wet if you weren't wet cause that will be weird and we'l know you're lying).
  • bluenose1872
    I just like her to shut the fuck up so I can last longer than 10 seconds. As soon as I feel a pussy gripping my cock I'm on the verge of cumming. Have to think of my mum or the times table so I'll long enough for her to realize we're having sex. It's bloody impossible when she's telling you her pussys soaking or your making her orgasm. I can't last 10 seconds that way
    • zagor

      I picture a garbage dump to make myself last longer.

  • vlrdngr
    “I love you”
    -- Only if you really mean it please.
    “It’s in the moaning - best things are left unsaid”
    -- Moaning is good. Moaning so loud the neighbors think you're slaughtering a piglet is bad.
    “You feel so good”
    -- It is supposed to feel good. If it doesn't you are BOTH doing it wrong. SHE is wrong for not letting him know he is doing things wrong, HE is wrong for not paying attention to her signals.
    “You’re so big!”
    -- Most girls don't even like "big". Average is best.
    “Harder / Faster / Deeper"
    -- Uhm... No. Tell guys what you really want yourself, not what you think he wants to hear.
    “You’re so deep”
    -- Most vaginal sensation is at the entrance. "Deep" usually is rather unpleasant. I know, I am somewhat larger than average, and I always have to be careful.
    “You make me so wet”
    -- Excellent! That means the engine has started and all is ready for lots of fun!
    “I love how you feel inside me”
    -- Perfect, that's the whole point of having sex (oh, and that reproduction thing).
    “Want to try anal?”
    -- Many guys don't really care for that, or even dislike it. ALWAYS discuss this while you are NOT doing the deed.
    “Don’t stop”
    -- As long as everything feels perfect, DON'T STOP!!! :D
    “I’m coming”
    -- YAY!!! But only IF YOU ARE ACTUALLY COMING!!! If you're not coming; DON'T LIE ABOUT IT!!! This serves nobody. Tell him what you need to actually cum!
    “That was the best I’ve ever had”
    -- Was it really? Just be honest. If it wasn't, let him know what the best parts were, and tell him what you would like to see or feel differently.
    "Let's do it again"
    -- mmmMMMmmm... Yes please!
  • godfatherfan
    All good except "your so deep". seems silly and doesn't do much for me.
    The greatest thing I have ever hear while doing anything sexual was when my (ex) wife would kinda stop me and say "go get the lube and fuck me in the ass right now". yowza. i was lucky in that after I wore her down in our early 30's and got her to try anal, she actually loved it. she always wanted a finger in her ass when blowing me and I got anal a decent amount.
  • far2gud4u
  • ElissaDido
    Mmm yeah I can say all of that :P Except for : “Want to try anal?” NOPE haha
    And “That was the best I’ve ever had” since he's going to be my only one hopefully! I mean I could say it too but it would be weird to say it every time haha
  • ObscuredBeyond
    If an angle or position isn't working, I like hearing her suggest other angles or positions. Also, no need for porn talk. Just talk about your itinerary. Let the conversation flow as naturally as possible. Making out a lot during the act also helps. Just don't put us down if something isn't working. Playing on a man's insecurities will only ruin things for both partners.
  • iFarted
    “You’re so big!”
    ^^ LIES

    “Harder / Faster / Deeper"
    I can't GO ANY DEEPER

    “You’re so deep”
  • AleDeEurope
    "Let's do it again". That's probably the best. If she's coming back it's because she liked it.
  • jjmarvin
    Haha don't tell him he's big if he's small though. Perfect is a good descriptor of size in that situation, I'm not into it but i see a lot of small guys saying they like it. I personally am comfortable with hearing I'm small as long as it's in a positive way.
  • Tiger288
    Good thing u didn't say about daddy please fuck me. That creepy out of me. It is weird to hear girls call me daddy.
  • QbanLove
    Lol wow... I wouldn't do the I love you... maybe I "love" how you feel... don't want to make things weird.
  • If any girl read this take and scripted what she's going to say in the next session, she's going to ruin the day.
  • HandsomeRaj
    Ah ALL are apt except the 'you're so big' part - I can well do w/o that lol

    I love those that are silent too ;) :D

    'Want to try anal' <3 <3 <3 :D
  • Remonster
    • Remonster

      Also those gifs are great. Good taste.

  • MrMaskyMoon
    *let's watch a movie instead of sex"... sex weirds me out
  • IUdude
    Had a girl one time say.. oh my God.. your big feet didn't lie! YES! ahhh ahhhhh
  • takumii
    Those pics though...
    Op you just got laid didn't you?
  • the-mad-german
    Its enough if she say something like uuuuuhhh aaaahhh eeeehhh yeeeeaaahh...
    or something like that. I dont need any "certification"

    I like a little bit dirty talk...
  • Ruby355
    Cum in my pussy, and not to mention I'm on birth control.
  • WalterRadio
    "That is Brittany. She is on her way over and wants us to wait for her."
  • broadsword
    Great post but these are just the usual tip of the iceberg. I know many women find it difficult to express them selves vocally when making love but this post is spot on.
    However if you want to be an amazing lover this post is a great start to another avenue of stimulation seldom used by women.
    You give your body and use it in a way we think and hope turns our lovers on. How many of us do or think the same about searching for the words or sent and sentences he might find amazing to hear.
    Here's one to think about. " don't you cum yet I'm not finished with you yet " this is such a reverse psychology it can make some guys come right away.
    Telling a man that his cum is very precious to you. I love how it feels and taste and it all for me , it's my cum. Your sexual gift to me for being a good girl and pleasing you.
  • joeclem111
    You are quite right, the odd spoken word means everything IF, at the right moment. Sometimes, the unspoken word can mean more. This is all down to how compatible you are with your partner. You can have your man inside you and all is good BUT, if he just says the right word, suddenly you are in full flood and he becomes ecstatic. If he is not a lover of anal BUT, you want it there, you do not say a word, just hand him the tube of lube, he will know what you want and his manhood will be up for hours.
  • ImaginativeDreamer
    Nice Mytake, almost all sounds good for me, but not anal, that's just disgusting 😖
  • John_Doesnt
    "I'll make you a ham sandwich after we're done". I'm instantly in love with her and will get engaged.
  • FatherJack
    " That was the best 7 seconds of my life !! " hahaha !!
  • OrangeBoy
    The “That was the best I’ve ever had” seems so fake...
  • ConsultantIsBack
    Omg I approve of this take haha
    that last gif with jessica alba...*faints*
  • limousin
    I absolutely love this.
    Best responses ever and lots of them.
  • clampfan101
    Starting to browse the standard Feed, after hardly scrolling down at all, I saw a link to this post saying it was featured... twice. 😆
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    This is what *girls* think guys love in bed.
    Just get naked and bring beer.
  • GreatnessRevamped
    "Let's do it again"

    "Ok, but you're taking me to Red Lobster after this!!!"
  • yunggRooster007
    Lmao eveytime a girl starts saying shit. I'm like stfu !! Hahaha cuz I dnt want to cum XD
  • Testinodele
    This is the great thread in the globe , loved this one
  • FromTurkey
    Im coming absoutely i want hear this. And lets do it again.
  • ChocoLada
    Everything except for the anal...
  • aliceinwonderland69
    How about ride me daddy?
    • Ding ding, ding we have a Winner!!!

    • zagor

      Meh, anything that could remotely be construed as a parental reference is a turnoff.

    • Flex4Ever

      @zagor Yeah. I don't get that incest shit either.

  • candy_41111
    Need to feel every inch of you, mmm deeper...
  • vishna
    These are great :)
  • pavlove
    not a bad job, eleanor
  • Phoenix98
    Agree lol.
  • lopflodin
    “Want to try anal?” no thanks that shit is gross
  • Dimmu
    dont stop
  • blondfrog
    So your advocating lying?
  • Nerdvana
    All of the above
  • chrisbigman
    I'm not sure what to say of this.