What A Husband Should Do


we are in a new world, a very sexual one at that, but the problem is girls are the foot stools of sexual pleasure, and by this i mean girls do all the work... they give bjs and make the man finish while most of the time the girls dont get any of that, now im thinking we should turn this around.. i love it when girls think im hot, who doesnt? but i think guys should get fit and next time they have fun with their lady they can do something like this

i think that you should make your girl say and think nothing but you and sex, make her have a good time and i assure you she will never leave.

obviously this is why i said get fit first

its time to give women a break and be their fantasy

What A Husband Should Do
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  • MrMuffinMan
    If I spent all that time to understand woman and get chiseled to the point woman would throw money at me to see me dance, I would be a lot less likely to settle down with one woman. For me a big part of the appeal to monogamy is that it is simply easier than learning all the psychology and building the body that is required for hookup. If all guys were as appealing sexually to woman as Channing Tatum then marriage would probably become a thing of the past.
  • Spirit_Is_Free
    Nothing wrong with the idea of trying to do things for your partner if that includes getting fit why not - What I would say is don't make it the only thing, try to do things and appreciate her on a number of levels as well.

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