The Pros and Cons of Society's Grip on You


Society is always at the helm even if we learn to think differently. It's why we're all mostly the same even though we try desperatly to convince ourselves we're extremely different. Most movies and books would have you believe this is a bad thing. I would say it's a mixed thing.

Society teaches you almost everything.

The Pros and Cons of Society's Grip on You

Did you know that if you put oreos into a fire it turns green? It's really crazy that not many people know about this. Go ahead and try it really turns fire green for like an entire minute. You should probably use like 4 or 5 oreos.

Obviously, the above statement is false, but it's the exact type of thing society could teach you and for a split second, you'll wonder if it's true. Even as your mind goes wait...that doesn't make any sense...there's no green food dye in oreos...what....what makes something green its not that is it?! you have this feeling that its true that you can't explain. This is because more so than even your parents you've learned so many things from society...from what other people have told you is true that you don't even realize you have. If they were right about that and learning from others has worked out pretty well in your life so're more likely to think other things are right that people tell you are least until you test them for yourselves. In this way society is good beacuse it's an excellent teacher, but it's also bad because it has so much power over your thinking.

What happens when society teaches you to do bad things?

The Pros and Cons of Society's Grip on You

So the obvious question far can this society lead you against your own judgement? When someone seems certain like i just did with the oreos example and imagine if a bunch of people are in the room saying its true with absolute can't help but believe it. Reality is nothing compared to the might of society's point of view. This is how the nazis could convince a country to round up jews into concentration camps. It is how sexism, racism, homophobia pervade still in society--we all just believe in it to some extent. It's hard to shake because you see others believing it too and even if you think you're above it and it doesn't reach you, you'd be somewhat wrong because we naturally learn socially--that is from others (of coures it is possible to break from society mostly but it is very difficult to do compeletly.)

So, what does this have to do with what we care about on this and dating?

The Pros and Cons of Society's Grip on You

When it comes to sex and dating, it is a severe inhibitor on both. Girls younger than 18 get plastic surgery to look like magazines want them to, guys make fun of girls for not looking like porn stars because of what they saw in porn, guys can't perform sexually because they don't have 9 inch dicks or try to do porn moves in bed that aren't sexually satisfying but play good for camera, guys act like either boring nice guys or arrogant douchebags beacuse thats what they've seen, girls fall for douchebags hoping she can change him becasue of something she saw in a movie, girls dye their hair blonde even when they dont have the features for it becasue everyone likes blondes better...the list goes on and on and on.

So much of what you like in the opposite sex is influenced by what other people like that you don't even realize. More important to me, however, is that you learn to develop your own tastes and desires as much as is possible. Society is a beautiful thing. It teaches you that if you jump off bridges you will die, it teaches you that its wrong to expose your body parts to random strangers, it teaches you almost everything, but if you want to have a great sex and dating life you have to stop doing what you see and start thinking for yourself. Wake up.

The Pros and Cons of Society's Grip on You
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  • Joc4Position
    Yeah like the hymen. Perfect example of society influencing the masses to believe shit that isn't true.

    You're basically saying you can't run from nurture. Well obviously you can't. However, there are going to be things in society that one does or doesn't agree with. We are still individuals with our own views, beliefs, and opinions. Happens in politics. Happens when it comes to religion (or lack thereof). The work place. You name it.

    The power of influence shouldn't be underestimated, but I don't think that's any excuse not to have your own vision of things in life. That's why I'm glad you mentioned porn and magazines. Like I've been saying there's really only one pornstar still in porn who has a 9 inch dick. Just one. I do think porn is a strong influence, but I just asked a question as to how come I see people who generally think such and such girl is hot but I don't? I got out of the "pornstar" phase once I was no longer a teenager. Does society play a role in that? Maybe, but it seems even throughout many males in their 20s still are generally attracted to those same kind of girls. I can be too, but I see past the flare. In other words just because she's busty or just because her eyes are bright doesn't mean she's hot to me.
  • sp33d
    You, sir, are a prime example of the mindless goon who can't think for himself, merely quote wall-notes you saw somewhere and trying to make a point.

    The entire paragraph that begins:
    "When it comes to sex and dating..." is full of Hollywood non-sense. Which is to be expected, but it kills the mood when you set out to convince the reader to think critically and then fail to deliver at it yourself.
  • SunsetRose
    Society teaches us valuable things, but there comes a point where we must "unlearn" many of the things it has brainwashed us into believing.