Alpha Male's Advice: If You Want To Get Intimate With Women Then ACT LIKE EVERY GIRL IS A SLUT


Alpha male's advice: If you want to get intimate with women then ACT LIKE EVERY GIRL IS A SLUT

Aphorism to boost your game: “Every girl is a slut.”

It’s a truism among players, and it’s one I struggled with. Yet girls aren’t all the same. Some will have sex with you at a moment’s notice, and others will tell you they’re saving it for marriage.

Properly understood however, “every girl is a slut” is valuable because it makes your game better. It’s a tactical assumption, something that you assume to be true to improve your strategy, even if you think it will be false most of the time.

Over the past month, I slept with several new girls – girls I saw once or twice. That was it, I doubt I’ll ever get to sleep with any of them again. We had met for a date in each case, and then proceeded to have sex on the first date, or in one case, a second date. When I tried to push it beyond a second date, only a couple were interested.

Alpha Male's Advice: If You Want To Get Intimate With Women Then ACT LIKE EVERY GIRL IS A SLUT

One girl claimed she ‘could not commit to anything right now’ when I never claimed to want anything more than sex. Another girl was casually dating another man, and chose to stick with him. One worked too much and lived with her parents to make it a regular deal.

Alpha Male's Advice: If You Want To Get Intimate With Women Then ACT LIKE EVERY GIRL IS A SLUT

One was interested in something more serious, but I wasn’t. One said we were going different ways. These girls were like cold beads of water coursing through my fingers – refreshing, but I’d be a fool to try and hold on to them. Better to enjoy them for the brief moment I have them laid away in my lair.

Even if a girl likes you

Alpha Male's Advice: If You Want To Get Intimate With Women Then ACT LIKE EVERY GIRL IS A SLUT

there’s no guarantee that she will see you again. Maybe she’ll end up fucking some guy on her next night out. Or her workload doubles and decides she doesn’t have time for any ‘commitments’ right now. It sounds like she is only temporarily rejecting you – after all, you had a good time together. From experience though, know you will never see her again. In the mind of a woman, sex should be effortless – if she has to overcome what she calls ‘fate,’ aka that loss of momentum and time apart, her pussy will dry up and she will lazily opt out. Especially if she’s a slut.

As a man, dating is an investment whose minimum return is sex. Other things matter, but they’re meaningless without sex – and then you’re just platonic friends. Some ‘investments’ won’t pan out – you go on a date or two with the girl yet you never fuck. And others, you’ll have sex with nothing more than a round of beers and a floor mattress. By pushing for sex early and often, your returns come in quicker, and you invest less on girls that never pan out.

Alpha Male's Advice: If You Want To Get Intimate With Women Then ACT LIKE EVERY GIRL IS A SLUT

When you act as if every girl is a slut, she may assume you ‘do this with every girl.’ While that sounds counter-productive, in her mind she ‘won’t be a slut’ for sleeping with you, because so many girls have done so before her. Sheep see safety in the herd.

You will take every step to maximize the likelihood of having sex quickly. You toss out all those dating conventions – all that matters is if they help you get laid or not. Maybe you even like the girl – no matter.


1. Always structure dates so that you can get laid.

Alpha Male's Advice: If You Want To Get Intimate With Women Then ACT LIKE EVERY GIRL IS A SLUT

Set the date near her house or yours, preferably yours – girls can be skittish about letting you in to their house on a first date. Do not meet in the middle.

2.Assume she’s already fucking other men

Alpha Male's Advice: If You Want To Get Intimate With Women Then ACT LIKE EVERY GIRL IS A SLUT

No attractive girl is ever truly single or alone. There are always men just a text away, and sometimes less. When you assume that she is already fucking other men, or is about to, you realize time is of the essence – as the tacky infomercials go, “You must act now!” Dawdle, and you’ll end up in the friend zone or as a dead phone number. When a girl is sleeping with someone, she becomes markedly less attentive to other men.

This dynamic is even obvious among female coworkers – when girls are openly distant in greeting me, I know it’s because she’s already fucking someone and she feels little need to talk up other eligible men. Even though she’d never consider fucking me anyway, her steady dose of dick imbues her everyday behavior and makes her distant with other men. If a girl is already sleeping with someone, you’ll have to leverage all of your pull on her to get anywhere. Even if this assumption were false, the end result is you get sex or rejection quicker – more return or less investment, a win in either case.

3.If she’s being flaky, she’s already fucking someone.

Alpha Male's Advice: If You Want To Get Intimate With Women Then ACT LIKE EVERY GIRL IS A SLUT

Women crave sex. Once they start having it, they will not want to go without it for long. If she isn’t getting it from a boyfriend, she’s getting it from someone else, even as she’s going on dates with you.

4. Don't be too agressive

Alpha Male's Advice: If You Want To Get Intimate With Women Then ACT LIKE EVERY GIRL IS A SLUT

Be aware that you could turn her off if you’re too aggressive. If you proceed carefully enough, this shouldn’t be an issue. Even so, you have to ask yourself if this girl is so special that you’d be willing to put in time to get with her – if you can’t say yes to that, her rejection is a blessing – she’s keeping you from wasting more of your time and money in a failed prospect. Even so-called nice girls, who are not sluts, can be very forgiving of an aggressive man, provided you show some enduring interest in her as a person. They secretly respect men who pursue boldly.


Alpha Male's Advice: If You Want To Get Intimate With Women Then ACT LIKE EVERY GIRL IS A SLUT

woman who’s got several sexual partners in her past, and dozens of suitors lining up in the present, you’re not remotely in her reality until you fuck her. She will not think twice about never talking to you again until you’ve had sex, and maybe not even then. We live in a Slut Culture where sex means nothing, an amicable date even less. Every time you see a woman, you cannot be certain you will see her again… imagine every night with her is your last.


Alpha Male's Advice: If You Want To Get Intimate With Women Then ACT LIKE EVERY GIRL IS A SLUT

Alpha Male's Advice: If You Want To Get Intimate With Women Then ACT LIKE EVERY GIRL IS A SLUT
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Most Helpful Girl

  • redeyemindtricks
    "That was it, I doubt I’ll ever get to sleep with any of them again."

    ^^ This... lol. Just lol.

    You are either (1) a shameless liar, or (2) so bad in bed that yr sheer ineptitude is beyond words.

    Which would be worse?
    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      Or third option

      I don't bother keeping contact with her and we part ways. That's how ONS works.

      (Did i blow your mind?)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Chief16
    'Alpha Male' lol
    Stop dehumanizing men, man. You're giving us all a bad name.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      Maybe you should see the world for what it is and not the disney movie you were brought up to believe.

    • Chief16

      No man I'm fine, I've had no problems finding women in 'Disney' World.😂

    • Anonymous

      Looks for girls in 'Disney World'

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  • Blonde401
    A man has sex with all these woman and they're the sluts. Really? What does that make you?
    • Rawrzz

      A badass. Clearly, you're not paying attention to social norms.

    • Blonde401

      @Rawrzz 'social norms' as in blokes who are going to be single and will regret their terrible life choices.

    • Anonymous

      Lol at if you think men being single is a bad thing or something to regret. You women over value yourself too much.

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  • ConsultantIsBack
    Lol go back to the video games where you belong kid.
    • Anonymous

      Says the guy who always keep things neutral and vague in his comments or sides with women on everything.

  • aliceinwonderland69
    I guess cynically this is good advice if you just want sex. If you pursue sex that is all you will get. But if you pursue other things like confidence or success then you get these things that help you in all areas of life including dating.
    • Anonymous

      Guys who pursue sex can easily switch that into a relationship. Once you've have sex with a woman you linger in her mind. Meanwhile people who talk, go on dates with a girl and listen to her problems, do nice things for her will be an after though within a couple months.

    • Wrong.

    • Anonymous

      keep telling yourself that and ignoring all the question posted by girls on how they can get a relationship from their friends with benefits

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  • This_is_my_username
    UGH, another man with the Alpha/beta bullocks. Seriously, you really need wildlife science for attracting women? and also get rid of the all women are sluts mentality. Gentlemen don't think like that.
    • Rob Ford lol

    • @QuestionMan HAAHAH He crack me the hell up! at least he was good for a gif ;)

    • Nice pun ;)

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  • Righttobeararms83
    I used to think and act along the same lines you do im not ashamed of that as I did nothing wrong and all my sexual partners were of age and up for consensual consequence free sex and using the treat women like sluts method did get me a lot of sex but only with the wrong kinds of women not the kind I would want a relationship with. Sex with a person that loves you and wants you is so much better than bucking some chick that you won't remember next week and don't give a fuck about.
  • idkwtftoputhere
    Well being an alpha male myself I already knew all this and i can 200% say that this shit works and it will get u all the bitches
  • BiscuitesSwag
    I just needed to read the title to know that this was going to be bullshit.
  • Raven1990
    i don't believe in this alpha-beta cosmology. Anyone can think that "every girl is a slut". Even if that works and make you sleep with them after just one or two dates, that only makes you a "slut guy". I wonder whether "alpha man" is just an euphemism for "promiscuous guy".

    But I cannot deny that according to my past experiences with girls (which are not so much), some lines in that text matches my memories for example "She will not think twice about never talking to you again until you’ve had sex, and maybe not even then."> you don't even need sex, just making out with her in a hot kiss may be enough
  • BertMacklinFBI
    i fucking hate my generation lol
    • Don't be so hard on yrself, lol. See mah comment

    • I mean, given that this article is actually titled "alpha male's advice" without even the slightest hint of irony (DUDE I WAS HOPING)... I'm betting #1.

      Actually I'm betting both #1 and #2, but with insufficient opportunity to verify #2.


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  • Kylesar
    Good thing I don't believe in meaningless sex with strangers
    • MHO right here

    • @Notreallyhere Too bad that meaningless sex with strangers these days is the NORM. There are always gonna be people having sex for the heck of it with strangers (face it), but it being the norm is quite surprising and more than it should. And those who have sex for the actual love are called "prude" or "demisexual".

  • Raymond_Reddington
    i'd rather have a girlfriend instead of a one night stand..
  • Bandit74
    I think its very rare to meet a girl who always has sex right away, but its also rare to meet a girl who never has sex right away. Most are probably an even split between the two, they were easy to get for half their partners and hard to get for the other harlf.

    I believe the guys they are easy to get for are the guys who turn them in more sexually, they are more excited to sleep with those guys. The guys who they take things slow with are safe and reliable but they aren't as attracted to those guys which is why they dont act as excited to sleep with them.

    Even if she's not easy to get for you chances are high she was easy to get for at least 1-3 guys before you. So if she's not excited to sleep with you its better to just move on to someone else.
  • the_rake
    'treat a lady like a whore...'

    i. e. do not put women that you think of as 'high class' and 'above sexuality' on a pedestal just because of the way they carry themselves. do not give treat them with extra formalities and niceties that you would not treat an average person with.

    '... and treat a whore like a lady'

    i. e. just because you think a girl is 'easy' does not mean she will have sex with you if you do not respect her. and just because you have had sex with her does not mean it is a good idea to disrespect her because she might not sleep with you again, or she might spread around word that you are no gentleman, which will harm your chances with other women you find desirable.
  • SakuraCherryBlossoms
    What you wrote is a little confusing. Are you looking for a relationship or just to fuck?
  • fiodor99
    and at the same time make her feel totally unjudged and free to act sexually. they just adore guys like us.
    • fiodor99

      you are still quite prejudiced and low level though. you think to much and have biases about them.

  • takumii
    Nevermind what people say, this is actually good advice. I somewhat knew about this but good detailed explanation.

    A male need not be committed. Intact if he's not , the better. Women crave commitment, men crave intimacy. Sex is the best form of intimacy.

    After all think about it, feeling eventually die out all that remains is the fun you had. Every woman is the same , 2 boobs and a pussy, just differ in shape and size. And just because you got what you wanted , doesn't make you liable to give her what she wants.
    Great advice, would follow this once I am back on field 8)
  • Notreallyhere
    sounds like the fast track to the clap.
    • Anonymous

      That could be said about getting into relationship with any girl these days since women like to keep their sexual past a secret and sleep with guys while they have STD without giving a fuck.

    • How about getting into a relationship with anybody? Like guys don't do the same fuckin thing?

      Quick tip: 90% of people with herpes carry the virus but have no outward signs and can still transmit it.

      Here's another: 1 out of every 5 people has an sti

    • Anonymous

      "How about getting into a relationship with anybody? Like guys don't do the same fuckin thing?

      Sure they do but guys don't hide there sexual past but are truthful. Women lie about their numbers constantly to appear not slutty and will always keep it below 10. So with guys you have an idea of probably shouldn't fuck with this person because of high partner. With girls your guess is as good as mine on whether she is a slut or not because so many girls lie and put on fake girl act you can't really tell the fake from the real.

      Also another factor. Sex is waaaayyy easier to get for women than it is for men. So a lot of guys aren't going to be carrying STI because of their low numbers nad how a lot are harder to transfer from female to male.

      Quick tip: 90% of people carry a inactive form of herpes virus.

      Source on your second tip. The only source I've seen like this was that 1 in 3 women who have had 4 or more sexual partners will have an STI.

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  • OrangeBoy
    Don't give ideas to the idiots man...
    • Anonymous

      You guys could reject this and continue to get played, or you can adopt this mentality and do better in your love life.

  • SunsetRose
    Ugh. Another take about the "Alpha male"...
    • Ramieres

      @SunsetRose I want to ask something?

  • Rawrzz
    All's fair in love and war, as they say.

  • skeptic007
    what he says is true and they can't disprove it
  • BlackSatanicDeath
    Until people realize this, they don't realize it.
  • Anonymous
    This alpha male shit is becoming very very annoying
  • Anonymous
    I actually have to admit, this does work. I had a lot of success with it in Europe a few years ago.

    That said, I'm not going to treat a woman like this if I want a relationship.
  • Anonymous
    Thank you very much. I enjoy being a "beta male"... I find it better to say and act however I want rather than having to worry what's alpha and what's not.
    • Anonymous

      Alpha males actually say and act what they feel like. Hence, why women are turned on by them. They aren't afraid to call a girl out on her BS, and tease her.

      Judging by so many males on this site they exemplify beta males behavior of being too afraid to say what they mean and try to win girls over by being sub servant to them.

      just look at some of these mytakes bashing men. More than 1/2 of you agree with it and apologize like little sub servant puppy dogs who got called out by your master. While when a critism made by women is meant with contempt, shaming and outright rejection.

    • How bout this?

      Fuck off you stupid jerwad with your "alpha male" bullshit. I swear this fad is like the goddamn Loch Ness monster, it's a myth, it doesn't work, no self respecting women in her right mind would ever fuck some insecure little boy acting all macho like "chyah brah I hit dat pussy er night and that's why Ima alpha yo pussy betas can't hit none."

      That's not attractive in the slightest. Grow up.

      So there I spoke my mind honestly and I told a bitch to shut up when I was tired of his bs. Makes ME the fuckin alpha you pussy😜🖕🏼

    • Anonymous

      @Notreallyhere Lol. Beta males also have a tendency to lash out or act passive agressive towards alpha males. (Possibly due to their own insecurities and their view on the world being challenge)

      Which you just did.

      I'm pretty sure in a next mytake/question you'll be kissing/praising a girls ass off and won't even dare to talk to her the way you spoke to men. (Now tip your fedora).

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