Why I Don't Mind "Size" Questions


Those "Is 7 inch length 4 inch girth enough?" and "Is a 34 D too small?" questions.

Why I Don't Mind

So many people get so worked up about them, and such question would garner essentially half the responses to be telling off the asker.

I mean, I get how it could be annoying if you saw the same questions over and over (I know such is the case on GaG), but why don't people just try and ignore them if they're so offended?

Anyway, here are a few reasons as to why they don't really bother me.

Some people just need reassurance

It's a taboo topic to touch on in a face-to-face conversation. So why not ask random strangers anonymously? They're less likely to sugar-coat.

Most people have wondered at some time in their life

About their size compared to others, I mean.

It's the same people who perpetually post the questions

A) ones who do it just for attention

B) ones who don't plan on staying on this site

C) anon trolls

D) troll accounts

E) ones who unfortunately use this as a dating site. poor souls.

So knowing that's just those groups, I can generally ignore them.

Some questions are pretty funny

Honestly, most of us have probably seen some that made us laugh, smirk, smile, etc. from the sheer naivety/stupidity/fail/troll.

They don't affect me

At the end of the day, so what if the same person posts 10 "rate my boob" pics, or "what is the ideal penis size" questions?

You're neither obligated to read nor respond to them.

Unless you're a mod. Then go work your magic.

Why I Don't Mind "Size" Questions
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Most Helpful Guy

  • NJ_Casanova
    True, I also see most questions only 1 or 2 honest answers before they are closed so to get more opinions the kids need to ask at a different time of day. The way GAG is set up it is hard to find, what questions are new for that day, where the last question you looked at is.. in the list of new ones.
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  • DarkHumorRUs
    They do affect me cause I have to scroll farther to get to actual questions.
    • Anonymous

      lol that's fair, though there are equally as many dumb questions as dick size questions

  • Anonymous
    I don't mind the ones based on nuanced situations, or seeking actual help. But average guys harassing girls, catfishing and seeking to be made fun of and claiming they're small actually hurts me. I feel like they're actually hurting girls perspective of what guys with micropenises are like and it just adds to my insecurity problems.
    • Anonymous

      True, I guess if there's randos here skewing the perception... though what are the chances of meeting someone here irl?

  • Anonymous
    I think it disturbs some people because they see themselves there and don't like what they see.
    • Anonymous

      But many, many people don't like something (however small) about themselves...

  • Anonymous
    True. People like to bitch on here.
    • Anonymous