Shaming Language and the Fallacious Arguments


Shaming Language and the Fallacious Arguments
Shaming and Guilt. We're all guilty and we're all victims of Shaming language

What is Shaming and Guilt?

It's obvious. When you don't like someone or something someone says, you throw a label on them. A negative one

Examples of Shaming Language:

You're just on your period

You're just a neckbeard

You're a sexually frustrated virgin

I chose those 3 for a reason. Everyone knows that a woman's behavior will sometimes get blamed on their period, whether or not they're on it. Of course this brings about harmful connotations. It paints women as irrational and imcapable of controlling their emotions. Women are already more emotional and emotionally driven, so this certainly doesn't help.

There's really not much I can elaborate on since I'm not a woman, thus not experiencing whatever hardships that come with that and having no perspective. If someone wants to elaborate on this, feel free to

On the flipside, I see a lot of women brushing off guys who complain, especially about women, as a sexually frustrated virgin or a neckbeard. It's basically the male equivalent of PMS in the shaming world. If you got pussy, you wouldn't complain about women right? Well this brings about some harmful connotations, and I can elaborate on this since I am a guy

Shaming Language and the Fallacious Arguments

Shaming Language and the Fallacious Arguments

We make jokes like this and we all laugh, but like everything, people start taking things like this seriously. Give him pussy, it'll shut him up. It doesn't. If a man has problems with how women act and their personality, sex and a sandwich won't change that. It doesn't automatically make them take bullshit

More shaming language examples



White Knight





If you're legitimately either of these, then it's fine. However, it's almost NEVER the case and still should never be a reason to brush off someone else's argument

Common Shaming Fallacies

Ad Hominem

You throw a label on them and brush off their words with that pre-conceived label

Shaming Language and the Fallacious Arguments

It makes it seem as if you really don't have a counter argument

Either/Or Fallacy

Shaming Language and the Fallacious Arguments

Basically it's along the lines of this here. It's black and white thinking, when in reality, the world is nearly never that black and white. It eliminates the middle-man.

Ad Hominem and Either/Or mixes with one more fallacy to create a triple combo

Moral High Ground Fallacy

We're living in a judgmental and politically correct society. Where the victimhood complex is growing and growing. Truth and logic is being abandoned as people's egos and arrogance grow. How dare you disagree with me? How dare you have your own thoughts and opinions

Shaming Language and the Fallacious Arguments

Shaming Language solves nothing, but seeks to shut them up and turn other people against them. A person can't have an opinion against gay marriage without being labelled a homophobe. A person can't dislike the new Ghostbusters trailer without being labelled a misogynist. You can't disagree with BLM without being labelled a racist. These are all 3 mixed in one. They're all used as attacks, they're all the complete opposite of the other side, and it makes them seem morally inferior.

Shaming Language and the Fallacious Arguments

If you have any questions, insults, suggestions, criticisms, feel free to get it all out

Shaming Language and the Fallacious Arguments
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  • FalloutVaultB0y
    Easily one of the most intelligent MyTakes I've seen in a while. Interesting subject matter and very well-written! Props to you.
  • the_rake
    fallacies find all kinds of subtle ways of slipping into our everyday thoughts and the language we use. class, gender and the groups that we identify with exacerbate this condition because we have a natural affinity towards our own group ('us' versus 'them' mentality makes us want to create generalisations about 'them' in order to protect 'us').

    people thinking that they are already naturally and intuitively inclined towards logic does not help. people are essentially irrational - it is behaviour that belongs to the animal kingdom. thinking logically is anything but natural for us. it takes many years to cultivate thinking that is at it's essence rational, and even then, it is not necessarily desirable: we are human after all, we want to keep our hearts in tact, not think like a mechanical and restricted robot.

    this is why I do not try to think rationally, even though logic is something I know a lot about.
  • Sixgun77
    Very well said.

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