My Perfect Woman.


I wrote about my perfect dream man, now here's my dream woman. As I did prior, I'll start with looks and then personality. Remember, looks aren't everything but they're a plus!


Yes I fuckin' love tattoos. If a woman is covered in tats there's just a certain appeal to it...I can't explain it but it just makes me shiver.

My Perfect Woman.

Long, thick hair. (Prefereably dyed).

I love red heads the most but I love it when a woman has really long and thick hair. Great for me to play with and pull on and it'd make her look gorgeous in my eyes.

My Perfect Woman.


Some piercings are just plain sexy on a girl, and I think those are septums and lip rings. I love them on girls (when they're tasteful) and I want to get some.

My Perfect Woman.

Good boobs with a big ass.

I don't care how big her tits are as long as they're proportionate to her body. But I'm a #BootyMan so I wanna see some jigglin' goin' on down there. Lemme smack dat ass!

Green/Brown eyes.

Just like for men, I love green or brown eyes and I pracitcally melt. Lemme just stare into them and get lost in those mini galaxies.

My Perfect Woman.

For personality:


Intelligence is sexy, and if my girl acts like a dumb bimbo to be cute, it's just plain stupid. I can not and will not deal with her.

Good humor.

Humor is everything to me so if she has the same dark kind as me then we'd be great. She doesn't have to like them but she has to appreciate my shitty puns and bad pick up lines. I love to laugh so if she can't make me laugh then goodbye.

My Perfect Woman.


I like my woman a little on the the abrasive side. I am sarcastic often so if she's bitchy, protective and sassy then she's great for me. It's like a challenge and it's fun. I love when she can reply to my sarcasm with more sarcasm.

Open mind/kind heart.

I am very sensitive, and I'm a bit odd. I'm pansexual, I'm Wiccan, I like reading about serial killers and such. So if she can deal with all of that and accept me for me being me then we're great.

Thank you for reading about my dream woman. Remember, I love everyone for who they are. That's why she's my DREAM woman.

Below is my ex girlfriend. She was all of the above...except for one of them so we didn't work out. She has a rockin' bod and a great personality over all though. But she's lesbian guys so don't even try!

My Perfect Woman.

My Perfect Woman.
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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Lots of very good things there - I can go either way with hair maybe with a slight preference for long but dyed is not a turn off by any means - Like all eye colours, what attracts me more is how exotic or piercing they are - I like slim women so usually favour small boobs and small ass - Intelligence I covered before - I am a very quiet person so I tend to appreciate the quiet and subtle more - Loud, good humoured and sassy just sounds a little too much for my liking.
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    • I understand all of that :)
      And hey I'm loud+sassy+abrasive but you love me :P

Most Helpful Girl

  • redeyemindtricks
    My oldest son likes the Suicide Girls (among many others... ahhh that boy's gna need some warning labels sewn onto him pretty soon, here).

    You are probably a Suicide Girls #fanboy, huh.
    I mean, if yr a bootyman, then you can be a fanboy too, right? LOL
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  • damn your ex was hot O. O
    good take ^^
    I like most of the stuff you mentioned
    piercings and tattoos depends on the person and how they re done though.
  • ThisDudeHere
    Half of this is exactly what I don't prefer personally. Tattoos, piercings, the picture with the makeup.
    • That's cool. Once again this is why she's *my* dream woman and not yours.

  • pavlove
    this would all be interesting stuff if you weren't 16. You're still figuring yourself out, kiddo. Don't pick a label.
    • Lol I don't see how this effects my dream woman and my taste. Sure it may change but I wrote this for me at THIS age.

    • Lmao, I knew I was bi at the age of 10.

  • Joc4Position
    You're a bootyman? So you're a man?

    You basically like Gothic/punk/emo/metal looking chicks. No surprise given you like metal music.
    • fuck yea, rock on \m/

    • So you're a man? XD

      Aren't you the little one that I argued with one time? I think so.

    • Totally a man.

      and maybe *shrug* I get in a lot of arguments with older gentlemen whom have narrow mindsets :)

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  • QuestionMan
    I didn't realize you were bisexual.
    I can see some overlap, from your likes on men and women. I thought there would be more differences.
  • ThatOneBoy001
    This is a little over the spectrum. A little to much. To have a girl with all of those characteristics is a little to big, but dreaming big is what we humans are made to do. I agree on the Intelligence, Open Heart, and Eyes part. The other stuff is a little vague. But this is my opinion.
  • Pampered
    As i've stated in another take like this one, you're a product of your environment. In the 70's i'm sure your idea of a perfect man (you probably would not be "bi"), would have long hair, a beard, etc.. you like this because it's what popular and current. Nothing special here.
  • Remonster
    Metal is rad and sarcasm is great. I don't care for tattoos much (they can look sexy, but also extremely tacky so I tend to sway towards "no thanks") but the rest is pretty damn nice.
    • Why are tattoos tacky? I think it can be tastefully done :) Some of my best girl friends have tattoos and they're very meaningful to them. I was actually planning on getting two (both of which are very special/symbolic of who I am). Care to elaborate? :) Thanks in advance!

    • Remonster

      @lillianpassion I can elaborate but it doesn't matter because it essentially boils down to personal taste. What I find tacky you may find beautiful. If you want 'em you should get them.

    • Yeah, I agree with that :) It also depends on how many a person has. I don't like when people are covered in tattoos either but I think it can be really attractive if no one knows about a certain tattoo except for a significant other :) It makes it more special and private :)

  • godfatherfan
    Everything except for Piercings and tattoos.
    Other then up to 2 in an ear, all Piercings look absolutely absurd. Esp the morons that put them in their nose, eye or lip. You just wish they had friends to slap them upside the head and tell them they look fucking moronic.
    Tattoos I am ok with to a point if they are hidden. When they play a part in if a job will hire you or not, again, speaks of low IQ.
    I am an eye guy. well I am a pussy, eye, tits, hair guy in that order. I also have a thing for blonde hair, and blue, grey, green eyes. just amazing.
  • G-Daz
    This is why for the most part I'm glad most women can't choose to look how they want. Because I honestly think so much less people would find them attractive. Women and men have very different ideas of an attractive girl
    • That's why she is *my* dream woman and not yours.

    • Wait... what? Why can't a woman choose how they look? With the options available in this day and age anyone can change pretty much everything about how they look if they choose to do so. Secondly, women look how they want to look precisely because it's how *they* want to look, not just because more people would think they're more attractive if they have blonde hair/bigger boobs/no tattoos etc. I have tattoos and piercings because I like them. I dye my hair X colour because I think it looks nice. If someone finds me attractive because I have short/red/curly/brown/long/green hair or my leg/arms/back is covered in tattoos or whatever my look is then that's just a happy coincidence. I look the way I look because I like it and the things I don't like I take steps to change because *I* don't like them.

    • G-Daz

      @Littlewings85 first point... just because you can do something doesn't mean you should. Quantity isn't better over quality.

      For the second sure. That's fine to do but it can be short sighted and counter intuitive but it it makes you happy. Do it

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  • PizzaGuy22
    I see you like those gorgeous sexy brown eyed brunette cuties...
  • alfonsosloan45
    I hope you tell men that you are pansexual before you date them.
    • well I wouldn't be dating them if they actually cared so

    • Most men wouldn't date a panssexual.

    • Cause you know most men
      You know more than 75% of the male population
      I mean I know I barely scratch the surface of knowing at least.5% of the male population but I guess since you're over the internet you wouldn't lie to me. You must know all of these men and exactly what they like and you know that they wouldn't date a pansexual. Oh well.

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  • VomitIII
    Agreed on almost all of it, except for hair (shoulder length or shorter) and piercings. Nice take.
  • Pineapplessss
    I hope I'm not overstepping the park but that picture of your ex made me remember something I've always wondered. I have lots of lesbian friends, and I notice this a lot on them, too.
    Why do so many lesbians have perfect bodies? So many have nice, big round boobies and tight bodies. What are you doing with yourselves to look like that?
    • Lol I've noticed that too In most of my lesbian friends. I honestly have no idea. My ex doesn't work out and she eats a lot.

  • jmmmfi2
    You shouldn't be into girls at all since you are one
  • Dat_Kid
    Nice. I always don't know what to say when it comes to looks, it's very vague.
    Good take.
  • yunggRooster007
    My perfect woman ,, blonde green eyes ,, ass titties.. nice lips , hands , n feet, no hair ,, LOYAL and caring...
  • Bitterpill
    This would be my idea of a perfect woman too only thing I'd add to it is blue eyes I do like them too. Great take and great taste.
  • Nik1hil
    Remove tattoos and Piercing and please do keep the boobs from the last pic... Yup that is my girl
  • joeb73
    we can dream cannt we? ( about your ex)
    • lol if you're into that then sure

    • joeb73

      i know i have the wrong equipment for her but she is definitely worth at least looking at. but even if i did have the right equipment. i know there would be to many differences for it to work.

  • Noxifer626
    Thanks god I don't have to worry about fitting the bill for this one! :D
    Also, your ex is so cute!
  • babu_001
    You won't get all these qualities in a single woman.
  • MoonlitSonata
    I'd date your dream girl.
  • sweettckae
    I'm all of those except tattoos and piercings.
  • aliceinwonderland69
    This is mostly the opposite to my dream woman.
  • girlinthemirror
    dream woman? u r lesbian or somth?
  • Sixgun77
    I'm with you on all that but the ass.
  • skeptic007
    lol lol