Contrary to What the PC Nazis Say, Women Still Enjoy Compliments


Contrary to What the PC Nazis Say, Women Still Enjoy Compliments

A friend of mine sits disconsolately, nursing a beer and staring at a menu despite having no appetite. He'd just told me a story I've heard all too many times from my male friends over the past few years.

But before I relate the story, I need the obligatory disclaimer: I, and most men I know, have an old-fashioned respect for - if not an outright deference to - the fairer sex. And despite being at a loss as to how every last word out of our mouths can come under intense scrutiny (guaranteed that I've just offended somebody somewhere with the "fairer sex" term), we maintain the basic principle that there are intrinsic and chemical differences between men and women. We also believe they deserve every advantage and opportunity a man receives; we're certainly not against equal pay, equal rights, equal respect, etc.

All that makes perfect sense to us. What we're failing to understand is how we're forced to become cowering fools in the presence of females. The story my friend tells me is one I often hear from anyone who works in an office environment: Basically, they spend their days walking on eggshells. They dare not even meet a female coworker's eye for fear of the look being misinterpreted. I mean, this video here has some great advice but can we even get away with it now?

"I literally walk around staring at the floor and mumbling," my friend said, staring at his virtually untouched beer. "One guy complimented a woman's dress yesterday and he might get fired because 'intent is irrelevant.'"

If you've been active in the workplace for a while, you know this idiotic "intent is irrelevant" rule. It basically means that the offender's intentions are meaningless and if the woman feels offended or harassed in any way, the man will always be at fault. He has no defense. None. The man who said, word for word, "hey, that's a really nice dress" resulted in the woman complaining to her boss, which turned into a huge reprimand and a warning for the guy, and yet another mandatory sexual harassment seminar (the third one in a year and a half, so I was told).

That's the workplace, of course, and it's not quite so outrageous outside the confines of the office. Even so, men everywhere are really starting to wonder what they can say to a woman without it being misconstrued. What can we say? It almost seems as if compliments are out the window because it's just too risky. If you're on a date, it should be fine but when you're approaching a woman for the first time, you better stick to the weather or something. Even politics and religion would be less treacherous than a compliment on the female's physical appearance.

Contrary to What the PC Nazis Say, Women Still Enjoy Compliments

What the hell is going on? Have we completely lost our minds? It's just indicative of this country's complete inability to find a middle ground, to locate the virtue between the vices. Yes, there was a time when women were treated abominably in the workplace; it was absolutely reprehensible how females were treated in the '40s and '50s, for example. It's also stupid that a woman should earn less than a man for the very same job, a problem that persisted into the '80s but has been - for the most part - addressed. Yes, we should've dealt with all that and we did. But did we stop? No, of course not. Now, it's men who dread the idea of going to work in the morning.

And yet, I know for a fact that women are still women. They still like to be treated nicely. They still like to hear compliments. They still have no problem with a man complimenting everything from their hair to their sense of humor. In fact, I think they really want more of it and other women are sabotaging everyone by acting like over-vigilant victims at every turn. And you know, I've spoken to a lot of interesting people in recent months; doctors, therapists, dating and love experts, lifestyle coaches, etc. And they all agree that there are obvious differences between the sexes, and that yes, women still like to be treated as women, and they appreciate it when men act like men.

I was chatting with Tara Babcock (totally epic interview coming soon, GaGers) and she let loose on this issue, basically saying she can't stand the constant bitching and downright militant feminism that's sweeping the nation. "Women have it so fucking easy," she said as bluntly as can be. Sure, you can make your assumptions when you see her - blonde, big tits, YouTube/Twitch personality - but trust me, she's got a brain. You'll find out in due time but the point is, what she says has jived with what I've been hearing from a lot of women lately, which is that they're thoroughly annoyed with their female brethren for utterly ruining the dating and love scene.

We don't want to revert back to a time when women really were treated like second-class citizens. We just want that happy medium. We just want to be able to give a woman a compliment with the best intentions in the world, and not be worried about a freakin' lawsuit that will effectively ruin our lives. Is that really too much to ask?

Contrary to What the PC Nazis Say, Women Still Enjoy Compliments
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  • thorthorley
    I think people get too easily offended and take things out of proportion. 'You have a nice dress' in my mind is not sexual at all and how that can be called sexual harassment i dont know. Maybe if he was creepy and staring at her up and down then maybe, but even then it can be easily ignored without having the fuss with workplace harassment claims.

    On the other hand tho, i do think that guys give out compliments too easily and they lose their value. Compliments use to be seen as something special and meaningful. But now women get them all the time and they dont care if theyre called pretty all the time bc the last 100 guys have told her that already.

    Also i dont know why guys compliment a girl when they first approach her. There is no reason to. She hasn't done anything special for you other than just standing there. I think you should only give out compliments when they deserve it. They have to have made some sort of effort to deserve such praise. Just bc she is pretty isn't a reason to give her a compliment and every single other guy has already said it so she won't really care. It also makes you look like you are trying to get something from her i. e sex. Sure you might genuinely be looking for a relationship, but how many times has a girl been approached and some guy is just looking for sex. Countless times. So a girl always has her guard up and if you just come up randomly to her and compliment her she is automatically going to assume that you are going to use her for sex and claim sexual harassment.

    So for guys out there you have to understand how women think and feel. Change your approach strategy to actually have a good convo with her and get to know her before you dish out a compliment.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • xHoneyxBeex
    I agree with you. I always enjoy being complimented and having someone smile and be nice to me. I was raised in a very small town in the south. Respect for others, good manners, and politeness were ingrained in me from the moment I was old enough to speak. It's simply a way of life for me to smile at strangers and say 'thank you' when someone compliments me. I've had strangers compliment my clothes, my hair, eyes, or even straight up call me 'pretty' but that has never bothered me.

    Don't get me wrong, I am fully aware that *some* men do go overboard and make inappropriate sexual comments. As another person here mentioned catcalling, I can completely understand how that would make a woman feel uncomfortable. However, to me, there is a difference between complimenting someone's outfit and actually making a sexual comment towards them. I feel like some people confuse these things which has led to men fearing even looking at a woman because she may take it the wrong way.

    I think a lot of people just assume that a man's intentions are negative or inappropriate because they stereotype all men as being overly sexual animals who can't control themselves. While that may apply to some men, it certainly does not accurately describe them all. It's really sad that the overall relationship between men and women seems to have turned into this. As in many facets of life, the bad apples spoil it for everyone else.
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    • Fathoms77

      All very true. Oddly, while we in the north always seem to have this ego, that we're more "progressive" than people in the south, I find that we're actually just more screwed up and twisted and completely lost in regards to core values and principles.

      This is what happens when the PC police take control and it ain't pretty. ;)

      For the record, me and everyone I know actually really like complimenting women but we're amazed at how hostile the women can be. We can try to explain to them that we'd never do them any harm, that we place rapists somewhere between lint and slugs on the evolutionary scale. But would they even believe us?

    • haha yeah. I'm a pretty traditional person so I'm just always so confused when I hear about things like this and women being angry and offended just because a man compliments them.

      The type of women you are referring to probably would not believe that because they don't want to believe it. From my point of view, it seems to me like some people just want to have something to be offended by. Lol

    • FatherJack

      " they stereotype all men as being overly sexual animals who can't control themselves " Yep the " media " at work.

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  • Loligirl
    If a man doesn't know me, he has NO RIGHT to speak to me. You will never know what it's like to be constantly harassed by men 24/7 because he "likes my dress". It's degrading, unnerving and proves that the man in question is a chauvinist pig using used car sales tactics to get sex from me.

    My advice to men who want to "complement" a woman: Don't speak unless spoken to.
    • skeptic007


    • Fathoms77

      @skeptic007 "If a man doesn't know me, he has NO RIGHT to speak to me."

      I'm sorry but that could be the most insane thing I've ever heard. You are aware that this is the very definition of "sexism," right?

    • skeptic007

      she is dumb leave her

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  • Steelcore1085
    Here's the thing brother:

    Women in this day and age, mostly young women (and even plenty of middle-aged women, too), have absolutely no idea what the difference is between a genuine and meaningful compliment, and then what actual sexual harassment are. Thanks to the misandric ideology called Feminism, they do not know the difference and have made this a society where you could lose your career and be shamed by the news if you offend a woman. It literally makes front-page news whenever it happens! To most women, a compliment like "that dress looks wonderful on you" is considered harassment. I mean, even looking at them for a tad too long is considered sexual harassment!

    Here's what I do. I've learned that women are pretty much these creatures who have extremely fragile consciences that are literally made of glass, and it'll break with even the slightest pressure. What do we do as guys? We fucking ignore women. That's right. Ignore them and act like they're invisible; don't even give them any attention. We tell them to fuck off.

    Whenever some woman starts making some approaches towards me or wants to speak to me, I remain closed off and cold to her because I personally don't want to become too close to women, especially since I'm in college, where women are special snowflakes. I just ignore them.

    Or I become a complete asshole towards them and tell them I'm not interested in being friends with them. And then I explain why I don't want to be friends. I only make friends with other guys. Not women. They're not worth the energy or attention us men give them. They're special snowflakes.

    Besides, they don't need us, according to them. Why do men need women, then? I believe we don't.
    • Grotty

      I agree with you because whenever I have complimented women in the past all I got was trouble and abuse!

  • fauchelevent
    Well, yeah, women like to be complimented. Generally people enjoy hearing that others like things about them. Obviously there's a time and a place and a way of doing things to make it appropriate but it's no surprise that people like compliments, even if they have a vagina.
  • Chief16
    We should all stop saying how beautiful women are and then still them Nazi are gonna still bitch about what high standards we keep and what hypocrites we are. Issue isn't with what we think, issue is about what they think.
  • SunsetRose
    I think if someone compliments you, you should just say thank you. However, if someone lingers around you and keeps looking you up and down, you should have the right to be left alone.
  • Kylesar
    It's never really the compliment. It's the guy himself

    If she's not interested in you and you compliment her, you're headed to a harassment seminar or jail. However, if it was this hunk of a guy who made her froth downstairs, it wouldn't be an issue

    And considering that a lot of women fawn over the top 20% of guys you only see in movies, approaching a woman is too much of a risk to take these days
  • cth96190
    From a male point of view, the only rational survival strategy is to ignore women. Treat them as invisible. Go out of your way to avoid any form of interaction with females.
    Feminism has made women too toxic for any form of interaction with them to survive a cost/risk/benefit analysis.
    Treat women as invisible. No social banter. No unnecessary interaction whatsoever. Interact with females only when it absolutely cannot be avoided. Ensure that there are witnesses and/or that all interaction is recorded in writing, or on video.
    I have worked in the media for 40 years. Brainwashed misandrist feminist loons have made that workplace completely toxic.
    • Grotty

      Well said agreed especially regarding prick teasing women who deliberately dress tarty to get a response then give out abuse. You can only look and compliment women if you are a male model or a celebrity.

  • Righttobeararms83
    Thing is you could end up with a sexual harassment case depending on the woman so best to be polite at most.
  • buttheadkakakak
    I despise that woman's voice in the video... the way she says everything pisses me off for some reason
  • AmericanPoet
    Everyone enjoys being complimented. No amount of PC will change that.
  • kstout6
    I think girls in general like to be complimented. Only the socially awkward and those suffering from internal strife are the ones that would take it the wrong way. I love complimented girls because it gives them a confidence boost, and that makes me feel better, knowing that I gave someone a much-needed boost. I did have one occasion where the girl took it the wrong way, and questioned my motive, I told her that I was complimenting her just because I liked the way she did her hair, it looked very good. She tried to twist my words, so I just smiled and walked away. Sometimes, I guess, it gets annoying because maybe, in her experience, guys use that line to pick her up, and she accepts it, and had bad experiences, she declined it, and had bad experiences. I have seen it a lot recently with guys, who are so tired of rejection, that they lash out too. So, it swings both ways.
  • FatherJack
    The best thing a man can do is keep his mouth shut & keep his distance !!
    • Grotty

      I agree it is safer that way especially if he is below average looking!

  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    women like compliments? you're shitting me! and no, ain't nobody got time to read dat
    • Grotty

      Maybe some do but many don't especially from average and below average looking men!

  • ManOnFire
    Of course women still enjoy compliments, and many times their ego depends on it. I'm never going to stop complimenting women, but I will refuse to compliment ones with foul behavior and self-righteous attitudes.

    Women who ARE offended by compliments from men must be the feministic types who haven't really learned about being a woman and are taught to see compliments as disparaging. That's just crazy. So when girls compliment guys are we supposed to get on the defense about it too? I think not.
  • Grotty
    I don't think this article is very accurate what it should say is women like compliments from good looking men. Women consider me to be extremely ugly and in my experience every single time in my life I have complimented a women on her beauty I have had negative responses. These very from being called nasty names, being spat at, women string up trouble for me or reporting me for my comments to the authorities. In Nottingham UK if a woman is offended by men either looking at them or giving them comments she can report it to the police who will treat it as a hate crime.
  • TaraBabcAWEck
    YES! Great article! I can't wait for our interview! Thanks for the plug! I'm glad we had that talk!
    • Fathoms77

      Thanks, Tara! GaGers are gonna love you. :)

  • IceEverest
    I dont compliment.
  • Anonymous
    Those aren't traumatised :P won't have issues with it.
    • Anonymous

      But fuckboys are always good at giving it.

  • Anonymous
    Guys its verrrrryyy simple "Women always find a way to complain and bitch about everything", its simple they like to be treated like princess with out compliments. Well allow me to be brutally honest women
    "We are not your fucking slaves, we have ego and self respect and a lot more than your imagination", if we doesn't marry you, you will never find a better ATM machine".
  • Anonymous
    True, women love compliments. I'm glad you think this way.
  • Anonymous
    Dude, of course women like compliments, EVERYONE likes to be complimented.

    What a lot of people fail to understand is that many sexual remarks, usually as part of catcalling, are NOT compliments.

    Yes, I know there are many guys who would like to honestly compliment a woman's dress in a completely harmless way. But there are also a lot of people that don't understand how their inflection/tone of voice can make what looks harmless typed out sound more sexual.
    • Fathoms77

      Give me a break. We're not idiots. I know women think a man has no idea what things like "inflection/tone of voice" are but trust me, we do. Bottom line is a lot women don't WANT to hear the respectful tone and they simply believe what they want to believe.

      Nobody ever said catcalling is a compliment, by the way. Again, we're not idiots.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry I'm speaking from personal experience. I have had guys catcall me, and when I ignore them they reply "Learn to take a compliment!" So obviously there are some "idiots" who think that catcalling is a compliment.

    • Fathoms77

      Of course there are. But it's equally stupid to assume that all men who pay you a compliment fall into the same category as the morons who catcall.

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