Sexual phobias that are more common than you think


1. Vaginismus

The phobia of being penetrated escalates to such a high level that they refuse to usetampons or attend gynecological visits, which can lead to personal and health complications.

Not gonna lie, sometimes I get scared when people tell me the first time hurts a lot. Has to happen tho lol.

2. Gymnophobia

Sexual phobias that are more common than you think

The phobia of being naked. Maybe a fear that developed in childhood... We're told being naked is bad.

3. Genophobia

It is the fear of sex, in general. Sex is meant to be enjoayble but for these guys that's their biggest nightmare. Lucky to not be one of them lol.

4. Erotophobia

Some people don't like talking about sex, but some take it further and they fear this shit. I find it super weird since talking about sex is one of the things I enjoy the most, after music. But yeah, this phobia exists.

Sexual phobias that are more common than you think

5. Phallophobia

The fear of dick :O Men suffer this too and they fear having an erection, in case of women, they fear having to see a dick. Don't worry, if you like gay porn, you're saved :D

6. Medomalacuphobia

Like the opposite of number 5, the fear of not being able to have an erection. Esy guys, they created VIAGRA! Viagra is love, viagra is life.

Sexual phobias that are more common than you think

7. Agraphobia

This one isn't that weird, who wouldn't be a bit afraid of being sexually abused? :/

8. Venustraphobia

Oh yeah girls, guys fear the beautiful women 8) Thank God I'm ugly and they come to me! XD
Doctors haven't found the explanation of this, but it surely has something to do with insecurities, you know.. Not deserving too much beauty and stuff.

Sexual phobias that are more common than you think

9. Androphobia

Feminazis have their own fear! Nah, jk. This is the fear of men, not their beauty or strenght, just men in general. Some women fear them... It's understandable if something happened to you that involved men, though.

Sexual phobias that are more common than you think
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    My roommate was so against the idea of sex and having people look at her vagina, she refuses to go to the gynecologist. I tried explaining that it was important because she needs to be screened for diseases not related to sexual activity and she basically insinuated her 'honor' was more important to her than cervical cancer. This is also the girl who had no idea what endometriosis was or how HPV worked. And her mom didn't give her vaccines because... religion?
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Most Helpful Guy

  • aficionado
    I'm scared as hell about contracting an STD. Condoms are only 99% effective, and I'm scared of the remaining 1%. And even STD tests sometimes aren't accurate for 3 months after the person has been affected.

    I don't know, it feels like whatever precautions I take, there is still a small risk of STDs. So it's not sex I fear, but STDs. Any specific name for this kind of fear?
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  • This_is_my_username
    you always have the best mytakes and you are gorgeous and also i didn't know that Venustraphobia existed. I leave learning something new. Thank you :)
    • Thanks for both things XD

      thanks to you, honey, such a pleasure to know you liked it :D

  • Nik1hil
    Reason 8 is true.. But does not applies other way around on you, girl you are Georgous, you have such an amazing frank and free nature, that is very attractive!.. And you have a very unique smile..
  • ChrisDK
    Although I would love to have sex, I have rejected serveral offers due to genophobia. I guess it's because I cum to fast, so I don't want to risk shaming myself.

    My balls are blue, my heart says yes, but my brain says no.

  • Phoenix98
    Lol I find some of these kind of funny actually I wonder what brings about such irrational fears in people.
  • AsianFlower
    I have a fear of having my neck broken during sex 😕
    • Shaft50

      That almost sounds like a rational fear...

    • @Shaft50 it does 😂😂😂

    • Shaft50

      I wouldn't want my neck broken during sex either... so many things to consider:
      1. The pain;
      2. What if she doesn't realise and just keeps going while I'm paralysed;
      3. What if she does realise and calls for help while I'm laying there naked;
      4. What if, when help comes, they all point and laugh;
      5. What if I die!

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  • QuestionMan
    Didn't realize there were 2 terms for fear of men.
    Homophobia and Androphobia.
    • Facepalm

      Homophobia is the fear of homosexuals.

    • @Facepalm If you look at the etymology it's clear that it's a fear of men.

    • howzit2015

      homosexual comes from the greek word homoi meaning same or similar. It doesn't come from the latin word homo, homonis.

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  • Kylesar
    #7 becomes a phobia when it starts taking a toll o your relationship or prevents you from forming one in the first place

    Obviously everyone fears it, but when you avoid bonding with people for that reason, it's a phobia
  • mimieoa
    Venustraphobia hmm weird lol really? so am i that pretty hahaha lol jk im ugly guys fear me too.
    9. Androphobia... i fear that they would like me and I'll be in that little zone of confusion again.
  • ManOnFire
    Wow, these are pretty weird. But I think venustraphobia is probably more of wishful thinking on the part of scientists and women.
  • Afro-dite9
    Damnnn Amy lol thanks for feeding my brain today. I actually never knew this😲😛
  • Prof_Don
    Unfortunately I feel that androphobia (fear of men) is a growing phobia. :-/
  • ObscuredBeyond
    Athazagoraphobia, pistanthrophobia, cleithrophobia, and other conditions pertaining to loss of control of self and safety are a bigger deal.
  • Kingdomhearts3omega
    I actually have a fear of sex. A extreme fear of sex. I was wondering can anyone help.
  • IceEverest
    I fear being naked so I have no. 2. As a problem here.
  • SunsetRose
    #8 made me lol!! 😂😂😂
  • SweetHomicidalQueen
    Same for number 8 lmao
  • danny11
    thats pretty crazy.. i can help you with the first one. lol
  • Sunflower19
    I have the 1st one... To some extent Lol
  • james_beau
    Wow, had no idea some of these existed
  • archiz
    I think I have a little of 2 xD
  • Oliviajenkinss2
    I think i have the 1st one... 😐
  • chrisbigman
    I have agraphobia.
    • I suppose I also may have venustraphobia. At least, I used to. I'm not sure if I still do anymore.

  • abc--123
    Luckily I have none of these phobias
  • Anonymous
    I have #1, it's horribly embarrassing. :(
  • Anonymous
    where is gynophobia lol. i feel left out
  • Anonymous
    Very interesting and nice post and it helped me with what is happening inside me. So now may be I can solve it.
    Which type of doctor I should meet to come over this.
    • I'm so glad it helped!

      I'm very sorry because I don't know who could help you, but maybe a psychologist, I don't know, I'm just guessing.

    • Anonymous

      Ok thanks for it

    • TimTim56

      therapist and don't feel ashamed of it

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  • Anonymous
    Wow those group of men look so hot , perfect males. So bare smooth and well built. I wish I was that way.
  • Anonymous
    I have a fear of being humiliated for my penis size. It's why I'm a virgin.