Kissing Games 101


Kissing Games 101

I don't understand why BOYS are allowed to be players. If they want to play games with a girl, that's

okay, it's normal to people.

But if a GIRL does it, she's wrong, a hoe, thot, lovin the crew, etc.


Boys are allowed to do so much shit. They talk to girls anyway they want to, they talk to how ever many girls they want to, and they treat girls however they want to and so on.

If a GIRL decides to talk to multiple boys, it doesn't mean she wants to screw them all. That girl is most likely a virgin. She just tells boys all the right things that they want to hear.

She doesn't have sex with them or send them nudes or anything, she evaluates each of them and sees how the guys reply to her. Most of them are confident enough to be thirsty over text. If a GIRL is talking to a guy or multiple ones, she's not serious ! She's either doing it for the entertainment, she just wants someone to talk to, or she's just exploring her options.

I can tell you from experience, 9 times out of 10, she's just exploring her options.

If it's a guy that I really like, i'll start a good conversation with him and keep it going. But most of the time, that good guy is out of my life for I dont know WHAT reason.

BOYS like to beg us to show them something nasty or do something nasty for them, and then get mad when we don't.. if we do, they call us EASY or HOES.

y'all need to pick and choose what it is that y'all want.

It seems like BOYS only do that mess. They beg for nudes, screenshot the messages, show it to their friends and talk down on the girl..

A MAN wouldn't show your nudes to all their friends, they would keep it to themselves and schedule a time and day that they want to fuck you.. and don't tell me NO because I know someone who has had that happen to them.

BOYS make you feel guilty before and after sending a picture or talking nasty to them. They tell you that you're lame or you need to stop being scared and that it's ok to show him or say some nasty shit to him.

If you want to see something nasty GOOGLE IT !

You wanna talk tasty FIND SOMEONE !

Some just like to prey on innocent girls..

But we know how to play the game too...

I've gotten nudes from boys without even asking ! I just LET them be thirsty.. and I NEVER tell anyone about it, I just keep it to myself.

YES, some girls need to be given something, but it does not have to be sex ! It could be a good conversation, sympathy, touching, masturbating for her (rubbing her private) or just eat her out because I can tell you, some girls do want that. I want all of that stuff.

Saying nasty ignorant things to her and GRABBING her by force isn't gonna "Turn Her On".. Slow touches, looking deep in her eyes, staring her down to the point where she doesn't know what to do or is afraid to move will start the arousal..

But if you're gonna FUCK her, FUCK her for HER benefit.. NOT for yours. If she's been lonely and all, go ahead and fuck her IF she seems willing..

Some of these BOYS aren't as "Player Player" as they say they are.

They don't "Get all the Hoes" as you think they do.

I'm not saying all guys are the same, im saying some of them are USERS..

But why do GIRLS get penalized, punished, or talked down on for doing what guys do ? Exploring their options !

DON'T try to CHECK me on it, because I know from experience and close friend experiences..

Kissing Games 101
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  • AleDeEurope
    But why do GIRLS get penalized, punished, or talked down on for doing what guys do? Because they get praised for being virgins.
    Why can girls be virgins and be praised for it, but a guy is humiliated for doing what girls do, not have sex?

    Listen, there's a double standard when it comes to sex. Guys can fuck around, and will get less shit than girls. Girls can remain virgins, and will get less shit than guys.
    Both go hand in hand, and if you wanna solve one, you gotta solve the other, cause the reason guys are praised for having sex is because they're humiliated for being virgins, which is because they're praised for having sex, cause they're humiliated for being virgins, because... and the opposite applies to girls.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • idkwtftoputhere
    WHO cares if people judge, if you wanna be a slut (male or female) then u go do that shit lmao
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    • Nene_1

      no one is trying to be a slut. did you READ. NO SEX, JUST TALKING

    • Oh lmao, whatevs the same thing applies. go tallk/flirt with as many people as you want, if they consider you a slut then who cares? don't let little things like this get to you.

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  • YepThatsIt
    Pretty sure you're talking out of your rear end on this one.
    Obviously in your mental world it makes sense but it doesn't match any reality I've seen very well. In my experience the main reason that girls are getting more grief for being intimately active is that other girls are giving them a hard time.

    Why? My personal bet is that guys are essentially competing for it whereas girls choose to indulge. Overindulgence is looked down upon and winning competitions isn't.
    • Nene_1

      and ur obviously angry

    • YepThatsIt

      Not angry at all, just providing a little insight. Take it or leave it, no problem whichever you do.

  • RobAtomic
    Isn't that unfair, It may be that society holds women to a hire moral standard because you actually bear life and a lot of other cool stuff but the times are changing and I have noticed that it is becoming more acceptable for women to test the water so to speak and it's about time, by all means get a good idea of what types of men are out there so you can make an informed choice..
  • dianagirl
    There's a book written about this very subject. "Are Women the Stronger Sex" talks about what you described and it's really interesting because it explains why so many men and women act like this, are treated like this. Good take. Thank you.
  • Panay
    I have never known anyone who thought the kind of behaviour you describe was ok for guys OR girls.
    I don't know where you got this idea that it's ok for guys to be horny, sex-obsessed, twatish 'players', but I'm pretty sure most people would think that they're just being a massive dick.
  • Socialrealist
    Boys are physiologically and psychologically better able to do things and adapt to their environment because that's the way God naturally wanted it. If He wanted otherwise, he would of created Eve first, then create Adam out of her rib. But sadly, this isn't the case. God wanted Adam (man) to be superior and there is nothing we can do about it but be grateful for all He has given us.
  • DarkHumorRUs
    Girls are the ones who condemn other girls for being players.

    Most of us guys WELCOME you girls to be totally promiscuous!
    • Nene_1


    • No. I wish my past crushes had been less prude, because it makes them hard to read, and it makes them seem unattainable.

  • Chief16
    Its easy to be a hoe, it definitely ain't easy to be a playa.
    • Nene_1

      no one is trying to be a hoe

    • Chief16

      Who said anything about trying?

  • Satisfyd
    Fuck her for her benefit. Not mine. Both should benefit unless I missed something. Sometimes you need to risk things to get rewards.
    • Nene_1

      dont fuck her JUST because you want some pussy. you're thinking about urself

    • Satisfyd

      Clearly it says both should benefit. I have no problem taking care of women's needs but that doesn't mean have none of mine met. Do I take her to dinner but not eat just watch her enjoy the meal. I think not.

  • Squall17
    Just listen to yourself. What you're saying is that because they are wrong and disgusting that the women need to go down to their level to prove a point. Look a lot of the nice guys are often shadowed by these fake masculine types that know nothing about being a real man. They're just their to look good in front of their broskees. (if that's how you spell it) The suck plain and simple but you love hanging out with them. I personally wouldn't date a girl that's a pig. It's too dangerous and sorry to say but they're damaged but why don't girls recognized the same about fucked up boys instead it's the nice ones that are damaged.
  • 0112358
    Because a traditional 'virtue' expected of women was sexual chastity outside of marriage. The other expectations of women are that they be pretty and sweet.

    Men were expected to be virile, courageous, able to provide.

    The standard insults have not changed much. Even when they don't apply. You see it here. When someone, male or female, wants to insult a woman, they call her a slut or ugly or a bitch (suggesting she has failed in being chaste, pretty or sweet). When someone, male or female, wants to insult men, they accuse them of being virgins, wimps/pussies (not so much here, but in general) or living in their mother's basement (i. e. broke).

    You see men accused and shamed for being sluts about as often as you see women being shamed for still living at home or being cowardly.
  • ihatethiswebsite
    All a girl has to do is not tell everyone she's kissed a billion men. Problem solved.

    And I've never seen a women say, "that guys so hot and desirable since he kisses every women that moves".
    • Nene_1

      have you ever heard of "Kiss no tell" girls never tell ! accept their bestfriend.
      maybe you dont understand the article lol..

    • I get the point of the article. I'm just saying most women should have no issues if she doesn't tell tons of people about this. I wouldn't talk about people I've slept or kissed with others.

    • Nene_1

      and I wouldn't either :)

  • Oh this question gets asked by a woman every 17 seconds. It's just a part of life.
  • PeleZico
    Cool Mytake, I see your point...
  • KaranSharma55
    Kissing as a game ;) ooo la la