Misconceptions of the Submissive Man


I often notice how women don't find the "Submissive" male attractive by any sort. However, I feel the whole concept around the submissive man is severely misconstrued. In this take, I'm going to dispel the myths many women, and even other men, have about submissive men.

Misconceptions of the Submissive Man.

Misconception #1: Submissive men are "spineless."
Not even remotely close. Like the following examples below, imagine spinning the gender. Do submissive women get labeled as spineless? See? Doesn't make sense. Just because a man wants a woman to have more control in some areas doesn't mean he doesn't have any firm foot hold in his life at all. In fact, one can argue that a submissive man has a lot of inner strength, for he is letting himself become vulnerable to his partner, especially in a culture that promotes men to be the dominant ones.

Misconception #2: Submissive men let women walk all over them.
This thought likely comes from the idea that a dominant woman will want to control the thoughts and decisions of her Submissive partner. Again, such an irrational way of thinking. A submissive man can still pursue his dreams and ambitions, and yes, even decide on most, if not all aspects of his life in a Dom/sub relationship. In fact, he's choosing to BE the submissive. Just becuase a guy wants a woman to know how to take charge in bed, and even in other areas in life doesn't mean he wants to forefit his own feelings and thoughts.

Misconception #3: Submissive men are pocket ATMS
No. Just no. Exploiting a man who's submissive for his money is entirely disingenuous. Some may consent to this, to which I won't have an opinion of. But for everyone else, we don't want to spoil you by throwing our hard-earned money away. Sure, we'll treat you to something nice here and there, as long as you reciprocate equally. Fair is fair. But the key thing to know is that this isn't prostitution. It's an insult to us who genuinely want this kind of relationship and all you can think about is how to leech off a hard-working man.

Misconception #4: Submissive Men lack masculinity

Depending on how you define masculinity, this isn't really an issue regardless. Either masculinity has zero role when it comes to being dominant, or that it's not even a big deal to have a slightly greater feminine side. Everyone has a masculine and feminine side to them. Some men are more feminine, and some women are more masculine. Doesn't necessarily make them gay or lesbian either. Likewise, your masculinity and feminity fluctuates regularly.
Besides, why let the whole ideas of masculinity and feminity define who you are at the core?

In all, there's no shame to be a submissive male. I am one and I'm proud to be who I am. Sure, I do have a dominant side that can be unlocked by the right woman. However, I will strive to find the right female counterpart that works best with me, both in and out of bed.

Misconceptions of the Submissive Man
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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Excellent take - It is a bit of a human nature take as well as a sexual behaviour take - We are into the REAL MEN and REAL WOMEN stereotypes -
    The following in inverted commas is the stereotype
    - "If any Domination/Submission happens of course it is the man who is dominant and the woman who is submissive - Okay we have dominatrixes (but they are only porn fantasies or the odd male kink bit rarer than hens' teeth in real life) - It goes against the whole alpha/beta model constructed for society"
    But seriously meanwhile back on planet earth society is changing slowly , yes real men can cry now and a woman can rise to the top without being classed as a man hating ball breaker, she may actually have what is needed for the job.
    Okay the main essence of your take is that if it was flipped around the submissive woman would not be belittled or assumed weak. All very true but maybe the treatment of submissive men is just a little bit behind and soon they will move onto a level playing field which is basically to each their own, I may not be into it but as long as it is legal and all the reasonable precautions are taking I won't give a long list but a quick summary is consent/care/non abuse, basically as in any area of sexual practice if you think that all the above conditions are being met you have no reason to interfere, judge, condemn, patronise.
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  • Anonymous
    Interesting myTake, very informative :)
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  • truthhammer
    sorry but i m dominant with women.

    this is because i beleive the superior leader should lead and thats me. if she thinks she is more right and better at it, id let her co piolet.

    women love dominant men and just becaseu women dont like it in th ebeginning, doesn't mean she won't love you for it later.

    also, letting a women dominate is very close to being dysfunctional in my opinion. women love dominant men for a reason.

  • SweetHomicidalQueen
    @redeyemindtricks I believe you'll have A LOT of somethings to say about this haha
  • idkwtftoputhere
    Amazing take! I hope you find your dominant woman soon :)
    • @truthhammer
      >says he can destroy me in a debate
      >blocks me cuz he's chicken shit

  • honesty321
    This is just very twisted. It all makes no sense.
    • honesty321

      Submissive man never communicate or talk and they hurt other womans feelings and they kill woman who did not ask for it because they are agressive and can not behave themselves and tell other woman they should admit they like it. So I wonder if a woman is dead how she is going to explain how she actually did not want it or like it.

    • You equate submissive men to murderers? The fuck is wrong with you?

  • Zorax
    Great Take, I agree completely.