What I Believe To Be Guys Daily Thoughts


I wrote about a womans daily thoughts and although I do not and won't know for sure, this is my idea of the males daily thoughts.

"Damn she's hot"

What I Believe To Be Guys Daily Thoughts

"I'm hungry as fuck"

"Fuck my balls, they're sticking together/I sat on them. OW"

"When does *insert video game/movie* come out?"

"I wonder if *name* is single"

"She's such a cunt. she's probably on the rag"

"sex sex sex sex"

"what you doin little guy? *to random boner*"

What I Believe To Be Guys Daily Thoughts

"i wish I looked like him"

"Whys HE get all the girls?"

"she has a nice ass/rack"

"ass + titties, ass + titties, ass + titties"

What I Believe To Be Guys Daily Thoughts

"Im so tired i wanna go to bed"

"fuck my balls hurt"

"I'd like to *insert sex term* that girl"

"i need to look up *insert porn or movie*"

"She's beautiful, she's wife material"

What I Believe To Be Guys Daily Thoughts

"how is someone that good looking dating someone that ugly?"

"I'm so horny and hungry and tired"

there's probably a lot more but thats what I'd imagine it'd be.

Guys, does this ring true at all?

Girls, do you agree or have any to add?

What I Believe To Be Guys Daily Thoughts
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  • MrOracle
    Okay, for ME, these are relatively common:

    "Damn she's hot"
    "I'm hungry as fuck"
    "she has a nice ass/rack"
    "ass + titties, ass + titties, ass + titties"
    "Im so tired i wanna go to bed"

    These happen on rare occasions:

    "Fuck my balls, they're sticking together/I sat on them. OW"
    "When does *insert video game/movie* come out?"
    "I wonder if *name* is single"
    "She's such a cunt. she's probably on the rag"
    "sex sex sex sex"
    "I'd like to *insert sex term* that girl"
    "i need to look up *insert porn or movie*"
    "She's beautiful, she's wife material"
    "I'm so horny and hungry and tired"

    And these don't happen, or haven't happen since I was a young teen:

    "what you doin little guy? *to random boner*"
    "i wish I looked like him"
    "Whys HE get all the girls?"
    "fuck my balls hurt"
    "how is someone that good looking dating someone that ugly?"

    But I also spend a lot of time solving all manner of work-related issues, from designing systems to troubleshooting to sales & marketing issues. I think about money. I think about keeping my car maintained (I put a ton of miles on it). I think about the news. I think about tech. I think about movies and music and quality TV shows.

    But, yeah, food and girls and sleep are big issues. We're guys. At the end of the day, our priorities are pretty simple.

    Chris Rock wasn't far wrong...

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    • melmel1

      Food, sex and silence huh? Lol

    • i hate silence though cause im talkative

    • MrOracle

      @hazoplmeught What CR is really referring to is the constant stream of "what I did today" and "here's every detail of every relationship of everyone I've spoken with or thought of today" that some women feel like they need to share with their man - while he would prefer to relax, work on a project, or even just talk to her about HER, rather than all of the people she knows (some of them just from "reality TV") that he's never met and doesn't care about.

      Obviously not all women do this, but a great many do (including some women in my own family) and as a man, it is incredibly annoying. I can't imagine dealing with that in a real, on-going relationship.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • redeyemindtricks
    I'd include at least a half hour to an hour of... musing about random stuff, basically. Like, weirdly specific personal interests. Kinda like the way the internet tempts you to click on a link, which leads to another link, which leads to another link, etc... except the "links" are thoughts, instead of literal tabs on the internet.

    I mean, of course we do that too, but, I'm pretty firmly of the mind that men do it more often than we do.

    I also think boys tend to pause to take in the entirety of the overall surroundings -- like, kinda just getting lost in the grandeur of everything around them, especially when it's outside/natural stuff -- more than we do, too.
    I mean, we appreciate natural scenery, too, and we may even have more of an eye for specific detail when it comes to that. But, that whole meditative way of just getting lost in everything, even if for a moment, seems to be more of a boy thing overall.
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    • FatherJack

      Your last paragraph is very accurate , I love walking around nature reserves , also men crave solitude more , women are far more social & form ultra close friendships with other women , whereas men do not. TU from me

    • Tromba

      Your characterization of "weirdly specific personal interests" is not how I'd have phrased it but you are on the right track. Guys can get completely absorbed in what they are doing or thinking in a way women don't so much.

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  • RationalMale
    Women have this weird idea that we men act like our dicks are puppies, or pet parrots, and refer to our dicks as "he" or name it or such.

    We really don't. We don't name our dicks or call it little guy or he, anymore than you name your pussy or your arm.
    • a friend of mine named his dick Carl
      another friend of mine literally named his dick Batman

    • ... well fuck me sideways.

    • GingerBear

      Yeah, I've had a few boyfriends and mates who refer to their dick in the third person when they've gotten a random boner. Maybe it helps dispel any awkwardness or embarrassment they're feeling?

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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
  • HeWhoPonders
    Well, lets go down the list.

    "Damn she's hot"

    "I'm hungry as fuck"
    No not usually.

    "Fuck my balls, they're sticking together/I sat on them. OW"
    Balls always stick together. It's not possible to sit on them unless you try really hard which I don't see why anyone would want to.

    "When does *insert video game/movie* come out?"
    My life tbh.

    "I wonder if *name* is single"

    "She's such a cunt. she's probably on the rag"

    "sex sex sex sex"
    How very stereotypical of you.

    "what you doin little guy? *to random boner*"
    Not exactly.

    "i wish I looked like him"

    "Whys HE get all the girls?"
    No I usually know the reason.

    "she has a nice ass/rack"
    Not gonna lie, yes.

    "ass + titties, ass + titties, ass + titties"
    Only when I'm really pent up.

    "Im so tired i wanna go to bed"
    Every day.

    "fuck my balls hurt"
    My balls rarely hurt out of left field.

    "I'd like to *insert sex term* that girl"

    "i need to look up *insert porn or movie*"
    Only the movie part, really.

    "She's beautiful, she's wife material"
    No. I rarely meet a girl is wife material for me.

    "how is someone that good looking dating someone that ugly?"
    I tend to not question this.

    "I'm so horny and hungry and tired"
    Lol I can't be horny on an empty stomach.
    • "Whys HE get all the girls?"
      We think that even if we know the answer no?

      This was a very good and relatable opinion. I agree with you completely. But we gotta say, the take owner is a girl, but she tried well.

  • Chief16
    You forgot 'I'm hungry'.
  • ManOnFire
    This is so cliche. Another chick thinking she knows how guys work, lol.
    • yet this is why I specifically stated "although I do not and won't know for sure, this is my idea of the males daily thoughts." and "What I BELIEVE to be guys daily thoughts"

      not what they arE

    • ManOnFire

      I just think you shouldn't bother though. It's tiring to see all the girls here blabbing on and on about what they THINK they know about guys.

  • godfatherfan
    "i wish I looked like him" and "what you doin little guy? *to random boner*"
    2 things no guy has thought or said ever (straight guys anyway).
    Honestly, if a woman really knew what goes through a guys mind during a day, you would be horrified at times. lol.
    • Queen_KZ

      You all say that but how do you know until you tell us!

  • FatherJack
    We may ( especially young guys ) have much higher sex drives than you ladies , but we are not that sex obsessed ( I'm not that bothered anymore ) , did make me chuckle though !!. I actually advocate a sex drive killer for men as most guys wish it came with an OFF or DELETE button , you ladies would be happy with that too , no more " pervy , thirsty , creepy " guys bothering you = everyone happy !!
  • JuicyBrain
    You think we spend far too much time thinking about how we feel about stuff. Which is a typical thing a woman would think 😊
    The thing I think the most about is: "What was I doing before I got disturbed?"
    I spend most of my time thinking about how stuff works and what other people think and why they reacted this or that way. Oh and what the hell am I going to eat. lol
  • Kitty_Katt_16
    I don't really agree :P I don't think guys think so much about women... I think the only time a woman crosses their mind is when they see someone they find truly attractive; I mean, as a girl, I know that boys are not the only thing on my mind so the same applies for guys when it comes to thinking about girls; there's more to life :)
  • QuestionMan
    That's like 5% of what I think about.
    I only think about chicks when I see them and it's very rare that one will be attractive enough to garner my attention for more than 10 seconds.
  • Redstang88
    You definitely over-estimate our complexity. Most our day can be covered by -
    Hot chick
  • Kylesar
    Constant hurting balls,
    The PMS blaming
    The talking to your boner
    Constant sex
    Why's he get all the girls?

    Other than these, you're spot on
  • peachblossomluck
    I never ask a man what he is thinking because he'll feel badly about something and fib, which is not his fault. They are HIS thoughts after all. OR he'll actually bluntly tell me what he was thinking... LOL. Either way, there is the potential for disaster. My guy friends confide in me their disgust at being eye-raped by dirty horny old ladies in the neighborhood and I offer to walk them home hahahaha! I have read that they think about sex about every five minutes. I'd hate to be a guy and get some innappropriate boner or something. Aren't men very visual and become distracted by sexy things about women and cool cars with loud engines and the prospect of BBQing something?
    • Actually its less then that, and while men do think about sex more then women, they also think about food and sleep more too. Its not by a large margin either.

    • @hellionthesage I think you underestimate how much I think about food and sleep myselfXD

    • Well, statisticly speaking, their are always exceptions :D

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  • PeleZico
  • xxcchhllaauu
    me: Why is my dick small. Jumbled thoughts. Hate Intense burning feeling. Hate. thoughts of loneliness. jelous thought. thought of equality throughout all races. a sense of relief at the thought of death and fear a of it
  • Visko
    Not particularly. Some of it were true when I was younger though.

    Sitting on testicles has happened... it really sucks. I wouldn't say it's anywhere close to "daily" though. Lol

    It's more like

    "Am I spending my time as productively as I could be?" (no, not usually)
    "Is this food healthy for me to eat?"
    "Damn she's cute/pretty. I don't need to be thinking about this right now."
    "I want to play my keyboard!"
    "What do I need to get done today/this week?"
    "You've got to get some exercise today, get out!"
    "What should I cook today?"

    Very little do I think of women physically. I actually got bored of that (for one reason or another) and found it to be a great way to waste my time lol
  • Tromba
    Mine would be more like
    I'm hungry.
    Need mental stimulation that doesn't involve talking to get brain running. Read something.
    Think about the work I'm going to do today, plan it out.
    Marvel once again at how many people can't drive.
    If an attractive woman crosses my path make a minute and exact mental assessment of what she would look like naked.
    If women show interest in me decide if it's just friendly or flirtatious and act according to my inclinations.
    Get lost in work, eat lunch if I remember to, or if someone pesters me about it.
    More work
    How did these people get a drivers license?
    Socialize, talk, keep things running on several tracks. The subject as well as the personality of the person I'm talking to.
    Winding down mental stimulation, read something.
    Think about the work I'm going to do tomorrow.

  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Not too bad - You cover a fair amount of it - I don't think guys are as obsessed with their dick and balls as much as that, they just usually hang there - Also it has being a long time since my teenage years but I don't remember caring that much about other guys plus nearly 50% of your thoughts would be about your favourite sports teams about how they are doing and what they could do - I would say my thought order when I was a teen was (1) My personality, my place in the world (2) Sports (3) Girls (4) Dating (5) The elusive concept of sex (6) Another elusive the meaning of life (7) Music (8) Spirituality (9) Alcohol (10) My physical appearance - Just a final note in a difference to others, food never figured that much,
  • MrMafioso
    The balls part only hurt when it get hit. When we sit, it doesn't actually hurt. Mostly, yeah. You got it right.
  • hazoplmeught
    A lot of this is true, but the balls thing never really happens, my balls never just hurt, ever. Unless something hits it
  • John_Doesnt
    You clearly have no idea what it's like to have balls. They don't stick together nor do they hurt throughout the day unless there is a serious medical problem.
  • RandomGuy2000
    I find this funny somehow. But most of it is actually kinda of true, for me at least.
  • joeb73
    LOL you did really good on that. but there are a few more but they are mostly general for both sexes.
    but here is couple for the guys :
    -shit i how did i mess that up i just fixed that (goes to we think we can fix anything even though we have no idea how it works) (or fix it wrong but dont want to admit it)
    -i'm lost but i'm not stopping to ask for directions because its more fun to just drive around the same block 20 times.
    -she must be a b*ch because she didn't like me cat calling her (i know not all guys are that way but some are)
    just adding to you list that all
    • Tromba

      The reason we don't ask for directions is because a man should know where he is and where he is going. Asking for directions is like going up to a stranger and saying. "Excuse me, you don't know me but I'm an idiot."

      It may be true but shame on you for admitting it.

    • joeb73

      @Tromba to tell you the truth after the 2nd time around the block i get i loose start looseing it. i dont let my ego get the the best of me and to save time i just brake down and ask. ya i know we are supost to know wear we are going but as someone who has had to use google maps or map quest sometimes the directions are wrong. i drove around milwaukee 5 times calling dispatch in a semi because the street name was wrong. so i learned when in dough ask. because if you go down the wrong streets you can do a lot more damage to things than your ego.

  • Jager66
    Balls seldom hurt, if they do something wen't horribly and abnormally wrong.
  • pervertedjester
  • Rtfdgf
    I don't get where the

    Sitting on your balls or it randomly aching comes from. You physically can't sit on your balls its between your legs. Unless it's abnormal sized majority of guys won't experience thiss. Nearly everything else is right.
  • MoonlitSonata
    Sounds pretty accurate. Almost never think about my balls though.
  • 0112358
    Some of it rings true, but you're missing two massive categories.

    One, guys spend a lot of time thinking about what you might call trivia. It's often related to sports or politics. Facts and analysis of sports and politics is the male equivalent of women who are focused on reality tv or gossip. Neither matter, objectively, but both DO matter to same-sex friends and acquaintances. When a woman rattles on about the personal life of some friend's friend, guys don't care, and not only that, but they don't -know- anyone who would care. By contrast when some guys knows some vague fact about the local sports team combined with some analysis, guys care -and- their other male friends will care too.

    Sometimes we're even able to shift this focus onto our work.

    Finally, guys spend more time thinking about -nothing- then women do, apparently.
  • BullyDawg
    No but funny as (expletive deleted in advance) Thanks though I needed the laugh Hugz 🍀🐶🍀
  • Nik1hil
    Nice efforts!.. But you failed to get inside our head..

    1) we treat out dick as a pet or little guy only when we are trying to be funny to a girl or someone..
    2) 'I wish I looked like him' = Nope never!.. I never wished to look like anyone else.. Yeah!.. Admiring another model and his efforts in making strong biceps and chest is something else.. It's like, I wish I could spare time and money to improve my body to that level..
    3) balls are in a pouch that is pretty comfy.. So it doesn't hurt if you sit or jump or run.. Unless you jump from a huge height +8 feels and don't know how to land properly
  • Jackblue
    Pretty accurate, but guys are like girls in that if we really are that hungry/tired we won't be thinking about sex much.
  • Guys are more compartmentalized in their thoughts, if you are thinking about work you think about work and unless something distracts you, you continue with that thought until something else comes along. That's why a guy can be lost in a video game for hours and forget to eat, etc.
    Sure if you see a sexy thing you might think about it for a few but sex doesn't hold long term attention.
    Let me give you an example, I get my news from Naked News, it's a program of women who broadcast the news in various states of undress. And even then I often am more interested in the actual news article then the naked woman who's reporting on it. Other times it's the reporter who has my attention, but rarely is it both.
    So sex does come into the brain often, but the thought is fleeting and is often crowded out by other things, such as work, information, etc.
  • huhwhy
    In my opinion almost you know nothing about men because most of the things you have mentioned don't happened on daily basis.
    • huhwhy

      If you can send me the link of my take about girls

  • Silver119
    pretty accurate but balls don't randomly hurt and we don't wonder what our dicks are doing, we know pretty well lol
  • sp33d
    You may have touched 1% of my world of thought, if even that.
  • Panay
    I get where you might've got this from, and I hate to say it, but for me at least it's horribly inaccurate.
    Occasionally if i see a good looking girl I'll think 'woah she is sexy af!' but that's def not a daily thing

    'random song lyrics'
    'shit i actually need to revise'
    (*fails to catch a satsuma before eating*) 'wow i'm shit at catching'
    'more random song lyrics'
    'actually i'm quite hungry, wonder what we have'
    'oh ffs, there's nothing. I'm going to have to actually cook'
    'yeah i really do need to revise... how do you work out horizontal asymptotes again?'
    'now may be the time for a cheeky wank'
    'well that was good, better clean up'
    'ooooh someone texted me!! i have FRIENDS!!!'

    ok so that's obviously very simplified and just a few example of stuff I've thought about today, but my point is: (most) GUYS AREN'T JUST OBSESSED WITH SEX-we have a lot more going on in our lives, believe it or not!
  • Waffles731
    No this really is only true for a handful of people
  • IceEverest
    So you did one for guys instead of my saying NOOOOOO
  • aliceinwonderland69
    This is a little insulting to guys.
  • front2back
    Yeah that was quite accurate.
  • ConsultantIsBack
    A few ya
  • BCRanger10
    No, not even close.
  • This_is_my_username
    I Died!!! i loved it
  • Octavius
    I am pretty freaking hungry right now...
  • orphan
    what's with all the testicular pain?
  • lopflodin
    I've never sat on my balls wtf
  • Noxifer626
    Quite accurate, if not perfect. Cheers.
  • The_Dude_1
    Spot on💯
  • AdamThomas
    Yeah, pretty much.
  • ihatethiswebsite
    Just about none of that applies to me.