In Defense of the Thong!


In Defense of the Thong.

As many of you (who follow fashion trends) may know, for the past few years we've been bombarded with articles in magazines and fashion sites with titles proclaiming "The Thong Is Dead" and "Granny Panties Are In, Sexy Underwear Is Out.", while that may be true, the fact of the matter is that despite not being the go-to underwear for us women like it was in 2000-2003, the thong really isn't going anywhere and there are no signs of them sharing the same fate as the knickers and bloomers of the 1920s.

In fact, they're still as popular as ever. I wear them more often than not, many of my friends wear them, the department stores and lingerie shops still stock a variety. Since their first introduction in Europe in the 1970s, thongs have maintained their allure and status as the most daring underwear, hence why they've been so popular for so long.

But there are other reasons for their staying power, aside from their "taboo" allure.

(Remember: This is all subjective and represents my viewpoints, I'm just sharing my opinion.)

1. Thongs Will Always Be In Fashion

In Defense of the Thong!

Despite what the fashion critics say, they're still quite fashionable. What other panty goes along with just about every other piece of your wardrobe? Not many, aside from the new "seamless" panty. I can wear tight jeans and little black dresses without having to worry about the dreaded visible pantyline showing up and trashing my entire look, which can lead to major, public embarassment.

2. Thongs Are Really Quite Comfortable

In fact, thongs are the most comfortable panty you can wear. There's not much fabric to make you uncomfortable to begin with, your downstairs region stays cooler, panty ride-up and front wedgies are non-existant, and while wearing thongs made of cotton, there's almost no chafing what so ever. Compare that to fuller cuts that you have to pick out of your bum constantly and makes your vulve feel like it's trapped in the amazon jungle in the middle of summer.

3. Thongs Naturally Fit the Female Body

In Defense of the Thong!

Becuase of their inherit minimalism, movements are not restricted which makes them ideal for wearing under clothes whenever you workout, go jogging, play athletic sports or whenever you anticipate being active on your feet or not. That's mostly due to the fact that your butt is actually two really big muscles full of twitch fibers that your legs rely on for mobility (and also the reason why kicks are considered more powerful than punches), they flex and contract while we're active. Due to thongs being what they are- panties without back coverage- they allow our glutes to do what they're actually designed to do without constraint.

4. Thongs Are Cheap

Mostly, again, due to the lack of fabric. I can actually go to Walmart and buy a 5 pack for $10.

5.You'll Look Sexy When The Clothes Come Off

In Defense of the Thong!

One of the obvious pluses for wearing a thong is the fact that men love them and love seeing their girlfriends/wives wearing them. When he pulls down your pants or lifts up your skirt to see your bumbum in it's natural state, it drives him bonkers and that can lead to some really good things. It's almost a given that the sex that follows is going to be really hot and very kinky. In survey after survey, men list thongs and g-strings as their favorite kind of undergarment for one obvious reason- It's the most primal underwear, the most naked you will ever be while wearing something and that turns men on like nothing else.

The ONLY major drawback to wearing thongs is that they can become unsanitary if you wear the same pair for too long and you don't wash them. That's it, there are so many pluses to wearing them that it's stupid, hence they got so popular and there are no signs of them going the way of shoulder pads anytime soon.

I would love to hear some opinions and I hope you all enjoyed this myTake.

In Defense of the Thong!
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Most Helpful Guy

  • pavlove
    good job! don't listen to the fat/ugly women who will say they "just don't like thongs" because no guy wants to see them in one
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Most Helpful Girl

  • CHARismatic110
    Not a fan. They're uncomfortable. I'm much more comfortable in boyshorts. And those are sexier in my opinion.
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  • LaurenGrace
    Most days i wear gstrings. only wear boylegs or similar when im doing any running or cardio classes or playing netball.
    I find them to be comftable for all day everday wear. Thats just my opinion.
    • Barker

      And I lov that
      things like that are very sexy to

  • smell-my-fingers
    Holy Christ, that was a nice article, but I need to change my boxers now! But my issue not with the panty-thong, keep shoving that fabric up your coose & crack ladies, it sounds lovely! And I'm sure that they clean right up in the wash! (Damn, I'm still looking for that "sarcastic font"... but I'm still not finding it!!)

    But my issue is with the thong-bikini! While the difference is debatable in many cases, God forbid "she" goes out in public wearing nothing but a bra and thong-style panties (or knickers for my friends across the pond!) Anyway, have you ever watched a chick wearing a (?) 'thinly-stranded in the butt-area' bikini? Have you watched her preform normal things/movements? I know you have! This chick I was with for a wile loved to wear her thong bikini everywhere we went, and who am I to argue! I'm not the jealous type, since about 17 or so years old, when I learned how ugly and dumb it was to be jealous!

    But, anyway, I walk out into the front yard one morning, and she's squatting down, doing one of her favorite things... planting flowers in the yard! So I sit back and watch the beautiful day and beautiful view of Ms. Thong bending over and squatting as necessary to plant her beautiful flowers. I'm probably 10-20 feet away, and you know what I realized on that fine spring morning? you can see nearly her entire butt-hole on either side of the dental-floss, which covers only what you might call the pupil of her (brown-eye)! Now, I can't say that it's doesn't interestingly getting a rise out of me, but doesn't this seem a bit extreme? I mean, yes it's "purdy" and all, winking back at me, but at some point are we just going to place a sticker the size of a hole-punched piece of paper over the entrance to here neither-hole and maybe an actual tiny piece of dental floss to cover the vaginal/urethral openings and just all walk around pretty much naked? Not that I think it's a bad idea, but I'm only curious when it became acceptable to see most of a woman's ass (or 'arse', for my UK buddies!) in public! I think it's awesome! But somehow I can't believe that that is really considered a bikini, and we can't walk around naked (so says the law, at least), so where do we (and why do we) draw the line? I'm torn! But she always perked me up with a little 'wink', so I never worried about it! Anyone else concerned or just loving it?

    Beyond that,... Thong-on, my pretties,... Thong-on!
  • SammyGurl
    Thongs have their place in my wardrobe, they're still not my number one panty of choice. Boy Shorts are my first followed by Cheekies then Thongs as long as the back strap is the wider style, I just can't stand the really thin strap. My guy loves seeing me in them too!
    • walle83

      Tiny straps are so hot though ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • damnwinter
    Well, I guess 1st, they ARE uncomfortable, they get between your buttcheeks and feel weird. 2nd, they ARE cheap indeed, but not in the way you mentionned :))) and 3rd, you can look sexy when you take your clothes off even if you wear normal panties that are sexy :D

    like these:!!369155677.jpg
  • broadsword
    I love thongs they show off the female form in all its beauty.
    However they have one huge down side.
    When a woman farts whilst wearing one , the high pitched whistling they make like a child with a a blade of grass between his thumbs and blowing. Lol
  • LittleMissCuriousity
    I've been wearing thongs since I was fourteen, and I'm not stopping! They are so comfortable (when made out of the right material) and I don't have to worry about whether or not they fit my ass and my hips. Plus, they go with everything and don't have ruffles. I hate ruffles.
  • KittyKat90210
    Until about 5 years ago I couldn't imagine how a thong could possibly be comfortable. My sister finally convinced me (with the help of a VS saleswoman) to try one. It felt weird the first time I wore it but after that I decided that I like it. Now they're all I ever wear. No going back!
  • godfatherfan
    They are completely useless. why would you wear them? women don't need underwear to hold things in place. They have bra's for that. But since you don't have things flopping around between your legs, you have no need for underwear. since it rides up your ass, and probably gets squished inside your pussy, other then being horribly uncomfortable, I just don't see a purpose. They are not "sexy" at all. and for virtually no fabric, the costs are absurd.
  • Tdieseler
    only two things would make this article better...
    -the admittance that "fat" people should go through an application process before purchasing thongs...
    -a picture of you in one. (you can make that one private :) )

    in other words... one hell of an article.
  • In-sight-ful
    Literally all I wear is things, simply because they are comfortable and you never have to worry about panty lines. The fact that my boyfriend likes them doesn't hurt either. Lol. I will say though that running or jogging in a thong is a very bad idea, it leaves chafing in an area you don't want chafing.
  • Hopefuldreamer8
    I've never understood the hatred for thongs. I don't wear them myself, but it's only because I don't think I'd look good in them. However, I always see people talking bad about them. I always think they look cute, and I'd wear them if I could. Also, any kind of underwear will become unsanitary if you wear the same pair for too long or don't wash them.
  • Blonde401
    I'd rather not wear floss as underwear, it's not comfortable to me. I prefer the shorts kind of underwear personally and think they still look sexy. And if I get VPL? Go without underwear, simples.
  • MiniRexes
    My ass swallows up almost any type of pantie. Thongs become g-strings with extra fabric which is extremely uncomfortable. I'll pass. Cheekies and boyshorts please.
  • SarahsSummer
    I love this take and totally agree although it does seem like boy shorts are becoming more popular, my thongs are definitely the most comfortable and versatile... And like you said, when the clothes come off, sexy. โค๏ธ
  • GingerBear
    Accurate!! I love my thongs (and my boyfriend does too). Only time I wear anything else is when I need to use certain feminine hygeine products that just do not stay in thongs.
    I also love this take for your use of the word 'bumbum'. Super sexy.
  • TadCurious
    "The ONLY major drawback to wearing thongs is that they can become unsanitary if you wear the same pair for too long and you don't wash them."

    Who knew?
  • xXiTacoXx
    2-5 are bullshit. The only thing true is number 1 because people have a fascination with uncomfortable underwear.
    • Izzex3

      #2 depends on the person.
      I seriously can't even feel mine.

    • Wait, I'm completely confused now, I though I knew what "number one" and "number two" were, but surely that is not something you're doing in a thong! OMG! please enlighten me!

  • Michelleshalley
    I wear thongs of different kinds and I will never stop no matter if they are not fashion or anything else

    They are comfy cheap easy to pack and most of my boyfriends have found it nice
  • AnayaWilliams
    Sometimes I wear them other times not so much. I mean I like them, they make me feel good but they are annoying at times especially when they ride up. Which is why I don't wear them that much.
  • confusedgirl239
    So many girls are thong haters, which is why I'm glad this article was posted. Plenty of people say that they aren't comfortable, which isn't true. Most of these people are either getting scratchy material or are getting them too tight. If you're wearing a thong that fits you, there's nothing better. I'm never having to pick my underwear out of my butt, it's sexy, goes with every article of clothing, and just makes me feel good. The fact that men like them is just a plus. I would wear them anyway. I only have thongs in my drawer, no granny panties to be found :).
  • Pinkninja123
    I love my VS thong. I don't even feel like I have panties on right now.
  • CT_CD
    Thongs are gross. They smell & get gross stains. If you wear a thong all day that means the string sits along your anus for hours at a time. We're all familiar with what happens in that area. You can't expect a garment to be in that region for that long and come out smelling like roses. There have been laundry days in my lifetime when I pick up a G-string and immediately cringe at the scent of it. I've also seen some stains on the back string that are far from pleasant.
  • Deft_maiden
    Thong Defense Fund!
    Donations accepted via PayPal
  • RainbowFanGirl
    I don't wear them that often. But they don't need defending because guys love them lol. I prefer boy shorts. They're comfy and don't ride up your ass crack.
  • GeorgiaD2000
    I agree thongs are the best, most comfy sexiest looking. They are cheaper but are also expensive if you think how much material you actually get
  • lahti83
    I've been wearing thongs for years, since I was in high school. My sisters wear them and my mom wears them. They are sexy and guys love them. I especially like to wear them under pantyhose. I also wear them when I wear a garter belt.
  • Abe90
    I love seeing things on women. Just drives me wild. But normal panties can be just as hot as well and especially if they're comfortable in whichever they choose.
  • Paco78
    Who wants a girl with granny panties? Come on fellas, it's all about the thong!!!
  • erinob2000
    I love your myTake, good job. Infact where a thong pretty much all the time.
  • datgirl
    My granny panties are my number 1 choice 😍 and then boy shorts and cheekies. No thongs. Plus I'm not sexually active so I don't have to care about looking sexy underneath.
    • SomeGuy37

      I love the soft cotton, how it makes your bottoms look so amazing!! And then there is the panty line that catches my attention! Nice to see a young lady with a sensible panty line, under the jeans, or yoga pants. It makes me think that she doesn't care what people think, but prefers her own comfort, over the fashion statement!

    • datgirl

      @SomeGuy37 haha finally a guy who appreciates simplicity!!!

    • SomeGuy37

      There are a few of us that know how to really love a lady. . . For me, it takes a weekend, close, intimacy, a schedule of things that she loves, but being close, and teasing, taunting her, giving her sensual feelings, or touching her, erotically, when someone might see, just to excite her!!
      cooking, and just making the dinner, can be INCREDIBLY EROTIC, paired with her favorite wine, a few romantic comedies, some casual kissing, a little 'touch'. Leaving her wanting more, not loving her, then, knowing she wants to, but won't say so. Loving, and fulfilling a woman's sensuality, is a Lost Art, that only a few men aspire to

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  • Rawrzz
    Is there a type of underwear that you don't have to wash? Because I'd be really interested in that.
    • tenchu11

      I mean... you don't really have to wash any... just strongly suggested

  • Spiorad_Aisce
    I am surprised at the comfort point - I was always under the impression that they were quite uncomfortable when a person started to wear them as a new type of underwear - Long story short I once mistakenly bought some male thongs and since I bought them, bringing them home, I said "To hell with it, I'll try them out" - Honestly I thought they were instruments of torture.
    Good take - All your points hold water logically just on a personal preference I like boyshorts on women but that is me, I am sure the thong is probably still most popular among guys.
    • jacquesvol

      I too once bought thongs, a sale at $1 or $2. Just curiosity, I wanted to know: I dumped them forever after a few hours. Now I know. :D

  • BoobMan
    Wow! That third pic is all the defense thongs will ever need! lol!
  • Amber_Grey
    Completely agree with this take, I wear a thong most days and don't find them uncomfortable at all.
  • Titanic1912
    Thongs are very inappropriate underwear!!! Every woman should have underwear that covers both her anus and her buttocks!
  • AhGojira
    The thong is already well defended hidden deep between two butt cheeks...
  • Izzex3
    I've never heard that granny panties were in and thongs were out, lol.
  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    Wait, we have to defend thongs now? aka the best thing that women ever started doing?
  • Dream2winxx
    Atm, I'm listening to a song called "that thong" what a coincidence
  • WhiteSteve
    Yeah, I was hearing things were like out of style now? That blows my mind. I've been off the market for most of the last decade and it's pretty much all my girlfriend wears, but "back in my day"👴🏻 if you hooked up with a chick and she wasn't wearing a thong it was like "what fucking planet am I on?", haha. Like chicks owned things and period drawers, haha, and you'd only see the thongs on display. Only thing else I've ever seen was back in the mid-90s, girls wore the full backed ones with the string part on the sides connecting the front and back. Sisquo did so much for the women's underwear movement, especially from the perspective of us guys... what the hell is this world coming to? If things are out, then I just don't know what to believe in anymore...
    • WhiteSteve

      Thanks autocorrect, for changing "thongs" to "things"๐Ÿ˜’

    • I will never forget. This song almost made me a thong fan. ALMOST.

    • WhiteSteve

      @CHARismatic110 He was like a missionary of ladies' undergarments๐Ÿ˜‚

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  • hazoplmeught
  • heyalejha
    Thongs are the most comfortable piece of underwear!!! I love wearing thongs, bye panty lines for ever and they are a good self steem booster!
    • YES! I feel so much more confident in a thong!! They're all I wear.

  • ConsultantIsBack
    Love thongs. Love cheekies more tbh, but thongs are right there too
  • pezzonovante88
    I must admit that I only looked at the pictures lol.
    Right sister!! I find thongs comfortable too. We should have a thong party, me, you, and all your girlfriends. Woohoo!!! 😜😎
  • PrincessBailee
    They're comfortable, cheap, and cute. Nuff said lol
  • Stallion76
    Usually, the only people that have problems with them are people who can't fit them, or wear them or lack the self-confidence to wear them.
    the girls I have dated usually can't find them is their size, or they stretch them out of shape.
    Now, the other side of the spectrum, I wear thongs for men, and in studying and a matter of fact, they were originally designed for men over centuries ago, such as the "Loin Cloth".
    It is required that you take better care of your personal Hygiene in more detail. Without going into more detail, or grossing anybody out, men know what that aspect is, and some women have had to witness this lack of personal hygiene.
  • jinx955
    I don't wear underwear at all but when I really do have to wear something underneath i buy g strings and get rid of them as soon as I can. Just my preference for comfort.
  • bluenose1872
    I defend the thong. Agree. Just fat girls don't wear them. You can't the fucking thing
  • oddwaffle
    I don't know anything about the other numbersnbut #5 is true.