Why You Shouldn't Be 'Nice' To Women.


“Margaret Atwood, the Canadian novelist, once asked a group of women at a university why they felt threatened by men. The women said they were afraid of being beaten, raped, or killed by men. She then asked a group of men why they felt threatened by women. They said they were afraid women would laugh at them.”

Why You Shouldn't Be 'Nice' To Women.

DISCLAIMER: Don't be a moron and read this before you read the Take,

1) My dear Misandrists and Misogynists, this Take is not for you, so kindly stop reading.

2) Yes, this Take will generalize many women, not most women. Now say it with me "MANY, NOT MOST".

3) Let's stop with the Nice Guy Shaming. K? Its become worse than slut shaming.

4) And yeah, this will be a medium to relatively long Take.

Why You Shouldn't Be 'Nice' To Women.

So assuming you've read the above let's get on with it. First of all lets get this straight

#1. Women can be assholes.

#2. Women can be just as vile and crude as men.

#3. Yes, women can be stupid.

#4. Any other person who objects to the above has probably never met another person in their life.

Why You Shouldn't Be 'Nice' To Women.

See, what I find wrong with most people today, is the fact that we complicate women so much that we build this illusion in our minds that women are some kind of puzzle to be solved.

And this is the root of all our problems. Questions like

Can men and women ever truly be just friends?

Are stupid. Why? Because they escalate simplicity into complexity. Yes, in my experence, it is possible to build rapport with women and just stay as friends. A question that you should probably be asking is this,

Can men and women, whilst being friends be sexually attracted to each other? Or better yet can men and women just be friends while being sexually attracted to each other?

Exxcellent, I assume you understand what I'm getting to. Its perfectly possible that you can be sexually attracted to the other sex. After all, that's what the opposite sex is for, where I think most people make a mistake is this.

#1. Think Love and Sex are the same thing.

Now don't get me wrong, I firmly believe that you should only be sexually intimate with the person you love, or want to be intimate with. However what this does mean is, Love and Sex are mutually exclusive. #Factz

#2. Mistake Affection And Attraction.

Whenever you hear someone go 'I've been friendzoned'. Understand this only happens because of two reasons

A. You just don't go out on a random notion and ask someone out, before asking anyone out, you've to be fairly certain that they're attracted to you and interested in being 'more' than friends, without making yourself more appealing, the chances that you'll date a friend is very slim.

B. Affection is not attraction, sure your friend might spend more time with you, sure you maybe an important person to them, but..... that simply just might mean that the connection you've established is more sibling like than anything else. I might care for you and love you in a sort of an affectionate way and this is very different from the feeling I think that translates into attraction.

Why you shouldn't be 'nice' to women.

Now if you got the basis of what I was getting to, you will probably have no trouble in understanding what I'm going to say next, Let me break it down.

#1. Many people go about saying 'you should treat women right' but then beg your pardon, what's the right way to treat a woman? Its subjective and depending on where you are and who you are with, 'right' can vary dramatically.

#2. What I think is the 'right' way to treat women, is to be as you're to yourself to them, basically not to be self conscious and insert a superiority or inferiority complex over them.

#3. I don't think I've ever heard any woman go

"I wanna grow up and be a lady"

Not in this day and age, anyway, chiefly because look at all the ridiculous unsaid rules that society enforces on women, stuff like bio-clock, pressure to have kids blah blah blah, so on and so forth.

Do you want them to live upto so many ridiculous standards and then some that they'll probably choke, it can be suffocating to live upto expectations of society, I will not deny this. But then lets use this.

Only be nice to women who are ladies.


#4. Do not patronize, sympathize, degrade or debase women, in my opinion they just vary from simply giving them entitlement all the way down to shaming them. What I truly believe women require is empathy or anyone for that matter, ad this where all them 'Nice' guys get it wrong.

#5. If you're gonna use Chivalry as an excuse to treat women 'nice' if you're a guy, or to be treated nice if you're a woman, don't bother. The Code Of Chivalry was never made for women in the first place, it is written writ of the unspoken rules of combat and conduct towards children, elders, other men and so on and so forth. Chivalry is dying because it has become a double standard these days, who is to blame? Everybody.

Why You Shouldn't Be 'Nice' To Women.

Phew, thank you for reading, Ciao. #BeingNiceSucks

Why You Shouldn't Be 'Nice' To Women.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Joc4Position
    It’s actually probably EASIER to be friends with a female than a male. A male will try to out-compete you in anything and everything. With my male friends in the past there were always those moments where it seemed like a pissing contest. Who can pee the furthest for the longest. It can be anything, a game of basketball, who’s getting paid more, girls we’re getting, w/e. With a female more than likely (with an exception of the ones who are less this way) she will be more supportive and not try to out piss you. I’ve noticed in most cases they’ll try to comfort and worry more about emotional aspects. Where as us guys are more so solution thinking only.

    In the work force I think it’s better to have a female co-worker. Why? Because again while there are competitive females out there chances are they aren’t going to try to take over everything and take the job from you. Not only that but that’s what a lot of females want anyway. .. friendships that is. Sure there are some who don’t and in some situations depending on the guy they are talking to they may want something different. However, I’ve noticed that typically girls want friendships first and sex 2nd. Opposite from a typical guy’s perspective if he even wants the 2nd part. Though to be fair most people are monogamous people who aren’t just highly sexual.

    You point this out in your friendzone part. You’re right. Many people are in the “friendzone” because they subconsciously and apparently want to be. I always believed in setting a standard… or more so a ultimatum. You’ve gotta have “that talk” eventually. You know what “that talk” is. The one where you tell her what you want and she tells you what you want. Either this happens early or late, but it should happen early.

    Maybe at times it can seem harsh or what not. I know some people don’t like being pushed with ultimatums and it can allow things to die before it even really grows, but that’s the philosophy that works best in my opinion.

    “I firmly believe that you should only be sexually intimate with the person you love, or want to be intimate with.”

    Maybe it’s the “right way” to do things, but ehh. I don’t agree with it.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Damn. I was with you until you said this:
      “basically not to be self conscious and insert a superiority or inferiority complex over them.”
      I think what it is is that like you said people mistaken affection for attraction you (and a lot of people) mistaken superiority and inferiority with just pure honesty. It’s not so much about being nice or not nice to me as it is just being honest. Now some guys will say “Well that doesn’t work. It makes me look like a douche.” Yeah it does sometimes. Sometimes honesty makes you look like “the bad guy”. The truth is that females like lies so long they are the lies they want to hear.

    • However, the same could be said for the truth. Females like the truth so long they are the truths they want to hear. So what do you do? Again you be honest from the get go. Either one of two things are going to happen. Either she likes it or she doesn’t. If she doesn’t well maybe you escaped prolonging the inevitable. If she does well hey you both have an understanding of what you both want and can go down the road together like you’re supposed to.

      #5 As harsh as it may sound you’re right. You’re absoltely right about this one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. That’s one of those truths people don’t want to hear though.

    • Chief16

      Want to be intimate with means fuck whoever you want.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • SweetHomicidalQueen
    I just think everyone should be nice in general, regardless of sex or age or race. But very nice take.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Chief16

      Aww Queenie, I'm flattered.

    • M_A_X

      Some people are assholes and need to be treated appropriately.

    • @M_A_X EVERYONE can be an asshole if they really wanna be. Sometimes they just may be having a bad day, we don't know. They don't deserve to be fucked with. You never know, plus haven't you heard the term "killing them with kindess"?

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Pampered
    I feel like this should have been way longer. Loved your take.. you seem to know women pretty well, but you could have done without the trigger warnings. I personally don't give a fuck who I offend when it comes to defending what I'm passionate about. You basically kept saying, "I strongly believe this BUT... it doesn't apply to every female out there!" Just own your opinion. Bitches be crazy, it's in our nature.
    • Chief16

      Thanks, lol. I'll keep it in my mind, wise one.

    • Pampered

      Yeah np :)

    • fiodor99

      not all women are crazy don't project on others

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  • nalaa
    What people mean when they say "treat women right" is "treat YOUR woman" right.
    And yes it might be outdated saying from a time when men needed to be told, because they had all the power. But it's just a saying, it's harmless

    "However what this does mean is, Love and Sex are mutually exclusive." what? No! that's not a logical conclusion from what you just said. I don't think it's true but at least I'd expect a bit more of an explanation

    Great take otherwise
    • Chief16

      Ok ok. Hold up. Please tell me you have heard about casual sex and ons'? I doubt they're based on a romantic relationship.

    • nalaa

      Sex doesn't always have to be about love, but that doesn't mean they're mutually exclusive

    • Chief16

      Do you see the contradiction in your statement? I mean I love fighting with you and all, but come on.

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  • HookingSwan
    LOL she didn't even read it!!!

    I couldn't agree more. Men shuld just see us as human beings and treat us with empathy. That's what's so attractive. Not any other artificial techniques or schemes that they think they need to concoct.

    And that last quote is powerful :)

    Nice job!
  • GingerBear
    Great take. Some guys seem stuck in a rut where they either put women on a pedestal, or they act like every woman is the embodiment of evil.
    Let's just treat everyone as human, yes?
    • Chief16

      Exactly. Excellent summary.

  • Satisfyd
    Society puts females on a pedestal from birth. Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Then high expectations to live by which is almost dehumanizing. We then give them the power and criticize how they handle it.
    • Chief16

      I'm glad you understand.

    • IceEverest

      Wisely said...

    • M_A_X

      Yeah, but boys are made from snips and snails and puppydog tails

  • Stacyzee
    Yes, I can agree that women aren't as complex as men make them out to be.
    Thinking too much about something is what makes things seem more difficult than what it really is.
    If you understand basic human interaction, then you'll definitely understand on how to treat and operate towards a female.
  • Hellboy71
    I've had a few women, bitch at me or give me dirty looks or attitude because I held a door open for them. I don't just do it for women, I do it for everyone, if they are close enough. I treat everyone the same. The feminist BS really needs to stop or be changed. It's just getting out of hand now, and it isn't doing women any good the way it stands now.

    You are definitely right about women not being puzzles needing to be figured out, but there are some women, I will never understand. And I'm fine with that, because I don't care to.

    Affection, should always go with love and attraction most definitely should always go with sex. But not all affection leads to love, love does not necessarily mean you need to have sex. Just because you are attracted to someone, does not mean you need to or will have sex with them, and attraction also does not mean that you will love someone.

    And yes, I am the nice guy, but I am also a smart ass, and I'm on the sarcastic side and love to joke around. And I am always myself. If somebody doesn't like who I am, oh frickin well. I'm gonna be me no matter what, nobodies approval is needed. :)
  • 10dsw
    Very well put! What's even more surprising is that the feminists, misandrists, etc.. have not revealed themselves... yet.

    Cheers -
    • Chief16

      Oh they'll come in a force, probably discussing how they should assault this Take from every angle and invalidate it.

    • 10dsw

      Meh, fuck em :)

  • thatgirlrachel
    This is so stupid. Treat everyone the way you wish to be treated. Gender shouldn't matter. The end.
    • Chief16

      And what did I say?

    • The title itself was enough for me to think it was stupid. Why wouldn't you be nice to women? Or anyone for that matter? I am nice to everyone I meet unless they give me a reason not to be.

    • Chief16

      Read the disclaimer and then the Take, and then we'll sit down over tea and have a nice civil chat. K?

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  • fueledbythc
    It's not about being nice. It's about treating everyone equally until they piss you off
    • Chief16

      Lol, welcome to my world.

    • I've been that way since a kid. I never understood why you couldn't hit girls who hit you first as a kid. I did grow up with a dominating sister and I had a dominating personality myself. Mine was just more dominating and hard headed over my sisters.

    • Chief16

      Well I've never been hit by a girl or hit a girl before in the true sense of that word but I get where you're coming from.

  • Scrambledagain
    As a poly I agree that love and sex can be exclusive (and everyone agrees) yet when somebody wants sex outside the traditional relationship you committed to, everyone throws a shit fest and can't believe how people can be poly amorous. Just saying.
  • blondfrog
    That's why I treat most of them like shit they can be hanging off the edge of a building and I wouldn't give a shit unless I either one didn't know her or two thought she was a decent person or liked her. I think all of society treats women more valuibly because they are the child bearers and the ones who take care of kids and are physically weaker on average.
  • takumii
    I think you should be yourself. I am an asshole by nature so..
    • Chief16

      But I'm an asshole too.😐

    • takumii

      No you're too sweet. I've seen you around.

    • Chief16

      😵 but... But... I wanna be an asshole!

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  • QuestionMan
    Great myTake Chief didn't expect it from the title.
    • Chief16

      Thank you, some credit to you too, your takes have been more than insightful.

    • I'm glad I inspired you to write :)

  • Byakuyarko
    'nice' is a slick slippery word with vague meaning. I think you ought to be civil but firm with everyone. Being a little aloof and frigid also helps. People take you a little more seriously.
  • admles

    Absolutely brilliant. Well written, well explained.
  • IceEverest
    didn't Tag me again?
    Now wait for the wrath where I tag everyone but not you... lol
    • Chief16

      I'm saving tagging you for a Special Take.😜

    • IceEverest

      Aww... thats cute.
      LOL at most people are not even reading it and coming directly to bash you

    • Chief16

      Well that's usually case, I did mention that these people are morons, in the disclaimer. Most of them will probably go back to it, read it vaguely and then not comment again because they realise their mistake. Happens all the time on G@G.

  • SunsetRose
    This is fantastic, especially your points about love vs sex and attraction vs affection.
  • Polocrew
    How to get chicks 101 (guaranteed sloots slooting around u 24/7)

    > be tall jacked athletic
    > Take a big ass jar
    > Collect pussies everywhere
    • fiodor99

      faiiil. i know jacked dudes that get none. or are pathetically dragged around by some pussy like theyre dogs. i have a bold head and beer belly and have a bigger jar than most will ever do... .

    • Polocrew

      @fiodor99 lmao how bout you drop me ur snapchat so we can share our "jar" bet mine is 69 times bigger braw, Flexin on sloots all day. Mirin? Ik u do brau

    • fiodor99

      i liked the flexin part lol. well still... dogs that bark the most are the harmless ones. so i dont take you seriously chihuahua. epsecially if you need teenager internet tricks to get some... .

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  • sp33d
    I treat women with respect, those that deserve it. I'm not being "nice" as in going out of my way to make for her, fuck that. Yet, I don't see it necessary to be a semi-asshole about it, either. That's going into mindgame territory - I don't play mindgames. If she thinks I'm not "asshole" enough, I really don't care. If she thinks she can use me as a doormat, she'll have another thing coming. (has actually happened, I was dating with her and then she lost her mind and thought I was "easy pickings")

    Whether chivalry is dead or not, is not my problem. What even is being chivalrous? It's definitely not "being nice to her justifying it with the word chivalry".

    My favourite life of this take by far, though:
    #3. Yes, women can be stupid.

    It's a fine revelation :D
  • OrdinaryGentleman
    I say bring back the salem witch trials... for... good measure lol
    nah ladies are totally human,
  • WeeGeeTheSecond
    "My dear Misandrists and Misogynists, this Take is not for you"
    oh my fucking god...
  • This_is_my_username
    LMFAO! love your disclaimer
    • Chief16

      And the rest?

    • Thank you for the up-vote and great mytake! sent it too fast.

    • Chief16

      Dude, word of advice, if you give a good opinion, don't thank people for the upvote, you're doing them a service. Thank them for MHOs, you're doing just fine.

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  • xxNDMxx
    PREACH 😁✊
  • Anpu23
    Good my take.
  • Artist10
    Good article, thank you for posting.
  • GreatnessRevamped
    Don't be too nice to people you barely know.
  • dwright9224
  • Anonymous
    Too bad, I like nice guys.
  • Anonymous
    This website is getting seriously dumbed down.
  • Anonymous
    You lost my interest at "Exxcellent". If you put out an article proof read it first.
    • Chief16

      Yeah well. Nobody's perfect, especially not when you type this stuff on the phone. If G@G had an app for android, I'd say otherwise.

  • Anonymous
    Being nice is a good thing. Like wtf we've been taught since kindergarten to be nice to each other. Have we forgot? All I know is... I am kind to everyone. And extra sweet and kind to a very beautiful girl... then BAM... I use my romeo techniques.
  • Anonymous
    I think this is a great take. Also nice point about sex and love. Great point about the asking a woman out. I don't think some of them get it. They feel nervous round guys, yet a guy is not apparently meant to be nervous and just 'state his intentions' immediately. Sure, and then when he does that, he is labelled as being too fast, thinking she is easy etc.

    Sigh. Women, you can't win with them. This might be a nice complimentary read btw: www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a26543-every-women-is-slutty-unveil-the-inner-dirty-girl-within
  • Anonymous
    Aside from the titlebait, I was pleasantly surprised, jokes on those who didn't read it.
  • Anonymous
    This post is aids. Worse than aids.
    • Chief16

      Assuming I posted this two minutes ago, I don't really think you've read through it bro, thanks for the opinion anyway.