Europe Faces Bloody Violence, Unless Swift Action is Taken.


Europe Faces Bloody Violence, Unless Swift Action is Taken.

My personal prediction for Europe—severe, bloody violence by the end of the year. "Why do I say this?" You ask. "Sure, it's a little rocky, but things will calm down soon." I'm glad you asked! Let's dive into some of the things that are signaling the impending horror approaching Europe.

1. Europeans do not appreciate bombings and massacres and rapes.

Europe Faces Bloody Violence, Unless Swift Action is Taken.

Let’s be real. Europeans are like us Americans in this way. They really don’t appreciate things like the Charlie Hebdo massacre, or the Paris theater massacre, or the Brussels Bombing, or the mass groping/rapes that have arrived ala Middle Eastern Culture at Cologne, Germany or the rapes in Sweden that have gotten so bad they were too scared to turn off their lights for one single hour for their usual “Earth Hour” event.

Not to mention things like which is just the poison blob on top of the wastepile of the links about arab/African rapes in Europe I could be posting here. These are just two breeds of people that aren't clashing well, like putting pittbulls in with labradors. Arab men simply aren't treating European women and children like human beings.

For additional horror, read this link, about a somalian "immigrant" who violently raped a 12 year old swedish girl and was given 180 hours of community service because he was 17 when he committed the crime. And if you think community service for a 17 year old violently raping as 12 year is okay, please just join a satanic cult and wear it on your sleeve so peopel can recognize you for the evil you are.

2. Europeans do not want to become minorities in their own nations

Europe Faces Bloody Violence, Unless Swift Action is Taken.

Let’s be real. No one wants to be replaced in their own home. And in this case, that replacement is going to get a reaction that involves lots of blood.

See, when you make it hard for people to have regular rallies over rape and terrorism, while defending foreigners... it creates bad feelings. Imagine Ferguson or Baltimore riots, except replace "the local cops" with "hundreds of thousands of hostile strangers being imported into your home." People would have gotten a lot more upset than they did.

Europe Faces Bloody Violence, Unless Swift Action is Taken.

if only police were that concerned about rape!

3. Colonization is warfare

Europe Faces Bloody Violence, Unless Swift Action is Taken.

“Ridiculous,” you say. “That’s something those white rights nutcases have come up with last year, it’s idiocy.” Oh, I say. This goes back to 1513, and the father of Political Science himself, Niccollo Machiavelli. When discussing keeping conquered states he advises against occupying it with an army, and says, “The best methods are to go and live there yourself, to establish colonies in them…” The simple reality is that colonization is a type of warfare, just not with bombs and bullets. Europeans, on a deeper level, realize this. When you calculate in that current European fertility rates hover at roughly 1.00 or so, and the average fertility rates of arabs and Africans.... yeah.

4. Europeans are not complete pansies

Europe Faces Bloody Violence, Unless Swift Action is Taken.

Many people think nothing will happen, because why would peaceful French and Germans and Brits and Swedes do anything violent like that? Oh, I don’t know. They seem good at warfare once they get angry, having almost constantly been at warfare since... forever. It was also just a hundred years ago that the Ottoman Empire gave a bloody good shot at conquering Europe for the Caliphate. There was also World War 1 and 2, not to mention how Europe had colonies all over the world and ruled brutally at times. They’re not pansies, and they will sooner become fascists or Nazis than muslims. Keep in mind that Russia has fairly recently become involved in Middle Eastern warfare, giving Europe and Russia a common enemy if things become bad. We’ve already seen shades of this to come… in 2011, one Norwegian who was upset at immigration single handedly massacred 77 people, wounding 319.

Or more recently, hundreds of black clad Swedish vigilantes stormed a Stockholm train station that had become famous as a hangout of criminal arab youth who robbed and groped women.

In summary, horrendous bloodshed is imminent for European nations. If their governments care anything for their own citizens, or feel any pity for the “migrants” they should immediately repatriate all recent “migrants” to their own nations. Keep this in mind in several months when you're putting the flag of the next attacked European nation on your facebook page, and then reading headlines "Islamophobia rising!" European failure to act is literally sacrificing their own women on the alter of virtue signaling, throwing their own people to the wolves--truly worse, when you consider they are importing the wolves to attack their own people. No one who has any heart for innocent women should be okay with the migrant invasion of Europe.

And in other news, German Railway is now introducing train cars only for women and children, to help shield them from attack. Say goodbye to civilization.

Europe Faces Bloody Violence, Unless Swift Action is Taken.
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  • Anonymous
    'Europeans do not want to become minorities in their own nations' well youd think so, but not according to our government policy. I live in the UK. When I go into my town centre its full of bukra clad women pusing babies around in prams, drunk eastern europeans, halal stores, mosques etc... The muslims do not even try to intergrate. I grew up surrounded by ethnic minorites, and of all of them only the muslims do not intergrate. Why have we allowed such a mediaval, backwards and oppressive religion and culture into Europe?
    Which idiot thought 'Islamism is such a great ideology, we should let it run rampant across Europe.' The answer to this is the politicians who made the public out to be racists for not agreeing with their multiculturalism agenda. Well answer me this; what has multiculturalism ever done for me? I want to be able to feel safe in my own country. There are too many parts of london that i will not go to because they are so alien and hostile.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • dipta
    "European failure to act is literally sacrificing their own women"
    I'm not sure if protecting the women is what we are thinking about right now. It's more of a societal thing in general, an overall disrespect and animal-like behavior.
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    • It's one of the three things men will go fight and die in war for, I'd say. To protect home, their family, and their women.

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  • lv4lv
    Holy crap the propaganda and racism is real.
    1) No one likes rape, separated events do not make up for an entire god damn race.
    2&3&4) Is that even an issue? Like, really? "*Gasp* Joeblow has a different skin-tone than I do! Better start a war!" ?

    You're fearmongering about issues only a bored house-wife would be concerned with. If these are problems for you, you need to stop living in a bubble and realize there's much bigger issues out there.
    • MariellaRo

      Exactly... It's like me saying I was raped by a white man and therefore every white man is a potential rapist and I should be afraid of all of them! Ridiculous. It seems to me that some people are genuinely surprised that, yes, some refugees are also criminals. I think that probably stems from the fact that refugees are seldom recognised as humans. They are numbers, a wave, animals, yes, but not humans.

    • MariellaRo

      Oh and I just remembered... Some Europeans are complaining about this fear of becoming a minority in their own country... well, have more children, guys, then they're won't be so many open work spaces and failing social systems (e. g. the pension system in Germany) that attract immigrants.

    • When governments are making migrants attend classes trying to teach them not to rape/beat women... yeah, it's real.

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  • Scrambledagain
    😂😂😂😂 I'm South African, in one week we have more deaths than the Brussels and French attack combined. World couldn't give a shit. Your problems look like donuts compared to ours. Condolences to everyone though..., one death is one death to many.
    • I actually have a college presentation on how brutal it is in south Africa now, the rape rate, farm killings... Cameroon professor dissed it, said it was hype.

    • MariellaRo

      Yeah... In 2013 more people died in Syria because of the civil war in one week (!) than Europeans died in all the terrorist attacks since the beginning of the civil war. And still, people think it's appropriate to punish millions of innocent Non-Europeans for something 20 crazy Eurpeans did. It makes so little sense.

    • Well all you need to do is download the latest police statistics in South Africa and ask your bright spark lecturer why there is no hype regarding the fact that 49 people are statistically murdered a day? Add that up for a week and then a month and be horrified. That's just just murder, not attempted murder or aggravated assault. The most dangerous thing to a South African, is anybody (including some South Africans) who downplay the problems in that country. They are the most delusional idiots on this planet (like somebody defending North Korea). and although most of the violence is black on black, the whites are going down with them.

  • TadCurious
    Excellent post. President Obama and other multiculturalists like him think that "Islamophobia" is the worst thing we have to fear. Meanwhile the West is under invasion and assault (including sexual assault) and seemingly complicit in its own downfall. Let's all live under Sharia and see how the Politically Correct Left likes it.
    • Oh, we're already seeing that islam is higher priority than women's rights, for the Leftist crowd.

    • TadCurious

      Exactly. It's astounding isn't it? The hypocrisy about women's rights but when it comes to barbarians amputating the genitals of young Muslim girls the PC Social Justice Warriors look the other way.

  • AleDeEurope
    It's gonna get worse during the Eurocup. Europeans from every country all in one country (France). That's like having 100 impaired zebras and a pack of lions waiting.
    Europe is fucked if they keep being "nice" and stupidly naive. Honestly, during times like this, you gotta stop being all "but they're not all like that". Yeah, we fucking know that, we're not stupid enough to think every single one of them is a terrorist, but you just need one to create a bloodbath.
    Stop letting refugees in. Stop treating minorities like gifts from god, and start treating them like the rest of your people, which technically are the ones making the country move forward.

    Europeans are turning their heads towards the right wings, towards fascist ideas cause those are the ones that are gonna try to improve this situation instead of making it worse.
    I hear Europeans here saying that Americans are dumb for voting for Trump, but your people would vote a guy like Trump if they could, cause right now those kind of politicians seem to be the only ones to want to keep the country safe, and not letting everyone in, like many European countries are doing.
  • DruBiEN
    Its becoming pathetic here. Last Friday we had to get down from trains because there was suspected bomb on main station (Bonn, Germany)! Witnessing chaos, fear and hatred, people just stop thinking about progress. All they start thinking is getting back to their homes alive. European dream is going to end if they don't work things out.
    • To think, not too long ago you Euros were all uppity that you have less gun violence. Now you guys have mayors advising women to cover up, not go out alone, and to keep their distance from strangers.

    • DruBiEN

      Im not Euro! I just live here but I have noticed the subtle and non-subtle changes in past three years here.

    • MariellaRo

      Who are you quoting here? I and every woman I know is walking around the same way we always do in Berlin, Germany, and nobody has advised us otherwise. And why would they? Crime reports explicitly state that immigrants and refugees do not commit more crimes than Germans and violent crime has been steadily decreasing. The only problem we have is people bombing us and Germans attacking refugee homes, and that has nothing to do with the refugees themselves. 95% of the assassins in the bomb attacks were Europeans.
      If you only just realised that then, yes, refugees are just as criminal as everyone else, and yes, some of them are rapists and murderers. Just a tip: try to get over that, because it'll never change for any group of people in the world. Humans are horrible sometimes.

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  • Dipsy
    And how did this start all again? Oh yeah, the fucking American government wanted oil in the Middle East
    • A+, good analysis. ITM, slave.

      Not to mention, the US is ISIL. See "SITE intelligence group." Sure there are real fighters, but we have to honeypot to draw them out.

    • Dipsy

      @ColinHarvey are you being sarcastic? :P

    • Dipsy

      sorry can't really tell by your first line lol

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  • bluenose1872
    There's higher powers at work here forcing a climate to benefit their agenda. They're trying to force a race war. God help these muslims when the west wakes. There will be mass murder. The river will flow with blood and we'll press right into the middle east and wipe Islam from the face of the earth. Christian crusades are coming back. The bastards at the top will be rubbing their hands like the perverts they are.
  • AdamThomas
    Yeah, a lot of people who previously thought I was just a paranoid racist far-right nutcase are starting to wake up and see it for what it is. Many of us saw this coming years ago though.
  • YuNggRooST3R007
    Do who the fuck cares.. let thise damn europeans fight their own wars im tkerd of us always trying to b wlrd police.. they dont appriciate us... they hate us xD
  • 26ukdude
    Hmm, immigration is not just from Islam which is what people seem to be focusing on. We have far more migrants entering the UK from EU countries than we do Muslims and Refugees.

    Thankfully we have 20 miles of water between us and mainland Europe, though that bloody tunnel isn't helping.
  • up_64
    I dont see anything wrong with keeping them out. You wouldn't let a rabid sog into your house so while let these mongrels in. I dont care that they are genetically like us they are uncivilized animals and im not planning on having a child in a country where rape has skyrocjeted because of these creatures
  • TheFlak36
    This can have only two outcomes: Either our enemy will pass over our bodies, or we will pass over theirs! And in the 2nd outcome I include the bodies of white traitors who contribute to this situation in Europe either on purpose or just because of their stupidity.
  • Eternallylucky
    Why do you care? You are not european, just a poor short sighted narrow minded American spouting shit started by the hype of internet news.
    • You must be an ***** if you think people from all around the world shouldn't care about this problem.

    • fondue

      @AleDeEurope Well obviously, since its only internet hype, and things aren't really that serious, no. The rest of the world shouldn't care. Especially not America, where we don't have a problem already with immigration and taking in refugees. Yeah, she said its just shit started by internet hype so... gg, Europe. The refugees are all yours. Have fun.

    • fondue

      And anyways, from what I hear, it's native Europeans that are actually the ones making bombs and killing people. Or is that just 'shit started by internet hype' as well?

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  • rose004b
    You really are a rational male. I hope your MyTake opened the eyes of some readers.
  • Phoenix98
    I agree Europe needs to take actions before it's overran they need to take action very, very soon.
    • Redshift

      That depend of which Europe you speak of. Eastern Europe has been the bulwark that kept the West from everything coming from the East be it Mongols, Arabs, Ottomans or Persians. We've been doing this for more than a millenium and what do we get? We've been called racists, bigots, barbarians and my personal favourite - intolerant. I understand leftist views. After all we grew up in communist countries, but even then illegal migration was a serious offense and such people were hunted down and deported or imprisoned. This is not leftist ideology. This is pure suicide on a national level. Hopefully this will teach the westerners who have never faced anything like this to be more reasonable and not delude themselves by thinking they can turn animals into productive members of their society. And maybe stop treating us like crap for saving their asses again and again.

    • Phoenix98

      @Redshift And yet at this very moment you have Muslims running rampant through Europe raping, rioting, murdering, causing terrorist attacks, civil unrest and breaking into European countries that don't want them there to begin with they are overflowing and slowly overrunning your nations before to long if this keeps up you will be in the minority.

      Say what you want but you can't deny that it's a serious issue that demands an immediate and decisive response.

    • Redshift

      You have misunderstood me. I absolutely agree they need to be stopped and returned back to the countries they came from. But it is very difficult for our governments to do it when we're painted as monsters by the western media and politicians. Merkel literally went out and said "If the Balkan countries lock down their borders there will be serious consequences". The barbed wire border walls we've been building were condemned by everyone a year ago. Funny but the only country to support us were the Brits. Probably cause they're an island and know what it's like to fend off invaders. Perhaps now the rest will understand us and hopefully give us a hand. Otherwise they will be the ones collapsing into civil wars and we will have to start building walls on the north and west borders as well.

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  • Byakuyarko
    Trump in the presidential race... Non-white population in Europe is getting out of control... Seems like western civilisation is getting ready for round 3... Good times
  • Jager66
    Their will either be peaceful and meaningful policy change very quickly or their will be a new genocidal race war.

    I think ISIS is really fucking stupid to push this shit like they do, they think they are at war with the west but the west is hardly even in it half ass'd, most the countries don't even want to be there. If real war breaks out though it will be horrific and the religion of Islam will likely not survive, hell Arab people might not even survive... Could be a VERY dark future ahead unless we can get some peaceful change before it's to late.
  • Tanuron
    Yeah foreginers are responsible for about 50% of all crimes in my country, have been for a while too, considring there is like I dont know, 1/100 ? foreigns pr citizen and yet manage to be behind 50% of all crimes is pretty amazing. We had our first rape inicdent too in my city recently. Yup, first we ever had on record, and yeah naturally was a foreginer. Just getting more and more of them too particularly this last year or two, and guess what. Every state/province had a record high breaking and entering cases this Easter, like tenfolds or more so beyond the highest recorded incident. Think it was estimated that at least 99% of these cases was done again by outsiders. While honestly, people kinda start to get pretty racist here cause of it at times, I honestly can't blame them.

    But hey, I heard this psycic lady that apparently predicted the doom of Europe this year, (Todays Nostradamus. she was called) so if we still exsist by the end of it, im satisfied, lol.
  • rjroy3
    I still think Germany is going to be assaulted next. I just don't know when.
  • John_Doesnt
    And all this time I thought Europeans were pacifist sissies.
  • QuestionMan
    I blame Merkel, if she wasn't trying so hard to be the anti-Hitler by allowing all those "refugees" in then Europe would've been fine. Denmark and Switzerland closed their borders and are doing fine.
    Europeans need to start having sex and lots of it. We've become too smart for our own good, analyzing the pros and cons of having kids.
    Denmark is going so far as to promote sex
    • The flip side is... would it really matter if Euros were having lots of kids? If Euro governments were so concerned about having kids, and not replacing their own populations, wouldn't they be putting the billions they've been spending on migrants, towards incentives and such for their own people?

    • Well instead of focusing on foreigners with an incompatible culture they should focus on their own people and the declining birth rate. Your people always have to come first, helping others should only occur when your own people are well off.

  • skeptic007
    kill them people need to stop discussing and just kill them don't question it
    • See, that's what I think will happen in one or two more jihad attacks. Hence why their governments should be kind and repatriate the newcomers back to their homes, before the native population gets fed up with jihad and slaughters them.

  • babu_001
    Nostradamus predictions are coming true.
    Prepare for WW3.