Model/Gamer Tara Babcock: Western Feminists Can Shove It and Yeah, I'm Sexual


Model/Gamer Tara Babcock: Western Feminists Can Shove It and Yeah, I'm Sexual

I'm not going to start with the overused and cliched "don't judge a book by its cover." Yeah, we all know: #dontjudgeabook

I'm not going to be all self-righteous and lecturing and say, "Hey, look up from the tits; there's a brain in that head."

I don't need to explain that she's as big a gamer as any dude out there, that she started on the SNES, that her favorite game series of all time is God of War, that she loves JRPGs (gamers know exactly what that is), and that she and I could probably blather on about our favorite games and memories like two old friends with that singular common thread.

Model/Gamer Tara Babcock: Western Feminists Can Shove It and Yeah, I'm Sexual

No, I don't need to do any of that because model, die-hard gamer, and popular YouTuber and Twitcher Tara Babcock speaks for herself. I don't need to offer our readers introduction, clarification, or disclaimer because Tara, much like Mia Rose, is intrinsically incapable of pulling punches. She hides nothing, tells you what she thinks and if you don't like it, she'll just shrug and move on with her life. Her response to finding out guys masturbate to her vids? A blend of flattery and amusement, without a trace of offense (see it in her "okay to fap" video below). Piss her off, try to use her? A simple GTFO is her response. A true friend? She might lie down in traffic for you. Want to hear some of the most candid, passionate thoughts on some tough subjects? Check out her awesome Vlogs.

But damnit, I'm doing what I said I wouldn't do. So, without further gilding the lily...simply Tara.

Model/Gamer Tara Babcock: Western Feminists Can Shove It and Yeah, I'm Sexual

GaG: Let’s start by clearing things up: What is the #1 false assumption people make about you?

Tara: “Probably that I’m into gaming and YouTubing to get money. That’s definitely #1 but I have no idea why. I think people are under the false assumption that I’m just an attractive girl who games and that’s enough to make a lot of money. But the people who get the most amount for their streaming are still male, and even if you’re pulling in a bunch of viewers all the time, your revenue is such shit unless you’ve got some backing. Most of the money I make is off subscriptions and donations to my Twitch and things like that. I really don’t know why people think I make a ton with all this stuff.”

GaG: What’s your reaction to the term “titty gamer” or “titty streamer?”

Tara: “I really have no idea what that is. Well, I have tits and I game so I guess that’s me…? Obviously, there’s some sort of weird negative connotation behind that, like you have to be some kind of disingenuous person who doesn’t know shit about gaming. I don’t know, a lot of the phrases people come up with are just beyond me; there’s a lot of stupidity out there. The random person behind the computer screen can say and do whatever they want and yeah, that’s when the stupid crap comes out.”

GaG: Obviously, you love video games. What are some of your favorite early memories?

Tara: “The game that really inspired me to play every single day and be someone who is a lifelong gamer was ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’ on my NES. It came out when I was really, really young; I was actually too young to have the system when it came out, but my parents had an Atari and the 8-bit NES so I started playing consoles early. And I’m really glad I did because today’s children are just being exposed to the worst games, I think. I feel they need to be exposed to the early games so they can appreciate them, and also so they can see how far the industry has come.

Then a lot of gaming in my teens involved playing ‘Mario Party’ on N64 with my friends. I had like 13 guy friends at my house at any given time and really, this is one of my best memories.”

GaG: Many girls still complain of suffering abuse when playing games online. Have you experienced this?

Tara: “I feel like I experience the same amount of abuse as anyone else experiences.

As somone in the spotlight, I'm saying it's okay for people to make an opinion about me--

--and when it’s an online game, some anonymous gamer is going to flame. I mean, people are just going to flame; that’s the way things are online, especially if it’s something like CoD (‘Call of Duty’). They find that one thing to pick on, like if you’re a gay guy or a girl or whatever, and then they base their insults on that and off they go. If all they know about is that you’re a girl, they’re going to make fun of you for being a girl.

And it’s not about being misogynistic. A guy will call another guy a faggot and crap like that but it doesn’t mean he hates you. They don’t know anything about you; have no idea if you suck at the game or anything else. They’re just trying to get your goat and you know, that’s the online dichotomy. You can’t change it.”

GaG: We spoke to Mia Rose about porn; she thinks it really screws up people’s expectations and perceptions of sex. What do you think?

Tara: “Yeah, I think it does mess with people’s expectations. But I also believe it isn’t porn’s responsibility to teach people about sex. I actually made a video about this before, about parents raising you with morals and expectations, and if they try to censor everything. I don’t think they should censor things at all, so that way it would be common sense to people when they grow up that things are different in porn. If they’re exposed early, they’d know it’s not real, like action movies and superheroes. I feel like kids are just thrown out into the world with no actual facts, so blaming porn for being bad in bed or being screwed up socially is like blaming Marilyn Manson for school shootings."

If someone ever says they committed a crime because of some media they saw or experienced, they were already screwed up and anything could’ve pushed them over the edge.

GaG: You mentioned an interest in Psychology; which aspects of the science are you interested in?

Tara: “Oh, behaviorism, sociology, all types of psychology. I love to read about all these things and I’ve recently been reading about how dreams affect the mind. I sometimes sit on the computer and five hours would pass because I’d be so involved with a certain topic, or maybe I was reading about certain philosophers. I’m also really interested in the psychology of serial killers and I always thought I’d like to do that for a job. Yeah, I wanted to be a criminal psychologist, but then I found out it’s not always about tracking down serial killers, and that there’s a lot of boring and trivial stuff I wouldn’t be interested in.”

GaG: In your view, what’s the dating scene like these days? Is it actually harder for you given your celebrity?

Tara: “I have a really weird way of handling my love life. I don’t date. I don’t do the normal monogamous relationship; in fact, I don’t put a label on anything I do. I don’t go out for coffee or stuff like that; I don’t have time for it and I’m not interested in it. When I meet someone I’m pretty straightforward, just like, ‘do you want to fuck or not?’ I feel like the dating scene has so much bullshit in it, and that people are always trying to get into my friend circle because it makes them feel cooler or something. Because of that, I don’t allow many people into that circle and I’m kind of guarded on that score.

But I will say that I think women definitely have it easier in the dating scene in general, and I have it even easier because most people wouldn’t say ‘no’ to me. I guess my pull on the Internet gives me more gumption.”

Model/Gamer Tara Babcock: Western Feminists Can Shove It and Yeah, I'm Sexual

GaG: When you say guarded…?

Tara: “I’ve always been that way; it’s just kind of my personality. I feel I can break off from any relationship whenever I want. And I don’t mean in a heartless way; I don’t ever sleep with anyone to get anywhere or befriend someone who I could collaborate with. I basically just find it really hard to meet people who I feel are intelligent enough to even be around. I guess I also think I’m desensitized, in that I can’t relate to other people very easily, and often I have these deal-breakers or little triggers. Like they do something to me and that’s it, I’m done with them.

However, I’m extremely loyal if I think someone really does belong in my circle. I won’t say there was any trauma when I was growing up; I think I just get easily bored when I’m around other people. I also don’t like drama; a lot of girls my age doing the modeling or gaming thing seem to thrive on it and I just hate it.”

GaG: We know you have strong views on women in gaming and feminism in general. Care to elaborate?

Tara: “You know, I play Magic the Gathering and in that community, it’s all about being more feminist than anything. You can’t make jokes about being a girl, you can’t even mention that someone is a girl. This is just ridiculous to me.

Western #feminism isn’t even necessary; it’s just this cult that hates men. I think we should be truly egalitarian instead of making up a word that basically says we’re not equal, when we should want to be equal. Western feminists don’t care about equal rights, and they don’t know how bad women have it in other countries.

Here…women have it so fucking easy. I can’t get over how easy women have it, especially knowing how oppressed women are in other parts of the world. Everyone around here has to walk on eggshells around women and it’s just stupid. And for gaming, you see women enter this previously male-dominated hobby and immediately say, ‘okay, you can’t say this,’ ‘you can’t do this,’ ‘you can’t act like this,’ etc. They come in and say you have to change everything just to appease their weird sense of ‘feminism.’

And what’s wrong with the women in games being fantastical?! Why can’t we have big bouncing tits in our entertainment? I’m not offended and I wouldn’t be offended if I played as a girl who looked different than me. Who cares? Men want to see tits and they’re genetically programmed for that; so what? How is that offensive? I really hate the changes they’re making in games, actually; it’s so illogical and it proves that there is a difference between male and female mannerisms. Women take it as a personal attack when they see something like this, and women feel like they’re always up against some kind of adversary. Why do they get to dictate what sort of media men can enjoy?

Stop trying to make every female protagonist this genderless asexual creature!”

GaG: What are your long-term goals? Do you think you’ll keep doing what you’re doing?

Tara: “I really hope I can keep it up. I think I’ve finally found what I want to do in my life. My Twitch stream has been up and down and it’s not currently at its peak, but my YouTube channel is doing well. Still, I’m a fledgling at all of this and there’s a long way to go. I’m just happy that I found this; I get to be my own boss, which is great. I hate traveling, which is something I really despised about modeling, and I also hated having to schmooze people I don’t have anything in common with.

I wish I could make more time in my schedule but I just don’t know what to cut. My everyday streaming takes up almost all my time. There’s just never enough time to do things I’m passionate about, like modeling shoots. It’s not just that they pay well; it’s also sexual and communicative and I really like gaming-related sexiness, too."

Yes, I’m a really sexual person and I love games, and that’s my hook. I also have a personality that makes for interesting commentary so I’m going to use that. I can’t imagine doing anything else and honestly, I think I’ve found my niche.

End Interview

For more Tara, feel free to follow her on Facebook and Twitter. And if you like what you see, or you at least support her right to say what she wants to say, consider donating for the sake of future content.

I love delivering these freakin' epic chats for the GaG audience. They reflect the freedom of this site. They remind everyone that you can come here and say whatever the hell you want, however the hell you want to say it. And from inspirational stories like Cheyenne Bostock's and Dr. Jamie Turndorf's to wonderfully entertaining stuff from people like David Jaffe and Tara here, we're embracing the variety that sits at the core of free speech and free interaction.

So, don't like what Tara had to say? Love it? Whatever; the point is, share it! :)

Model/Gamer Tara Babcock: Western Feminists Can Shove It and Yeah, I'm Sexual
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Most Helpful Girl

  • lumos
    Wanting to stop the unnecessary hypersexualization of female protagonists in games is not the same as wanting to make them "this genderless asexual creature". If a female protagonist is sexual, it should be on her own (logical) terms, not because "let's give her skimpy and useless armor that reveals practically every single vulnerable spot on her body because tits/ass/legs/stomach is more important than logic lel". I don't give a flaming fuck about the fact that video games have been and are mostly male-dominated and that the companies want to cater to the male gaze. It's stupid. Makes no sense, and it perpetuates the sexual objectification of women. Like even if a girl is a protagonist, a hero, seemingly her own person who does whatever the fuck she wants, she still somehow needs to look sexy no matter what (even if her own safety/health is compromised by having absolute shit armor) so that men can have wet dreams about her. Like what the fuck. I'm all for women doing their own thing and showing their tits to get more views, but don't sit there and act as if this hypersexualization is completely justified, or even fucking logical. Because it's not.

    As a sidenote, it's fucking hilarious that an admin would say "They reflect the freedom of this site. They remind everyone that you can come here and say whatever the hell you want, however the hell you want to say it."
    So I'm a moderator for no reason at all? Like there aren't any guidelines on here and I'm not supposed to clean the site from the bad apples? Lol ok.
    Is this still revelant?
    • lumos

      Also, if you're a game developer and you feel like you will lose a big chunk of your audience if you actually (for instance) give your female protags some decent armor instead of some bikini-looking shit that kind of looks like it's been painted by some fake ass metal spray you bought on ebay for 99 cents, then maybe you should rethink the plot and motive of your game if it really is that shit.

    • Honestly, you people complaining about women wearing less clothes in games, need to play more games, since you're just holding on to a very few games, old games, or games that belong to a more sexist society (like Japanese games. You can't put those games in the same box as Western games since they belong to different societies).
      Hell, most of the people complaining about sexualization of women in video games don't even play games, and still bring the 90's Lara Croft as an example.

    • @AleDeEurope I agree with this whole-heartedly. They don't seem to have a problem with ALL girls looking sexual and wearing skimpy clothing (which isn't at all the case anyway,) they have a problem with ANY of them being such. There are plenty of examples of non-sexualized women in games, "normal" women in games, etc.. Why can't there be SOME fantastical women in games? Even I, who strongly prefer to play and see sexy women in games, would be annoyed if that's ALL there was, but that's not even a reality. Not in the slightest.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Dandeus
    No shit she's anti feminist lol! She relies on her tits to get views because she's got nothing more to offer.

    I mean, what kind of legit gamer thinks Mario 3 was a SNES game? That's such a low bar to hold a gamer to and she fails even that? She's obviously pandering to young male gamers. No doubt she spent an afternoon surfing Wikipedia to bone up on gaming knowledge. She's a total phony.
    Is this still revelant?
    • It's actually my Super Mario Bros. All-Stars cartidge that I mentioned in the interview. The 16-bit version of Mario 3 was the one I played the most. I am, of course, aware that all of the games on that cartridge were originally 8-bit and on the NES...

      Stop being an elitist, and instead, do some research. The tattoo on my foot that I've had for several years and the hundreds of videos on my gaming YouTube and 4 years of streaming video games daily does not lie.

    • Fathoms77

      Dandeus: Just to clarify, I've been a journalist in the game, movie and comedy industry for a very long time, and much of that time has been spent on the gaming side. I know more than just about anyone you'll meet and take my word for it: Tara's no phony. There's a lot we talked about gaming-wise that didn't make it into this interview, and 90% is stuff I doubt even you'd know. :)

      I know there are lots of people out there doing what you say; i. e., pretending to know about gaming and present themselves as a "gamer." I hate it, too. But Tara really doesn't qualify, trust me.

    • Dandeus

      I've been gaming since the Commodore 64 was cutting edge and have owned almost every major console in the last 20 years. I've been PC gaming since LucasArts and Sierra were the hot shit. I doubt 90% of what you talked about is stuff I don't know.

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What Girls & Guys Said

  • Chief16
    What's with this fad gamer chicks eh? So she plays games in her panties, Good for her.
    • Chief16

      P. S
      I'd prefer #AngryJoe over her any day

    • Oh you'd prefer Angry Joe? What exactly of mine have you watched to form that opinion? The first 2 seconds of something, or less, even?

      I play video games in shorts, not panties. Unless I'm on the couch, then maybe. I don't know how that fact could detract. If more men were attractive enough to pull off playing in muscle tees and boxers, that would be nothing but a plus to me. Especially if the love for gaming was still vehemently apparent, as it is with my content, if you can turn off your bigotry a moment and get past the boobs.

    • Chief16

      @TaraBabcAWEck now lady, I didn't talk about your boobs at all. Just the general presentation of gaming chicks. Look at Jessica Chobot. Or any other gaming 'babe' out there.

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  • HorrorFan
    I've been a long time follower of hers on twitch. Granted, I rarely actually watch her for more than few minutes because she mostly plays League of Legends and I'm a DOTA 2 player, but still...

    I initially began watching her play a game that I hate not because I just wanted to stare at an attractive girl but because I was curious as to whether she was genuinely a nerdy gamer or if she was just another beautiful girl with her chest front and center attempting to cry and overreact to get donations and views.

    It didn't take long to see that she was the real McCoy. She quite clearly loves video games. She obviously has no problem announcing to hundreds or even thousands of people that she's going to spend some Friday nights in a room full of sweaty nerds playing a card game or turn her twitch stream into an MTG match session in the past.

    Does she garner extra attention because of her beauty? Sure. But, so what? That doesn't invalidate her points about western feminism and other associated ideas. That doesn't invalidate her nerdy or gaming passions.

    While she might have a bit too much of a 'bro' personality where she spends a lot of her dialogue on twitch ragging on her gaming buddies to be overly appealing to me personally, she has a good head on her shoulders. A lot of her thoughts align with my own.

    Besides, anyone that makes a youtube video entitled 'Fuck Anita Sarkeesian' is a cool person in my books. That woman is a lying, thieving cunt.
    • Fathoms77

      Had to LMAO at your last comment. Completely agree.

      And I'm glad someone who really knows Tara's content has spoken up here. I rarely have time to watch Twitch streams and the like, but yep, she's the real deal when it comes to games.

    • LostWolf

      Too bad she's the only woman on the face of the planet who is the "real deal" when it comes to attractive girl gamers lol

    • Aww, thank you so much! :) I appreciate your taking the time to write this!

  • Stacyzee
    This is a woman who feels powerful by displaying her man made body.
    I mean, I get that us women shouldn't be oppressed but isn't there anything else that makes us powerful besides the tits that can be displayed?
    Don't objectify yourself.
    If you feel you are "more" than that, then do not operate like that is all you are.
    I've never heard of this girl until now, i'm not a gamer.
    • I'm not operating like that is ALL I am. I am operating like that is a part of me, a part I should not be shameful of. Read the article... how much of it is about my love and knowledge of games, philosophy, and being liberal with your sexuality? Um, all of it. So, why are you so fixated on my tits?

    • Stacyzee

      @TaraBabcAWEck You're sad. It's like a man walking with a full erection with his pants down, and then he asks everyone "Well, why does my penis always have to be the topic of discussion?" Come on you can't be serious!

    • Stacyzee

      Thanks for the good laugh! Try comedy instead! Don't worry you don't have to wear a fully sown shirt either!

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  • thorthorley
    Tbh im sick of hearing people arguing about what they think feminism is bc most of it is an extension of their own perceived idealised fantasy world. Feminism is simply that women should be treated equally to men and that's it.

    Women characters in video games can be whatever the fuck the creators want them to be. Its a fantasy world with fairies and monsters and its not a representation of what the world should be. So people who keep saying its promoting hyper sexualisation or whatever is bullshit bc by that same argument you could say video games promote war and killing and illegal car racing and so on. Its a game and its fantasy and none of it is relevant to the real world and it doesn't give a warped perception bc it has been proven in many studies that games dont in fact promote bad behaviour by playing violent video games and i would think it would be similar to sexual awareness. And they dont only sexualise women. The guys are also super buff and with extra masculine qualities in video games as well and i dont hear any complaints about that.

    Moving on to the real world though. Sexuality will always be a part of life bc its only natural to think in this manner. Both men and women view the opposite sex sexually if theyre straight so i dont see a problem with that. Saying that women have been over sexualised and viewed as objects is ridiculous and is only something that a lowlife would think. And the same argument could easily be said about men but do we care, no. And i think many women wouldn't care being thought of sexually either. Its natural and why people have to argue about that i dont know.

    Yes i agree that women should viewed equally to men, but to surround feminism with this other bullshit is just destroying the cause. Come up with real arguments rather than nitpicking on irrelevant stuff.
  • LostWolf
    I have a few things to say to you Tara:

    1. You are insanely beautiful. Whatever you do to look that good works and works well. I know it's hard work being beautiful, if only all women understood the value of being the most beautiful version of themselves they could be... we'd have a lot less femenazis! Keep up the good work!

    2. I took a brief look at some of your content and found it to have a surprising amount of depth and quality. Shamefully it this was surprising because of my own pre-conceptions and judgments of you based on your appearance, so for that I'd like to sincerely apologize. Your intelligence, honesty, and passion is inspiring and has restored some of my hope in humanity (I know you probably think I'm joking or exaggerating but i'm actually not). If more women... hell if more people were a little like you we might not have half the problems we do in the world.

    3. I'm happy to say i belong to the same demographic as a person like you (albeit on a lower rung, I'm largely a casual gamer not hardcore like yourself). You are a credit to the gamer culture!

    I also have a question or 2 for you if you're willing to answer them:

    1. What are some general tips on things like attitude/mindset, strategies, and tools for weight loss and physical fitness? I'm not looking to be a bodybuilder but recently I've been seriously considering cutting down my extra 20 something pounds and maybe build a little muscle. You obviously know a thing or two about having a fit and healthy body so what's your advice in this area?

    2. What is your professional and personal opinion of Darksiders 2? (It's an "old" game I know but I just got my hands on it recently and thought it's really good, so I'd like to hear an expert's opinion on it)

    Keep doing what you do Tara!
    • Hey! Thank you so much for the comment! :)

      Staying fit is hard, I always have to find the willpower from within to continue, but once you get in the habit of hitting the gym and eating right by force, it quickly becomes a habit and the rewards are apparent. Not just the change in your body's appearance, but how you feel, how much energy you have, and how little you care to have the unhealthy foods you once craved. I used to go to bodybuilding events, and I love male bodybuilding for the visuals (hah) and for their devotion to their art. If you focus on putting on muscle and change nothing about your eating habits or your cardio regimen, the extra fat will come off anyway, due to muscle burning more calories daily.

      As for Darksiders, I've only played the first one and started the second. I love the game (s) for how dark they are, and the fact that it follows the horsemen, but I feel it could use a bit of fine-tuning in the mechanics/graphics department.

      Hope that helps! :)

    • LostWolf

      @TaraBabcAWEck Interesting opinion! I found the graphics to be "charmingly retro" myself. And while many mechanics were "borrowed" so to speak I think the studio hit on the right combination of mechanics to suit the story and overall mood of the game. I might also advise you to find time to finish DS2. It really is a good game and starts to pose some really cool philosophical questions as you get deeper into it. My advice though would be to watch out for Earth and Samael, I found those parts of the content to be the most difficult. Thank you for your reply!

  • Kiwedin
    I've actually been subscribed to her for about a year now. She's hot as fuck, very open about her sexuality, she's really cool, a critical thinker, and very intelligent. Honestly, she's the type of person I could see myself being friends with, despite me not even being into gaming.
  • Klara-Hitler
    hahaaa it's Tara. I'm actually subscribed to her channels. Though as an ex-modder I'm personally not the type of girl that involve my sexuality and gender in what I do when I play video games, I still love her and how she expresses herself so freely and shamelessly. Also I'm just a modder and and an RPG fan not a youtuber, there is no reason she "doesn't" use her sexual appeal when she's making youtube videos. I would probably use it if I wanted to make youtube videos, because there is absolutely no reason not to attract viewers and provide your viewers with a little visual fun when you got the tools for it. I absolutely adore her and her beautiful face and those nice frigging tits. xD

    We need more girls like Tara (and like me of course). She also loves German men, and I share that obsession with her. I'm German myself though.

    On the whole, the enemy of my enemy is automatically my friend. Fuck feminists. Especially that annoying Anita Sarkeesian and all third wave feminists who are making a life for themselves with the taxpaying people's money providing nothing for the society but hate, negativity, and bigotry.

    Women should learn from you. I absolutely understand you. Being what you like to be, doing what you love to do, and trying to make money off it with spreading positivity and without being an economic leech on the society like third wave feminists.

    absolutely loved this take. Maybe the only take by GaG that I actually liked.

  • PippiL
    If I had a rack like that I'd be proud of it too. While I don't agree with some of her viewpoints, I respect the fact that she's got beauty and a brain and doesn't feel the need to compromise either to perpetuate a certain image.
    • Stacyzee

      You mean a man made rack.

    • Thanks! :)

    • Hicken

      @Stacyzee Your point? It's still hers, is it not?

      Or what? Would you not have anything to say on the matter if they were natural and she still showed off? Who are you to decide that one's okay to be proud of and the other isn't?

  • Mustachekitteh
    Doesn't even says anything about The Legend of Zelda. yet says a shit load about Mario. -_- Then she just had to mess up The legend of Zelda theme song and the lost woods song.

    Ok she's some what redeemed herself by like shin megami tensei persona 3 and 4. Though on the sexiest one I do not agree with kanji. Since he wasn't that good when used in the party. If anything I'm surprised she didn't name Ryoji Mochizuki (aka death) I was sad when he left. :'(
    Also Akihiko Sanada was hot looking too.
    I would also add Link. Even more when you see him doing sumo scene.

    She's not the kind of gamers I would hang with. Since majority of the ones in the videos she's listed. They aren't really anything I ever cared about. Ex for the persona ones.

    God damn though! No matter how hard you try not to look at her boobs and only at her face. You just can't do it. It's seriously impossible because they are seriously in your face. Though I'm the type of person that doesn't like to see the person talking about games. I rather they talk less as possible and let the game do the talking. Then if they have to show pictures and stuff. I rather it just focus on that and not on the person. Since I don't give a damn about them. It's all about the games.
    • I am not a huge fan of the Zelda franchise, and I think link is a pussy. :P

    • @TaraBabcAWEck bitch please he's such a player. Look how he plays evil mind games in skyward sword with item check girl. Which you get to pick to either break her heart to pieces and she becomes depressed for the rest of the game. That or lead her on and she keeps acting all lovey dovey when you give her items. :D

  • rescuemyheart
    I found her really off putting. Not because she's sexual or she's a gamer or any of that. But because she seems all around fake and artificial. Her entire identity seems to be built around being an ideal fucktoy for shallow, nerdy guys. She doesn't seem to have any pieces of herself let.

    And I don't think MOST (at least not the substantial ones) think that's attractive.. her pornstar appearance or her personality. Whats sexy is being confident, intelligent, unique and having your own set of ideas without deferring to what you think is going to make you seem like "the perfect girl" to men.
    • I am being myself, whether you'd like to believe it or not. I don't try to do anything to appeal to anyone but myself. Your whole "sexy, confident, intelligent, unique" is exactly what I am and what I strive to be, for myself, and your being blinded by a look or morals you are offended by makes you twice as shallow as I could ever be. You are clearly judging me based on how you believe people who look like me MUST be, instead of who I actually am, or why.

    • @TaraBabcAWEck you have to do what you have to do but when you put yourself out there on a platform like this criticism comes with the territory. I'm actually a camgirl so what I say has NOTHING to do with outdated moral ideas. It's principles. It's about feeling empowered as a woman to live life on your terms. To be the person YOU want to be not to define yourself by mens standards.

      If you feel like you're doing that then okay... but it doesn't cone across that way to me watching your videos

    • ... Honestly. this makes me wanna /slap. Did you even read the damn article? And if you are a cam girl, how can you call someone fake? Holy shit.

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  • SakuraChii
    I don't really find any huge difference between her and other female video gamers, except for the obvious cleavage. I don't watch let's players for their appearance nor do I glorify them for that so I can understand why some people would be bitter. in my opinion commentary and good gameplay matters more than how hot a guy or girl is.
    • For me, as the subject of this article and the owner of the obvious cleavage, the "attractiveness" of the content creator is always a plus, but never the most important thing. Some people assume I make that the most important thing, when really, I focus on improvement, gameplay, and commentary just as much, if not more, than the average LPer. People just immediately judge me and write me off because I also happen to look the way I do. O. o

  • somebodysaycheese
    Its classic when a white fake blonde , fake boobed, nose, lip and Ass woman talks shit. I find nothing attractive about her so point of being attractive is void in my opinion. is feminism in the western world needed? Ofcourse. The problem is today's feminist make no sense at all, most are lgbt and already hate men anyway.
    • you're a girl. Ofc you aren't attracted to her

    • @JabbaTheHutt say what? I got eyeballs an attractive person is an attractive person. it's not like I'm like she is pretty now I wanna get in between Her legs... Eew no

  • LittleSally
    Oh, I've seen some of her vlogs and she's cool. I like that she's not a dumb blonde. Yeah, she has had a lot of plastic surgeries, but that's because she can afford it and obviously didn't like the way she looked before. I guess to each their own. People don't take her seriously because they get caught up in what she looks like and not what she's saying... sort of seems like that's the only thing she initially achieves, but to those that actually stay and have a bit of a listen... she's cool.
  • Cerenityy
    Dude her face looks like a horses ass. These pretentious 'gamer girls' annoy the sh*t out of me. "Oh I play video games, now look at my tits!" Shut up, we know you live for the attention.
    • Nice stereotypical response based only on my appearance. You're so smart! Enjoy your lifetime of ignorance.

    • Cerenityy

      @TaraBabcAWEck why do you bother to reply if 'people have the right to their opinions" Lmao. Western feminism isn't necessary says who again? Some uneducated blow up doll who's only good at pushing buttons on a controller? This is a joke lmao im outta here ✌🏼️

    • I am extremely educated. Specifically self-educated, because that is important to me. Yeah, you're not just generalizing at all.

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  • Negrodamuss
    Okay so i decided to come out of hibernation temporarily so i could comment on this because i think its hilarious.

    Okay so first off, i can't really say im surprised by the responses here. The women hate her by and large because they feel threatened by her for one reason or another (probably because of the level of effortless attention she's able to get), and the guys by and large like her because she's hot and anti-feminist. No matter how long i leave this site for, GaGers never fail to disappoint, hahaha.

    Now as a young nigglet who got into gaming at an early age, im pretty good at sniffing out people who aren't real gamers but pretend to be for attention. I don't really get that sense from her. It's pretty clear though that she uses her sex appeal to get more clicks. Most of the thumbnails she uses on her videos has her and her breasts in clear view, even though she has nothing to do with the topic at hand. Thing is though, i don't really see this as a problem... especially considering that she doesn't care about being objectified or w/e else that may come her way for doing so. My pet peeve has always been girls who do that shit, but are like "oh golly gee willickers... why are all these guys sending me pervy messages? Sexism!!! " If you own it and your choices, more power to you. Besides, its really the men's fault for being so easily pulled. I mean really guys, is pornhub not good enough?

    Now onto the content. I've read all the opinions and i must say i disagree with most girls opinions here. Too much hypersensitivity over fairly logical viewpoints in my opinion. Her opinion on sexism in gaming is pretty sensible. Video game companies cater to their audience. If the free market doesn't want ass and titties, they won't buy the games. We aren't talking about workplace harassment here. if we were, we'd have a completely different conversation. But we're talking about peoples entertainment here. You can get served whatever you desire when it comes to entertainment. Doesn't really matter if its not logical to have a girl in skimpy armour. Videos games aren't logical. If they were, i reckon most of them wouldn't be fun to play. Video games are fantasy for the most part.

    Now with all that being said, i wouldn't subscribe to her on youtube, mainly because her content doesn't strike me as all that unique. It's not bad, just not unique. She's hot yeah, and seems fun, so id date her in my private life, but not hot enough for me to sub. No woman is.
    • My breasts are always in full-view. That's part of who I am. Perfecting my appearance is one of my other hobbies, and it's something I care about. Hiding myself for false respect from people who know nothing about me is futile, and would disrespect my body and who I am. I don't do anything I don't enjoy for "clicks." My thumbnails aren't more boob-ified than what you get from me when you click. I love dressing sexy and comfortable, genuinely. Who wouldn't?

      Other than that, I appreciate your comment, and I agree with many of your well-written viewpoints. :)

    • @TaraBabcAWEck well as i said, i really don't see it as an issue either way. I've always had the belief that one should use whatever cards they've got, as long as they aren't crushing other people to get to the top, or being false about it. The market will judge whether you are worth subscribing to or not... not me or anyone else here. I have a question for you though. In the article, you alluded to how difficult it was for you to make genuine friends because most guys try to get into your orbit for sex. My question is, how often are guys who are interested in dating you are actually up front about it from the get go, and what is your reaction to a guy who is honest about why he's approaching you?

    • I ask because one of my role models is total ladies man, and from what he tells me, very attractive women like yourself are actually more alone than people think because girls are threatened by them automatically (evidenced here to a large degree for me) and guys assume they are taken/have tons of guys into them already/have no chance.

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  • buttheadkakakak
    Honestly I don't understand why every single person on this site is obsessed with the feminism. Who cares? Just ignore it and go along with your life Jesus Christ
    • Kylesar

      While I get your point, it's kind of hard to just ignore when they literally influence laws and politics
      They're not just infecting the internet with their cancerous bullshit. They've taken to the streets and try to change everything in the name of all women

      Kind of hard to ignore

    • @Kylesar how is it hard to ignore on the freaking Internet? Everyone on GAG is always angry about 'Western Feminists'. Just fucking stop talking about it!! The laws are fucking fine just obey them

    • Kylesar

      Sounds a lot like "man up and take it."

      Accept the fact that if you get divorced, you're losing the house, car, money, and worse, the kids (No Fault Divorce, Child Custody, Alimony & Divorce Laws)

      Accept the fact that in the future, a woman may take your job for the simple fact that she's a woman, not that she's more qualified (Gender Quotas)

      Accept the fact that, at her word, you'll lose your freedom and your social life, whether or not it's the truth (False Rape accusations)

      Accept the fact that feminists want to infiltrate geek culture with the SOLE intent of changing it.

      Accept the fact that Swedish Feminists want to ban urinals and make it illegal to stand up to pee

      Accept the fact that they want to censor speech to protect their feelings

      Accept the fact that simply saying hey is sexual harassment

      But of course, as a female, you're reaping the benefits, so you don't see the problem

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  • heavensgift2girls
    She seems to have a really cool personality. The fact she knows that respect is something that needs to be earned, as opposed to being entitled to, tells me she is most likely someone that is actually worthy of respect.
    • Thank you!

    • So many jealous women on here have missed the message she tries to deliver. That you can't judge someone based on how they look. The way she looks has nothing to do with her personality, or value as a human. Many of you women are just coming across as really jealous when you attack her body, as if though it has any relevance to her thoughts or opinions as a person.

  • Berethor
    One thing is sure, Tara Babcock is much more true gamer then Anita Sarkeesian who are bitching about almost everything. Tara Babcock don't have an problem if guys are looking at her boobs, while Anita Sarkeesian made a video for complaining about women's butts.
  • ThisDudeHere
    I have never watched any of the videos and don't think I will. I'm sure she's a nice person and all but the level of fakeness is just off putting. Pewdiepie may act like a child but he does everything from his heart and doesn't go out of his way (if at all) to garner an even bigger audience (ie, cleavage, 10 inches of makeup etc).
  • DiogoRibeiro
    I feel there's a balance to be achieved.

    Women don't need to hide or be assexual to be respected, but I also don't think it's interesting for women to rely on sexuality that way.

    As a guy, I obviously don't mind looking at a beautiful woman, but there are other things that grab my attention a lot more than that. Probably because I'm not a horny teenager anymore. Who knows...

    Anyway, this is a healthy discussion. But what we need is equality and balance. ;)
  • aliceinwonderland69
    Another fake, attention seeking, whore. Just what the Internet needed.
  • TaraBabcAWEck
    YAY! This was awesome! Definitely worth the wait, thank you so much for the amazing interview! :D
    • @TaraBabcAWEck Welcome to GAG ! Where opinions are like assholes... everyone has one! But to be fair.. thats what this site is all about! Good or bad. Nice Article! I personally enjoyed it because I love gaming.

    • Fathoms77

      You're the best, Tara. :) Prepares classic quote and +1 cookie to anyone who can tell me the movie:

      "Talk hard!"

    • Thats easy PUMP UP THE VOLUME

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  • Byakuyarko
    feminists have this unhealthy obsession with videogames and gamers... Pretty typical of them to preach about consensual sex while they get in people's faces about the sort of media they seem to enjoy, completely unsolicited and without a shred of credibility. Feminism fails the minute it decides what women should think... They can think for themselves and have been doing so admirably without being influenced by political dogma.
  • ColinHarvey
    Ever see Canadian columnist/libertarian activist, Lauren Southern? She is the one that got piss dumped on her head for saying that there are only two genders. Yeah, super controversial of her to speak her mind.

    Wow - anti-feminist women are hot, as opposed to...
  • Wulfila
    I'm not the least bit interested in this woman or her content, but I have to ask:

    Is her behavior / career path stealing or destroying property?
    Are people being forced to subsidize her financially?
    Is she hurting or killing anyone?
    Is she restricting others' freedom to be who they want to be?
    Is she trying to be beat folks over the head with her ideology?

    The answer is "no" to all of the above, so I say: carry on, Ms. Babcock, carry on.
  • Satisfyd
    Now she is an amazing person that understands things as they are. I don't see her as fake at all. She does what she wants not what everyone else does. I just keep saying this why can't everyone just worry about themselves and enjoy others differences.
  • cth96190
    I like this woman. What a pity that she appears to be in a tiny minority of women.
    I walked about about age 30. Feminism and divorce law have made women too toxic for involvement with them to be a rational act.
  • abundantlyrich
    You are typical of this generation. Drop pants and 'lets fucccccccck'.

    At least your better looking than mario bros!!
    • LostWolf

      Pardon me but where are these women you speak of? I've yet to meet a women who said anything remotely like that to me or anyone else I know... Tara is the first person I've ever heard claim to practice that kind of behavior

    • Hicken

      I'm sorry, what?

    • Guys, you are not a girl and your last name is not babcock. Fuck off

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  • AleDeEurope
    Of course she's not a feminist, just look at her and compare her with feminists. The differences are pretty obvious. She doesn't need to hide her bitterness behind feminism.

    • So feminism is only about looks? Well Emma Watson is way prettier and has more class and she is a feminist.

    • @SuklaaTryffeli there's always that few cows that look different than the rest, but overall, they all basically look alike.
      Seriously, most feminists are ugly, that's why they became feminists, cause no man wants anything to do with them, therefore they became bitter and bpame every probpem they have, on men.
      That's how modern feminist works. Talk to me about the first wave and I would change my answer since they fought for different things, but today? Today it's about hate, nothing else.

    • Yeah maybe they become radical feminists who scream they are better than men and demand stupid stuff. But there are also the more intelligent people who simply believe in equality and want women in all countries all over the world be equal to men, and call themselves feminist. Feminism is very much needed in some countries. It's not competely about hate. But I agree radical feminism is pretty much just hate and stupidity.

  • Scrambledagain
    Same thing that I told Mia rose, a girl can be a gamer and still be a porn star or fap model, but a gamer guy is like night of the living dead to women.
  • John_Doesnt
    Oh Tara. In my dreams we're both playing Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 and Tara discusses her bisexual fantasies about the girls.
    Yeah the western feminists can shove it for getting sexy games cancelled in the US.
  • BrownBoyBrownies
    Babcock... LMFAO. What a name XD

    ~Babcock went to Bangkok
  • QuestionMan
    She's hot and I agree with her views on life but she swears like a sailor and that puts me off.
    I'm fucking tired of hearing people cuss all the time, it's like they have a limited vocabulary.
    • Swearing is not actually a sign of a limited vocabulary, as many people have said to deter swearing. It's an expression of freedom and passion, in my opinion. I enjoy swearing, and I enjoy listening to people swear. It's your prerogative if you don't like it, but you can't label all those who choose to swear as having "limited vocabularies" and remain accurate.

    • @TaraBabcAWEck Excessive swearing shows a type of juvenile behaviour and an inability to speak without resorting to those go to words. The English language is rich with words that can express passion. I try to limit my swearing to when I'm pissed otherwise it becomes overused and presents me as an uneducated individual who doesn't know how to behave properly in public.

  • Anno_Domini
    “The game that really inspired me to play every single day and be someone who is a lifelong gamer was ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’ on my SNES."

    I really, really hope that this is a typo. If not, then SMDH.
  • ConsultantIsBack
    She's really hot
    Probably not really into gaming, just trying to build a following with all those porn addicted nerds lol
  • sp33d
    Ugh, not my preference.. annoying to listen to, as well. Oh dear.. well at least she has her rack to get viewers. Not someone you can take seriously.
    • You can't, not the royal "you." I feel bad for you if you can't look past someone's appearance to see whether you should or should not "take them seriously" without your societal bias.

    • sp33d

      @TaraBabcAWEck Hypocrisy does not help convince me, dear lady.

  • YourFutureEx
    If I were a hot girl like her, I'd show off my cleavage too. I mean, why the fuck not? I have a privilege I'm smart enough to use it in my advantage, you do your best for yourself.

    Plus, I'd ALSO say things like "I don't show off them. How and why would I hide them?" To get attention indirectly.

    I'm not criticising her. Just speaking about how the whole society functions. IF she weren't that hot, this take wouldn't have existed.

    She's not responsible for all the drama. Creepy pervs are. She's kinda extremist, but we all are. She's just more open about it. (Another way to get famous).

    She admitted it all in the last para.

    In the end, I must say she has a lot of knowledge about games. I liked her for liking Kratos, but she insulted my bro Dante so, she's ineligible for me.
  • BertMacklinFBI
    another admin sprung out of nowhere lol

    to add something relevant, she's cool d00d.
  • Nicol89
    This girl talk a lot of shit in youtube. she speaks she likes big penises photos, guys blacks and porn things. I think you're the world's worst feminist, you're pathetic and a liar.
    • Hicken

      Feminism is- or should be; it's been bastardized into something else entirely- all about being comfortable with yourself as a woman.

      That means if she likes big penises, black guys (woohoo for me!) and porn, she shouldn't be ashamed of it. There's nothing wrong with having your preferences and not hiding them, and that's the TRUE definition of what being yourself is, whether male or female.

    • Nicol89

      @Hicken no, feminism should be equality and respect. A woman who likes pornography, accepts the stereotypes against women and some guys. Tastes for large penis and stereotypes as befits a man is a sample of phallocentrism, a woman who support this is a sexist masquerading of feminist

    • Hicken

      That's asinine. I don't even know where to begin.

      Why is liking porn sexist?

      Why is liking a big penis sexist?

      What stereotypes befit a man?

      If you're talking equality, that means a woman should be as free to enjoy something as a man, and vice versa. It means she shouldn't be shamed for showing off her body, nor should she be reduced to ONLY her body.

  • normalice
    she's cute.

    but the way I play, that doesn't matter. If on my team, I'd just want her to know her role. Though, it is true that during the 'down time' of a game I might have... distracting thoughts about who I'm gaming with, if I knew she looked like this. But, those thoughts would probably just inspire me to play better, under the false impression that if I really wow her with my leet skills she'll want to play with me more. Not that she wouldn't want to play more with someone with 'leet skills,' it's just that I don't actually have any..

    But yes, she's very cute. Good to hear she isn't unaware of that fact.
  • doctorwhofan23
    I might need to check her stream out. My favorite stream is small but good, love catching new streams. Would be cool to catch her playing old games.
  • naturaldeven4
    Just the result of poor parenting and women with Low intelligence. Why can't she do something productive with her life? Girls like her just make me think women will never become equal to guys :(
  • ikissedtheskyonce
    Omg she likes captain america! I saw the plush in the background. I'm not even gay and I love her already #teamcap
  • MoonlitSonata
    Why I can't stand female streamers... Perfect example. She purposefully looks like she is a doll with no brain. It's a shame.
    • I look like a doll on purpose, yes, but I definitely have a brain--a rather vast one, at that. If you don't like my look, fine, but that is not a good reason to write me off as a gaming live streamer.

    • @TaraBabcAWEck First off let me apologize. I posted this without even reading the article. Probably no surprise to you their given what you said in the interview. I don't like being part of the system, I like being part of the solution. After reading this, your comment, and doing some introspection I can't find a reason to dislike you. Instead I am now left feeling like we have a lot in common that I may have seen if I had given you a fair chance, and hadn't judged you before knowing anything about you. I too am very intelligent, and will sit and read about a topic for hours, especially when it comes to psychology and sociology.
      To be frank I don't care who you are as a live streamer. I care who you are as a person. The heart of my comment was I felt you were misrepresenting yourself, and I bet there was a cool person under all the "glam." I put my foot in my mouth. That I regret. I would like to be your friend and get to know you. What you said in the interview resonated with me.

    • @TaraBabcAWEck Follow me. Read my myTakes, and responses to questions. Still don't want to talk to me then, whatever. Totally hypocritical of me given how this conversation started, but I take that risk purposefully, cause I think we'd make great friends.

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  • TheGuyFromMiddleEast
    I have only looked at the pictures and not read the article at all. Does that make me a bad person?
    • It makes you a less informed person who is missing out. ;)

  • admles
    Wow, she is awesome!

    I love her "don't care" attitude.

    And she's gorgeous too :)
  • Kylesar
    The responses here are wholly predictable

    A girl who proclaims to be a gamer, who is hot with big tits. The cries of attention-whore are wholly expected

    I guess the problem is that you actively proclaim to be a gamer, and gamers don't have to go public with it, so the fact that you tell people makes them believe that you're fake

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you're genuine, and to that I say fuck the haters in this comment section (and everywhere else) and keep doing what you do

    Otherwise, if you ARE an attention-whore, go fuck yourself in the ass with a cactus. We don't need anymore attention-whores in the gaming industry. We have enough to deal with, with gamergate
    • Fathoms77

      I totally agree with you. Can't stand the people you talk about in the last paragraph. But yes, please do give her the benefit of the doubt.

      We chatted about everything from JRPGs from the '90s we both loved (no attention-whore lists the Shin Megami Tensei games as favorites) to last year's Assassin's Creed Syndicate. :)

    • I'm not just a model "claiming" that I game for attention. I am someone speaking out as a gamer for gamers, and promoting my gaming content, which is plentiful. You might come into this seeing my images and not actually understanding why I speak as a gamer, but if you take a look at my Twitch or YouTube on the gaming side, you wouldn't have doubts.

      Also, I don't mine attention whores in gaming, honestly. If a niche has become popular enough that people want to pretend to like it, that means it's becoming more mainstream. Less people will be bullied for liking games, more people will be into games. Obviously that means people will "only be in it for the money" and finimists will try to change things about it, but I am glad, as someone who loves games, that my favorite franchises will get funding, and my favorite hobby will get attention from a wider audience, as I believe it deserves greatly.

  • pavlove
    off a comment lumos made that i can't respond to because i blocked her:

    if you look at a lot of games bioware made ones especially guys are becoming hyper sexualized at the discretion of the gamer as well. i dont think the answer is to take away the fantasy aspect that players enjoy (mostly men) but make it so that both men and women are hypersexualized if that's the game. (a lot of jrpg as well as even western rpg tends to do this) the problem is that women only are the targets and there's literally no fairness to it
  • lopflodin
    Seen her in a porno on pornhub once got taken down tho know it was her cos of the tattoo on her foot
    • LostWolf

      lol I think yours is the only comment she hasn't replied to... conspiracy? lol

  • Words_and_Wisdom
    She owns up to her sexuality. More women need to learn from her.