4 Awesome Things About Being a Guy


4 Awesome Things About Being a Guy

4 Awesome Things About Being a Guy

I hear a lot on this site about how easy it is for girls to get laid, to be taken on expensive dates etc. etc. etc. but here are four reasons why it's still pretty awesome to be a guy

1) Speaking your mind isn't only accepted, it's encouraged!

When a girl speaks her mind it's not seen as super sexy to a lot of guys. Many guys do love it and even prefer it, but many, many others fantasize about a girl who is more seen than heard. Men tend to value you a woman who speaks with an economy of language--meaning every word she says counts and is integral to her point its not extraneous. Even if she is loud and bubbly she isn't a chatterbox. When it comes to moral stances, a girl who is constantly bringing up the fact that something is sexist, for instance, is shot down. As a guy, keeping things to yourself is anti-attraction. When you have a lot of opinions you're passionate, you're confident, you're contributing to the intellectual sphere of group think. Whether you're a liberal or conservatiev man's man or pretty boy your opinion is valuable and needed because it is unique and so should be said.

2) Your sexual parts are not always on display

Yes, if you a super big dick it makes for good gossip among the girls at your office, your friend group etc, but for random girls on the street unless you are wearing underwear and pants that show it off you could honestly be hiding anything down there. A girl can play down her huge boobs or play up her small ones but we always have an idea what she's working with. Of course, one could say this is an advantage for them not a disadvantage, but overall i'd say having control of how much of your sexuality is being out there and judged is a better deal.

3) You can have a belly and it can actually help you

Ok, it probably won't help you, but it won't hurt you. What a belly does for you is tell you i must be confident, i must be attentive and a good listener, i must work to show her an awesome time because i don't have that Men's Health cover body. Since girls value these things more anyway you're doing exactly what you should do. For her, it makes her less insecure about her own body. If you have 6 percent body fat and she has 14 she's going to feel like a little piggy in bed with you and this is not only going to dry her up if you even get that far it may even turn her off from the thought. Finally, there's something comforting about knowing you can gorge yourself on a dominos pizza and watch netflix with a smile on their face while they at the same time are at the gym killing themselves on teh elliptical and afterward they still want your penis so long as you're fun and interesting to be around. It's the mindf*** you actually love to have happen.

4) You aren't compared to every other guys constantly no matter what

You surf you play baseball your dad owns a vineyard in the south of france...and you are Matt while Matt's female equivalent is "that hot rich surfer chick."

You play video games, you love indian food, you sold your first painting when you were 17. You are Sterling...while Sterling's female equivalent is that "hippie artistic chick"

Hopefully you get the point that you aren't given a lable that compares you to every other guy that ever lived distinguished by a few hobbies and interests. You are always you and that's an awesome thing.

4 Awesome Things About Being a Guy
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  • redeyemindtricks
    "many [guys] fantasize about a girl who is more seen than heard"

    Yeah whatevs.

    This is the EXACT equivalent of when women start declaring their love for "nicer", gentler, more considerate men... after (more often than not) having been burned, rejected, or just plain ignored by more dynamic men who are rougher around the edges.

    It's the EXACT equivalent.

    Boys don't want this "seen not heard" bullshit, until they've spent enough time being burned, neglected, rejected, disrespected, or just completely ignored by women who are more dynamic, vivacious, irrepressible, confident, and challenging.

    "Seen not heard" chicks are the consolation prize.

    It's OK. Not everyone can finish first.
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    • pavlove

      lol you're just bitter cuz you are loud and probably are a chatterbox. I'm privy to more male only conversation than you are and we always talk shit about girls who talk too much and i see what happens to girls tho take a hard stance they become that difficult girl who's always bitching about something

    • "Become" that difficult girl?


      dude I am probably the most un-bitterest person on here lol. I am most hearts and flowersest pony!

      I mean, really now, what would I have to be bitter about?


    • Tdieseler

      You have got to be kidding me... lol... Seriously "redeye"... you know i can't say anything about this

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Riggers
    I fuckin love your takes dude. Haha.
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    • pavlove

      haha thanks!

    • Riggers

      Number 4 is so fuckin true though dude,

      You see girls judge every single fuckin thing about one another, I was in college the other week and sitting with these chicks (all your typical hottie stuck up full of themselves bitches) and they were literally mocking and laughing at the appearance of all the girls walking in the canteen.

      One even seem shocked at me that I didn't agree with them when they were calling this one girl ugly (to me she looked fine).

      Whereas, working around other lads for 40-50 hours per week, I have never seen that level of judgementalism or pure cunt attitude towards other humans.

      Seems to me most girls are just snidey bitches to one another, where as most guys just want to have a laugh and chill as long as they ain't a cunt, ya know?

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  • GingerBear
    Any guy that dislikes me for being opinionated and speaking my mind is NOT the kind of guy that I'd want anything to do with.
    And like hell I want a guy who has a 'belly'. If my partner isn't as fit as I am, it's a deal breaker.
    • pavlove

      how are you answering this? did you just become a moderator?

    • GingerBear

      What do you mean, how am I answering this? I typed in some text and pressed the submit button.
      It's a pretty good take, by the way. Interesting.

    • pavlove

      oh, sorry I don't know why i assumed you knew... i blocked every moderator about a week or so ago so no i was under the impression that no mod could see any of my takes. I guess i must have missed you. Did you just become a mod because i went down that list they have on their Q and A section and i dont think you were on it

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  • aliceinwonderland69
    Although this My Take is ostensibly about being a guy it could also be rewritten as what is annoying about being a girl and shows a lot of empathy for my gender.
    • pavlove

      wow you're like the first to really get what i'm going after

  • Woodyyyy
    The best thing is that we are judged by our success and success is something we have control over. Even the ugly dudes can defy his fate and get a stunning girlfriend. If you can't get a girlfriend, you can always get rich and pay lol
    • pavlove

      haha yeah thats very true too. i guess girls can buy an attractive partner as well

  • Byakuyarko
    surprisingly few butthurt women (feminists)... I'm a guy with a stubborn belly that won't flatten easily, and I think having a belly is a huge pain in the butt not withstanding that I don';t get shamed for it enough. Apart from that, this is quite an astute take... Being a bloke is awesome.
  • 1) "The all powerful society says I can do something girls can't do,"
    2) Large breasts are hard to hide, but a large penis would also be. Small breasts also exist, you know?
    3) "The all powerful society says I can do something girls can't do"
    4) Doesn't this just depend on who's saying it, regardless of sex or gender?
  • MimTcgraw
    I like to pee standing up! And if there's snow on the ground I can write my name in yellow! Good to be a guy! Lol
  • dwright9224
    I don't know. Guys do get compared to other guys probably about just as much as we get compared to other women.
    • pavlove

      just because you look like one of us doesn't know you know our experiences... i never get compared

    • skeptic007

      he's right men don't compare themselves to other men like ever

    • 1st of all, I don't look like one. 2nd off, I know a lot of guys 'n' girls who compare guys to other guys. Sometimes guys even compare THEMSELVES to other guys. So you obviously don't know what you're talking about. If guys don't ever do that. Then why have a I met guys who have?

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  • xxcchhllaauu
    not a god Damm thing "Good" about being a guy unless you are/have one of the three good looks good family (money) good genes (dick size) otherwise you'd be better of dead
  • buttheadkakakak
    And there's pretty much nothing good about being a chick, unfortunately.
  • babyspice
    can't girls have bellys too? :(
    • pavlove

      nopee i better not be able to pinch anythingg on that torso

    • babyspice

      :( mean

  • mcmuffin34
    How about sex man?