Why It's Ok To Like Transexuals, But Still Be Straight


Why it's Ok to like transexxuals, but still be straight
First off let me say be happy with your sexual orientation. If you like transexuals, or any other gender it's 100 percent ok. If you like them and you're happy with it... Then there's no need to read this myTake.

This is for people who are the opposite, who aren't happy with it but have an... addiction.

Alright so let me start off by saying, yes, straight people do like transexuals.. It sounds complicated but let me explain how I ended up liking them.

Why It's Ok To Like Transexuals, But Still Be Straight
Ok so a few years back i didn't even like transexuals, I liked lesbians. By now some of you already know where this is going.

Manly figures did not, and do not look appealing to me, period.I love a woman's figure, but in lesbian pornography they use objects such as .. strap ons right? When I watched this, it was fine but I only had 2 problems.

1. A lot of girls pretend to be enjoying themselves in porn, because they really just do it for the money.

So when I was watching it, I could spot when a girl wasn't really enjoying it.. When she's doing too much over every little thing. When I watch pornography I like for the people I'm watching to actually enjoy themselves and not just put on a show for people who are watching.

2. It wasn't realistic. They had purple, silver, pink strap ons and the girl with the strap was moaning as if it was real or something. You know she really couldn't feel anything and thats another reason you could tell they were just putting on a show.. The other girl might've felt something but the girl with the strap was really just faking it all.

Why It's Ok To Like Transexuals, But Still Be Straight

So here's what i did: I discovered transexual pornography. In my mind, I see a female figure. So I basically see lesbians having sex, but they can actually feel it. They can't fake anything because ... well nothing's fake, or strapped on. They're really orgasming, and you can see it.

But here's the problem with that.

Why It's Ok To Like Transexuals, But Still Be Straight
Watching all this transexual pornography, trying to replace it with lesbian pornography, you begin to prefer it over lesbian pornography. You start liking women with actual penises, and eventually you start developing a craving for penis. Now, all this going on, you're still not attracted to a male figure, but you've developed a secret like for male genitalia. You don't like it on a male figure, you like it on a female figure.

But you soon come to realize... women.. don't have male genitalia.. at least women who were born women. Only men have male genitalia, or transexual women. So you start questioning yourself.

Why It's Ok To Like Transexuals, But Still Be Straight

"Am i gay?"

"Am i bi sexual?"

"What am i?"

You get confused and start wondering what you are. I can't speak for everyone because everyone's different. But no, you're not gay. You're perfectly straight. You just like lesbian pornography so much, you take it to the next level. You actually try to see if a male figure starts to look appealing to you and it doesn't (for some), but you still like the genitalia so it's so confusing.

But actually I got so deep into this thinking I was turning gay that I looked online and there was a survey saying, gay men DON'T like transexuals, they only find male figures attractive. Although, bisexual men, pansexual men, and straight men do. So at the very least, you're not gay.. you may be bi or something but not gay. Other than that, you're a straight male who has a fetish for penis, that's all.

You're not gay.

A woman liking other womens breast doesn't make her a lesbian. She just likes breasts.

So you can keep watching the transexual pornography, and don't feel guilty. If something gives you pleasure.. then.. give in to it, you only live once why hold back all that pleasure give in to it...I did and I'm happy with myself.

Also, if you find penises attractive on male, female or anyone, believe it or not, it really doesn't make you gay. There's a high chance you may be bi, but gay? No. You still find women attractive, so you're not gay. Gay men don't find women attractive, well sexually attractive. It just means you like penis which is fine. Put it this way, how girls like big butts on guys... we all know that, but majority or girls have bigger butts then men, doesn't make them lesbian.

Some guys like penises on women, but.. majority of penises are on men. Doesn't make you gay

I hope this helped. I wish I was told this when I first started watching transexuals and penises. If you have any questions or something you want to talk and are too embarassed or something, just tell me to message you and I will. I looked a lot of this up, so I know a lot about it.

Men liking transexuals is a lot more common than you think, and its nothing to be ashamed of or worried about. And women, if you found out your man has a thing for transexuals and are worried, you can ask me to message you and I will or I'll tell you here it doesn't matter. But life's too short. Do what you love doing to what you love doing it to.

Why It's Ok To Like Transexuals, But Still Be Straight
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Mesonfielde
    Well if I wanted to date a woman, I'd like to date a WOMAN, and not a dude who looks like a woman and has a penis.

    I have no use for a second penis.-
    Is this still revelant?
    • Anonymous

      these days you never know
      and honestly if you deveoped feelings for that person and couldn't tell the difference..
      right now you say you wouldn't but id bet money you'd want to be with them

    • No, I wouldn't want to be with someone who has a penis; friends at most if anything.

    • Anonymous

      i mean you never know if they have a penis or not

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Most Helpful Girl

  • Stacyzee
    You're not straight if you like transsexuals, you're just in-denial.
    Is this still revelant?
    • SomeGuy37

      So what is so wrong with not being straight? Who ever said you have to be one way, or another? Look at history! It is full of examples of same-sex play. What's wrong with just finding someone you like, and sharing an evening of fun? Consensual adults, what's the problem for you? If you don't like it, don't do it. WHO ARE YOU, to judge for someone else!!

    • Stacyzee

      @SomeGuy37 I am not disputing whether being anything besides heterosexual is wrong or right. I am simply just stating he is in - denial of his true sexual identity. I feel if someone is truly proud of their sexuality they will admit what they are instead of hiding it

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  • Belgie
    I always said - look at Vaniity and Buck Angel and tell me who you'd rather fuck as a so-called straight guy.

    If you insist it's Buck just because of genitals? I've got news for you. You're gay.
    • Anonymous

      i actually like vanity because she's very feminine

    • God! Talk about Hobson's choice!

    • Which will it be cancer or AIDS?

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  • G-Daz
    I'm not a product of the leftist safe spaces. So I'll quite unrestrained say you're bisexual or gay. A man with boobs is still a man and a girl with a fake dick is still a girl.

    • Anonymous

      Aguy with man boobs isn't trying to be a female

  • aliceinwonderland69
    So it's like you classically conditioned yourself into assosciating dick with sexual arousal. This is good warning for men against watching porn. Evidently it can cause a lot of confusion.
    • Anonymous

      Yeah i do like transexxuals i won't lie i like them a lot
      i do regret watching porn
      only because its confused me so much

  • RationalMale
    Rejoin reality. There are no chicks with dicks, there are just guys with tits!
    • Anonymous

      wich doesn't make you gay,
      if you were gay...
      you wouldn't want the tits there they'd be unappealing to you

    • If you were straight you wouldn't want the dick, either, lol

    • Anonymous

      dick isn't a male
      its an organ
      liking an organ doesn't make you gay
      doesn't matter who its on, its an organ

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  • EmiliaRose2355
    Yeah, it's not alright. You're gay if you fancy a transsexual. If a guy I was into pulled down his pants and revealed similar coutnerparts to myself? I would actually dive out of the window and never talk to he-she, again. Ew. I like dicks. Enough said.
    • Anonymous

      You just dislike other vaginas

    • Ugh, no. If you dislike vaginas? You. Are. Gay.

    • Anonymous

      i only like transexuals maybe once a week
      like i said in the take
      i used to watch lesbian porn and thats how it all started

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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    I have no problem with this, I just class it in the type of desire folder, I have a set of rules if it is legal (within reason), doesn't hurt or abuse anybody (within reason) and all parties are consensual then I have no issue. To each their own, how you class yourself is up to you.
  • WhatTheHellAmy
    I'm open minded and shit, but nope, you're not straight
    • Anonymous

      I am
      I'm straight and curious

    • jacquesvol

      Take owner,
      If you say so...

  • hazoplmeught
    • Anonymous

      If you want to call them males you can

  • LittleSally
    Buuut if you like the same genitalia you have - you're gay. Simple.
    • Anonymous

      Thays like saying if you like the same race as your own
      You're being racist to all other races

    • Ya kinda are though.

    • Anonymous

      being racist against other races is saying there's a reason you dont like them
      but liking your own race for a specific reason doesn't mean you're racist

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  • rjroy3
    This boils down to the simple idea.. looks aren't everything lol. I don't care if the dude looks like a girl. It's a dude. Now I wouldn't get down on myself too much if I couldn't tell up until I noticed the dick after a few drinks... but no lol. Just no
  • Berethor
    Sorry to tell you but penis is the the main male characteristic, even if all the other looks like female, also transsexuals are in fact born with fully male body, as you should know already, all those things are an huge turn off for real/full straights. The only "transsexual porn" that worth something is shemale with female, and as I see it, it's the most straight transsexual porn, while I find male with transsexual very gay.
  • FutterwackenMcSappin
    LoL, this dude is REALLY trying to sell this shit, ain't he? LOL I ain't seen this much tap-dancing since I caught that Shirley Temple documentary the other week on the Fuse channel. lmao
  • AdamThomas
    If you're a man who likes penises you're not straight. The definition of straight is attraction to the opposite sex. Men who've had surgery/hormone treatment are still men whether they have the body of a woman or not. A lot of guys seem to think like this and try to tell themselves that they're still straight despite being attracted to transexuals or sometimes having sex with other men, because they think that being bisexual or gay is something to be ashamed of - it isn't. You're just not straight.
    • Anonymous

      Liking penis doesn't make you gay
      liking penis and what it does to you just means you like they pleasure it gives
      liking to kiss a man with facial hair and hearing his deep voice is gay

    • AdamThomas

      No, both make you gay/bisexual. Straight men don't like penises, they don't get pleasure from penises and they aren't attracted at all to penises, they're completely turned off by them. That's what makes them straight, attraction to the opposite sex. Even if a man has tits and female features and thinks he's a woman, if he still has a dick he's still a man. Just accept that you're bisexual, nothing wrong with that, seems like you're in denial because you think being gay/bisexual is a bad thing.

  • oddwaffle
    Sure you can. You just have a weird fetish for futanari but that's more common on the internet than you think.
    • Anonymous

      Yes thats how it started

    • oddwaffle

      Just don't go into shota. The internet has the tendency to lead you somewhere else than you intended.

      I think there was a comic strip on XKCD about a guy trying to learn a bit more about Java Script and the internet took him on a world hiking trip of some sort by the end of his search.

    • Anonymous

      sure what shota is

  • astrOnaut01
    You have to admit you are at least curious. You wouldn't be turned on by a transsexual if there was no penis there. That means you are at least a little attracted to the male figure.
    • Anonymous

      its not the male figure im attracted to
      actually i only like transexxuals if they have big breast if they are flast chested its not appealing but curious isn't an invalid statement

  • delishsoutherngirl
    I always find it a hoot to see non-transgender people talk about what it is to be transgender. GAY guys are not attracted to transexxual women because they like men. If a cis-gender aka genetic woman were to screw her boyfriend or husband with a strap on that DOES NOT make him gay because it's sex between a woman and man no matter how you spin it. The same goes for transgender women and straight guys... Get over it.
  • Words_and_Wisdom
    I'm attracted to the feminine body and voice. If she looks like a woman and has the voice of a woman, then I'm down, no matter what parts she has down under.

    Fuck, I'd suck a tranny dick if I could.
  • Kylesar
    It's a weird concept to explain
    The best way would be to flip the switch and talk about trans men (guys with vaginas)

    The implication would be that if you're attracted to a "guy with a vagina" you're still gay... but it's really a woman?

    It's a catch-22. If you date a trans woman, you're gay because she has a dick, but if you date a trans man, you're gay because he LOOKS like a man, even though he's still biologically a woman
    • No. It's NOT a "catch 22." A catch 22 exists ONLY when there is no viable option. In our world there is. You can go with a girl who looks like a girl and who is blessed with a vagina. There are lots of them around.

    • Kylesar

      @Intraluminal What I have to say has nothing to do with dating trans vs dating normal women

      It's about dating trans vs if people see you as gay or straight for doing it. It's about how you can be seen as straight to others if you're dating someone who's TRANS. In that case it is most definitely a catch-22

      It seems like people do whatever they can to shame people as much as possible, like they use the biology argument to still see trans women (MTF) as men, but when it comes to trans men (FTM) they use the external appearance argument even when they're biologically a woman
      It's crab mentality at its finest

      Choose one logic mindset. Either you look on the outside, or you look into the biology

    • I was referring ONLY to this part of your statement:

      "It's a catch-22. If you date a trans woman, you're gay because she has a dick, but if you date a trans man, you're gay because he LOOKS like a man, even though he's still biologically a woman."

      SPECIFICALLY, I was referring to your use of the term "Catch 22."

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  • abundantlyrich
    It is still odd to me to see a beautiful woman with a dick... ahem.
    • Anonymous

      its odd to you but its amazing to me
      and a lot of others

    • i know.. you admire their swanky dicks.

    • Anonymous

      what is swanky

  • I dont believe there is such thing as being bisexual, you either like a man or a woman how can you be attracted to both genders? Fo rme that is the person is confused and disoriented.
    • Maybe you need to meet bisexuals and learn something. I have a bisexual friend. He's perfectly normal, intelligent and hardworking. There's nothing wrong with him. He likes both men and women. He can have serious, loving and intimate relationships with both men and women. He's in a loving relationship with a woman now and he has dated men in the past.

    • JuicyBrain

      "how can you be attracted to both genders?"
      Why not? I like both chocolate AND vanilla ice cream ! How can it be?
      Why can't you love two different almost opposite things?

    • @JuicyBrain For me therei s no such things. If you were to choose between the 2 you will always have t pick one not 2

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  • Blitzkrieger
    "Some guys like penises on women"

    Yeah the guys with a penis fetish. Sexuality is plastic and exposure to porn can give you a dick fetish. Why do you think blowjob porn is one of the most watched genres by men? Why do straight men look at straight porn with big dicked porn stars? That dick fetish is being molded into their sexuality right there in the process.
  • jacquesvol
    I doubt you could call it straight.
    The LGTBQ world will welcome you.
    • Anonymous

      Curious world

  • Tx5969
    I agree 100% with your article. I am a guy and know I’m not gay just because I am attracted to trans women.
    First, I share the same feelings about porn, it’s not enjoyable to watch someone faking it just for the video.
    Second I am very attracted to transsexual women but yet still very attracted to regular women.
    Anytime I watch porn, it’s strictly trans girls.
    I would love to be able to be in a long term relationship with a trans girl.
  • theegreat017
    Due to the hormones they take, they don't really get erections, it becomes nonfunctional, the dick i mean (eg Sarina Valentina) and very few like a dick on themselves, plus they, mostly want to bottom and not top.
  • MoonTides
    The definition of all the orientations, is being SEXUALLY attracted to whoever you like. So... you aren't straight if you like them. Have to disagree.
  • sp33d
    Trans and hetero don't mix. Trans can't be hetero, finito.
  • Socialrealist
    It's NOT ok to like transexuals. Faggots are faggots. There is no such thing as "gender change".
  • John_Doesnt
    Wanting a dick makes you gay.
    • Anonymous

      i already have one specify what you mean

    • If you want a penis, like to look at a penis or if you think about someone else's penis other than your own you are totally gay.

    • Anonymous

      penis is a penis
      what if girls naturally had penises and guys didn't
      then id be straight for liking penises but penises re just organs

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  • Deft_maiden
    I don't know but I sure enjoyed the visuals 😂😂
    • Anonymous

      lol so did i

  • JCT666
    I think you're just confused. Liking the dick on a "woman" is the most unheterosexual thing ever.
  • kavyareddy2
    No. I will never date a transsexual
    • Anonymous

      for women its different
      visuals don't turn them on "what they say"
      so no matter how they look it won't matter to you

  • Rissyanne
    If you like transexuals... you aren't straight.
    • Anonymous

      this take is so old

    • Rissyanne

      Why does that make a difference? Have you changed your mind? Have you stopped watching tranny porn? Or have you just came out as bisexual or gay?

    • Anonymous

      I still watch tranny porn.
      If I could stop I would
      If it helps I don't watch gay porn or straight porn
      I don't even watch lesbian porn.

      I watch tranny
      & girls by themselves

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  • michael45
    I am not attracted to transwomen at all. No straight man is gonna date a woman with a penis.
  • WombRaider
    You keep telling yourself that lol...
    • Anonymous

      its research

  • Electronica
    Damn, she has a long dick.
    • Anonymous


  • BusinessBasketball
    Some are hotter than regular girls.
    • Anonymous

      some yeah

  • Waffles731
    You are bisexual and thats nothing t be ashamed of
    • Anonymous

      but im not
      i dont find men attractive

  • cafeSOL
    no, you're gay... duuh.
    • Anonymous

      who is that on your profile picture

  • JeggingsMan
    Your bi. Not gay not, not straight, but BI!!!
  • skeptic007
    nah im good they can go screw themselves
  • Vncmc
    You trying to convince yourself or us?
    • Anonymous

      Why not both

  • Anonymous
    If you like transexuals, you are not straight.
    Straight means heterosexual, cisgender people who exclusively date cisgender people of the opposite sex.
  • Anonymous
    You're not straight - straight people don't like people from Iran

  • Anonymous
    You don't seem straight and any guy that likes men that dress up or get surgery to look like women are not straight also- girls that like boobs aren't straight either.
  • Anonymous
    Great take! A lot of those girls with penises in porn got better looking legs.
    At least transsexuals actually want to do it for the mere PLEASURE of sex...
    (Not hold the bogus double standard socio/psycho - political conditional chip on their shoulder making it so hard to get the pussy..."meow.")
    Trans porn girls don't tend to get fat so easily as the estrogen overdosed female earthlings. (Although hormone therapy can & does make some gain weight, if they work out or don't even NEED it, wow!!! IE: Bailey Jay; Kylie Maria; Danika Dreamz; Hazel Tucker; and a few others)
    Then, on top of that ego, women with va jay jays FAKE that they're even into men? Naw forget your gender, females! Too much trouble.
  • Anonymous
    You are mixing apples and oranges if you think that people who tell you that you are bisexual because you like dick is the same as accusing someone of racism for not dating outside of their race.

    Don't confuse sexuality with other things. Nice straw man you did there.

    And you ARE bisexual if you like dick and pussy.
    • Anonymous

      Not exactly
      Liking sick and liking men are 2 different things

    • Anonymous

      Lmao. You can keep telling yourself that.

    • Anonymous

      Its the truth

  • Anonymous
    If you talk to any TS about liking them and you are a straight man they will tell you very outright that you are NOT GAY. They are very opinionated on that point. Take as you will.
    • Anonymous

      Thank you.
      I looked that up to it was on youtube

  • Anonymous
    O. o I'm transgender and I have guys swarming around me. Of course not knowing about me. Actually, my guy bff is having the same problem (Kinda) except he doesn't look at transgender porn... I think? My Question asked earlier today. Lol. Anyways, thing is I agree with you. Mr. Anonymous. If you see them as a girl, you can't be gay. Simple as that. -^^-

    • jacquesvol

      Preop or postop?

    • Anonymous

      Thank you ❤

    • Anonymous

      Pre-op. Of course that's the first question pplz ask._."" Lol >.<"" Oh wells!

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  • Anonymous
    It's kinda sad that sometimes I can see the discomfort in the girl's face in porn.