Guys Don't Find Me Light Or Pretty Enough To Procreate With


Guys don't find me light or pretty enough to procreate with

I have never really needed birth control pills. Most of the guys I have gotten involved with sexually have strangely always wanted to use condoms or strongly preferred oral/anal to avoid pregnancy with me. At first I didn't think much of it but after so many years I realized there is something wrnog with this picture

I always hear stories from women (especially light skinned and white) about how men are careless with condoms, or try to bargain their way out of using barrier methods. Or they got caught up in the moment and forgot to use a condom. I've never experienced this either. Or online I read about how some men would rather not have sex than to use a condom. I have NEVER met a guy who wanted me so badly that he'd forgo a condom. I wish I could meet a guy like this because it would make me feel attractive, beautiful and desirable

There was one woman who was racially mixed and had HIV. She claimed that men didn't even care that she had it and still tried to have sex with her without a condom. It's obvious that the more lighter and attractive the woman is, the more desire the man has to procreate and have unprotected sex w/ her

I honestly feel that men always use condoms or prefer oral with me is because they dont want to get a darkskin black woman pregnant. they think our kids would be ugly. if I were lighter i'd probably have tons of guys wanting to get me knocked up

Guys Don't Find Me Light Or Pretty Enough To Procreate With
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  • Fair_Iz_Fair
    I personally don't think that your looks have ANYTHING to do with the sexual behavior of the men you 'catch'. (Especially if that is you in the photo.) There are plenty of statistics that show that MOST men wait for sexual cues from their female partner. I personally believe that the same can be said for any healthy relationship, despite the sexes involved, for any circumstance. The more dominant person will usually only step up and take their role AFTER the more submissive has given some kind of hint that they are so (be it body language, the tone in which you speak or structure your sentences, and most importantly what you say (but also sometimes what you dont)). (Keep in mind that you may be dominant/submissive in only one aspect of your relationship.) If you want a man to go in condomless then you need to be clear with him from the start that you "fantasize about 'barebacking it'". You need to be dominant about what YOU want and what YOU expect. You should be excited and charismatic when you talk about your passions. This should be easy as they are your own interests anyways, but seeing amd hearimg how you feel about such things will also allow your partner the knowledge of how important such a thing is to you without actually doing it yet. (If your partner just doesn't listen to you, well he just doesn't care about your thoughts or opinions and has already made you the submissive.) If he chooses to pursue your interests then you get what you wanted. As time progresses with your partner you can revert back to a submissive status if that is something you prefer... but by then he will be aware of what you expect and what you like. If he chooses not to do so, you need to accept that as his right to say no, but also that you are disagreeing on something that is important to you. Are you ready to live without that? And what other things do you disagree on that are important to you that your partner can't/won't even meet you halfway on? Do you still want to be with that person if they don't want the same things that you do?
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  • zagor
    Has it occurred to you that guys use condoms with you because they don't want to pay a big hunk of cash for the next 18 years? You should be glad that they are so considerate, not insulted! And why would you want to get pregnant from some random guy you're dating?
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  • Transigence
    I and a lot of other guys prefer black skin to light. But I wouldn't be interested in you because I don't like RACISTS which you obviously are.

    In fact, I don't even think you're black, and I don't think that's a picture of you. I think you're a white female feminist stoking racial resentment between white men and all blacks. Just a hunch.
  • Phoenix98
    You're a beautiful young woman, don't change a thing, especially your skin color, come on now. Also the reason they use condoms is because they don't want to be the father of an illegitimate child that they weren't trying to create in the first place. If you want to have a child try falling in love, getting married and then having kids when you and your husband both want em and not trying to have kids with guys your dating who aren't looking to start a family.
  • SakuraChii
    I know that there are guys who treat dark skin women like crap but I've never heard of this before. I think usually a guy wouldn't want to just get a girl knocked up because of the responsibility and kinda being forced deeper into a relationship.
    • I've heard of guys wanting to date light or white women so their kids will come out looking mixed. It's common

  • MasterofYou
    You are an absolute knock out... Gorgeous beautiful girl that you are... I would do you in a heartbeat. I don't care what color you are... I would never use a condom on you... You can ride me all day or night... You are sweet and I would be proud to have you... The hell with those other guys they don't know what they are missing...
  • popsickle
    I know it's hard being darker skinned. Our world still overall has an obsession and preference with light skin. Slowly more diverse beauty is being appreciated too, and there's not much we can do to change it except be confident in our skin and represent our beauty. I am medium skinned myself. That being said, please don't see men not wearing condoms and being indifferent about knocking a girl up as a good thing. That is a serious thing, and that's good you have not faced that. There are many people in this world, I am sure plenty will find you and all of you beautiful. Not worth wasting time and effort on those who won't appreciate.
  • Marinepilot
    You're gorgeous !! If we were together, I'd give you a baby. Many babies.
  • QuestionMan
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.