Men Shouldn't Expect Their SO To Have A Low Partner Count (<10)


When it comes to partner count many men naturally have an aversion to want to get with a woman with a high partner count which is natural. From a biological perspective this makes sense as a man cannot be certain that a child is his with a promiscious women and investing your resources into raising another man's child is basically genetic suicide. It has also been shown that women who slept with a lot of men are more unhappy in long term relationship, likely to divorce you if you marry them.

There isn't a man in this life who if he is truly being honest with himself would marry a slutty girl for the rest of his life. Most women instinctively know this and women know the only way for a man to take her as wife material is by having a low partner count. Whether it's by a lie or being acutal chaste doesn't matter. So most relationships today are built on lie.

If you still aren't convince look up the question "what don't you ever want to know about your girlfriend?" on A lot guys rode in talking about rode in to tell everyone that past partner count doesn't matter. In the midst of this nonsense, a girl wrote:

Sorry to break this to you, but women (and men) lie about numbers. If you seem the type to boot her if she's had more than what's 'acceptable', she'll lie. The common lie is 2-5, depending on the guy. Lower if he's more conservative, higher if he's maybe got a tattoo and seems laid-back. I know a few women who have lied and still landed a good guy, gotten married, had kids and are happy. The guy has no clue he married a 'whore

She got downvoted to oblivion. Most likely because her truth stung a lot of guys (about their own wives) and they didn't want to see it. Out of sight, out of mind...

The funny thing is, she intended for this statement to be progressive and sex positive. "Look at how meaningless partner count is! Why, all my friends lied to their Nice Guy husbands about their past sexcapades, and they're living perfectly good lives anyway!"

Men shouldn't expect their SO to have a low partner count (<10)

Now as a gender women tend to lie coldly and without remorse. They often are able to rationalize said lie with a reason that makes them morally superior. Such as a woman giving out their number but she knows that she will never respond to your calls or flakes on you. I've seen grils rationalize that they did it because they just didn't want to kill the good mood by putting a damper on things in the moment.

So it's not suprising they'll lie about sexual partner count. Something that men find important when looking for LTR.

Men Shouldn't Expect Their SO To Have A Low Partner Count (<10)

Any man who has had at least 2-3 women in his life will vouch for this. And these lies are not conscious most of the time. They just say things as they feel at that moment, ignoring the truth. Another reason women will lie is because there are so many thirsty dudes today that they'll believe any BS that comes out of a girl's mouth and accept it. It's become so bad that most girls don't even try to make believable lies anymore.

"Bat your eyes, show some cleavage, a teehee and suddenly 2+2=5"


1. Feminism and Sexual freedom without penalties

Men Shouldn't Expect Their SO To Have A Low Partner Count (<10)

There's an old line about "men only being as loyal as their options." The same is actually true of women. The problem is that due to sexual courtship dynamics, women, unlike men, have a shit ton options. This was fine back when a fear of a damaged reputation and subsequently losing their chance at a good man kept them relatively in check. But with the trend toward masculinization that is currently occurring among modern women, they've started to become more and more like men in their views of sex. Which, combined with their substantial access to casual sex, has turned modern women into the equivalent of drunken frat boys.

Bridal showers have become hen parties.

Girls nights out have become secret one night stands away from the boyfriend or husband.

Men Shouldn't Expect Their SO To Have A Low Partner Count (<10)

Doctor found dead in apartment (Doctor above had a girls night out where she was subsequently found dead with her panties in her purse and in the apartment building of drug dealer who supplies a well known HBO producer)

2. It makes sense

If you fast forward to 5:30 we discuss women's peak is between 20-25 and a man's peak is in his 30's. So of course she is going to have a lot of hot sexual experience thanyou. While men will get it in their 30's provided they have stayed in shape and move up in status/money. So it kind of goes to saying that women tend to trump on male happiness in sexual liberation because many women try to lock down the best men who I'm guessing would probably have sizable amount of sex before they can reach their full potential in the SMV. While males who got less and get snatch up by women in their late 20's, early 30's before they get to fully utilize their sexual peak.

So in a weird way both genders try to inhibit each other's sexual potential. Men utilize slut shaming while women try to lock you down into a committed relationship before you reach your full potential as a bachelor.

Why women lower their sexual partner count

Slut: "My sexual past is not important and it has nothing to do with what we have now. The past is the past. You won in the end, babe! You're the lucky one!"

Man: "So why lie about it? If it's no big deal just be honest about it. If we're gonna get married we should be honest with each other, right?"

1. To not make you feel sexually inadequent/inexperience next to her and scare you off.

Girls will typically tell you they've slept with about 1-5 guys in their life even into their 20's -30's because that's how much the average guy has slept with.

Men Shouldn't Expect Their SO To Have A Low Partner Count (<10)

Perfect Examples from Real life:

My ex-girlfriend that I just broke up with told me 5 in the beginning of the relationship. Then after digging a little deeper we got on the topic of one night stands. She said she's had one but she doesn't add it to her number because she was drunk and even tried to make it seem like it was rape. I was like "you wanted it though right?" she said "yea". I told her thats not rape, you just don't want to seem like a whore. Not that I was judging her because of it, but women lie all of the time about this. I was mostly just disappointed because she tried to lie and even went so far to throw in the word rape. Thats just nonsense.

Another example. I was chilling with 2 girls some time back and she asked me how many people I've slept with. when I said 9 she said "Mine too" later that night her friend told me her actual count was 36.

So women in sexual free countries where sex is rampant will play the docile and meek "innocent girl", tell her fiancee that she's had only two or three boyfriends, and heaven's sake never a one-night-stand!

I'd wager that it's near to next impossible to find an educated college girl who hasn't spent her 20s in a bunch of relationships and flings. It's just so easy for women to find sex nowadays that they don't have any reason to hold back.

Funny, considering that women try so hard to hide it though. If so many women had such modest sexual histories, why would they care much about the past one way or the other? Think of it in terms of a job interview: If you have great work history you would love to talk about it; it's when you don't that you prefer other topics.

Women can't even hamster it away. insist 21 ways to Sunday it doesn't matter, but lie regardless.

2. When a guy that's the perfect BF/Husband comes along they want to be considered.

Men Shouldn't Expect Their SO To Have A Low Partner Count (<10)

When they meet that guy who they want for a husband only to find out he isn't a manwhor or he does not consider women who have slept around as serious candidates. Many girls will feign the good girl act even though they are total sluts underneath in order to get a relationship from him.

How you can get her to Spill the beans on what she's done

1. Don't be judgmental prick and act open that your cool with her sexual partner count

Men Shouldn't Expect Their SO To Have A Low Partner Count (<10)

You have to treat it like schroedinger's slut. You don't know, so she's both at the same time. Act like you are cool with her being a slut, tell her you think its empowering, tell her you're ex was a stripper, so you're cool with the crazy chicks. Then listen and observe - she will want your approval, she will think that she's finally found someone with whom she can be honest. She also wants info on you now - she assumes now that you must have quite the past to be OK with girls with a extensive past, and she wants to fish info out of you. This sets up a great back and forth where two exchange stories, and what she doesn't realize is you're analyzing her facial expressions and words.

That's the Sherlock. Similar concept to "getting her HoFax". If you get an innocent sweet girl, you put her through the Sherlock. You don't question it and think "well this one gives me a good vibe so I think she's honest." No, you put her through the same standardized evaluation so that your oneitis cannot cloud your objective vision.

2. Girls blabber about their past stories with men they've been with

Most women will talk about guys from their past fairly regularly, no idea why for something that 'doesn't matter' but they don't tend to keep it to themselves. You can usually have a pretty good idea by working out what stories are about different men. Of course its not always completely obvious, but you get the idea.

So like some stories she may talk about this guy i was talking to just stopped talking to me so i had showed up at his to get the stuff I left over there and found another girl's stuff there. It would be safe to assume then that if she left stuff there, she was spending the night and fucking him.

Another example, I had an Indian girlfriend once and she always told me that I was her 5th guy. But the thing was that over time she would tell me stories of guys that she broke up with or broke up with her. Those stories def added up to more than 5.

Men Shouldn't Expect Their SO To Have A Low Partner Count (<10)

3. Look at her Life styles

Its usually fairly obvious by their personalities and lifestyles. There is no real way to know, but a girl who lives in the club in her 20s has had 30+ sexual partners easily. Someone who loves to read, studies, libraries, has lived and has lived with her parents for a long time probably has a lot less partners.

4. Girls can help too

You girls can help gusy out too. Remember the examplle above where the girl said she had 9 but it was really 36 and I only found out about it because of her friends. Well women can help out too by giving guys the heads up on what kind of person there friend is really like if she pretending to be someone else ot get a relationship from you.

5. Assholes usually mean she fucked him

Men Shouldn't Expect Their SO To Have A Low Partner Count (<10)

I learned eveutally from girls that a code word for "I fucked that guy" which was them saying he was an asshole, jerk, or something negative like that. There was this one girl I was seeing that I couldn't even walk five blocks without running into a guy she had a beef with. There are only 26,000 people in that town, and she got around.

Now fun fact:

generally women use the "he's such a jerk" thing only on their significant other (boyfriend) to try and hide their attraction to other guys in their lives. Especially younger/college girls. The young ones tend to actually think the guy is a jerk in reality, and not consciously connect those feelings with their feelings of attraction for him. Older girls figure out the connection, and also tend to know that (some) guys have figured out this connection, and so don't use this card as much...if they're smart. They just get more discreet.

Men Shouldn't Expect Their SO To Have A Low Partner Count (<10)
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  • Anonymous
    Girls will never answer their number before you do. Once you tell her yours she will always answer with less a number.

    Women are worried about being judged and it also shows you that they aren't fully trusting of you yet. You need to show them that you are okay with whatever number they have. Be non-judgemental and actually encourage a little promiscuity. It will help her feel more comfortable to reveal her sexy side and to not shy away from sexual topics.

    An example convo should be like:

    Her: So how many other girls have you slept with?
    Him: Not that many.
    Her: Come on. Tell me how many.
    Him: Well i dont know. About 100 or more.
    Her: Not that many. *sarcastically*
    Him: What's your number?
    Her: Umm like 4.
    Him: Oh come on. I know a slut when i see one.
    Her: WHAT. Im not a slut.
    Him: Im a slut. Takes one to know one. *cheeky smile*
    Her: Alright its like 20.
    Him: 50.
    Her: Ok 25 if you include girls.
    Him: And the guys?
    Her: Ok Ok. I've slept with like 30 guys.
    Him: Haha. You know how to make me happy. You are such a slut.
    Her: I AM NOT.
    Him: I like it though. I beat you. I have 100 and you only have 35.
    Her: So you are a man whore.
    Him: Yup and you like it.
    Her: *smiles*
    Him: *whispers in her ear* I am gonna do naughty things to you tonight you little slut.
    Her: *smiles and gets a little wet*
    Is this still revelant?
    • slimstiffy

      Your good. You are very good.
      And then fucks and dumps, right?
      I like your style

Most Helpful Girl

  • redeyemindtricks
    I'm not seeing how the girl's ethnicity (Indian) is relevant in point 2. Why bring that up?
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  • HappyVegan
    Hey so I'm a little confused as to what the main point of the article is. Is the main point in the title--that we (men) shouldn't expect our SO to have a low partner count?"

    If so, it isn't really mentioned in the opening paragraphs.

    Also, I'd be careful about quoting psychological principles that are based in evolution as they are VERY tenuous, at best. For instance, this sentence:

    "From a biological perspective this [not wanting to have sex with a promiscuous woman] makes sense as a man cannot be certain that a child is his with a promiscious women and investing your resources into raising another man's child is basically genetic suicide."

    This is a VERY presumptive statement. 1) You're assuming that "biologically" our ancestral men actually knew how babies were created--can you prove this or is this conjecture? 2) You're assuming that an ancestral man knows his genetic material is passed on through intercourse. 3) You're assuming that an ancestral man knows #2 but also that he prefers his genetic material to be passed on over that of another man. 4) You're assuming that the man wants his genetic material passed on. 5) You're equating sex with procreation.

    There's probably more assumptions in there than that, but those are some pretty heavy ones that need discussing in my opinion.

    : )
    • HappyVegan

      Also, you use A LOT of blanket statements. I think it would help your analytical skills if you read some material on logical fallacies. There are just an overwhelming amount of assumptions made in your article.

    • flypaper

      I love how extremely logical you come across here.

    • Ancestral men wouldn't have to know how reproduction works, the genes that predisposed men to being attracted to characteristics that correlate to a woman's chasteness were more successful, aka produced more copies of his genes. A man who remained with a slut is more likely to be raising children that are not his therefore reducing the copies of his genes.

      Men don't have to want it your genes want it, simply because the genes that exist are the genes that are good at propagating themselves. You're just a vehicle for your genes they're using you. Basically you need to read a book I recommend the Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins for starters.

  • dipta
    If you're okay with dating someone who engages in casual sex, then her number seems to be pretty irrelevant.

    This post is a disservice for those of us who are actually serious, honest and selective.
  • cyndyrene
    I swear guys are the only people who care about this number shit. With any of my boyfriends I have never asked nor cared about their number. My first questions is always, when's he last time you had sex and when is the Las time you've been tested. I don't even ask about exs because idgaf. But hey what do I know. I'm probably a slut anyway. :)
    • Splithead

      As a dude that's in a relationship with a strong woman that's had way more sex than me. It just sucks. As a guy you spend a lot of your life trying to have tons of sex... and eventually you hit a crossroads where your either have to make it your primary goal or understand that it's just not that important. The thing is that either way... you eventually find out that there isn't this decision for women... for them they have to make this decision with relationships not sex. Eventually you end up in a relationship and since the woman's goal was always to end up in the relationship... though she may have been jaded or perhaps it just want her goal at one point, she gets the best of both worlds... as a guy you don't get the best of both worlds. You get the relationship which is more important but you wanted to know and experience what she did. It's hard to see someone get everything they want and everything you wanted too. Especially when you're the one giving them their 2nd prize.

    • MoonTides

      @Splithead I've been jealous of my SO having more partners too. But it's not their fault we didn't do more.

    • TheFlak36

      at least you admit you're a slut. Some honesty here for a change.

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  • aliceinwonderland69
    According to the daily mail article you added men also lie about their sexual history. Strategy no. 1 seems risky. If women are so keen to please and you say you love sluts she might exaggerate.
    • Anonymous

      Men tend to increase their numbers. Mostly the lies you would here are from men with a very low kill count like 1-2 girls or guys who are virgins. Most men who have a sizable amount and aren't insecure about their sexual experience will tell the truth.

    • Yes I know. Both men and women will lie to look more desirable. Unless you are suggesting that it is ok for men to lie but not women.

    • ManOnFire

      @aliceinwonderland69 Good point.

  • ManOnFire
    I do know that some guys are bothered by the fact that a girl has had more partners than them, but a lot of guys actually don't care as much as the studies say. And no, I still think a lot of guys aren't lying about their number, I just think those studies want to say that men lie about having more partners and women lying about less just to try to make things even.

    And, yeah, I've heard this new argument repeatedly about guys having less options, and I still don't buy it. Just because you repeat it, isn't gonna make it true. Sex is actually far easier for men to get in these times than it ever has been because women are still easy, so I think are options are still plentiful. Also, what contradicts the new age pop sci logic about women having more sex is that: if any woman is sleeping around and having a lot of partners, then it means the guys she's sleeping with are getting it just as easily. And what's to say that the guys she sleeps around with still don't have more partners on their list than she does, and now she becomes another one?

    All those studies and stuff look like they make sense on paper or journalistic articles, but don't really make a lot of sense at the end of the day.
    • That's because a very few men have all the options and a large group of men have very little options. Basically women fuck winners and marry losers because winners don't commit. The second to best strategy for women is to get winner semen and loser resources. there's a much higher selection pressure on men, only 40% of our male ancestors have descendants today while around 80% of women do.

  • GuyAdviceFromGuy
    Well, I'd like to think that by the time a girl is 30 her average count is 7, accounting for a handful of long term relationships since age 16 and maybe a few shorter relationships like short term dating... however, I wouldn't be surprised if more women are WHORES then they let us because 1/3 of the USA population has STDs, so I agree with you that the number woman say needs to be multiplied by 4.
    I just don't feel like there's this huge science to women or men or dating. I've slept with 3 men and by 3 men I mean one, two, husband is number three. My husband slept with many ladies. And there really wasn't much "trapping him before I'm 30 and ancient and before his bachelor peek". We just dated and fell in love. Got married and have had our share of ups and downs. But we are also southern and they say things are simplier in the south. Maybe so. Round here we date, fall in love, marry, and live. Pretty simple way of life.
    • Falling in love is a dangerous thing to do, and it should be avoided at all costs. You should DEFINITELY not get married until you're sober.

    • ManOnFire

      @REALisRARE I agree with you. A lot of guys try to break this shit down into mathematical pop sci that really doesn't mean shit because THEY'RE the ones who are so insecure about it, so they try to box all guys into one thing to explain why they individually aren't getting laid or have never had a partner before. It's so stupid.

    • @Transigence Yeah, God forbid you should be alive while you're alive.

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  • hazoplmeught
    Why do you have a picture of your ex-girlfriend on here? Thats wrong man, you never know who is seeing this
  • ConnorGracie
    I think you people think that men can somehow logic their way into liking sluts. Thats not the case we simply like less experienced women, it is out of our control. You don't control who you find attractive and you don't control who you fall in love with. There is usually a caveat with men who like sluts and that is that they really don't want long term relationships.
  • Bandit74
    I wouldn't ask. I'd just assign a sexual history to them based on what my gut instinct tells me. I think above average looking, introverted girls who don't drink are the most likely to have low partner counts.
  • MoonTides
    I don't get the point of this post. And yes I read the whole thing. If a guy cared this much, and asked me over and over I'd just make up stories to mess with him.
  • Under_The_Sun
    Look at those dorks commenting. Blah blah blah I don't date people who have casual sex, because I'm all serious and have good morals and blah blah.

    It's ok if you don't but quit the judgement and the air of superiority. And fuck off.
  • CandyStripes77
    I think that study is so strange. How does anyone know if it's accurate? They could've interviewed really religious people or something.
    • That's why you have to read the study and scrutinize the methodology as well as the rationale behind the conclusions. That's why studies get "peer-reviewed."

  • Relentless_Hippie
    This is so so so disturbing.
    • Why because he thinks it or that it has some merits?

    • @hellionthesage It's disturbing because most people don't value sex. They treat it like it's recreation and don't respect their bodies. It's disturbing because so many people are sex obsessed that when someone actually abstains from sleeping around people think they're lying or putting on an act. It saddens me.

    • That I would agree with. Its really sad especially since we have so much evidence showing its negative consequences.

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  • AleDeEurope
    Well yeah, we all know most girls lie about the number of guys they've had. You just gotta use common sense. If just in one night they have at least 5 guys approaching them. Multiply that by 52 (# of weeks a year), and you'll get an estimate of the number of guys they meet in one year only. You think they're only gonna bang one? You think none of those who approached are attractive? Of course they're gonna have a high number, and of course they're gonna lie.
    Sure, not every women is like that, but there's a high chance of dating one like that.
  • dudeman
    yeah well i already learned to live in the world we do. i simply won't get married.
  • Prof_Don
    That's why I don't ask women what their sexual number is.

    I don't want to be lied to.
  • Satisfyd
    Before meeting my wife I'd only been with 1 girl. My wife had very low self esteem and couldn't say no to any guy so she admits to around a hundred.
    • I find it fascinating how a woman with low self esteem can fuck hordes of people and a guy with low self esteem can die a virgin. Interesting social dynamic.

    • Satisfyd

      @Scrambledagain depends if you're the hunter or the hunted.

    • I don't know how hunter/hunted applies here. It doesn't depend on anything in that context. If I hunted, I would get nowhere. If a girl hunted, she would get everywhere. I'm definitely not hunted but a girl is always hunted. So whether she is hunter or hunted, a damaged girl can get laid, doesn't work like that for many guys.

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  • Scrambledagain
    I always assume she has had way more than me despite what she says. Most average joes should.
  • Dingsbums
    I don't really get why it matters so much
    • Anonymous

      You'll understand after divorce or being cheated on.

    • slimstiffy

      Exactly man. I fiscovered this take too late to comment i guess. but damn this is a good one. Every guy should see this

  • ElissaDido
    It goes both ways tbh.
    • Splithead

      Not really. Only it only works this way for the top 10% of dudes

  • YourFutureEx
    I just don't wanna know lol. Let bygone be bygone.
    lol at if he has a tattoo and seems laid back
  • Zrelthrhaiel
    I will do as I please.
  • Anonymous
    I boyfriend wanted a girlfriend who are virgin cause he has low self esteem and don't want his girlfriend to judge him
  • Anonymous
    I must be weird, I've always preferred people with experience.
  • Anonymous
    A strange ramble but "Schrödinger's slut" made it all worthwhile.

    Women are funny all right. Just learn not to believe their bullshit and you'll be fine. It's not like men don't bullshit. The great puzzle is why a guy would ever take a woman at face value. Probably something to do with their mother.