The Princess Complex... Why?


I find a lot of girls have this attitude/complex...

The princess complex....why?

But if you don't seek to acknowledge the hot girl......hmmm...

The Princess Complex... Why?

They can be found everywhere, but then the hot girl thinks due to her upbringing that you don't have rights, and have no right to complain due to some baseless reasoning.....

Why does the princess syndrome exist??

Is it based on poor upbringing?? Narcissism? entitlement complex???


I tend to think it's a mix of these things:


I think in some cultures, it's the norm to treat girl children sweet. to the point they don't get used to others saying no, or they don't really respect boundaries... So then they get a free pass to do as they please, and you have to take it. Cos defending yourself is bad and evil! This is common in many cultures, but more so in the Arab world, and Africa, since women there have less rights more often than not.

Lacking true self-esteem

True self-esteem is based on accomplishment, just being cool in the space. but for the princess, it's based on looks alone. they don't get to know people to connect, they expect it! because they have boobs and a period,they demand respect!

So really they don't really develop healthy attitudes, and this can lead to unbeknownst deppressions.

A lot of depression is due to the princess syndrome.

Guys wanting the puss..

OK, dont we all?? But then there is a distinction between wanting the puss, and getting accustomed to it.

ANd then this leads to live as an adult now....

Which invariably ANNOYS others, and people around them who have their own needs!!

People may say this is sour grapes/envy...well no, i don't envy anybody. what's done is done, and i have a better living standard than most in the world... but in dating, and merely getting along, it's too tiresome. like dating is two-way, and Princesses think you can do things fro them and not vice versa. Kind of like one time, i had to dump a Princess since I told her I was studying long hours, and she insisted i had to be on Facebook at a given hour. no bitch, my time to sleep and prepare for exams overrides our facebook time!

But we have to thanks the parents of the world for bearing and raising Princesses, since it's their right to do so, and not our right to disagree..freedom for some and not others..looolol.

What's your view on the Princesses of the world???

The Princess Complex... Why?
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  • Poppykate
    I think that it is the upbringing of a lot of children in today's first world countries. Many parents are treating their children like little princes and princesses. Psychologists actually have a term for this. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow them to develop qualities like resilience by failure and learning, self esteem gained by accomplishments achieved through hard work and dedication, and self reliance.