Theory Of Seduction, Gold Diggers, Power Pt 1


Introduction (you may skip if you want)

I plan to start a small series of posts about my views on woman and relationships in general.

I will be very blunt and maybe some people will acuse me of being misogynist, loser, pessimistic, nerd, judgmental and whatsoever.

If you are really sensitive person about some issues, I suggest you to leave this page right now.

I am aware that writing stuff like that will probably make me even less liked in GAG, specially by girls, but well...who cares :P

Theory of seduction, Golddiggers, Power      Pt 1

As long as I can share my views, enlighting some dudes and receiving some lights from them too, after all we always have something to learn, then it's fine even though this Take is just a sketch(Sorry i will not make this very fancy for i don't have so much time)

In short, I would be very glad if I receive feedback, either criticism or applauses, from all type of GAGers here so I can formulate a more robust version of my "Theory of seduction and love".

Theory of seduction, Gold diggers, Power

I will be excluding here "agape". That is, the true love, the genuine is the Christian love, where someone gives yourself to the goodness of another one, without expecting anything back, and sometimes even receiving harm and ungratefulness from the person where they practice their love.

Theory Of Seduction, Gold Diggers, Power Pt 1

I don't mean I doubt the existence of love. I have already experienced being genuinely loved by some very few people, but I myself have not being truly loved by any woman(as far as I know) in a sexual way neither had I spotted real love between couples that I got to know throughout my life.

According to my life experience, I have been wondering for a long time whether is it possible to experience real genuine sexual love without being appealed to "wage".

So, by "wage" I don't necessarily mean the number of digits in you bank account. I mean, the power that a man has to supply her needs. That power can be:

1) Financial stability:

No need to explain, do I?

Theory Of Seduction, Gold Diggers, Power Pt 1

2) Social status:

Nowadays, because of women going to the labor market and earning some money to sustain themselves, I think this is the case which fits in most of scenarios.

She wants a dude to show off to her "girl friends": "Check out the guy that I got as my boyfriend bitches!"

She wants to brag around social media the type of dude whom she is currently in a relationship, usually by posting unnecessary pic of them making followed by a fancy line that actually does not actually has anything to do with the pic.

Theory Of Seduction, Gold Diggers, Power Pt 1

3) Physically pleasure:

She wants to see your cute face and your nice body to pierce through her, that's all. No pics here for this is not a porn site.

4) Self-esteem issues:

She is interested in a guy that can nurture her ego to make her feel better because she has emotional and insecurity issues and cannot fix them by themselves, so she drains a guy's energy and time to temporarily do that. After she achieves normal balance of self-steem, she will not feel that the guy she is with is the "Mr. Right" anymore.

Theory Of Seduction, Gold Diggers, Power Pt 1

5) In any other way that I could not remember of

This is up to you to notify me of what case I have forgotten

In summary...

By "wage", I mean "something she earns".

So yeah, after defining the meaning of "wage" there comes my definition of "gold digger": a girl who is interested in the dude's "wage", which can be one or a mix of all those 5 scenarios.

Even if she claims she loves you, she actually doesn't love you. If you think it deeper, she uses you for only her benefit and she is not aware of it. Isn't this the raw reality of relationships?

Theory Of Seduction, Gold Diggers, Power Pt 1
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    That's biology, there is no relationship unless something is exchanged, be it symbiosis or predation or parasitism. Your idea of a perfect spiritual love I would think is a kind of illusion or self induced refinement of love. It's the human mind taking a biological impulse from one part of the brain and running it through the logic/rational centers in another part. It's an interesting phenomenon but that's not what love is for.
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    • Raven1990

      You opinion brings up lots of questions to my mind, that's good.

      When you said that my idea of "perfect spiritual love" is a kind of refinement of love, then this is a proof that my idea of love is greater than what other people think of love. The same way a more refined idea of happiness, charity, etc is a more realistic version than the ones who lacks that refinement. Like, what is true brightness if there is something that is brighter than what you have already seen?

      By the way, in your final line, what did you mean by "that's not what love is for"? So what is love for?

    • Anonymous

      Love is for continuing the human race, or at least the genes that make up the human race.

      I didn't mean refined in the sense of higher but like refined white sugar, processed into it's simplest form, something not natural or even good for you.

    • Raven1990

      why is that not good for me? by the way you sound a lot of Dawkins with that genes theory..
      when you say love, i think you mean "sexual afinity and a harmonious living together with the opposite sex" rather than real love

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Most Helpful Girl

  • springocelot
    just finished all three parts of your Take
    i'd say it's fairly accurate
    i think love straddles between both worlds of the light and the darkness
    hang around in one area too long and you won't get the love you want
    it's like: love = passion + compatibility
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    • Raven1990

      hmm interesting view.. what do u mean by world of the light and the darkness? so you agree with me that a spiritual love is possible to achieve?

    • dark = earthly, base, lustful
      light = romantic, fluffy, spiritual

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    i need their cute faces and sweet voices
    • Raven1990

      ok, but what's your opinion on my view about women and relationships?


      it's relatively accurate

    • Raven1990

      thank you, i appretiate that I have a realistic view on woman. So could you point to me what makes my view accurate? And what makes it less accurate than reality?

  • vekin
    is it for guys that different?
    • Raven1990

      @vekin, but how? a guy don't seek either the girl's money or her popularity. about physical pleasure and energy draining it may be true though

    • vekin

      Maybe not money but i think a lot of guys would Like to have a populair girlfriend

    • Raven1990

      are u sure? for me i would rather have a girlfriend who is unknown to many than a girlfriend that is looked upon avidly by the rest of the world...