About Me and My Ideals as A Dom Master


About Me and My Ideals as A Dom Master

About me

I was raised to be a man. And in my family, men did not hit or abuse women, although we know it does take place. We did not hurt women, in any way, shape or form. In fact, it was clearly expected that if we saw another man hurting a woman that we would intercede and rescue her from the villain. This mind set goes back to chivalry, and is re-enforced in our society by people who are doing work trying to change the male mindset that allows sexual and physical or mental abuse to take place. It is also re-enforced when someone you know is victimized...

As you probably know by now or will in the immediate future I’m not your run of the mill sadistic Master…I’m not into some of the most perverted sadistic torturestic and almost criminal activities that I have witnessed in my life as a Dom.. I am very dominate and I will put you in your place if need be, but real men don’t rape or torture women… That is not what a true Dom / Master is about. So if you like being beaten to a pulp as I have seen in pictures and real sessions, and other sites promoting that kind of lifestyle, I’m not your man.. Look elsewhere…. I’m not in to beating up on women and, never was or will be… I would only want to bring pleasure to and answer to the hunger for love by my subs/slaves, then to do them physical harm..

I’m not a believer of humiliation or treating my slave like a kept caged animal.. I won’t tie you too tight during ropeplay, or chain you up to the wall.. Definitely not have you on all fours eating your food out of a dog dish either… Is that a manly thing to do to your slave/sub…. Does that make you more of a man when you treat your property that way???

(To be continued because there is more,, and I will take my time to explain my point..)

Atlas ~MasterofYou~

About Me and My Ideals as A Dom Master
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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    I think there is more of a acknowledgement these days that things such as BDSM exist maybe it is the internet. I am nearly sure I answer an earlier take you wrote about subs and slaves so I won't repeat myself.
    It is good there is broader knowledge who knows it might open doors and minds for some people. It is a free world afterall.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Smmyskittles
    Actually, glad I saw this.

    You should write a MyTake on the difference between a Master and a Dominant. I was going to, but feel as thought you'd be able to explain more in detail then I could..
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    • I will after I get my Taxes done...

    • Just seeing that word makes me stress a little. Hopefully yours go quickly!

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  • Jessicarandall
    You sound like you swing a little more towards the side of a sensual dom. I may be completely wrong though as I have no personal experience.

    One thing though, a master having their sub on all fours, caged and eating out of a dog bowl makes them less of a man? Do your prefered kinks make you more of a man? I think that so long as the two people have discussed what they like/want out of the relationship then good for them. Maybe the caged woman on fours loves that kind of degradation and asked for it. I don't think anyone's kink is superior to another's so long as respect and conversation and understanding of each other's desires are in place.

    I personally couldn't imagine such a scenario for myself. Just as I couldn't imagine having hooks pierce my skin and blood and those other kinks that's out there. Those make me squeamish.

    But so long as part of the purpose/reasoning the master has his sub on all fours etc is part of his understanding of his sub...
    • I do not condone brutality or total humiliation.. It is not my kink... If a sub wanted to be treated like that well she would have to find herself another Dom... I am a Hedonist, a Sensualist, Daddy Type.. A Top...

    • Ahh sensualist! I did get it right.. I'm becoming really knowledgable of people and kinks :-)

      I completely agree too... Everyone involved needs to be on the same page when it comes to their sexual preferences.

    • If a man intentionally humiliated me during sex I think id burst into tears. But I'm sensitive soul lol

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  • Anonymous
    Uhhh you know there are people as young as 15 on this site right?
    • So look away there are people as old as 99 on here maybe you should go on another site.. My point is to discourage young people in my lifestyle from being abused on here this is not a Kiddy site..

    • Anonymous

      Maybe you should take your disgusting fantasies to another site.

    • Ok why don't you just go... This is a site for all points of view..

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