This is how you get Women to want you


How to get girls:

1. When you meet a girl in person (not online) hang out with her as soon as possible. If she flakes on you or give some BS reason drop her.

This is how you get Women to want you

2. The time you get to hang out with her is your opening period. During this period you got to leave an impression of how awesome you are, so they get hooked on you. I would not pay emphasis on trying to show off, just be yourself if it workout then great, if not then plenty of other fish in the sea.

This is how you get Women to want you

3. Do not get into text conversations with girls. Especially girls you have not have sex with, I try to ignore their text and try to stear the conversation towards "I assume you wanna smash" then ignore a text about not getting together. I'll do this repeatedly until they send "I wanna come over" or "I wanna get together". You got to remember women are like little kids and you have to train them.

This is how you get Women to want you

4. Do not be her texting buddy. So many guys out there texting back and forth with 5675 texts, finding about a girl's feeling, likes/dislikes, sharing stupid shit and telling jokes with girl but at the end of the day they aren't getting laid. She's fucking guys like me. Seriously don't be that guy who doesn't get laid, be the guy who is all about business and is able to seal the deal.

This is how you get Women to want you

5. Always remember girls are beta. In general most girls don't have the balls to be direct and do stupid indirect things to show they are interest in you. They are just not wired in general to be assertive and get shit done.

For example:

At a party some girl may sit next to you to show she is interested. In her female mind she is conveying she is interested.

Some girls might stare at you from across the room and when you look at her, she looks away.

As a man your job to lead and pick up on her subtle cues. If she is not interested in you then she will let you know. However, if you don't try and escalate nothing will happen, it could also be that you didn't leave a lasting impression or her and another possibility she sees you as bland and boring.

Believe me this works on all girls even those who are in high level positions as doctors/lawyers/engineers etc. I got girls texting me to hangout, that they want me in their beds, that they wanna see me more, it all comes being the ultimate you...not by complaining that the girl isn't showing interest, stop looking for signals, FUCK signals let her say no when you try to kiss her, go for the kiss, the second time you try trust me she's gonna wanna kiss you cause she found a man that isn't a pussy.

This is how you get Women to want you
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  • Chief16
    No, that can possibly be how you end up in Jail. You repeatedly text 'wanna smash' until they agree? The fuck?
  • aliceinwonderland69
    Have u ever actually texted 'I assume u wanna smash'?
    You sound like u read to much Roosh V.
    Then again ur anon so maybe you r Roosh V. LMAO.
  • Polocrew
    > be tall jacked athletic like me
    > tell em jet fuels can't melt steel beams
    > collect pussies