To Trump or Not to Trump?


I don't support Trump. I know this will be controversial, but still. I don't care if you do support him or not, just be civil with whatever you say.

Here's why:
1. He's specifically stated how whites are better than blacks
2. He's talked about his penis size on National TV
3. He wants to block off a country (mexico) with which we've done trade for
4. He's been bankrupt 4 times
5. He's said he would fuck his daughter
6. A large # of his supporters are white people (cause he's racist), while Bernie supporters are more diverse (I do not support him either FYI, he is just the lesser of the evils)
7. Trump is a misogynist
8. He wants to get rid of poor people
9. He has said "A small loan of a million dollars" (We're poor, a small loan of money to me is anywhere between 1-2 dollars)

Trump would be an AMAZING president if he wasn't so openly biased. Yes it's good that he has such initiative, but he's going for the more negative route rather than positive.
As @lexythelou22 has stated before, with him being so bias, what if he says the wrong thing at the wrong time to a countries leader? He could end up starting an entire new battle with someone we don't wanna fight and can't afford to fight.

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3. -20160308-story.html trump-i-would-force-mexico- build-border-wall

(I forgot to add, trump supporters tend to be more negative to others who don't support him)

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7 real-things-donald-trump-has- said-about-women_us_ 55d356a8e4b07addcb442023
8. Welfare_+_Poverty.htm


Reminder, you will be blocked if you are being rude and ignorant. If you have something to say, be respectful, regardless of who you support!

To Trump or Not to Trump?
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  • Ginnyweasley97
    Love this take. As a woman, I honestly can't bring myself to vote for trump.
    Is this still revelant?
    • By the way congrats to you for writing a political take. That's takes guts and people either love or hate you for it. I don't think I will do one for a long while.

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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    As a non American I try to stay neutral but have an interest in what is going on - From the outside it is bizarre but especially on the Republican side it has become all about Trump and apart from a few of his more outlandish statements I have no idea of his policies, I can just assume they are extremely right wing - The debate has long since visited Crazytown and the American voter has to decide is there anything behind the guy or believe there is no smoke without fire on the negative press - As a naturally left wing person I more than likely wouldn't support him but I feel that negative campaigning doesn't inform the voter but that seems to be the modern way
    - The bottom line is if you believe in democracy you have to accept the will of the majority - I think Trump will get the nomination - On the Democratic side it is going to be tight, I still think Clinton but Sanders has all the momentum - In the general election, democrat win - Disclaimer most of my calls about this election have been wrong so far.
  • Mario21
    I agree, Trump would be a good president if he wasn't so biased, egotistic, and racist. But he IS... At this point I almost don't care who's president as long as it's not him.

    @ShayanMortazavi1 what do you think?
  • front2back
    "Trump would be an AMAZING president if he wasn't so openly biased. Yes it's good that he has such initiative, but he's going for the more negative route rather than positive."

    No he would not. He doesn't have a plan and doesn't know jack shit about running a government. He's an egotistic businessman, not a lawyer or governor.
  • Waffles731
    i fucking hate trump
    I think we need a man like sanders who is merely trying to bring policies that are already working great in Europe,
    I don't want any more americans dying of treatable diseases because they can't pay and I don't want corporate money in politics
  • Redstang88
    He's an asshole, no question. But from a purely objective standpoint, he's the best option.
    He is a total fuck you to the status quo. He can't be bought, he's already richer than God. He will do what is necessary, regardless of potential hurt feelings. He may not know politics, but he does know money like few others. I most o the shit he says is deliberate- think of the media coverage he is getting out of it. He is appealing to the people who are sick of wellfare abusers, sick of pandering to to anyone who plays the victim card. And obviously there is a large part of the population feeling this way.
    Clinton is a puppet on a string for Wall Street, frankly she scares me.
    Sanders means well, but the last thing the US needs is more incentive to sit on your ass and do fuck all.
  • QuestionMan
  • Soulife
    No Trump. No Hillary. No Sanders. Why vote? Just so the Fed can rule us anyway? They're all puppets. The ones that "rule" and run this world are the Rothschilds, the Rockafellers. The ones that decide what happens with countries are the bankers. Democracy they say. Democracy is a way of saying "oh we'll make you believe you have a choice but in reality we're fu*king you up the ass spending tax money on warfare and capitalist empirialism"

    Who the hell told people we NEED someone to rule society? Many people don't even know how to run their own lives! Be your own leader!
  • Jersey2
    And this is in Sexual Behavior why?

    Trump will bring jobs and that is what is needed most.
  • TheSpartan
    I got to finish writing mytake that debunks all these usual claims.
  • skeptic007
    don't care no president has ever put more money in my pocket
  • Twolips
    I get to vote this election
  • MoonlitSonata
    OOH. OOH. Now do Hilary.