Things I Wish Girls Knew About Guys


Simple things you can do to improve your lovelife.


a. I'm not speaking for all men, I'm sure certain thngs might differ based on preferences.

b. Most of these are actually applicable to women just as much as they're to men, save a few.

End Disclaimer.

Things I Wish Girls Knew About Guys.


#1. Not everythng is about sex, sex is important and yeah guys are pervs, but more often than not a relationship to us guys means so much more than just good sex.

#2. When your man is quiet or upset, its probably in your best interest to leave him alone, if you have already asked him what's wrong and he doesn't want to talk about it, its best to leave him be. He wants some time alone to himself, he'll come around eventually.

#3. When wondering what to buy for a guy for a present and you have no idea what it is that he likes, you can never go wrong with tech or utility tools, a swiss knife, hiking boots, precision watches or anything a man can find utility in, he will like.

Things I Wish Girls Knew About Guys

#4. On birthdays, give him something he needs or wants over a memento or something that signifies your relationship, those must be reserved for anniversaries, not birthdays.

#5. In the bedroom, being active is important, its a huge turn off if you are not into the act, and nothing is sexier to a man than his woman wanting to take the lead from time to time.

#6. Don't be shy with food, I mean if a guy is hitting the gym chances are he will be eating, A LOT, infact its kinda relieving to watch you eat. Who doesn't like eating together afterall?

#7. Give him his space, sometimes a guy might wanna go hangout with his friends or hit the bar or just wanna go on a trip alone, play the lone wolf, its important for him to do these things, afterall he does have a life outside the relationship.

#8. Surprise him, guys love suprises(who doesn't? Lol) His favorite food or watch his favorite movie together, little things ike that are very romantic and go a long way.

#9. Guys love active dates, go bowling, mini golf, go karting(hugely underrated), or arcade sports fot that matter. Focus on having fun more than the outcome of the date. It works wonders.

#10. Teasing is good, actually builds sexual tension and that's usually great fo good sex, but don't prolong it. It just kills the mood, completely. If you have a S&M fetish, be VERY careful about what you ask for, some guys can be very oblivious.

Things I Wish Girls Knew About Guys

#11. Don't be a gossipmonger, there are things you will tell people and things you just DO NOT. Intimate details about a guys childhood or his insecurities are only meant for your ears.

#12. Humor, if you can make a guy laugh, you can keep him, he'll never think about leaving you or anything sinister like that.

#13. Don't take him for granted, if anything that's the worst thing you can do to anyone. Disregard their worth, that is.

Things I Wish Girls Knew About Guys
Lol, thanks for reading. #KnowYourGuy

Things I Wish Girls Knew About Guys
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    "I'm not speaking for all men, I'm sure certain thngs might differ based on preferences."
    Hee hee hee. Let's compare, then, shall we?

    #1. That's true! Off to a good start, I see!
    #2. WELL THAT LASTED LONG!!! Nopenopenopenopenope! That's the complete OPPOSITE of what I want you to do, ha ha ha!
    #3. Eh, again, no way. What on earth am I going to do with something like that? Lol!
    #4. Mmm-yeah, I agree.
    #5. Welp, "from time to time" only? :/
    #6. Yeah, I agree!
    #7. Definitely!
    #8. Yes, of course!
    ... And, well, the rest is the same. Huh, I was expecting more. Nice take! It's just the more gender-specific ones I tend to disagree with. ^^
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Stacyzee
    Nice take!
    So pretty much a woman should be considerate and thoughtful towards her guy.

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    • Chief16

      Only is he's as considerate, because unrequited love is almost always a tragedy.

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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Great take - These are the tips that stand out for me
    (2) If he is quiet, leave him be
    (7) Let him have space
    (12) Humour
    (13) Don't take him for granted
  • Polocrew
    Things I wish chick knew about me

    - My ig name is chickmagnet4lyf
    - I am gonna go pro
    - I am way too jacked without tanktops and when I'm flexing in jockstraps
  • james_beau
    On #2, I do agree with you, giving guys space is important, but telling him that you are there for him in case he wants to talk is always good. For me anyway that is true.
    #4, 5, 7, 9, 10, and 11 are pretty obvious I hope. HAHA.
    Great take though bud.
  • dwiller943
    This is so true. I have even dated guys that fit every (or most) descriptions in your Take. I'm even the female version of it. It's good that there are some men out there that are like the men described in your Take. 😊
  • AlwaysBelieving
    Amendment on #9. I don't consider it go karting unless there's a helmet and Nomex (the brand of flame retardant suit) involved.
  • Tdieseler
    #1 preach it bro ( i do take offense to the perv part tho... fine... i agree lol)
    #2 girls don't ever seem to get that... but when they are upset, they want the same thing. double standard.
    #3 Open gift cards work just as well too...
    #4 Agreed
    #5 haha... I've had a few "corpses" lol.. not fun... activity is necessary
    #6 A girl that refuses to eat just because of company or looks... red flag
    #7 Girls want girl-time... its only fair that guys want the same
    #8 true dat
    #9 once in a while, but not constantly... i mean... a couch, netflix, popcorn... that works too...
    #10 haha... hell yea...
    #11 doesn't that get worse after a breakup?
    #12 That is the truest thing on here...
    #13 Awesome conclusion.
    You are missing a couple more things but overall... awesome Take... preach on my brother.
  • YourFutureEx
    TL;DR: Be chill!
    • Chief16


    • I mean, don't chill in the cold. Hot girls are better ;)

    • Chief16

      That's why you gotta stay cooool with them.

  • theCatcherintheRye
    Nice one, most go for girls too lol.
    • Chief16

      Yup, mentioned that in the disclaimer.

  • A_Lolita
    It's basically the same for girls..
  • Relentless_Hippie
    Lmao that last meme! xD
  • IceEverest
    I agree. Nice take...
  • Becky01
    these are things I shall remember from now on
  • ForSafety
    O. o
  • MoonTides
    I don't like those types of guys.
  • Anonymous
    Good take. Especially #2, that's the most important! There's nothing more annoying than someone pestering you to tell them what's wrong when you don't want to talk about it.
    #7 is also important, if I want to go somewhere without her sometimes it doesn't mean I don't love her! Guys like to have guy time and sometimes alone time too
    • This goes for some girls too! I definitely fall into that category.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I think it aplies to most people

  • Anonymous
    Thanks for the heads up.