To The Fanboys Of My Big Chest


To the fanboys of my big Chest

Hello all, this is the busty pride girl.

This myTake is a little different because I'm going to talk about something that has been bugging me since I decided to openly express my love for my big chest and it's The fanboys of my big chest.

I have nothing against men checking me out (as I understand that we are all human) nor do I have any issue with the guys who asked me what my bra size is (and for those who don't know, it's 30H (UK)). My issue is with guys who DM me and ask very personal questions or guys on my other myTakes who ask me to post pictures. Basically inappropriate flirtations online or in real life.

Obviously, I have no issues with compliments nor do I have even have issues with criticism. What I have issues with are guys who less than appropriate with the way they treat busty ladies, whether it's with me or with others (now women can be terrible too, but that's another MyTake for another time).

I once hated my big chest because of the unwanted attention I got. I'm still getting this attention, but I learned to deal with it. However, that doesn't stop me from openly expressing my hatred of it.

I often wear conservative (but still tight 😂) clothes just to help me feel good about myself, not to get attention. I even get attention when I wear a t-shirt and hoodie because my bust does still stand out, even when it's obvious that I don't want it to. And of course there are shirts that slide down and create a shocking amount of cleavage and that we have to pull up constantly. Not to mention tank tops in the hot summer that both hug your body and tend to have low neck lines that slide down.

I'm slim and that draws more attention to my bust than it already would on its own. All I'm saying is that if you guys want to check us out or even try to ask us out because you think we look attractive, that's fine. I won't judge you or call you out and the girl in question won't either (hopefully) nor will anything too bad happen if you take a quick look downwards (some girls take more offense to it than others, I wouldn't because I understand that we are all human). But if you obnoxiously stare when we're trying to talk to you or constantly ask us about them, that's when we begin to have problems. If you want to be human males, that's all okay. What I'm saying is that you need to be polite about it or there will most likely be some consequences.

Thank you for reading my rant and have a good day.

To The Fanboys Of My Big Chest
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  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Yeah I can definitely see where you are going with this take. You just want respect. Now of course saying that you don't want to be treated like a nun. You have said that if guys find you attractive you don't mind an appreciative glance or a compliment but there is a way to do it and you succinctly list what is not appropriate, disrespectful or plain rude to a young girl your age or most of the time any girl/woman. A well written take, for a rant it had a very clear stream of logic and make its point.
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    • Exactly! Thank you!

      But I should note, I'm actually 20 despite what my age says on GAG.

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  • aliceinwonderland69
    Yea boob pic requests are annoying hence profile pic us fishes.
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  • Berethor
    On the positive side, you are lucky to have big natural boobs, but at least you learn to be okey with some of the "attention" that you getting. And By the way might to wear this shirt. :D
  • NotTheFBI
    No... no... I'm pretty sure I'm starting at your boobs... I just have the balls to say they are very lovely boobs too... sorry but I'm not sorry :P
  • Imezruin
    I am so glad to hear that other people don't affect your self perception. Go for it girl. dress the way you want. Be yourself.
  • FakeName123
    Pics or it didn't happen.