Guide To Break Bad in Dating


Sorry this one is pretty ranty and incoherent at times but i tried to stay on point:

A lot of guys complain not only here, but everywhere, about bad boys and jerks getting all the girls while they try to be nice and get ignored and/or used.

Guide To Break Bad in Dating

But the funny thing is, these guys are way BRAVER socially than the nice guys. If the nice guys had that sort of bravery, i'm not so sure they would use their powers for good.

So, here's a challenge.

Go on Tinder and tell the next ten to twenty matches that you've got an 8 inch cock you want them to choke on while their mom watches (the reason I say Tinder is because there are relatiively no repercussions i.e. getting slapped)

But...but that won't work! Girls don't like that! Jerks act nice and then are mean. They're just smoother...

Guide To Break Bad in Dating

Here's the problem. There's two ways guys get laid in huge numbers without money/looks/fame and it's:

They have a lot of experience with girls and have naturally built a confidence in their skills with women over a period of time so that now they are very secure in themselves and thats attractive. Sometimes this can happen as early as high school, but usually doesn't truly hit until 30s/40s


They literally have no filter and/or give no ***** about being offensive or scaring girls off from wanting sex. They literally say anything that comes inside their head no matter where it is on the continum of cheesy to pervy. Girls are confused by the lack of filter and find themselves qualifying themselves to the guy who's totally in his own mindset and world instead of him trying to get in hers.

Guide To Break Bad in Dating

Jerks can say anything and that's their charm or I should say animal magneticism. There's something very unrestrained and more importantly INDEPENDENT about a man who is so about his own ideas thoughts opinions that he doesn't even always here the girl when she tells him she wants to have sex. This is how you get girls chasing you this is how you get those situations where you just start automatically take a girls hand and she walks out of the club with you. This is how you get these many stories of guys hooking up with the best friend or the sister or all these headscratching scenarios where you're like what girl would ever want to do that with all the guys available and desperate?! When you have your alpha male animal attraction going where you are totally fearless and, I can't stress this enough, so turnt up you don't even care about getting laid... You start seeing all these really bizarre situations of girls who wouldn't even look at you when you talked suddenly following you around hoping you give them more attention and sticking with you even when you're a complete toolbag so long as you never start to care about being liked or about their opinion whatsoever

But a nice guy lacks this bravery. He cares too much what she thinks... What everyone thinks... He loves his nice guy image and the positive self evaluation it gives him. He doesn't really have what it takes not to care. He will never say something as stupid as above stated Tinder text message. To do so would be scary to him. Until he can be a huge jerk and allow himself to be seen by others this way, get extremely positive responses from women and then choose to act in the opposite way he cannot really judge the jerk in my opinion.

Guide To Break Bad in Dating
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  • TatyanaTheEmpress
    Cool Mytake, I never liked assholes.
  • MimTcgraw
    You're right, it is so hard to be an asshole!