It's Okay To Wait! Never Apologize For Being A Virgin.


It's Okay To Wait! Never Apologize For Being A Virgin.

Far too many people on here are asking if it's bad to be a virgin at age 18+. These posts honestly make me sad. This means that people out there are actually shaming others for not spreading their legs. Whether you believe in virginity or not, it still isn't coool to shame people who choose not to have sex or to say that they should go have sex simply because there's no such thing as the term "virginity". That idea is totally ridiculous. Just because you don't put a label on untouched territory doesn't mean that everyone has to go fuck everything immediately. I have nothing against people who have sex, but I am against people who have sex making fun of those who don't.

Never feel guilty about your virginity!

You don't need to be ashamed of being a virgin. You've got at least one last shred of innocence before you're thrust into the fully adult world (hehe, literally. Get it? Thrust?) You can hold onto that shred for as long as you need in order to be comfortable losing it. You should be allowed to choose what happens to your body, and no one else has the right to decide for you. Only superficial jerks will care about if you're still a virgin, and you don't need to waste your time validating them.

You can share it with someone special if you'd like.

You don't have to give up your v-card as soon as you hit a certain age. If you want to share your first intimate moment with someone that you truly care about, then that's great! You should be allowed to do that. Having sex for the first time can be scary, especially for a woman who will more than likely experience some pain her first time, while the male may feel shy about how long they can "last". It isn't at all crazy to want to wait until you're comfortable with someone before you have sex. Sex can be a very special thing that you're allowed to hold in high esteem. Don't let anyone shame you for this.

You should do what makes you comfortable.

When you do start having sex, you should do what you feel comfortable with. You don't need to go grab that guy from your gym class and do whatever he says because other people expect you to have sex. You can wear lingerie if it boosts your confidence, or you can just go right at it once you find that special someone you were looking for. If you feel that there's a specific thing you'd like, you have to communicate this. Also, if you aren't ready for sex but you're edging along slowly, lay down ground rules. Only do what you're comfortable with until your ready for your shining moment, and anyone who matters will understand and accept this.

Be safe and educated.

Before you lose your virginity you should do some in depth research. You should know how to gain pleasure and how to return it to your partner in order for you both to have a nice time. You should also know the dangers of certain aspects of sex in order to make your first time as safe and as easy as possible. You want to enjoy yourself and be safe.

Anyone can be a virgin, no matter what anyone else says.

Men can be virgins. Women can be virgins. Eighteen year olds can be virgins. Thirty year olds can be virgins. Where you stick your penis or what you allow to go into your vagina is your decision. You should be able to choose the time, the place, the setting, and the person. People will say 17 year old girls can be virgins, but laugh in the face of 18 year old boys who are virgins. That's fucked up. Everyone should mind their own business when it comes to this. If I want to wait until I'm 50 then I'm going to do it, despite what the rest of you say. I believe that everyone has a say in what happens to their bodies.

Stay a virgin as long as you need to. You deserve to be safe, comfortable, and enjoy your first time. Don't let anyone else bully you into losing your virginity, whether you believe in the word or not. Stay safe out there friends. <3

It's Okay To Wait! Never Apologize For Being A Virgin.

It's Okay To Wait! Never Apologize For Being A Virgin.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    I think the feeling of virginity being bad at least among most virgin guys is that they aren't pressured into it. Hell they want to lose it for their own desire not because of pressure but they're still a virgin simply because they haven't been successful with women.

    For most virgin guys that feel bad it's not that they feel bad about their decision to remain abstinent because that was never their choice. It just happened to be like that against their will. If they could they'd choose to lose their virginity. They have no choice in the matter they just can't find a girl that wants them.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • aliceinwonderland69
    Well I don't think people in their teens and 20s should feel pressure to fuck just cos everyone else is. But there does come a certain age where it becomes unusual to still be virgin. If people are still virgins at my age I wonder if perhaps they have an idealised version of love or have issues of shame around sex. Also being a virgin isn't always strictly a choice for everyone.
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    • Many of these 30, 40, even 50 yr old virgin men are nothing more than your average joe, who's personality is that which makes them unattractive to women. hence my prostitute statement the other day. Just a simple thing as being an introvert can fuck a mans chances in sex. Women don't internalise this because you are generally receivers of requests. Sometimes a lack of social skills is more than enough to never get laid.

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  • ashleyb93
    The whole idea of virginity and sexual purity is completely puritanical and absolutely ridiculous. Being a virgin literally means nothing. Odds are your partner probably won't even notice or know if you're a virgin or if you've slept with 10 people unless you tell them. It's stupid and frankly kinda pathetic to put so much emphasis and importance on the illusion of virginity. So don't
    • 1.) I addressed this at the end a bit
      2.) Having sex for the first time can be scary, whether you believe in the idea of virginity or not.
      3.) If you're not yet fully comfortable with sex, your first time can hurt, a lot. Believe it or not, some people are nervous their first time WITH or without believing in virginity.
      4.) I agree thst people place too much emphasis on virginity.
      Just made a list because I didn't want to make it a wall of text 😅

  • Berethor
    I find those questions weird, don't they know that virginity is highly prized by many people?
  • Skadouchebag
    I agree it's okay to wait. I've even come up with several good reasons for it:
  • DarkHumorRUs
    Why do people never seem to think that perhaps what "makes me comfortable" would be losing my virginity?
    I don't wanna lose it because people are telling me to.
    I'm just fuckin' curious and excited to see what it's like.

    Besides, I'm not sure when the last time I had a first time for anything fun was.
    • And this post isn't saying not to. I stated several times that having sex is fine. This is meant for those of us being pressured by our peers to have sex. I've been told by a handful of people that I'm such a loser for being a virgin, and that they know a guy who could "take it off my hands for me". That's fucked up, and o wanted to make a post for the other people who hear shit like this.

  • Scarecrow13
    I cannot like this enough. You are absolutely right. There is far too much virgin shaming. There may be any number of reasons someone is a virgin and there is no shame. The idea that people should have sex as soon as they tune 18 or even sooner, has lead to bad attitudes. Should you slut shame? Noe, but you also shouldn't virgin shame.
  • AlwaysBelieving
    Great take. For some people they have to be "in a good place" with themselves and allowing themselves to trust others (I'm one of those people).

    When I do decide to tell the gal I'm with, and she's "ok" with it, then she's the gal for me. If not, then NEXT. At least I got it out of the way "before a long term commitment."
  • Scrambledagain
    Yeah... most men want to but can't. The whole virgin wait thing is seriously a shit one for many men.
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    That is interesting that you view it that way because especially on here I am impressed by the mature way a lot of people respect their virginity especially girls and it is not the waiting till I am married types but more the "Virgins By Choice" who are waiting for right guy.
    I think maybe the younger people may view it the way you do because you are right at the centre of pressure but take it from someone who is older and can take a step back. Here (for the sake of argument I am talking about GaG since that is the only part of the online world I know) I find is very positive about virginity (ok not so much male virginity) but girls up to their early 20s talk about being virgins. I feel they are supported in their decision and not judged for it. Even in a lot of cases told they are making right decision.
  • xxcchhllaauu
    you must be talking about girl for being a man with virginity is a kin to a curse I hate woman for how easy they have it no well average pussy size is this and I want a vigina size with average length and some decent volume bs
  • SunnyCaliGirl
    Being and keeping your virginity is awesome
    • Josht11

      how? I can't get a girlfriend so I'm awesome

  • Prince_teddy4u
    Here's my girl... You're right honeyhoney...
  • Anonymous
    Thanks ❤
  • Anonymous
    I would like to point out the lock on that chastity belt would be extremely easy to pick if she wanted it off that's all I have to say about that
    • And if she wants to have sex then she can, because it's her choice. So the breakable chastity belt is great for this post!