What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex


Check out the video to learn which moves are the top total mood-killers, and read below for more!

When it comes to sex, everyone has their own preferences. Whether you’re a slow, romantic lover or a hardcore fetish fene, sex can be mastered in many varieties - and to that we say, to each their own. Though there really is NO right or wrong when it comes to the bedroom, I found a question on GAG asking what mistakes guys generally make in bed. To my surprise, it seems most girls shared the same opinions about what to avoid when getting it on. From skimping on foreplay to jackhammering your lover, guys, take a tip from the video to strengthen your skills and impress your lady.

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex

Pounding her like a jackhammer

Slow and steady wins the race

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex

Skimping on foreplay

Trust us. A little foreplay goes a long way

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex

Rushing through oral

How would you like a 10 second blow job?

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex

Focusing only on your pleasure

If you finish before us, don’t assume we are finished

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex

Assuming she likes the same things your ex likes

Sure, your ex liked the backdoor, but that doesn’t mean we do

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex

Hygiene and grooming

A little manscaping is always appreciated

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex

Staying silent during sex

Let us know what feels good

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex

Forgetting to kiss

Making out is half the fun

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex

Missing the clit

Explore our bodies and find this magic spot. YES PLEASE!

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex

Being a sloppy drunk

No one likes whiskey dick

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex

Being too forceful

If we want to go down on you we will, but don’t push our head downs

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex

Not switching it up

Despite how good it feels, the same position can get a bit boring

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex

Long fingernails

Seriously, ouch.

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex

What To Avoid In Bed: Girls Share The Top Mistakes Guys Make During Sex
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Chief16
    I see...
    Well, at least guys do something other than just lying like a cold slab of stone on bed.
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    • Chief16

      Girls gotta be more proactive, most of them be clueless.

    • WombRaider


    • QooLipBite

      This should be put on a billboard or something.

Most Helpful Girl

  • aliceinwonderland69
    I agree, except I am partial to the occasional jack hammering
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  • ManOnFire
    I wish someone would post about all the mistakes girls make in bed. No offense, but we're always hearing about what guys are doing wrong in the sheets, and I'd like for girls to know they don't do everything right either.
    • Well do it then!

    • Why don't you make one then! Seriously! I wouldn't mind hearing what guys think.

    • Reflexy

      @ManOnFire ^^ yeah no ones stopping you mate

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  • alfonsosloan45
    Missing the clit
    Explore our bodies and find this magic spot. YES PLEASE!

    Why do you expect him to find it?

    Why can't you just direct him?

    Maybe the reason why most women don't orgasm is because they are submissive and don't take charge unlike men who know how to pleasure themselves. If you were on top then I bet you would orgasm.
    • BlastGrass

      In our general defense, a problem is that (I'm sure it's not just me) the spot is very specific, and it's not just like a huge external dick where everything is visible and everything is amazing. It's internal. We can't see it, so it's not surprising if we don't know exactly where ours is.

      I dunno if it's not obvious what triggers her, change position, communicate better, grow a larger dick (jk, wow look, i'm hilarious), or stop giving her chloroform before sleeping with her.

      Gotta say tho, I don't disagree either. Just pointing out why we aren't 3D printing a cast of our vags and highlighting our spots.

    • We are not responsible for your pleasure. If you can;t get yourself off then no one can.

    • @BlastGrass see? Even you don't know about your OWN body. How do you girls expect it from others?

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  • Righttobeararms83
    All solid points. Though hopefully someone will write a take to help women not suck in bed especially for the younger ones. here's some points a hell of a lot of girls could learn.
    1. Just because you've banged a load of dudes doesn't mean your good in bed.
    2. Have never masturbated and don't know what they like sexually. If you've never had an orgasm ever what chance does any guy have of giving you one no matter how good in bed he is.
    3. Too uptight when sex resulting in a dry vice like vagina and unsble to let go of themselves sexually during which is a turn off.
    4. Unable to communicate what they enjoy sexually during sex. You know tips and pointer s to help a guy out as every woman is different.
    5. Unadventurous. In other words they only want it the same way with every guy.
    6. Assume every guy is the same when it comes to sex.
    7. Women have a habit of pouring ice cold water on a raging hot fire when it comes to sex.
    8. Too many women put tgeir pussy on a pedestal and assume just because they are hot thats all is required for good sex. In other words they are lazy during sex.
    9. Not switching it up. Sometimes a guy needs a break or a change as he will either get tired or bored resulting in a flag flown at half mast.
    10 being to passive.
    11. Hygiene and grooming. Nobody likes a hairy mary or a Trish who smells of fish.
    12 long finger nails are a turn off.
    13 staying silent or quiet during is a complete turn off and marks you as bad in bed in most mens minds.
    14 skipping oral because its icky. I remember that from a girl I pumped and dumped.
    15. Insisting we do it with the lights out. too shy and body conscious. need visual stimulation as well.
    16. Being a sloppy drunk chick. No guy wants to clean chunks of his dick.
    17. Assuming a guy is worse than your ex when he hasn't git to know you sexually yet.
    18. Having bad sexual techniques.
    19 with holding sex to get what you want.
    20 running away home after your vagina makes fart noises because you haven't done it in a while.
    21. Assuming that just because your on you period that you should at least suck your boyfriend off to meet his sexual needs.
    Wow might write a take on this myself lol
    • Lmao good points in there. Number 11 LMAO

    • You know, regarding #20, I REALLY don't know WHY women become so mortified over that. I LOVE it when that happens! lOl It's like someone motorboating my shaft! LoL It's fun. And it's funnier still when she's embarrassed by it. I make jokes and she laughs which makes her tighter. Kinda like when women sneeze during sex.

    • @Bizzaro_Elmo not funny when your about to cum and she's gone, run out the

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  • vishna
    Guys none of this
    Jack-hammering, it's so selfish and makes you look terrible if it's done all the time
    Skimping on kissing-I can't speak for a lot of women, but kissing while penetrating can get me off super quick because it's like an additive effect.
    Scraping the clit-yes, show it some love, but don't rip it off, it is EXTREMELY sensitive
  • YourFutureEx
    Tbh, I found that 'pounding like jackhammer' in missionary style very hot. That girl maintained her position (perhaps, that's just acting) but the way her legs are waving and being excessively submissive... 😍
    Two girls complained me about that. One had her neck hung out of the bed while other had her head hit the wall :( That so hard. Girls are so lightweight creatures.
    • My young friend, sex or love making is an art form by the soul even if it's an ONS :)

      I am someone that lasts pretty long and such people pounding away will only make her go sore most times. One needs to know how to change the rhythm w/o exiting her thus keeping her interested and wet. Not every girl wants the guy to go on and on, her mind needs stimuli which monotony of hammering seldom provides.

      Ofcourse you need to concentrate on their comfort if you are to derive any pleasure out of it :) you can't have their neck hanging out or heads hitting the wall :)

    • Girls are not rag dolls

    • THE SPINE IS A VERY DELICATE PART OF THE BODY!!! Don't call someone a wimp because you were causing undo pressure and strain! If the neck breaks, a person could either die, become paralyzed in all four limbs, or their legs depending on how high up the fracture occurred!

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  • CancerianMan81
    number one mistake women do is always pointing out our mistakes do you think shaming your boyfriend is a good thing to do don't always assume that we know your body like you think we do
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Makes a lot of sense though you could have had a subsection of many points
    with the heading "Patience Dear Boy" - Other words that come to mind listen, communicate, two way street and enjoy yourself, it is not a competition or a performance.
  • AleDeEurope
    It's such a shame you even have to tell men this... it's so obvious.
    I don't understand why so many men lack the common sense to figure this out on their own, I mean, you know going down on her for 10 seconds isn't gonna do anything, why even do it? Is it so difficult to understand that long fingernails is gonna hurt her vagina? Or that because you've already cum, she has too? How can a guy miss the clit? Dude, get a biology book, search for "female anatomy" look at the picture, and in less than 10 seconds you would have already found the clit.

    Good Take.
  • ObscuredBeyond
    Mistakes girls can make:

    - Nibbling his ears without consent. We might need those things, ladies!

    - Not supporting his chest during missionary. Unless he's ripped and has no trouble supporting his own weight, top-heavy men will have difficulty supporting themselves up top. Which may make it hard to concentrate below. Bloodflow can only operate when he isn't worried about other things. And not supporting him will definitely induce worry.

    - Putting him down over things he has no control over. If he's trusting you this far and this vulnerably, why go out of your way to crush his ego even more? How does that benefit either of you during the experience?

    - "Maybe some porn will help the mood?" What? Why stare at some other girl getting it on with a stranger, when I committed this time to the two of us? How insulting!

    - "I was only kidding about taking the pill!" That's called rape-by-fraud. Not cool.
  • Spermdumster666
    I feel like your putting the entire outcome of any sexual encounter on the shoulders of guys like us girls have no involvement on if the sex is good or bad like this isn't the 50's.
    I dont mind a guy pumping like a jackhammer as ot gets me going and remember ever girl is different.
    In saying that I can not do the jackhammer position as its uncomfortable but some girls like it.
  • killerboots
    Good thing I'm almost like a sex God. It wasn't a easy road though. A lot of one night stands and no call backs for more because I had only one speed and wasn't a crowd pleaser lol. Now I make sure my woman I encounter is pleased and start off slow like love.
  • kittykatbrat
    My ONLY complaint
    The men I date and have sex with don't leave and/or don't let me leave when I really need to. This completely fucks up my next day.
    • lol same problem in reverse, it's like omg do you realize I have to sleep, I have to go to work, etc.

    • @frozenhorizon... exactly. My ultimate anger trigger is when they say, "I have taken today off so we can spend it together". I just look and them and say "Well I haven't".

  • Jersey2
    Excellent points. But remember to communicate, we aren't mind readers... but do it without bruising our fragile ego :D
  • AndyOh
    Great list. I Glad to know what you ladies (generally) don't like.

    Have to think of a list for the gals that men don't like. I can think of a few.
  • epiper888
    Good list, I can also garmentee most girls if not all hate it when you flick your tounge rapidly on their clit, you've gotta suck on it... almost like its a baby dick, no joke.
  • MoonTides
    I thought I was the only one who felt NOTHING from the jackhammer? I'm happy to see I'm not. I wish it felt like something though. I want to experience the infamous jelly legs from sex.
  • amy-louise-H
    So it used to be that he focused only on his pleasure, but after some training that is no longer the case lol
  • whatsup111
    what about girls' mistakes?
    1) they dont know how to suck off properly?
    2) lingma massage? ever heard of it?
    3) stop lying down like a dead
    4) profit?
  • happymike16
    And girls don't make mistakes what about how they just lay there
  • HandsomeRaj
    AWESOME My Take :* <3 LOVED IT <3

  • Wisenguber
    LMAO love the article... awesome girlfriend.
  • Joc4Position
    Are these are stereotypes that I don't fit at all.
  • John_Doesnt
    That's why I buy a prostitute.
  • badboy666
    Wow, I must be good. Error free sex for me!
  • tyber1
  • bloodmountain1990
    Sometimes whiskey dick is unavoidable
  • ConsultantIsBack
    Lol, solid list!
  • CBryan
    I may not ever need this, lol.
  • Jane1
    Wow, very interesting article
  • willy-carter
    this thou...
    really help full... thnx
  • Anonymous
    Struth, dat dere list
  • Anonymous
    Well I've always wondered why women considered me good in bed when all I did was what seemed like straightforward stuff. I mean no special moves or secret knowledge or anything. Now I know it's because most guys are clumsy, self-absorbed, idiots.