5 Ways to Avoid Fuckboy Detection


For when girls continue to know what you're up to and shut you down...

***I do believe if you're confident and your best self a girl won't care what you are because you will be such a joy to be around as you're very secure in yourself. However, this is for those times you are not bringing full confidence and need a cheat sheet to carry you across that line...



Talking about future plans cements in their head that you see at least an immediate future with them. Suggest some things you could do on second and third dates. How next time you'll make the trip over to her place instead of her always coming to you.


Hand holding will normally freak a girl out if done before you're entering relationship threshold. However, holding her hand in bed is one of the must unanimously accepted moves towards intimacy in my experience in that a girl who doesn't feel comfortable with you or trusting of you enough to have sex or even kiss withh wrap her fingers with yours. This, like a non groin bumping hug, builds trust and respect. Sometimes you need to soften before you can harden if you know what i mean.


Claim to be a victim of anything really. Obviously no one likes someone who feels sorry for themselves, but a shy girls guard can be lowered by feeling like you've had it pretty hard. Whether it's a cruel father, a series of girls who never quite fit you, a career you've been struggling with...if she's wondering if you're just trying to get the hook up and freezing up as a result a well timed weakness can melt suspicions.


Question I almost always get asked if what's your longest relationship how many have you had when did you last date someone...obviously here its best to say one two maybe three. You don't want to have slept around a lot since thats an obvious sign she's the next notch.


And how do you get her out of there that same night without getting detected that you're no good? Feign anxiety issues like that you can't sleep with someone in the bed with you so she goes home without calling you a prick.

5 Ways to Avoid Fuckboy Detection
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  • redeyemindtricks
    Or you could just take the easier -- and more fun -- route, which is the Big Pun approach: "I'm not a playa, I just fuck a lot."
    Direct, honest, and... surprisingly successful, too. Because lots of women actually like fuckin', too.
    Shocker, I know.

    And that way you don't have to be a little lying bitch, either.

    Bonus!, when it's all over, you won't leave a trail of deceit and heartbreak, and you won't have butthurt girls hell-bent on ruining yr LIFE because of all those lies you told them.

    That sounds better, doesn't it? Lots of pussy, no games, no two-faced bitch-boy shit, and no vindictive broken-hearted bitches on yr trail?


    Oh, what's that you say? Not good enough to do it that way?

    I see.

    OK then, go ahead and build a fucking house of cards. Don't say I didn't warn you when it all comes crashing down.
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    • This is the way I take it. I refer to my self as an ethical slut, and am upfront about it. I must admit some women don't like that overt approach buy the ones that do are the ones that are probably my type anyway.

    • pavlove

      look i see a lot on this site about f***boys so i thought it would be fun as a response to write about how to avoid detection. a lot of my takes are creative exercises and not my personal stance which is why they contradict one another

    • Rawrzz

      Surprisingly unsuccessful. This is basically what women would want to happen. "I identify you as only wanting sex, so it is easier for me to avoid a meaningless romp." It's not how guys get laid. Do you really think that works? Like, honestly? Women are not like that. Various social studies prove as much. 100% of the time it works.0000001% of the time.

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  • Tromba
    Or you could just not lie and play games and deceive people to take advantage of them.

    Lies, whether to yourself or someone else, erode your character. Eventually there is no 'you' left, just a bag of appetites held together with lies.
    • Josht11

      lies erode your character, what about if lies are part of your character.

    • Tromba


      Lies are a negation of reality. Character is you, your true self. You can't have a character made of lies it's a contradiction. Like an icicle made of fire.

    • Josht11

      nah, not if part of your personality is that you lie a lot

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  • aliceinwonderland69
    So this is a post about how to trick someone who is looking for a relationship into thinking you do to in order to pump and dump them? I don't have a problem with people, of either gender, who pursue casual sex. But I do have a problem with people who lie in order to get what they want, again regardless of gender. How would you feel if a girl you wanted to have a relationship with lied about her sexual history? Please can all the sluts of this world just fuck each other and leave the rest of us alone. This is what makes women not trust any men and just fucks things up for the ones that are actually nice. What if I did a my Take about tricking a guy into getting me pregnant, or marrying me, or thinking I'm a virgin? I doubt that would go down well. You disappoint me. No more love for pavlove.
    • His right though. Love him or hate him. This is how men have to play the game. I say it too: men have to lie to get a girl because even if a girl is up for casual sex, she still has to choose from a plethora of men and said guy wants to be the best. also that's the price you women pay for "sending signals" only without being upfront with a guy. It's a script guys follow to get laid and all women (sluts, prudes, whatever) get that script. Let me ask you something. What seperates that guy who gets lots of women from the guy who dies a virgin? the guy who can play the game best. In reality though, most good guys exaggerate rather than outright lie. But most good guys are not on the level of top players.

    • pavlove

      if you can't accept the bad parts of me you can't accept me at all in my opinion

    • @Scrambledagain
      I know for a fact there are men who can have sex without lying without I have had sex with them. I also know there are at least some women you can have casual sex with without lying. Lying may increase your chances of getting sex, just like stealing may increase your chances of getting rich, but this doesn't make either of them morally justifiable.

      I do not accept you AT ALL nor do I wish to.

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  • TatyanaTheEmpress
    Wow, what a deceitful mytake...