The Rise of the Zeta Male


Due to feminism’s action at turning today’s world into borderline No Man’s Land and patriarchy breathing its last breath the Alpha Male is now obsolete, it is time for the Zeta Male to rise!

The Rise of the Zeta Male

Ok by now I’m pretty sure you may be asking yourself “what the hell is a Zeta male?” well I will be explaining this today in this article of course but before I start I would like to say that my main inspiration to write this article was a question I asked on this site about women dating MGTOW guys. I seriously couldn’t believe all the distorted views most women have towards men who take part in the MGTOW movement, so I am also writing this to educate women and hopefully changing all of these distorted views they hold against us.

Anyways a Zeta male is simply a male who has adapted to today’s equality deprived society and through the MGTOW, MRA movements and many other life experiences has learned to reject gender roles and not put the opposite sex as his main priority in life. Zeta males are indeed true believers of gender equality, they refuse to see women as the soft, gentle, fragile and angelic creatures that today’s society still tries so damn hard to view them as. Here are some noticeable Zeta Male traits….

“Guys you know you are a Zeta if...”

“Girls you know your S/O or crush is a Zeta if…”

You/He refuse to follow gender roles.

Zeta males don’t follow gender roles. They don’t believe that as men they should provide and protect the opposite sex.

You/He refuse to put women as one of his priorities in life.

Zeta Males do not put women as their main priority in life. They believe that only weak men are the once who put pussy on pedestals. They rather put things that are important to them in life as their main priority such as becoming musicians, artist, writes or any other things that they have as a hobby.

You/He refuse to let women walk over him.

Again Zeta Males believe that both male and females are equal, therefore they refuse to see women as the weak and handicapped sex that requires to be spoiled.

You/He refuse to have “game.”

Zeta Males are well aware that women enjoy and need sex as much as men do, because of this they reject the philosophy that men must have games in order to be successful with women. They avoid using pick-up lines many other PUA type of bullshit. They instead focus on bettering their sexual life such as lasting longer in bed, being a better lover or anything that makes them superior in bed.

With all that aside there are also a lot of hateful myth and misconception revolving against the Zeta Male and I would like to start addressing and settling them once and for all.

Myth #1: All Zeta Males are misogynist.

This is complete bullshit, again just because Zeta Males refuse to put women as their main priority in life does not mean they all hate women. The reason why Zeta Males possess this mentality is because they have already analyzed that only weak losers put pussy on pedestals. They’ve also learned that life is not all about being with as much women as possible. Also I’m not saying all women do this but sadly the majority of modern day women do use sex as an ultimatum to control men’s life, Zeta Males in do not like this so they avoid this by making the pussy one of his last priorities in life.

Myth #2: Zeta Males are advocate of female violence.

Again Zeta Males are not misogynists. Just like any normal sane man out there Zeta Males too don’t enjoy seeing women get assaulted, beaten, raped, etc. but if at any moment a Zeta Male witnesses these things occur to women the possibility of them coming to these women’s rescue are extremely minimal, Zeta Males don’t stand up, protect or risk their own lives for women just for the simple fact that they are women. A Zeta Male will only rescue those who mean something to him such as a family member, friend, coworker, etc. regardless of their gender. But now if you ever assault a Zeta Male do not be surprise if he fights back, again Zeta Males refuse to see women as the weak gender so this will not interfere with his will to self-defense.

Myth #3: Zeta Males are not into relationships.

I’ve heard this one so many time that it’s now starting to sound like a joke. Again the Zeta Male’s apathy towards the opposite sex does not mean they aren’t into relationship and Zeta Males are definitely not asexual! Zeta Males feel attraction just like any normal man out there but if you really want to win the heart of a Zeta you just got to try really hard to convince him that you are worth being in a relationship with. Hell if you are able to accomplish you will probably not regret doing so and I will explain why in my next session.

Myth #4: Zeta Males are the polar opposite of feminism.

This one isn’t and will never be true! Yes feminism’s action might of perpetuated the creation of the Zeta Male just like the Bush Administration might of perpetuated the creation of ISIS but this does not mean that Zeta Males are here to be to feminism what the Bloods may be to the Cripts. Unlike feminists Zeta Males don’t blame their problems, flaws and insecurity at the opposite gender while looking for other ways to make the opposite gender’s life miserable like forcing the law or the justice system against them.

Advantages that Zeta Males possess in the world of dating.

Now with all the negative bullshit aside I am now getting to the positive side of things. We Zeta Males have lots of advantages in today’s society and here are some of them.

We don’t follow gender roles.

When you are in a serious relationship/engaged to a Zeta Male he will never expect you to cook and clean for him. A Zeta Male can take care of himself so he would not mind doing the cooking and cleaning while you take on other chores life throws at both of you. To put it simple if you got a Zeta Male’s back he will definitely have yours in return.

We don’t treat women like trophies.

Modern men have always had this illusion that being with multiple women makes them the bigger and better man, well the Zeta Male does not possess this type of mentality. We believe that only weak, desperate, creepy and insecure men have the need to be with a bunch of women at once. However this does not mean a Zeta Male will never have a Tinder account, we Zeta Males enjoy being with lots of women too we again just don’t make it our only priority in life. Also if you ever been with a Zeta Male the probability of him gossiping what when on between you two are extremely minimal. We are also honest too so if we just want sex from you we will be straightforward about it.

We don’t just open up to all the females out there.

This is an obvious one, but again if a Zeta Male opens up to you and is willing to actually be in a relationship with you I think you should be thankful. This means he really trusts you and really love you.

We are very opened minded

Zeta Males don’t take major pride in their masculinity. For example a Zeta Male will not hesitate to watch your favorite romantic movie with you, they don’t believe that watching or listening to feminine movies or music is gonna make them softies or homosexuals.

We are not Clingy

Zeta Males really enjoy and value their freedom and space so we will always give you this just as long as you do the same in return. Also from a Zeta Male's point of view only the weak men are clingy.

That’s all folks!

So there you have it folks I hope you’ve really learned what a Zeta Male is what we are really all about in this article. I think I will be written are part two on this Mytake sooner or later, till then I would like to give a major shout outs to all my Zeta Male brother out there; keep it up fam, let’s continue making this world a better place!

The Rise of the Zeta Male
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Spiorad_Aisce
    Good take - It explained a lot of the MGTOW philosophy in a less heated format - It was very interesting while I may not 100% agree with it, it is good to know - The wider issue I think is compatibility, if you get a woman who is comfortable with a Zeta personality then things will go along swimmingly but possibly same can be said with Alpha and Beta men.
    Nothing against various groups and like minded people but I do find myself trying to assert myself as an individual as time goes by. As long as the discourse is constructive between different groups I will stay and listen but when it becomes fractious I usually leave. You seem like a reasonable chap but you would agree there are people who get into defensive/aggressive positions on both sides far too quickly. So mainly this point was in favour of the future reasoned debate hopefully to come.
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    • CasaNorba

      thanx! but yea I tried to stay on the neutral side of things. at the same time I dont think I blame folks for having somewhat of a distorted view on the MGTOW movement. this movement is just simply to teach men to enjoy life without having the need of the opposite gender, it has absolutely nothing to do with misogyny. I think The Red Pillers are the ones to blame for this, they are basically to the MGTOW movement what the Feminazis are to Feminism and just like Feminazi they tend to be the loudest ones in the crowd. but oh well I think they are at fault because they are the ones with the distorted views. they believe that all men have to be "Alpha" bad boys, treat women like shit, want nothing but sex, etc. by default.

Most Helpful Girl

  • aliceinwonderland69
    I don't think feminism will ever make the Alpha Male obsolete. They continue to be rewarded socially, sexually and financially so I expect they will persist.
    It is ironic that in your paragraph where you try to convince us you are not a misogynist you misogynistically state;
    "majority of modern day women do use sex as an ultimatum to control men’s life, "
    You also refer to women as 'the pussy'.
    I do not think all MGTOWS and MRAs are Zeta Males as you describe.
    Is this still revelant?
    • CasaNorba

      so telling the truth makes me a misogynists now? because a lot of young still do this nowadays. and I didn't remotely refer to women as pussy if you go back and reread the statement. and I didn't say Zeta Males are all MGTOW and MRA, I've said that these to have helped the modern men become a Zetas

    • CasaNorba

      and I did pointed out that I'm well aware that not all women do this

    • Rawrzz

      Alpha males are pretty much zeta males. I'm not seeing much of a difference between the two, except zetas have an emphasis on anti-feminism. Betas are the ones who typically put pussy on a pedestal. Alphas are typically rewarded for not doing so.

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  • Kylesar
    You're heavily misguided on Zeta males
    There's no way you're a Zeta. It's obvious by the way you try to flaunt it and from the fact that you call other guys weak. That's beta stuff

    Zetas and MGTOWs are not the same. You can be one, the other, both or neither

    Zetas transcend Alpha, Beta, and Omega-ship. They take the best qualities from each of them and fuse them into one
    • CasaNorba

      I never said Zetas and MGTOWs are the same, did I?

      And never once did I say the Zetas are more superior than Alphas and Betas. all I've said was that Zetas have more advantage now in today's society do to their versatility. so perhaps you are the one who is heavily misguided here with all of your misinterpretation

    • Kylesar

      "I asked on this site about women dating MGTOW guys. I seriously couldn’t believe all the distorted views most women have towards men who take part in the MGTOW movement"

      "Anyways a Zeta male is simply a male who has adapted to today’s equality deprived society and through the MGTOW, MRA movements and many other life experiences has learned to reject gender roles and not put the opposite sex as his main priority in life."

      "The weak men are clingy."
      "We believe that only weak, desperate, creepy and insecure men have the need to be with a bunch of women at once."
      "They believe that only weak men are the once who put pussy on pedestals"

      There's a superiority complex present here, which Zetas don't have

      If you focus on your sex life in order to last longer in bed, you're doing it for a WOMAN, which alone disproves what you say
      Again, a Zeta won't flaunt that he's a Zeta, which you're clearly doing. Only a lying beta would do that

    • CasaNorba

      dude I didn't make any of these up, I been reading numerous of articles for over a year on the Zeta Male. so you are obviously the one who is misguided here and the fact that you have the need to put words in other people's further hints out that you are the true Beta here.

      so before you come back and comment on this again please go read more articles on the Zeta Males.

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  • the_rake
    I like the theory and certainly identify with some points - e. g. not putting women on a pedestal or conforming to traditional gender roles (I still like to approach, however), open about sexuality in general, etc., etc. - but I would still prefer to defend the definition of an alpha male: confidence & natural leadership.
  • Levin
    You could just clean yourself, and not believe in any of this bullshit.

    Anyone who defines their fucking human nature by feminist, zeta, alpha, MGTOW or MRA (whatever the hell the last two are), sorry, but, is flat out retarded. More tribalistic labeling self limiting depressing wanksmear from a terminally stupid species.
    • Rawrzz

      I agree with the terminally species stupid part. You seem to have an emotional bone to pick with the concept. Do you not label yourself as anything? Even if you do not, does that mean you have no stances on social or political issues? You don't identify as a democrat or republican or capitalist or socialist or equalist or anything?

    • Levin

      Of course, I have sympathies with certain ideas. But soon as you say, 'well, I'm a vegan', for example, then basically, you can't be anything else, even when the evidence starts to change. But labels are actually meaningless, reality is multifaceted, humans try and make sense of it by verbalising and conceptualising it. Clearly, most things are true and false. Take capitalism and socialism. Both are necessary, and need not be in opposition. The former is efficient, the second takes into consideration legitimate social concerns. Any individualistic and egoistic motivation has a wider impact, clearly, no man is an island.

    • Rawrzz

      So then, there must be labels that your beliefs fall under, if only general ones. If you want to get especially semantic, I could say that no words at all can ever describe anything. Even the words I'm typing right here are only of relative value, and there is the differentiation between how I perceive a word and how you perceive a word. You're right: words are inefficient. But we use them because they are the best means we have to share concepts and ideas.

      Given that, when I say, "I'm a socialist", 5,000 people will have 5,000 different ideas on what I mean; but the general idea is there. One might not fall fully under the umbrella of one label, but that's why they use more words to explain their personal perception of what that label means to them when the situation becomes necessary. I could say "I'm American," but that doesn't explain that I am from the U. S., not Canada or Mexico. Just because I said "I'm American," doesn't mean I can no longer also be from the U. S. or was

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  • bluenose1872
    All this alpha shit beta shit zeta shit, feminist, equalitarian bollocks. Jesus we used to just call that personality or taste. I don't have a label. I'm just a straight bloke who likes women. If they piss me off they can fuck off. If I piss them off they can tell me to fuck off. Simple.
  • Curmudgeon
  • Scrambledagain
    By definition of "alpha" and the connotation it has, an alpha will trump everything. If I beat you in whatever sphere of life I beat you in, I'm the alpha, no matter how you define it. If you describe yourself as alpha or zeta, you just full of air. Your actions dictate what you truly are and if you are the best at something, you are alpha according to the English language.
  • Words_and_Wisdom
    I'm not gonna put a label on myself. Fuck this "Alpha, Beta, Zeta, Omega" male crap. I'm just going to be me.
  • theegreat017
    Hmmm, not my thing surely, 'cause i shall willingly believe in the "game" of the genders, "dominance" and "fragility" and gender roles (without forcing anyone of course, everyone can do anything, believe in what they want, no problem).
  • Skadouchebag
    I'm sick and tired or people talking about "alpha male" crap. it makes you sound like an arrogant meathead, which women do not like.
    • CasaNorba

      no offense but I dont think they like whiny preachers either

  • ThatBritishLad
    The ZETA male? Fuck me sideways...
    ... Not literally.
  • skeptic007
    how about I see them for what they do
    basically whores

    and no I do not want equality
  • AdamThomas
    Betas gon' hate.
  • Zeta_Male

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