Inside The Mind Of A Switch

Inside The Mind Of A Switch

There's a never ending battle going on inside of me when it comes to sex and being dominant or submissive. I have 2 inner beings. One is a dominant sex goddess that wants to tie you up and have her way. And maybe leave a bite mark or 2. The other is shy and wants you take control. And maybe leave a handprint behind (no pun intended). Though the dominant side usually prevails, I can't starve my submissive side or she gets cranky. So there's this need to satisfy both sides. Join me as give MY TAKE on what it's like when each side is in control.

The Dominant Side Of Things

Inside The Mind Of A Switch

It seems like when most guys think of a dominant female, they automatically think "she wants to do butt stuff to me". I've seen it multiple times on some of the questions I've asked. For me, that couldn't be more wrong. I'm not interested in your butt guys, so you can breathe. I'm not into chains and whips and such either. When I say that I'm dominant, I mean that I want to be in control. It means that I want to tie you up and that you'll do what I say. I want to blindfold you and heighten all your other senses. It simply means that I'm going to be the aggressive one.

A Submissive Train Of Thought

Inside The Mind Of A Switch

I'm more laid back and reserved in my everyday life. Kind of shy and introverted. This picture is everything my submissive side needs. Just the thought of being pushed up against the wall is enough to make me all tingly. The funny thing is that when my submissive side is in control, I still like to challenge. I'm totally the "make me" kind of girl. Why? Because it does something to guys. Makes them go all primal. Just what my submissive side likes.

So that's a little look into the two sides of this switch. I personally think that switches keep things interesting. I know most guys would rather be dominant all the time, but I imagine that would be boring. For me anyway. I need to be in control sometimes. I need to have my way. And you never know, you just might enjoy it! 😉

Stay classy GaGers. See you guys on the threads!

#CHARismaticOut ✌ ❤ 😎

Inside The Mind Of A Switch
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Jager66
    lol funny I just had a conversation about this with a woman.

    I was driving her home and we got to talking about porn and BDSM, she said she was a sub and asked my preference, I told her I'm a switch and it seemed like she didn't believe me for some reason but we talked about it a bit more.

    Anyway she took her shirt off and asked if I wanted to touch her breasts, I said hell yes, gently grabbed her breast and slowly softly circled her areola to her nipple with my finger and thumb, god they were fucking PERFECT! She then asked, siting there half naked with my hand on her if I wanted to come to her place, I said no, dropped her off and left. Her scent was still on my hand when I got home, she smelled like magic.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Stacyzee
    Yes, I agree with you.
    I am submissive at times and also dominant.
    The misconception about dominant women... is usually men thinking the woman is going to extremes in what she does.
    I just like to lay a guy back, and suck his dick, and then ride him while he does nothing at times.
    Other days, I will handcuff my guy.
    That is being dominant to me, because I am in control.
    As for the chains, whips, and penetrating him with a dildo that doesn't arouse me at all.
    That's not what I mean by dominant.
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    • Yes! I don't know why guys automatically think extreme when they hear that a woman is dominant.

    • Oh and thanks!

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  • chintita
    nice take :D
    i'm honestly 0% dominant, not a bone in my body that wants to do that unless it's the passive aggressive kind of teasing.
    • Lol thanks. And yeah, it's probably like 70/30 in favor of dominant for me.

  • Joc4Position
    I don't know if I'd identify as a switch or not. I don't want to be tied up. That's for sure. I'm probably mostly dom.
    • Lol yes we've talked about you not wanting to be tied up. But you never know, you might like it.

    • Lol yeah I forgot.

  • Spiorad_Aisce
    I think the "Switch" is definitely growing in popularity, it gives you an out to explore both sides.
  • ThisDudeHere
    Good take. But I would feel emasculated if I were to even pretend to be submissive.
  • Mustachekitteh
    Love this take and 100% agree. It's really good to have the best of both worlds. ^^
  • Nice! It really explains the whole switch role perfect. I am a switch myself because I want to explore both sides. Nice take on this char.
  • takumii
    I don't like playing submissive, but.. been there done that >_>
    • Lol you might like it tho.

    • takumii

      Ok masta.

    • Lol that's the beauty of a Switch tho. First round I may wanna tie you up but then round with I just might want you to pin me 😉

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  • FilthyPervert
    Well I don't like the make me kind of girl at all. I go much more primal with a girl who is totally giving into me and making me feel like a god than one who is making me feel like the entire thing is a fight.

    Never liked dommes, never likes switches and never think i will.
  • jacquesvol
    Good take.