Always Third Wheel'n, What Us Third Wheelers Wish Couples Would Understand

Always Third Wheel'n, What us third wheelers wish couples would understand.

1. You're not making us jealous, your making us very uncomfortable

Ever sit next to your friend or sibling, and all you hear is lips being smacked together? It sounds gross. I don't want to be a part of that, no thanks fam, tone it down please.

2. If your not bringing a fourth person to tag along with me while we go out and kick it, why should I be invited?

So, you expect me to stand around and watch you kiss the whole time? Um, I kind of want to socialize too. (And maybe have some fun too... If you catch my drift)

3. Your baby talk is incredibly annoying

From your perspective it;s cute, I get it, but do you think the rest of the world really cares?

4. Watching your happiness is a downer for us.

It might be just me? But if I'm third wheeling long enough I start to wonder why I'm single. Or why I third wheel more than I go on dates.

5. Cuddling or snuggling up on the same couch we're sitting on is a little much

You might as well use that condom you two have been saving the past week and just go for it, right here, right now, on the same couch I'm sitting on. Yeah, you heard me.

6. When we joke around and say "get a room you two" a good 88% of the time, we're actually serious.

7. This is for the siblings third wheeling, holla at cha, IT IS REALLY WEIRD WATCHING YOUR BROTHER/SISTER KISS SOMEONE and we wouldn't do that to you.

That's just mean... And kinda gross.. So please, keep that junk to a minimum.

8. No one likes being the third wheel. There's no benefit, no result, nothing.

So please be considerate, not make out every 5 minutes, or make those obnoxious loud kissing noises and remember these 8 things.

Oh yeah, this is coming from a girl's perspective that third wheeled more than she wants/wanted to (especially this weekend)

And if your one of those jerks who like wasting half an hour and writing one rude opinion to every bullet point someone posts on a myTake, just remember you only have so long to live so why waste it on being an a hole?

You might not relate (*cough* because you're in a relationship*) or you maybe will. And that's okay. This wasn't made to offend anyone. Its.Just.A.mTtake. okay? Thanks for reading. There might be a few spelling errors but what the heck ever. Its late.

No rude comments or opinions please.

Always Third Wheel'n, What Us Third Wheelers Wish Couples Would Understand
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  • astrOnaut01
    I can relate with you on most of your points. It's very boring and frustrating being a third wheel a lot.
  • Spiorad_Aisce
    I agree totally with your take