Who Your Partner Is Cheating With

Who Your Partner Is Cheating With

It won't be news to tell you that back in the day, men used to be the biggest cheaters but nowadays, the tides have turned and women are the least loyal ones. What I'd like to talk about is: who do they cheat with?


For men it's really simple. They have sex with whoever they can. That's a little too bold of course, but what I mean is: it's not easy for a man to have sex without a commitment. Of course it is for a small percentage (the all to famous, and also hated, alpha male) it is. But most men don't just get sex thrown at them. So in most cases, they cheat because they feel so lucky that a woman is offering him sex without commitment, since he has a girlfriend or wife. So who he cheats with is pretty unspecific. If he does have a choice, the answer is even more simple: the hottest one.


Women are more complex about choosing who they cheat with. First of all, it's a lot easier for a woman to simply have sex, especially when she's good looking. One thing seems to be the biggest attraction to us though when it comes to sex: dominance. The man she would bang behind her partners back is one that she sees as more dominant than her husband. In other words, superior. The guys most women cheat with are the following:

-The husband's/boyfriend's boss. It's a stereotype but it does seem to hold a lot of truth. There are an awful lot of stories of bosses letting their employee work overtime so they can go over to the man's house and take over their role to fulfill the wife's needs. I myself have seen this situation with my parents and my dad's boss when I was young, and it wasn't just one time. Women seem to get aroused by a man who orders around their own husband, even if they love their husband and the boss is being a dick to him. When it comes to sex, dominance seems to be more important than love for many women.

-The high school bully. Believe it or not, most girls in high school loose their virginity to the type of guy that bullies others. A lot of girls have a boyfriend but are not sexually active. They often loose their virginity to someone else though, and the boyfriend won't be pleased to find out who. Mostly the relationship ends at that point anyway. Bullies tend to show more confidence and masculinity than the average, sexually unexperienced high school boy.

-The rival. This is a painful one. Many guys have a friend, who they also kind of hate. He has a lot in common but seems to be slightly better at everything. To a girl, this is kind of an upgrade to her boyfriend. He seems to be in competition with him but always comes out on top.

So these are the most common guys a girl cheats with and they al show a certain dominance to her own partner.

Who Your Partner Is Cheating With
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  • PrincessTashaaaa
    I disagree. I can't speak for men, and I have never cheated nor have I ever thought of cheating, but most women will cheat if in a vulnerable place and another man gives her attention her husband isn't giving her.
    Say, her man doesn't take time to appreciate the way she looks anymore. He checks out other women too much, watches too much porn, stops telling her he thinks she's hot... She feels unattractive.
    Then, another man comes along. He shows interest in her. He asks how her day is, sympathises with her when she tells him her mundane troubles her husband would usually dismiss as nagging. He tells her she looks really good, he likes her body or her hair or something. She cheats. And she does it simply because this man has made her feel good about herself.
    Men can cheat for this reason, too. But I honestly believe few wonren cheat for the reason men do, which is just simply because he saw something he wanted to have sex with and it let him.
    We women don't need that variety men do. We can stay happy having sex with one man forever as long as it always stays new and exciting, which isn't hard to do, really.
    Men can put a woman in a few different positions and be bored with her, wanting something else.
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  • Anonymous
    Men usually don't cheat just for sex. Men cheat because a woman makes him feel important, desired and appreciated. Usually this happens when his SO is not making him feel this way- lull in the relationship, fighting or distant. This is why women are surprised to find a guy often cheats with someone who isn't as good looking as his SO. It's not her looks he's after, it's how she makes him feel. Look at Beyoncé.
    And just like @Princess Tashaaaa said women cheat because of how a man makes her feel when she is not getting that feeling at home.
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    • carinerose


    • Poppykate

      And you have hit the nail on the head! Everyone wants to feel loved, appreciated and desired. If you make your man feel this way, you have him for life!

    • I disagree. I loved my ex. Gave everything I could. Always tried to make him feel special. I did things most girls wouldn't do. The sex I gave him was never good enough. He cheated on me with another woman 20 years older than both of us (we're 22). She was thicker and more experienced. I am a small petite woman with little experience. I was both dominant and submissive with him. But none of it really mattered to him. Sometimes people cheat because they don't care about their SO it they just want a change

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  • Tdieseler
    "... and also hated, alpha males"... i take offense to that lol... we are the ones that women cheat with...
    Just because we are commitment phobic sometimes doesn't mean we are wrong... we are primal. and the women like that. proven with the boyfriend's boss, high school bully And the rival.
    Anyway... altogether, good informative and true Take.
    • Anonymous

      I didn't mean to offend. I believe the same thing as you, just most people do hate the term. As a woman, I admit that they are sexually very attractive. Very often they are assholes though... but that doesn't stop the sexual drive.

    • Tdieseler

      i believe that comment 100%... and thats why i don't understand women... deeply. love the alpha but also hate them... i think its just to keep other women away...

  • Druid64
    "It won't be news to tell you that back in the day, men used to be the biggest cheaters but nowadays, the tides have turned and women are the least loyal ones."

    Really? Your source?

    Do you really think women today are more enlightened and less morally rigid than their mothers and (great-) grandmothers? That their libidos are more powerful? Doubt if human nature changes that much that fast.

    Makes more sense to me to think that in days gone by women were simply and necessarily far more discrete than men. Primarily due to social pressures arising from patriarchy and men's juvenile fear of the power of women's sexuality.

    What is it with this word 'cheaters?' Nor women nor men are property at least since slavery was abolished in the 1830's. We are ALL free to make our own sexual choices and this stupid label is seriously out of date and needs to be retired from the vocabulary of relationships. We all need to value loyalty and love more than mere fidelity. A false god if there ever was one!
  • Tanuron
    Man if guys have grown that pathetic these days that they cheat cause they feel "lucky" a woman would have sex with them, is just nuts and sad, but honestly I kinda doubt overall that would be why. Guys are more complex too, many unawarly sure, but still. I think guys in general for example, feel like love and sex can be pretty entwined. So if say they dont get what they want or need sexually in a relationship, they dont feel loved and emotionally neglected, which may lead to cheating. Cause in their own mind, they would never neglect their partner this way cause they "love" them, so they come to the conclusion they aren't loved. But are naturally many reasons and possbilities.

    If the bully somehow win the girl though, I think its mainly cause a bully is pushy, and girls, particularly at a young age is easier to mold that way and push them into situation they dont want. A bully in itself is pretty much, if not always a scared little child. Fueled by fear and run by fear. Having to try to put everyone else down cause only possible way they can feel superior in any sense, so personality wise in reality the bully dosent have any of the traits those woman want.
    • Eric644

      true but a good majority of bullies are also psychopaths because their inability to empathize with others makes it easier for them to degrade and humiliate other people

  • hellionthesage
    Who a woman is attracted to is irrelevent, its all the bullshit that accompanies it that is the issue. Cheating for instance. If you want the dominant guy go for the dominant guy don't pretend otherwise. If you like the asshole then don't complain about wanting a nice guy. When your used up and no longer desirable to the assholes don't go running to the nice guy own your choices and live with the consequences, its really that simple. As I said it doesn't matter who your attracted to, its all the other bullshit that makes it an issue.
  • KattFeesh
    Do you have documentation for any of this was this just made a concoction of your mind? If this comes from where I think it comes from perhaps your next take should be, "if Superman is allergic to red kryptonite would elbow macaroni in red sauce result in the destruction of the galaxy?"
  • ElissaDido
    I think women cheat when their husband doesn't give them enough attention and they don't feel desired
  • slimstiffy
    I see where you are coming from, and this may hold true in a lot of cases. But your mom was a bitch. Sorry but it is what it is. And your dad was kind of a bit a cuck too, im not gonna stand up for him if he won't do it himself. But not all women are like that. You can choose to be better than your mom. I hope you understand that and make the right choice.
    • Eric644

      why are you using a word used by white supremacists? please do not use the word cuck

    • slimstiffy

      @Eric644. Who said cuck is used by white supremacists? Its short for cuckold, which is a common noun.

    • Eric644

      I know the origin of the word, I am just saying that the word is NOW widely used by white nationalists and alt-righters, hence it is now a white supremacist word. Please refrain from words used by white nationalists.

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  • peachblossomluck
    Women who feel emotionally abandoned by their mates are the ones most tempted to cheat I would assume. Once a man stops listening, he deserves what he gets.
    • This is exactly true.

    • There have been times when I have done nothing but listen to my partners and I never got sex.

    • @alfonsosloan45 Were you practicing active listening or just hearing what you wanted to hear? There's a difference.

  • Psi_Unknown
    As crazy as it might be, I do at least partially agree with the blog. It certainly seems like can be how men cheat.

    As for how women cheat, I have no idea. If it is with the husband's/boyfriend's boss, bully, or rival, that is really sucky.
  • somebodysaycheese
    I think its both dominance and feeling loved, needed and moat of all appreciated , many women don't feel appreciated. The man who makes her feel beautiful and the man who seems dominant. I mean he has to be a little dominant or an asshole ( give a diff false illusion of dominance ) to be willing to have an affair, I think men and women differ in the Fact that women generally don't catch feelings with whom they cheat with but it's all too common the man catches feelings with the one He cheats with, Either way cheating isn't very nice folks. And in the end I think men and women cheat because they stopped treating each other the way they did when they where dating,
  • rjroy3
    You forgot about girls that cheat down, because they feel their partner is too distant or she feels he doesn't care. So she wants to experience those emotions and feel wanted. So when the guy who
    • rjroy3

      Woops. Pushed the button. Here's the rest :

      So when the guy who makes her his world and gives her all the attention she was craving, she cheats with him. Because he's filling that emotional need. This is the most common reason for cheating. Whatever emotional need she has, if another man is providing it, then he's most likely the one she'll cheat with. If the need happens to be, having a dominant man who isn't afraid to be a man. Then yea, having a dominant man hit on her is the guy she's most likely to hookup with. If her man is dominant, but doesn't give her enough attention and she feels as if he doesn't care then the opposite is true.

  • AleDeEurope
    "Believe it or not, most girls in high school loose their virginity to the type of guy that bullies others." I think we all knew about this xD As an ex-"bully", I can say, HS chicks LOVE that.

    I think you're right on this, though for men, I think you should also take into account the desirability factor, meaning, if a girl throws herself to a guy, basically saying "fuck me", if he's unfaithful, he's going to cheat. It's not always about how hot she is.
    As for women... well, I'm no women, but I've been around a LOT and I know they all love power, they love a powerful men, so that's what they go for.
  • CoolSky01
    lol this sounds about right, i follow my own principles when dating girls, if she's talking to me and other guys at the same time she's not worth it, if she seems to be attracted to a guy for the sole purpose of the way he acts or his job she's not worth it either, if she had many boyfriend... well i won't touch that, Basically if a girl shows signs of changing her mind often and not being able to stick to a choice she made about guys and always looks for someone else or more to feel staisfied, its safe to assume that she is not someone i want to be associated with, and there isn't a certain type of girl who does that, i've got to meet shy, confident, hot and cute girls who are worlds apart in terms of personality but share this behaviour ( no guy is good enough and their eyes always wander looking for a new prey ) .
    • CoolSky01

      p. s: its not as extreme as you listen it though

    • slimstiffy

      Yep man.. Females can be presatory as well.. A lot of men unfortunately dont know thes things and signs..

    • CoolSky01

      @slimstiffy I notice these things so much iam now having a problem getting sex from them lol, i feel so repulsived iam not sure i want to even approach them or try my luck.

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  • This_is_my_username
    a cheater is gonna cheat regardless. No need for explanation
  • jacquesvol
    " nowadays, the tides have turned and women are the least loyal ones. "
    Is that a proven fact or your guess?
  • Sunflower19
    My partner is probably cheating. I just want to know who so I can get closure.
    • joeb73

      closer doesn't always happen when you know the who the other person is

    • What makes you think that?

    • February12

      I hope your partner is being faithful

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  • sp33d
    Makes an entertaining read. You describe a teen's behaviour, though.
  • FallOutBoy2001
    Some of us don't want dominance. I'm happy with the guy who makes decisions equally with me.
    • Eric644

      very true, and actually if your man wanted to be dominant all the time, I would be worried that you may be with a man that has a personality disorder (narcissists and psychopaths crave dominance). sounds like your boyfriend is a respectful person

    • @Eric644 my mom is like that and I don't want to date someone like her

    • Eric644

      I am sorry to hear about that. Well hopefully you have a better relationship with your dad. Things will get better as you get older. Take care

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  • Sabretooth
  • mystintri
    Love the take. You offer a grounded and in-tune-with-reality approach :)
  • John_Doesnt
    She's currently cheating with the janitor. But I'm with her hot mom, so it evens out.
  • skeptic007
    I'll make this real simple women cheat cause they like sin
    also you are a man not a women
  • coolscenebro
    with whom a partner cheats is not right or wrong. shit happens...
  • MsKitty23
    That's a lie, anonymous
  • GreatnessRevamped
    Shit like that will get you killed!!
  • PizzaGuy22
    Cheat on me... I dare you
    • "I double dare you, motherfucker!!!
      Cheat on my just ONE time!!!"

    • sp33d

      @GreatnessRevamped... and you will know, my name is the Lord when I lay vengeance upon thee!

    • slimstiffy

      @sp33d lol..

  • mikeaaa
    A civilian
  • Anonymous
    Girls are vastly, exponentially, hornier than men. A woman will do just about anything, sexually speaking, so long as she is fairly certain she won’t get caught. For example, we will occasionally go out of town in order to rendezvous with a man we’ve been longing to fuck, and/or to have multiple sex partners in the same evening, and/or at the same time.
    This is something that hot women do, most especially. In our minds, it is a natural desire, and a natural thing, and so long as nobody else finds out, it’s “game on”. Women are receptacles for cock, that’s how we have been biologically designed. Nothing feels better to us than being completely filled up with multiple penises, than being the center of sexual attention, than being the object of unbridled group lust. Since it’s something we can’t risk doing on our home turf (don’t shit where you eat), we have to think outside the box, in order to get our boxes completely satisfied. And you might find this shocking, but many women – many, many women – have sex with dogs on a routine basis. This is just one example of how insatiable we truly are.
    I can see why you might not believe it, to which I say, look really hard at all of the women you know who have dogs. Look at women who have dogs whenever you see them out on the street, in the act of walking those dogs. Or at the park. You will notice that most of them have male dogs – the vast majority, in fact. This isn’t a coincidence. And look at all the female teachers who are exposed in the media for having sex with underage students. We have no self-control when it comes to sex – or anything else, for that matter. To our way of thinking, losing control is what makes sex great. Doing anything that is taboo is what makes sex great.
    • Anonymous

      If a woman ever tells a guy, “If we don’t have trust, we don’t have anything,” she is either cheating on him or planning to cheat on him.
      trustt here are no exceptions to this rule. We use that as cover, to try and make the man feel guilty for questioning our fidelity. What we are really saying here, is, “I will fuck whomever I want and you’d better keep your nose out of it or I’ll cut you off from my pussy and I’ll ruin your freaking life if you keep pressing the issue.” If we really cared about you, and if we really weren’t cheating on you or planning to cheat on you, we would tell you something like, “I am not cheating on you, I love you, and I would never do that. I don’t care if we have to stay up all night, for the next week, and go over every single shred of doubt that’s currently troubling you about this. I have nothing to hide, I would never cheat on you, and I don’t want you thinking these things about me.

    • Anonymous

      ... Please tell me exactly why you think I am cheating, point by point, and I will do anything and everything that I have to do to prove to you that I’m not cheating, in order to ease your worried mind.”

    • Anonymous

      We lie to our so-called female friends and pretend we are loyal and faithful to them, just like we do with the men in our lives. Secretly, we are jealous of each other, and we want all of the desirable things that other women have—most especially when it comes to our female friends’ things.
      And we consider men to be things. If one of our friends has a hot man, we want him to want us. We will do everything we can to seduce him. Not because we really want him—we don’t really want anybody. We do it because we are rarely happy, and we don’t want our girlfriends to be happy, either, and we want to boost our own egos more than anything else.
      And after we get him to fuck us, when our girlfriends find out that he has had sex with us, that’s when we finally get what we wanted in the first place. If we break up the previously happy couple, that’s fine, too. It’s all about our pussy, not hers. It’s about winning.

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  • Anonymous
    For men, why did they leave out female co-worker friends that the man sees every day? In past relationships the female co-worker friends are always the ones who he ended up cheating on me with. As far as married women cheating, I see a lot of them trying to relive the past and cheating with old high school sweethearts and such.
  • Anonymous
    The fact is though most women deny it they want Alpha males. It was true for me in my first high school but when I moved schools I was able turn it around by bullying the weaker kids. I was dating this nice girl next door chick during school and she had this loser that she friend zoned tgat used to follow her around. So one night I beat the crap out of him at a party and she went crazy calling meva bastard and shouting and screaming at me. So I got in my car while she waa helping the dweeb up and shouted at her "bitch get your fat ass in the car". So she saud sorry to her friend and got in the car and we screwed all night.
    Im married now, my wife thinks of our marriage as an equal partnership but when all said and done I call the shots, if I dont want her to do something or go somewhere she knows instinctively to obey. Women crave dominace and their natural state is to be submissive and subservient to their husband, when a woman is not she is unhappy. Thats why so many feminists are on anti depressants.
    • Anonymous

      Recognize both situations. My dad was submissive to my mom and deffinately his boss, so she let the boss take dad's place where she needed dominance (in bed). And as to you screwing the girl, that happens daily at schools.

    • Anonymous

      Well your Dad was a weak man if he stayed with her and didn't beat the shit out of his Boss.

    • Anonymous

      nope, hey stayed with mom and is still working for that boss who doesn't give a shit about the whole situation since he got what he wanted.

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  • Anonymous
    Not surprisingly romantic psychology doesn't confirm any of this at all. It's just pure heresay.
  • Anonymous
    I cheated when my boyfriend was not giving me the care and attention I wanted. I spoke to him about it and he really did not seem to care. Needless to say it did not feel right, and that really broke the relationship. He forgave me, and has changed since
  • Anonymous
    A slut is a slut...

    I know women in my life who are so good that they would never cheat... They have really Goof morals...

    You mom was a whore that's why she cheated on your father...

    Is she had even a little heart then she wouldn't have done that
    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous
    I don't like this MyTake but it's true so I say it's a good one. What things do you think contribute to how dominant a man is in this sense?
    • Anonymous

      Let me rephrase the question.. do you prefer a man controls others through respect or fear?

  • Anonymous
    But isn't it also true that "some" women also get bored hearing that theyre beautiful or whatever everyday so it loses its meaning, hence they can also get bored with that too & still cheat?
    • Anonymous

      There's truth to that. The don't want a man worshipping them, they want to worship a man above them. A dominant one.

    • Anonymous

      Dominant how?

    • Anonymous

      think of it this way: husband < wife < the boss/bully/rival. The dominant one is the one who gets what he wants first, who stand higher in the social/sexual hierarchy, he controls the woman AND the weaker man.

  • Anonymous
    I have to agree with you on what you've said about "the rival", know this by experience. I dated a girl who was about a decade or so younger then me several years back. She was 22 I was 31 and we met through a party and started dating. She became a model in a alternative goth scene which I frequent who I also saw as a rival despite him being my best friend.

    She and I were together for a while but we couldn't see or have sex with each other as often as we liked (three times a week) but she never complained and always claimed how much she loved me.

    I began to bring my friend reluctantly out together at nights and met her friends within the circle she knew in the modeling group there. She definitely had many admirers there but always stuck with me. I saw her and my friend hit it off good and the three of us had fun doing things together despite the closeness they seemed to develop. Thought it was just natural friendliness but I did feel, and have always felt insecure about having females I know and like around him because he's always so outgoing (younger too 26).

    All the attention she had in the scene, then seeing their friendliness made me more insecure. Eventually she grew kind of distant and began to dress more provocatively there. After one time, called me up to confess that she had been cheating on me for a month! Which was about the time my friend knew her. Broke up with me over the phone. I never asked who and she wouldn't say, I wasn't angry but more hurt, Tried to talk things over but she didn't want to. "one thing led to another with a guy I met and.. we hit it off)

    Instinctively I knew it was him as they spent more time together. I didn't want to end things with my friend as we're so close but it stung. SO yea. "rivals" are a major possibility.
  • Anonymous
    Doesn't seem to hold true from my experience, not that these things don't happen. Especially the bully part, you're probably talking about specific type of girls, hence I would be curious to know what type of girls you are talking about.

    Also what would your definition of Dominance and Masculinity be. Are you only talking about Dominance during sex or a relationship as a whole.
    • Anonymous

      Both in bed and in the relationship, although it usually stays with only sex with these guys.

    • Anonymous

      But what exactly would your definition of Dominance be? How about Masculinity? Dominance can also easily be controlling.

    • Anonymous

      Hey was talking to my buddies about your take, you know what you said.
      Do you mean these girls cheat simply on impulse, because their boss is being dominant to their husbands/BFs and it turns them on, or that their husbands/BFs are not dominant with thhier partners.

      If their husbands were dominant with them, would they still want to cheat with their boss for example, who is dominant to their husband hence superior. Husband's will he still be more attarctive even if husband is dominant in both relationship and sex.

  • Anonymous
    you are the classic cosmo bimbo type but i give you that: good job at exposing the nature of women once again. these articles are treasure for the mgtow library... .
    • Anonymous

      as for the highschool boys: kids reading this article, you dont have to be affected by this bimbo's words. keep being who you are and dont change into something worse for noone's perverted fetishes... .

  • Anonymous
    Interesting point of view but I slightly disagree. If the husband or boyfriend takes good care of his girl than there is no need to look for other opportunities
    • Amanda2

      Yea the dominance thing is not a big deal