A Few Advantages Of Being A Good Tease


Sex beginning hours in advance…

Though sessions during which sex isn't that good are few and far in between for my boyfriend and I, one thing remains pretty constant in respect to what makes some sessions stand out-

Something I like to think of as extended foreplay

That can range from anything like a text or conversation the day before saying that one of us is feeling particularly rowdy, or if we somehow let the other know, the morning of, that we’re looking forward to getting physical. Again, that can be my sending him a n00d, or him telling me to not wear panties/a bra when I head over. As soon as either of us hear a variant of that, our mind switches into gear. Wandering more often into thinking about new things we could try later in the day, how badly we want the other, etc..

A Few Advantages Of Being A Good Tease

...Looking forward to dessert!

If you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are into that, this extended foreplay would work very well outside of the house, even. Meaning if you two grab lunch/dinner together, or even to grab some groceries, you can start off the fun a little early.

One of my favorites is telling my boyfriend how much I’m looking forward to spending the evening with him, and how much of a libido I’ve worked up over the past little while. The key point here being to wait till we’ve both placed our orders so that he doesn’t have the option of just bailing. We both have to wait till we get our food and eat it in a somewhat normal manner.

The best part about things like this, or even accidental crotch grazes while out and about is that seeing your partner get all worked up, yet have to act like everything’s peach keen will leave both of you turned on and looking forward to some privacy even more than usual.

A Few Advantages Of Being A Good Tease

Ready to get things started?

One thing that I discovered not too long ago is how hot plus fun it can be to take control every once in a while. By ‘take control’, I don’t mean anything too harsh. Taking control as in you be the one to initiate the straddle or removal of your partner’s pants, essentially getting things on a move. Still sticking to making sure to do so in a teasing way, but I mean… something’s gotta give eventually, right? You can only hold the bait off for so long until you give them something.

My favorite way to do so is, preferably after a nice cuddle session, to give him a few seemingly innocent kisses before hopping on top (after pulling off any pants/panties) and giving him a good grind. Under the assumption that you’re adequately lubricated or make sure to have some lube on hand, proceed to give you clit some love by doing a cowgirl-esque motion with your hips. The difference between cowgirl and this one being that he’s not actually inside of you…

Which is perfectly fine. Once you’ve given it a try or two, you’ll come to see that outercourse can be just about as fun; the perfect taster before the main event.

A Few Advantages Of Being A Good Tease

Just the tip.

‘Just the tip’ is something that I’m sure many have heard of, usually used in joking contexts. The thing is, it’s an old trick that is actually a lot of fun to do whether you’re the guy and teasing your girl, or vice versa. Rest assured that, assuming you’ve worked up to this with a bit of teasing already, you’ll have your partner feeling like they’re losing their sanity when you give them no more than just an inch or two, paired with very slow thrusts before pulling out completely.

Rinse & repeat.

The whole idea of paying attention to just the tip can be carried over to oral as well.

Y’know how us girls are always told to not forget that the main area to focus on when giving oral is the head?

We’re going to be a bit careless, now. Meaning you’ll run your tongue from the balls up the shaft, right to the tip. You can even draw circles right around the bottom of the head or corona, but don’t make direct contact with it.

Repeat this a few times. To mix things up, you can give his balls some attention too. But carry on failing to address the pressing issue at the end of his shaft until his hips start making involuntary thrusts. Another good way to gauge how much he’s ‘enjoying’ himself is pre-cum. That’s something that not every guy will get, or at least not every time. However, on the occasion that there is pre-cum, take it as a pat on the back that you’re doing a good job.

“Make sure to let me know when you’re close!”

If you don’t want to make things, including the tease, too dominatrix-style and keep it relatively light-hearted, you can introduce a bit of dialogue. Ask your s/o to give you a heads up when they’re really close. It wouldn’t hurt to just ask them if they’re really close once you notice their body language indicating that, which will be your cue to back off.

Remember; the goal of teasing is to get your partner to toe the line of orgasm for as long as possible.

The longer the build-up, the greater the reward.

A Few Advantages Of Being A Good Tease

A Few Advantages Of Being A Good Tease
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Most Helpful Girl

  • juliaaa
    I love love love being teased and I love teasing during a blowjob especially, because the guy will lay back and close his eyes thinking you're about to start and all you do is skirt around so he just kinda watches you and waits, and when you finally put your mouth on it he kinda gasps.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Joc4Position
    Nice advice for those who are looking to keep the libido high throughout the day. Works best with monogamous couples though.
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    • kaylaS91

      yeah of course monogamous. Not really sure what would go for anyone else..
      but thanks.

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  • Great ideas to start well in advance, keep it fun, and play... everyone is different so figure out what is fun for you.
    I'd suggest as well, not always making it sex when the guy is seducing and leading, but leave it wanting more. just sometimes leading like it will be, but leaving it at just the massage...
    bottom line, keep it fun, play, dream, enjoy... ideally with your committed married partner.
  • John_Doesnt
    I have other responsibilities. Sorry I can't devote all my time to playing a bunch of emotional games or whatever, but I'd rather be focusing on my career and education.
    Not all men have time for that crap and some women might have more important things to do as well.
  • tease me once---- i will let it go..
    tease me twice---- i will get horny
    tease me thrice----- i will get a boner
    tease me 4th time ------- I will fuck you hard and pay you in orgasms with interest to the number of times you teased me
  • I came here for the gifs :p
    ok kidding, really nice take. good job ;)
  • hazoplmeught
    wouldn't get surprised if he cheated cause u give him blue balls everyday
  • Phoenix98
    Everyone loves a tease, well at least I do lo, good mytake.
  • Keepcalm89
    This was hot! I wish I was that guy on there! Teasing a gorgeous female
  • imhere__
    i like this mytake :)
    you explained very well, and pics were very nice:)
  • babeeeone
    Love this one
  • Jooker
    And how about to turn her on really quick!
  • Sabretooth
    the bad: things getting out of hand
  • Anonymous
    This girl is so annoying that it makes me want to puke
  • Anonymous
    Great take :) love the just the tip thing gotta try that sometime. If i ever feel like teasing my girlfriend in the bedroom what I do is after all the clothes are off I lie on top of her in missionary position. The rules are this: no touching except her face and neck, no grinding, and kissing is allowed. I do this for 3-5 minutes and i think the lack of touching causes her horniness to build up. After a bit she can't take it anymore and she reaches down to put it in.
  • Anonymous
    I blushed at the images.