My Sad, Miserable, Prom Chapter


In the United States of America, "Prom Season" ranges anywhere from late March to late May. In the area I live in, It ranges from mid-April to early May. Either way, we can agree the spirit of "Prom Season" is among the several high school students in the country. Prom is supposed to be "the" most exciting time for a high school student's life. Whether it be junior, or senior prom, it is a day for memories to be made. With this being said, prom isn't always so great. For many students, it can be the most depressing, and miserable time of the year.

My Sad, Miserable, Prom Chapter

Picture it: It's the late 2000's. I began high school as a nervous freshman in the Fall of 2005. After having two amazing years in a row leading up to my freshman year, I was also told by my friend who was two years older than me that high school was miserable. In other words, I didn't know what to expect, but I didn't expect much to go well.

Ironically, my best high school year was my freshman year, and my worst was my senior year. I went to a local Catholic school my freshman year, but I was forced to transfer, due to the fact my parents couldn't afford the yearly tuition, and we weren't eligible for tuition reduction programs. This was back in the day where people avidly used MySpace, and virtually nobody had a Facebook account-And Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc weren't even thought of. Most teenagers at this time either didn't have phones, or barely used their phones(Imagine that), so most communication was fueled by the lost art of socializing. Needless to say, I wasn't able to keep in contact much with the people I knew from the Catholic school.

The school I transferred to was a local public school, which ended up being the school I went to. The school I went to from my sophomore year until I graduated was called Hamilton High School. In a nutshell, I didn't connect much with the students here. Ironically, the school was located in a city I've(still) lived in my entire life, but many of them were unfriendly, rude, narrow-minded, and not accepting-Which is exactly how these hypocrites stereotyped Catholic schools.

My Sad, Miserable, Prom Chapter

SENIOR YEAR- "It's Nine Time!"

Let's jump to the Fall of 2008, which was the start of my absolutely terrible senior year. I won't go into all of the details, but this was a year I faced immense social isolation, excessive stress getting my college career started, and an incident in my family which changed my life forever. So, I "limped" into the end of my senior year with a slither of hope: Prom.

My high school didn't have a Junior Prom. As a matter of fact, the year I was a Junior, was the first year they eliminated Junior Prom. Why? I still don't know. And I still don't care. I know my class was outraged, and they had a reason to be-After 41 consecutive years of a Junior Prom, they finally decided to cut it with no explanation at all-And we just happened to be the first ones to "suffer" from it.

My Sad, Miserable, Prom Chapter

Our rules were as follows: if you were a sophomore, or junior with a friend, or had a girlfriend/boyfriend who was a senior, you could go to Prom. However, for many people, senior year was the only time to captivate the "one-of-a-kind" experience to go to Prom.

So, I figured, why not go to prom? I had still never had a girlfriend, date, or lost my virginity, and I wanted to. I had went to my senior year Homecoming with my friend, and it wasn't much fun, and I felt it was a waste of money, so going to prom without a girl was my goal!

My Sad, Miserable, Prom Chapter

Prom was May 16th that year, and I'll never forget that date.

Picture it: It's the end of April, and time was running out. I felt I was doomed. I couldn't find any girls without dates. I barely had any friends in the first place, and I had virtually no connections. Then, a miracle happened. Even in a local rural high school-A school I felt I had close connections, I still had no luck. Well, at least I thought it was a miracle.

When I was eating lunch, a girl sat next to me, and one of the few friends I had at the time. She began talking to us, about how she was mad at her friend, and so on. I thought she was fairly attractive. I found out she was a junior. She asked me if I was going to prom. I told her I would if I could find a date. We ended up swapping numbers, and later on after school-That very night-I asked her to prom, and she said yes. Believe it or not, I did it by phone call, and not by text-Very old fashioned indeed!

My Sad, Miserable, Prom Chapter

I know what you're thinking: THIS IS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Of course it was. Even as a high school student, I knew something was off. I knew there was a "catch." I knew it was too good to be true.

Picture it: It's a little over a week before prom. Luckily, I had spent no money at all getting prepared. This was very out of character for me for me, because I've always been the last person to procrastinate-But this was a blessing in disguise at the moment.

So, what happened? I know you're wondering, since I've used a great deal of foreshadowing here.

Picture it: Some guy I had "beef" with in my senior class approached me one day. He told me the girl I was planning to take to prom was his girlfriend.

....and it was true. He told me it was a prank he planned and was able to get his girlfriend 'in on it." To no surprise, I never saw his girlfriend the rest of the school year, and she cut off all connections with me.

My Sad, Miserable, Prom Chapter


So, what did I do for prom? I worked all night. I was already depressed for the entire school year, and this just ignited my anger, and sadness even more. I went to work that day, and told my manager(I worked at a local grocery store at the time), and my co-workers. Everyone was sympathetic, and my own manager told me I could have the day off. I declined his offer, since going to work was a way to avoid thinking about it. I had to hold every bit of anger not to beat the guy, and his girlfriend to a pulp. I kept telling myself "I won't get a diploma. I won't get into college. It will make my life worse", and those thoughts allowed me to establish some self-control.

Picture it: You're a young adult, well out of high school, who is also a substitute teacher. However, when you go to school for your job, you're reminded of that time, making this a somber "Season" of the year.

So, what is the worst Prom story you know of? I'll be interested to see.

My Sad, Miserable, Prom Chapter

My Sad, Miserable, Prom Chapter
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  • looneymalooney
    I guess this prom thing is actually gathering the most low-life characters together and provide chances for idiotic jokes and selfish behavior. because that is all there is depicted in movies and all i hear from people... drunk girls having sex for the first time in a bush or in a miserable toilet and so on
    It's just a dance, like any other party has. I don't understand what's with the social pressure regarding proms over there in the US.

    anyway to make you feel better.
    in my uni after the 3 year cycle, when i graduated, i went to the prom. there was this girl that during the year kept starting at me but rarely saying anything. regarding the prom... it is not forbidden to go alone, nobody gives a crap, everyone is there to have fun and enjoy it, not hate it or make stupid jokes on others.
    i approached her and tried to get her number (keeping in mind that we would lose any kind of touch after graduation)... she said no and she started biting her lip and was looking away. i did not insist much, since she said no, i just said 'ok, bye then', turned around and left.

    she was not just some girl i've seen for the first time, she was someone that i really cared for believe it or not. do i hate the prom/ball for this situation? or my mom (bc she was the one that pushed me to go)? NO. do i hate the girl for saying no? no. i still believe she liked me. something happened after the summer holiday in about October or so. i enrolled for the master's degree; she did too, just that for another kind of master's degree. i was outside the building with my new colleagues and she bumped into me on purpose out of the blue. she started talking to my colleagues asking them about the courses, though she never really interacted with them before. very strange situation.

    will i hate the rest of my life for that episode when she said no? well, remember i said that she bumped into me... you know what i was doing when she bumped into me? i was already looking at the future... a special girl. (oh, this one ended as well and even worse) ...

    stop looking at that and destroying your future because of what happened in the past. she was just an idiot girl with a stupid boyfriend that used her as a piece of meat to get back at you... there are plenty of memories waiting to happen
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    • "stop looking at that and destroying your future because of what happened in the past. she was just an idiot girl with a stupid boyfriend that used her as a piece of meat to get back at you... there are plenty of memories waiting to happen"

      I never said I allowed this incident to destroy my future. I don't even look "back at it." It's just when I see prom couples this time of the year, it reminds me of that bad time.

Most Helpful Girl

  • In-sight-ful
    My junior year I was supposed to go with a friend named Jake, and then I was driving to school with another friend and she starts about this story of how her boyfriend is going on a fishing trip instead of prom, then she says that she talked to Jake about it the night before and that he said he would go with her. And then she says 'oh by the way in supposed to tell you Jake can't go with you' I was pissed. And then I was talking about it to a guy at school, another friend named Jake that I had an on/off thing with, and he asked me to go and I agreed. Then, a couple days before prom I was on facebook and saw a post of his saying that 'there is always next year for prom and this year was going to suck anyway so there's no point in spending the money'. My best friend confronted him about it and he said he just changed his mind.
    At this point I already had my dress and tickets so I decided to go in a group, so I joined the group my friend and original date were in. We finally get to the dance and I am dancing with my other friends, I go back to our table and all of their stuff was gone, I picked up my phone and their was a text saying they were bored and left. They were my fucking ride.
    Junior prom sucked but senior prom I went with my current boyfriend and really enjoyed myself.
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    • At least you rebounded with a good senior year prom!

      That was dirty what happened to you in your junior year prom.

    • Yeah it sucked but at least it makes a good story.

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  • Sexualchrist
    At my prom my girlfriend and I won prom king and queen and when we were crowned, it turned out to be a joke and they tipped a bucket of pigs blood on us from a height
  • HeWhoPonders
    Aww buddy. Sounds like shit. If you would permit me to say, I also have a prom story. Not as heartbreaking as yours but I still had a good WTF moment out of it.

    Imagine this..

    You are a junior in high school and your girlfriend is a sophomore. You barely have time to see each other outside of school so you think that the prom would be a great opportunity to help with this. You already bought the tickets for you and her and you are awaiting the day with excitement.

    One day as you sit in your homeroom class, a freakishly large black boy comes in, walks in the front of the room and stands there looking at you with his hands firmly behind his back. He says in the most business like voice possible that the teacher you bought the tickets from would like to see you. You follow him to her room. Your girl is waiting with her. They explain that your girl is failing too many classes to go to prom.

    Outside you and your girlfriend discuss the issue. You decide that if she's not going with you, you wouldn't have a good time. And so, with anywhere from a few days to a week (can't remember) left until prom.. you had to return your tickets.
  • Stacyzee
    I didn't have a date for prom. I went with my friend and her boyfriend. He stretched out his arm so she could be on one side , and he stretched out his other arm so I could be on the opposite end. This made me feel great , everyone looked at us in disbelief. We made quite an entrance.
    • Interesting!

      Yeah, I was just sick of having no female attention, and the few friends I did have weren't going to prom.

  • Agrojag
    I was never interested in high school girls because I saw how stupid and immature the vast majority were. I skipped all of my school's dances and proms and I have no regrets doing so. Stories like these just validate my decision. I'm sorry you had to go through that but I thank you for sharing.
    • Oh, it's ok.

      And as "stupid and immature" high school girls are, they're still far more mature, and far less stupid than the high school guys are. I just hated how snobby they are.

    • Agrojag

      Really? They weren't in my experience. And also in my family. I don't know. I also think girls keep getting worse with each generation.

  • Luci92
    That's truly awful... thought that shit only happened in the movies!

    I'm in Year 11, so what you would call a Junior, but at my school we only have Formal (what you guys call Prom) for Year 12's. I'm so worried that I'll get to Year 12 Formal single and dateless.
    • Hey I went to Junior prom! And I'll be a senior next year and going to prom. Here's some advice: have fun! Don't worry about trying to get a date that entire thing will mess with your head. Grab your absolute best friends (leave the petty ones at home) and gp to formal and have fun. Dress up for you, not for a guy and I promise you'll have fun!

    • Luci92

      @SerendiptiousJane Thank you! I'll definitely try not to worry about the date thing then :)

    • It was awful. But hey, things happen!

      If you want to go to your formal, that's fine. You can always go with friends, as @SerendiptiousJane pointed out.

  • DarkHumorRUs
    Well, I did have junior and senior prom, but I didn't go to either one. I didn't have the balls to ask my crush junior year, and I didn't have the balls to ask my next crush senior year.

    I'd say my experience is worse than yours, although it's completely my fault.
    (Junior year prom I think I worked or something. Senior year I saw Get Hard with my guy friend).
    • I'm not saying I don't feel bad for you, but you even admitted yourself it's your fault. To be fair, many girls ask guys out to prom in this day of age, so you're unlucky in that aspect.

  • Bluemax
    Sorry that happened. It was a fascinating read.

    I enjoyed my prom. However, I will tell you my friend's story. He went to the prom with a date who spent the entire evening ignoring him. She went home with someone else.

    The same thing happened to a girl I had a crush on. I felt sorry for her.
    • I have talked to MANY people who went to prom with a date, and were unfortunately ignored the entire time.

  • vishna
    Dude, what a psycho cold group of people you had to endure school with.

    Alas, my one and only prom also sucked major ass cakes, and I had a date/boyfriend combo. Alas, he was a major dumbass.
  • TheINTJ
    Wow. I don't know what to say. That must have really sucked. :/

    I don't know any worst prom stories or any bad prom stories for that matter, except that my prom was really boring.
  • TheDevilInside
    I'm just so Glad this stupid culture is not a thing where i grew up.
  • BaileyisDarcy
    Prom? Fuck that shit. Why is it even such a big deal?
    We dont have it over here and I am glad for it.
    • It's one of those things which can be a positive, or negative aspect depending on how you look at it.

  • OlderAndWiser
    I skipped my senior year and started college when I was 16, so I never went to a prom. Instead, I went to my fraternity's formal dinner and dance.
  • FatherJack
    Sadly this prom BS has crossed the Atlantic & is making a foothold in the UK. We just wrote on peoples school shirts and /or had a foam fight & that was it , we'd left school !!
    • I like the idea of prom, but the problem is, many socially isolated people feel alienated from attending, and it fuels their depression even more.

    • FatherJack

      Hence I'm not too keen on the idea , it's another form of elitism & it's not part of British culture , teenagers are VERY sensitive to social structures / status & can pour fuel on the fire of various psychological problems.

    • Agrojag

      Nooooo! The UK is a place I hope retains reason and class. Merica's taint spreads and spreads I guess. :(

  • Cccgala
    I wish I hadn't attended Prom. Both the junior and senior ones. Prom was compulsory for us, students of our school, and failure to attend prom meant suspension for three weeks.

    I was under medication before which lasted for a few days and that included my prom day/night (I don't know). I wasn't feeling very well but I went anyways without a date and without also friends. I spent that prom eating the food prepared and watching students dance their night away. I also got to sit at a table with some classmates not even close to me.

    I wasn't enjoying the night but that changed when I got a text from Mom telling me to go home to take my next dose of medication for the night and she would be at the parking lot in five minutes. So I left.
    • . "Prom was compulsory for us, students of our school, and failure to attend prom meant suspension for three weeks."

      Wait... it was REQUIRED to attend prom? Where is this school located? If it's in the United States, which state was this?

    • Cccgala

      The school is located here in the Philippines. Yes, it was required by our school for the sake of our extra-curricular activities but I really think they just wanted perfect attendance from us. In addition, I could say prom is just damn expensive here because most of the schools that I know celebrate prom in hotels.

    • That's ridiculous! Nobody should FORCE you to go to prom.

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  • John_Doesnt
    Was having a prom ever a good idea to begin with? Kids should be focusing on school not who the queen bee is or getting a date.
    • You can focus on school, AND focus on who is the prom "queen" too.

    • But your school lasts a life time. Prom lasts a day.

  • Titanic1912
    I never had a bad prom nor heard a bad prom story until I read yours.
  • McKenziee
    Ow, Sorry to hear that. My prom actually went pretty well but everyone at our school was very nice
    • It's ok. Well, I'm glad to see you have a good prom experience.

    • lol she must have been popular ha ha

    • i mean look at her, this is the kind of chick thats my type, tall with dark features, i would have a boner 24X7

  • zagor
    Didn't go to prom. Didn't care. Still don't.
  • Anonymous
    Yeah, prom is way overrated these days. So pointless and something you won't even remember in 10 years time.
  • Anonymous
    Ugh, people who do nasty pranks are low life pond scum.

    I went to prom with boyfriends, but it wasn't special. I barely think of it. It sounds like it's become a symbol to you. But now you've overcome it! Rejoice that the teen years are passed and you have more freedom and control over your life than ever.
    • Right, I think prom is overrated in the first place.

      Unfortunately, I've realized young adult women are just a shallow though.

    • Anonymous

      A lot of people are shallow, stupid, annoying, evil in general. But the cool people do seem to meet up and enjoy each other's company.

  • Anonymous
    I took my cousin to the prom. You never forget the time you lost your virginity.
  • Anonymous
    Sorry to hear, that girls a bitch as well as the dude. There are bad people in this world, but there's good too. I guarantee you her actions (prob not his), will come back around the older she gets. Imagine what shed lie about when her kids bring up her prom story. I actually think at some point you will receive an email apologising for this act. At that point, you can give her the middle finger (or him).
    • She's not dating the same guy anymore. He's a construction worker nearby in the area, and she moved to Kentucky (A different state), and she has two kids, and is basically living off of her aunt, and uncle.