I Never Write About Feminism, but I Think I Will This Time


We see a lot of these myTakes about feminism on GaG. Both in favor of and those against. While I tend to see it as an irrelevant topic, I have commented on both from time to time, yes. I guess it's important to a lot of younger people here because many are college students and exposed to it, and either like that or hate it, so they need to talk about it. And I guess I'm doing the same thing now.

I Never Write About Feminism, but I Think I Will This Time

I don't think everybody's a feminist…

I don't like calling someone a feminist just because they see eye to eye with feminists or agree with women on hot issues, it just seems more like a militant attitude to do that. So I just say that those are people with feministic attitudes and sympathies. Some people proudly identify as feminists, and others proudly denounce people with feminist-like attitudes as feminists, when in reality I think most people are neither for or against feminism entirely and are not hardcore followers of it. I think real feminists and the media would like you to think so, yes. Or wish we were. But it's not really the case.

I also don't think feminism is to blame for everything like a lot of people think, mostly guys, yeah. Doing this really just gives it too much credit. I do think feminism has caused destruction to an extent, but overall it has not really been that powerful. I guess that's why I feel that it's not really all that relevant of a thing. As far as trying to manipulate people's thinking with an aggressive anti-sexist militancy, feminism certainly has done a good job with that through the media and on college campus, but when it comes to actually being effective with the real issues, not so much. I tend to focus more on individual women's thoughts and behaviors, and don't see much feminism in them. There is a counter-sexist attitude in a lot of women (misandry), but that doesn't exactly equate to any feminism.

What feminism is to me vs. what feminism says it is…

In all honesty, I am not a supporter of feminism, no. I think some of it is right, but most of it is wrong. I believe in equal pay for women, and women being able to decide for their bodies and so forth, but you don't have to be a feminist to support those things.

Feminists nowadays - and people with feministic attitudes - repeatedly tell us and try to convince us that feminism is about equality for everyone. That's just a political strategy. If that's really the case then feminism shouldn't be called feminism anymore. Feminism and it's root meaning is simply the advancement of women. Not the advancement of men, women, blacks, gays and lesbians, or even native Americans for that matter. If feminism is really about equality for everyone it should be called something like Individualism or Humanitism (I don't know, throwing out ideas, lol. We can't use humanism cuz that's already taken). So for people to say that feminism is about equality for everyone really just seems like a buzz phrase everyone thinks they're supposed to say, think, or subscribe to. After all, group thinking gives us dorky, pop cult, high school and college campus concepts like "friendzone," "FWB," and "slut-shaming." It's like feminists have decided now to say that the movement is about equality for everyone because it's gotten such a bad rap for being aggressive and extremist over the years. But that's not our problem, and we are not required to accept the new-and-improved concept you put out there just because you want us all to see it the way you want us to. It's kind of like one of the KKK groups comedian W. Kamau Bell met with in his new CNN series United Shades of America. The white supremacist group he met with way out in the boondocks in Arkansas tried to educate him on how they no longer call burning crosses 'cross burning' but now 'cross lighting,' but is still the same thing.

I Never Write About Feminism, but I Think I Will This Time

So for me, other than what the real meaning of the word feminism means, feminism isn't much. And to be honest, if you're going to be a feminist then just be honest and promote exactly what it's about: advancement and equality for women. And if you're going to be ashamed of it then just don't be it altogether.

Feminism doesn’t achieve much…

As I mentioned earlier, if it’s manipulating the way we think and look at situations in a gender view - and even nowadays trying to teach us that gender roles are just “social engineering” or “social constructs,” feminism does a good job of that through the media, but otherwise it accomplishes little or nothing in the bigger areas. If it’s really done so much then women would have equal pay now, more women would be in government positions to the point of having a strong voice for women, abortion would no longer be an issue, and sexual assault and domestic violence against women might even be lower. As far as I’m concerned the only things feminism has really been able to do is get women the right to vote, allow abortion here and there, cry about gay/lesbian rights, and put a number of women through college so they can advance to careers.

Yet it’s funny. Any time women make significant strides through the years, women and feminists enjoy taking credit for it as their power of women in numbers, but then when they haven’t achieved a certain goal, it then becomes the fault of “male dominated” government or “patriarchal” barriers. Or couldn’t you argue that women didn’t work hard enough or come together enough? It’s also been said that women have been the ones to influence men through the ages, and if that’s really true then it would actually mean that women are to blame for their own oppression, and racism, war, destruction, genocide, economic collapse, etc. Feminism pretty much does teach that anything negative that’s happened throughout our world’s history is the fault of dominant men, and anything good that women were apart of is because of women.

I Never Write About Feminism, but I Think I Will This Time

Feminism also is not looking at the true fact that the vast majority of women do still prefer our world to be “male dominated,” even subconciously. That’s neither good or bad, right or wrong. It’s just the way the world works. Feminism and people with feministic sentiments blame men for a lack of change, but their own gender is a part of what they feel is a lack of change. At the end of the day most women are still going to vote for male politicians over women ones. Most women still expect men to be in positions of authority. They still want their sons to grow up to be good, decent, strong men. They still prefer male doctors over women ones. They still prefer male presidents over women ones. And many do prefer male friends because they feel like we’re better to be around and don’t carry drama everywhere. And the harsh truth of it is that none of this is really going to change, and doesn’t necessarily have to or should. It’s just that feminists and women are fine with it up until something doesn’t suit them anymore.

The same thing even applies to race (and I’m black). A lot of us black people are fine with white people running things up until something is done that we don’t like. And neither black people or women are necessarily wrong for getting to that point, but we also do have to make up our minds about what it is we want.

The women that feminism has produced....

I will say that thanks to feminism, we have a lot of modern women who do have superior attitudes and disparaging thought-processes towards males, yeah. And we have plenty of women who went to college, have careers, and make their own money and proud of it, yet have nothing to offer in life or to men. Some women will say, “Why does it have to be a bad thing? Why does it have to be about men?” It doesn’t, except that these same women humorously want something in/from men - a.k.a. the much-talked about “high expectations” and “standards” - yet can offer little or nothing in return. They are empty on the inside, still don’t know what it is they want in life - or even sometimes want too much in life, are deep down insecure about being a woman and see being a woman as weakness, tune out anything they feel is threatening to their female-egoist tendencies, are unromantic despite how much they say they love or want romance, have no manners, are selfish, weren’t taught how to be a woman or a good mother, and really have no love for anybody but themselves - or even too much love for themselves.

I Never Write About Feminism, but I Think I Will This Time

I know, I know: “not ALL” women are like this - and you’d be right, but it’s still a pretty big number of those who are in these times, and we can give the tired comebacks about modern men being the same way, but we’ve already talked about that a lot. We’re talking about women. And I know there are plenty of men out there who are just fine being in relationships with women like this, but they’re probably the ones who don’t have much to offer either.

Where I stand as a man...

I am what is said to be a “dominant man.” I believe in normal, “traditional” gender roles. Man leads household, man takes care of family, man protects woman. I’m not interested in women with careers who make shitloads of money, nor am I impressed by their college education or credentials like they think I should be. I’m more concerned about what kind of woman she is or can be. I’m more concerned about what her values are and character is as a person. I’m more concerned about how she treats other people, what her views are on life, what depth is in her brain. I’m more concerned about her understanding of family and what it means to be a wife and mother. I also don’t have a problem with paying for dates unlike a lot of these guys on GaG complaining about that (although one guy did make a good point about a woman occassionaly treating a guy, yeah). I definitely do like being in charge in bed unless it’s certain sex acts like blowjobs that I consider dominant on the woman’s part. And I don’t mind being with a woman who just wants to be a “housewife” either.

I Never Write About Feminism, but I Think I Will This Time

And I really do not apologize for it. And although you have plenty of men out there who are fine with being the “equal” or even subservient partner and content with a “strong woman,” I’m gonna tell you right now that the majority of men in this country and the rest of the world are still “dominant” types. Feminists and women with feministic values can try to devalue and denounce us as much as they need to - we’re “intimidated” by strong women, can’t handle them, are “stuck back in the ‘50s” and so forth - but it’s not really going to change or make us wrong just because you say so. Sure, most men believe it’s the right thing to do to give a woman equal pay and let her have a say in the same matters we do, but at the end of the day that doesn’t equate to men being feminists. It’s just common sense. Most of us still believe in taking charge. It’s really only a lot of these guys on GaG and other Gen Y males in these times who are intimidated by what they need to do as males and would disagree with me, and that’s fine.

Feminists think they can target and shoot down every aspect of gender roles as much as they can to get it to change but it won’t. Just because you grew up doing things guys did and preferred video games, guns, or action figures and movies, didn’t care much for being a traditional female, didn’t mind having sex “like guys,” and didn’t mind paying for your date, doesn’t mean it’s wrong for a woman to still prefer holding onto feminine values. It doesn’t make it a “social construct” or oppression for other women. It just means you don’t like those values.

Women who don’t support feminism…

But it’s not just men. It’s also women who don’t support feminism and get hated for it, probably even more than men who don’t. They have a right to think and believe what they feel just like feminists and feministic women do. A girl here made a good point when she noted that feminism teaches rights and equality yet destroys its own argument by crucifying women who beg to differ. If women don’t agree with feminism, then they’re wrong and part of the oppression of women. Feminists refuse to see them as just having a different opinion. So I don’t blame women who are anti-feminist. I’ve even had some here tell me in private messages how they don’t say what they really think for fear of being hated by other women. Some do, posting anonymously, but others have still expressed that even in that they just can’t deal with taking mass hate just for disagreeing with feminists or their own gender.

I Never Write About Feminism, but I Think I Will This Time

The women who don’t support feminism simply don’t want to be in a group, and feel that it’s unnecessary in order to advocate support and advancement for women. And I myself am the same way vice versa with the whole “Men’s Rights” thing and even that MGTOW stuff. I don’t need to declare allegiance with an official group just to be in favor of fair treatment for men.

So that’s it…

So now that I’ve written about feminism, I don’t think I’m likely to write about it again, lol. It actually is long and tiring, but this was an occasion where I did feel like I had something I wanted to say about it. Like I tell some people here about me writing Takes: when I have something to say, I’ll let you know. Some of you will see where I’m coming from, and others will be giving their usual opposing arguments. The guys who oppose will just try to tell me how feminism helps men too. And the females who oppose will have others coming to vote up their comments just to support each other. It’s not gonna make a girl right just because you vote her up 5, 10, or 15 times, it’s just because you’re disagreeing with a guy and want him to be wrong. Either way, I will still read each and every comment.




I Never Write About Feminism, but I Think I Will This Time
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  • redeyemindtricks
    What is yr definition of "how to be a woman" and "how to be a good mother"? You made some implicit references to that, but, I'm curious.

    I'm especially curious about the first part. Yes, there are obvious large-scale differences between men and women -- but, my list of "what makes a girl able to call herself a woman" is pretty much the same as my list of "what makes a boy able to call himself a man".
    My list is here, by the way: (mho opinion)

    I'm intensely curious, because you seem to have a definition of "how to be a woman" that's fundamentally different from yr definition of "how to be a man". Would like to know how.


    Also, you *do* know that "dominance" and "being the head of the household" have absolutely nothing to do with who makes most of the money, right?
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    • ManOnFire

      Not gonna work. Explaining what my definition is, is just so you and anyone else can argue it, nor do I care about what yours are. My idea doesn't make me wrong just because you don't agree with it or have a different idea.

      I never mentioned anything about the head of the house making the most money. A man can make less than his wife does, and is still the one in charge. And that's the real case for a lot of households.

Most Helpful Guy

  • alphadoggystyle
    Feminism will never be able to change the natural gender roles, because gender is biological, not social constructs. Men are naturally superior to women at most things, and the only reason we give women equal rights as us is because they give birth to children. But this is only reasonable in a society with high quality of living, when there is a crisis and resources are scarce, men and the government dont care about womens feelings and well being, productivity and getting things done are prioritized, in such cases men are given more power because it is more effective (along with the higher responsibility that we always have). A good example is like after the second world war, where most women forgot about feminism for a brief period until life started to get to easy again so they found time to start complaining again.
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  • Relentless_Hippie
    I don''t think feminism is necessary because yes, it only focuses on women. I don't understand why people need to be in a group with a title to feel as though they're contributing something to society. Feminists seem weak to me. As for the gender wage gap, that doesn't exist. All it is, is women choosing careers that make less money and men tend to choose higher paying ones. Men are more likely to go for a career that requires a crapload of education, is more dangerous, and takes up more hours of the day. It's not men's fault for women choosing a job they're going to make little to no money simply because they don't want to go to school for anything else or don't want to risk death/injury while on the job. Some girl on here tried to argue that teachers get paid less than brain surgeons because they're all women. WTF? No. Teachers get paid less because their jobs are no where near as important or skilled as brain surgeons. That doesn't mean teachers aren't important, and that doesn't mean the women doing the teaching are oppressed, it's because one job requires more skill and training and simply is more valuable. Feminists sound like a bunch of whiny little babies that want the world delivered to them on a silver platter.
    • ManOnFire

      @Relentless_Hippie Amen, hallelujah. Yeah, that was a stupid argument on her part. So what if all the teachers were MEN? I wonder if she'd still have the same argument then.

    • Lol I think we both know that answer. xD

    • Abaye

      There are women out there not paid the same as men in the same job and with the same qualifications. I know this because I was one of them. However, I agree it may not exist in all cases.
      Instead of complaining about that I became proactive and changed it.
      Feminism is flawed as is th MRA movement.
      Women need to stop complaining about the things that are surfacing that need change and become better organized and work on real solutions to them. I don't need or want the government speaking for me. I'm a big girl and can do that myself.

  • Kalibie
    Very interesting.
    Agree with the fact we can't just change the meaning of a movement like rebranding a soda bottle. It's already history, I can't just change the meaning of words as I see fit.
    I'm an egalitarian and as you call yourself a dominant man, I suppose id be the traditional submissive women. This doesn't mean my career doesn't matter, but I would be happy to have my husband as a priority in the future. I still have my views on politics and so on, and that's really just common sense.
    Though I have to disagree with the suggestion that feminism didn't do much. Humans generally don't do jack shit unless we get a complaint. Women have rights because we whined loud enough. As is black rights, or any social movement especially in the modern era.
    Feminism is really just out dated, for the most part we're pretty equal now a days, saying we're oppressed is really doing ourselves a disservice and victimizing women. The only place where it's needed is developing countries where girls still become child brides and raped... And feminists call America a rape culture? Ha.
    • ManOnFire

      True, complaints can bring changes. Though the only reason women have gotten where they've gotten is because men chose to allow it. It's not like feminism came crashing into men's gates and held a knife at our throats and said, "Give us our rights!" It's men in positions of authority who let women have what they have, not women.

      With black civil rights though it's a little different. Blacks were the ones taking care of white people's kids, polishing their shoes, driving them everywhere, so black people could threaten all that by boycotting. Women still had to go home to men at the end of the day and sleep in their beds and help take care of their children, so their ability to threaten men's power structure wasn't as bad as with blacks.

    • Abaye

      Defend your position in saying men allowed it.
      Susan B. Anthony did crash a voting station in NYC and was beaten in th street for it.

      Also, saying men allowed it is indicative of the fact that men stripped power from groups of people instead of developing their own power.

      Real power is developed not stripped from any other. We as human beings in whatever roles we've had in history built society from the ground up and that's a fact.

  • nalaa
    You know, I see so many anti feminist posts. Complaining that feminism is radical and hates all men.
    And yet I never see any posts that would actually indicate something like that.
    What are you basing your opinion on?
    Can you highlight a few posts on this website? Or even articles on a popular websites?
    • ManOnFire

      The radicalism and misandry is done covertly, and in some ways it's outright and really tries not to make it a secret. We all can perceive the venom and aggression of feminism, and anyone who can't is just pretending they don't notice it.

      What I also wanted to mention but was running out of characters, is that I also hate feminism for its hypocrisy and racism. Feminists in the 1800s wanted rights for women, yet thought it was just fine if blacks were kept as slaves. Elizabeth Cady Stanton wanted white women to get the right to vote before blacks, while Lucy Stone wanted blacks to get it first. Cady Stanton is the more popular feminist while Stone is mostly ignored. Suffrage feminists also didn't want black women marching with them, but wanted them on the side lines! What a joke. Even now feminism is more concerned about white women than black.

    • W31rd0

      On top of that, incoming male college students are being taught how to prevent rape and consent stuff, with the implication that they can be rapists. The fact that they do it on men and not women suggest a bias.

    • nalaa

      @W31rd0 are they though? Because at my college, everyone has to attend them

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  • worldscolide
    I personally don't have any issue with all feminists, just the ones that inhabit tumbler, twitter, and YouTube. The ones that bend facts and data to support their world view. Or the ones on radfem that believe we need to reduce male population to 10%, and have holidays called national castration day. And please dont say that they aren't real feminists, thats just the no true Scotsman fallacy at work and automatically shuts down your argument

    But that is the dark side of feminism, if feminists want the majority of the world to respect them they need to do some serious house cleaning and distance them selves from those types.

    I saw someone up there mention the wage gap.. Yes there is one. But why does it exist? Girls dont choose the same career paths as men they are more likely to choose part time, easy work. They are more likely to be social workers and go in to psychology, or education. A teacher, A social worker, A counselor is not worth as much as a scientist, a surgeon, or an engineer, i am sorry but they aren't.,

  • somebodysaycheese
    Without feminism women wouldn't of had any of the rights they do today, because obviously men didn't want women to have them. To say feminism is bad because of a few bad apples is to say the lgbt is bad for their extremist, or that men are bad because throughout history and today they rape and kill thousands of women each year. Feminism IS needed BUT todays feminism is like the lgbt they aren't asking for equality but for supremacy. They dont want you to have an opinion that opposes theirs because they will use all thier power and money to shut you up. Feminism is needed , Femanazis aren't. But i mean how empowering is dying your armpit hair? We just live in a world of ridiculousness and its not going to end just get worse.
    • ManOnFire

      @somebodysaycheese And yet the thing is, feminism hasn't achieved anything. The only reason women have gotten where they've gotten is because MEN chose to allow it. It's not like feminism came crashing into men's gates and held a knife at our throats and said, "Give us our rights!" It's men in positions of authority who let women have what they have, not women.

      "or that men are bad because throughout history and today they rape and kill thousands of women each year. "
      - How do you prove yourself any differently? Using the same old, tired rape stats to make a point. This is what I'm talking about.

    • feminism has changed many things.. lol If women didn't put pressure on men , on governments they wouldn't have done anything. IF women didn't pretend to be men and sign up for the military or work " male" jobs to prove they can do it to noone would have taken them serious! Men would have been happy if women thought they were nothing but brainless baby machines. Women fought for education, faught to have rights to their children , shelters from the husbands who would beat and rape them. Really it takes nothing but a history book to see what feminism has done. And if you upset at facts that men rape and kill women by thousands dont get mad its a fact. You can google how many women where raped and killed in the u. s last year.

    • ManOnFire

      @somebodysaycheese Again, whether or not women put any pressure on men or not still comes down to the fact that men chose to respond to it.

      "And if you upset at facts that men rape and kill women by thousands dont get mad its a fact. You can google how many women where raped and killed in the u. s last year."
      - It's far from a thing to be upset about. It's a thing that is tirelessly used by women to hide behind as if it's the only thing they can use as an argument. The joke is on you, not me.

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  • Anpu23
    It is a mistake to assume that feminism has lost its teeth. In the US the "Dear
    • Anpu23

      Sorry phone auto posted:
      The dear colleague letter has just been ratified into law, as have the laws about "man spreading" . In Canada you have Gamer Gate, in the Europe you have the "He for She" speach, India the fight against definitions of Domestic violence to include male victims, Africa blocking of fundimg for male victims of rape, etc. Etc. And these were in the last year or so. Feminism is very much alive and quite active.

    • ManOnFire

      Maybe. But those things are still largely unknown or unrecognized by the mass population.

    • nalaa

      I think the emma watson speech got loads of attention, for example

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  • dominiquois
    Feminist is just the equality of women to men.
    Another word for that is an egalitarian.

    If they're not seeking for quality/balance they're not a feminist. Simple as that.
    • *equality

    • SsoulBlade

      "Feminist is just the equality of women to men."
      More or less ok. More correctly it is the UPLIFTMENT of women to men. Something that has been achieved some time ago.

      "Another word for that is an egalitarian."
      Incorrect. What legal laws do women not posses that men already have? None.
      In other words, feminism promotes equity under the guise of equality.

      "If they're not seeking for quality/balance they're not a feminist. Simple as that."
      Let's use your logic.
      If you believe in a god then congrats, you are a Muslim!
      You can fight for equality under many banners. Telling people that if they are not feminist then they are not fighting equality is just shaming and a dirty tactic.

      See how broken your logic is from the beginning?

  • Azara
    @much-talked about “high expectations” and “standards” - yet can offer little or nothing in return. They are empty on the inside, still don’t know what it is they want in life - or even sometimes want too much in life, are deep down insecure about being a woman and see being a woman as weakness, tune out anything they feel is threatening to their female-egoist tendencies, are unromantic despite how much they say they love or want romance, have no manners, are selfish, weren’t taught how to be a woman or a good mother, and really have no love for anybody but themselves - or even too much love for themselves.

    >>> hmm, this sounds like most American men on the internet.
    • Azara

      @ I’m not interested in women with careers who make shitloads of money, nor am I impressed by their college education or credentials like they think I should be. I’m more concerned about what kind of woman she is or can be.

      peoples life work IS who they are. you're making very light of what human being is.

    • ManOnFire

      No, I think the majority of people online like that are females, yeah. It seems to be that the Internet brings out a particular kind of narcissim in women.

      No, a lot of people's work is about the money, not who they are.

  • SleepingSnorlax
    My problem isn't with feminist. Im all for real feminism
    My problem is with elitest that try to pass as feminist
    Which is unfortunantly what the modern "feminist" are closer too
  • Satisfyd
    47% of households have the women now making more money than men, yet feminists still complain about equality. Yet the majority of households has the male being the main supporter. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, if they keep complaining they are not treated equally, some feel sorry for them and give them more. But like you say what have they gained, women are following in men's footsteps. They drink more and smoke more than in the past. Being in the workforce causes more stress. Men's life expectancy is catching up to womens.
    • Asingh

      47%? i thought it was like a third. But good points, especially the last bit... there used to be a time when women had morals way higher then men :(... this is what equality has created

  • MoodyRaven
    very empowering and intuitive outtake
  • Anonymous
    I've seen my sister get shouted down by women for voicing her opinion she on their views of feminism. She stands her ground and I'm proud of her for it. Our mom worked and took care of the family. She valued her role as wife and mother above her job and I'm sure for it she was guilt tripped.
    My sister owns her own business and has applied an equitable pay base and benefit pkg. for all employees but that doesn't seem to matter.
    She said when a man is recognizable as a leader and not just a boy playing at the part most women will follow his lead and feminists have a hard time accepting that.
    Her colleg degree, her business prowess and her view of life are awesome and she deserves to express those things without being told she's damaged by patriarchy or social conditioning.
  • Anonymous
    maybe off topic but what the hell...

    hmm as far as im concerned... i see feminism as an overall decent movement... though i dont agree with some of their stuff (*sexual objectification*? *male gaze*? what kind of crap is that?).

    However, I think many guys who are totally unatractive to women and who can't get laid at all (well, just like me, really), have decided to unleash their frustration against feminism and feminists. Which is kind of unfair if one thinks about it... women not finding us atractive has nothing to do with feminism, really.
  • Anonymous
    One of the best My Takes I've ever read. Keep it up bro, common sense always win.
  • Anonymous
    if gender is a social constuct why would there be transgender people? How can you be born if the wrong body if the minds and brains of the two genders are the same? All this liberal crap bores me so Im gunna go vote UKIP in 2020.
  • Anonymous
    Men that are so intently focused on feminism seem to be the ones with the most anger. These things on here are getting old. They should just kill themselves already.
  • Anonymous
    There is still a wage gap, and reproductive rights are in an EXTREMELY precarious position. Without feminism, we wouldn't be where we are today, but we still have a long way to go. We may need a new name for the movement, since "feminism" puts a bad taste in a lot of people's mouths now. But the work is not done.
    • Changing the name wouldn't stop the vitriol or pseudoscience they spout, another word will just be poisoned. I don't think you can reform it given how entrenched they are in academia, how much money goes into Feminist organisations and how attached they are to Feminist Theory.

      by the way, the wage gap isn't evidence of sexism. It's a myth that needs to be put to rest.

    • the wage gap is a myth, and in western society women have far more privileges than men do. More work needs to be done for mens rights. Feminism has run its course and is useless now in the west.

    • The wage gap is a myth. How are some people stupid enough to keep falling for this lie?

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  • Anonymous
    I believe in traditional roles, as these marriages are the strongest. My parents are very traditional and in a strong 30 yr marriage. Most of the marriages i see in this modern day... i say to myself 'i wonder how long they will last'
    • Abaye

      Abaye is my grandson. I find this article very well written and interesting. I also wanted to respond to this person. Thank you.
      I'm not in a traditionally gender roles marriage and my wife and have been married 46 years ago this June.
      Respect sustains relationships and I'm sure your parents would feel the same way.

  • Anonymous
    Very good myTake, in my opinion. I personally disagree with modern feminism, and I do not identify myself as a feminist. The social issues that modern feminism is involved with are too liberal for my taste.
  • Anonymous
    Personally I think you were better off never writing about the topic.
    • ManOnFire

      A. k. a. I didn't even finish reading it in between the short time it was posted to now.

    • Anonymous

      Well, yeah, I skimmed it and it was the same regurgitated something I read two hours earlier.